TLC Newsletter for the week of August 3rd 2015


Charter Chatter

The Weekly TLC Newsletter

Aug. 7, 2015                                                                                                           No.1

Virginia Stewart

Welcome back to school at the Tracy Learning Center.  We are off to a fantastic start.  All of the teachers were more than ready when Monday arrived.  The rooms are in great shape and decorated well.  The curriculum is organized and the “training” of how to act in the classroom has gone very well.  Our students like coming back to school and are already into the swing of learning.

I am particularly proud of the new Kindergarten children who are adjusting well to the demands of being in school.  This is the first year we have had so few children cry when they realized school was everyday.

At DCS I am very pleased with the great transition our fifth graders made from Primary to Discovery.  They are doing a great job of following the schedule, getting homework done, and doing the work expected in class.

DHSP is the new version of PHSA.  Our 7th and 8th grade students are truly showing they are getting ready for high school.  The school is using the nest system of the high school which is called Den points for them.  They are acting so mature and thoughtful as they adjust to the new vision and rules for the classes.  It is delightful.

MHS has a few new teachers who have been welcomed by the students and who are fitting in well.  The students are great and the enrollment is at an all time high.  The high school is our largest school with 516 students.  We are filled at most grade levels with many more inquiry calls coming in to Mrs. Beringer’s office.

Thank you for your great faith in us as the learning environment of choice for your children.  We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to teach your wonderful students!

Misc. Announcements



Please remember all medications which had been kept in the office at the end of the school year have been discarded. Any students who need to take medication in the office must bring in their medication in its original box along with the MD’s written authorization form. Students may never carry medication on them.

Parent Volunteers

Any parents who plan on volunteering this year must bring in their appropriate paperwork including a cleared TB Test which is good for 4 years and give it to Kay Fagundes. These forms are available in the front waiting area.


PCS, DCS and DHSP students must turn in a walking form in order to walk away from campus and must walk to a “designated spot” away from the school so as not due bog down traffic coming and leaving the car lines. The exception to this is students from PCS who wait in front on the school in the bark area quietly waiting for their older sibling(s) to pick them up.

Late Pick Ups

PCS students who are not picked up by 3:50pm will be taken to P5 and will be supervised by Mrs. Null. There will be a $5 fee for these late students per occurrence. All students must be picked up by 4:30pm and parents must sign to pick their student up. If possible, please notify the office when you are running late and/or  you are sending someone else to pick your child up.   This new plan is for your child’s safety and supervision and must be adhered to and will be strictly enforced.

PCS Students may not return to the campus  or roam around campus after they have been picked up.

PCS/DCS Lunch Menu Week  Aug. 10 – Aug. 14

Mon. –   Pizza

Tues. –  Chicken Taquito Tuesday

Wed  –  Chicken Patty Wednesday

Thurs. – Beef or Cheese Nachos

Fri. –  Beef Hot Dog

Primary Charter

This week Initial Phase has learned so many new things! Students have learned how to hang their backpacks, put lunch-boxes away, and find their own carpet square! We are so proud of how hard they are trying. Each week we will see accomplishments such as these and before you know it they will be veteran PCS students.  A special thank you to parents for all of the positive support we have received!

Phase 1 students had a fantastic first week of school!!! All 3 of our Phase 1 classrooms are proud of their accomplishments. They have already learned new things and are excited about what is to come. They have done a wonderful job of learning new schedules, procedures, and classroom rules. We are grateful for all the donations…thank you!!  If you haven’t returned your information packets yet, please make sure you send them in with your student.   Please also check your student’s green folder for further important information.  Continue to be patient with car line….procedures and rules are in place for the safety of your student.  Congratulations on having such an awesome first week!!!

Phase 2 had an awesome first week of school!  We are so proud of our 4th graders who are setting an outstanding example for our 3rd graders!  Our 3rd graders are so eager to learn the rules and procedures All of our students are showing they remember the SWOs and we are excited for a great year.

Third and fourth graders will start using agendas soon to track behavior.  They will take agendas home every Friday to get signed.  If a student gets on warning or yellow, they will have to take their agenda home that day to get it signed.

Thank you to everyone who brought in supplies this week!

Discovery Charter

WELCOME to the 2015-16 school year at Discovery Charter School. The school year has officially begun, and our halls are buzzing with excitement as student’s transition from class-to-class. Students are: learning new routines, working with peers, and meeting new friends.  Already, there is a great sense of accomplishment amongst DCS students, and we, the teachers, could not be happier. THANK YOU for allowing us to teach your children, we feel honored!!

“SAVE THE DATE.” Wednesday, August 12, 2015 is our annual BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT!! We will begin at 5:30 PM in the gym. Parent’s/Guardians, will then follow their child’s core class schedule until 7:00 PM.  Students made an invitation with a “Back to School Night” schedule. If you did not receive your invitation, please ask your child about it, OR simply show up on Wednesday, August 12th at 5:30. Back to School Night is a great way to meet your child’s teachers while learning about your child’s day.  We hope to see you there, we are excited to meet you.

Agendas: Please check your child’s agenda each night. Students write homework in their agendas, and have a calendar page where parents can review daily behavior. Students will have homework each night.

Unity: This morning, Ms. Takeuchi hosted an event where six students, nominated for being “friendly,” were asked to wear blindfolds, and apply make-up to their teacher’s faces.  The activity was fun! Student laughter was contagious, as teachers, including Coach Daniel Easterday, became DCS make-up models.  Ms. T and her leadership team will continue to hold entertaining events throughout the year.

This week, we found new and returning students:


               Listening Well                                                                                             


           Working Together



DHSP Charter Chatter:

Welcome Back!!!

What an AMAZING start to the new school year!

Lots of exciting changes happening in the 7th and 8th grade.

We not only have a new name, we have a new attitude.

Back – to – School – Night is next Tuesday, the 11th at 6pm. Parents will follow their students’ schedule when visiting BTSN. We will begin promptly at 6:00 so plan on being in your students’ first academic class at that time. Ask them for their schedules. You will begin with their 3rd period class.

The math classes are off to a great beginning.

All our math levels are higher this year. We even have two high school math classes being taught for the first time ever in the middle school, and both classes are at capacity. How fortunate are we to have the ability to meet the needs of such high achieving students!

Language Arts classes are working on novels, grammar, and mechanics. We expect fantastic writers to emerge from the English department this year. We are fortunate to have Mrs. Stewart, not only teaching one of the English classes, but also leading the department.

Mr. Compton, the new science teacher, has the students exploring, “What is Biology?” Sounds like fun!! They will find out what kinds of careers exist in the field of biology throughout the year.

Social Studies is off and running with a look at our first civilization of the year, The Ottoman Empire. The students are working hard to make correlations between the Ottoman civilization and the world around them. Mrs. Wallace is thrilled to be back in 7th and 8th grade.

Elanah and Bella Working hard week one:


If you do not want your student to have his/her photo published please notify Mrs. Wallace  at

Thank you to all who have donated tissues, paper towels, germ-X, and wipes. We could still use lots more

Hope everyone has a great week!!!!!




Millennium High School Back to School Night


Back to School Night will be held on Thursday, August 13th from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM. All parents who plan to attend should report to the High School Quad/ Unity area by 6:00 PM.

Junior ASVAB Testing

The Junior class will be participating in the ASVAB Military Aptitude test on Wednesday, August 12th.

The ASVAB is a great skills and aptitude test in helping students determine where their strengths are to prepare for the world of work.  Interpretation of the test will be given in the Career Education classes in two weeks.


Senior Info

Coming soon! Senior information packets with important information regarding graduation, senior portraits, dates and deadlines will be mailed the last week of August.  Information will also be available on our website at in the Senior Scoop section of the Counseling/Guidance webpage.

***Please note that the Graduation Ceremony will be held on Saturday, May 21st, 2016 at 10:00am at the St. Bernard’s Holy Family Center (Only 10 Tickets will be given to each student)***


College Info

Classes start the week of August 17th.  Students who registered for a Delta college class that was not previously approved on their College Early Start form must complete a change of course form with the Counseling Office. Reimbursements for tuition cannot be approved if students are enrolled in courses not previously approved.  For textbook ordering information, please visit

***Students can visit the Counseling Office to either advertise their books for sale or to see about purchasing used textbooks


Homework Support

The homework support room will be open beginning Tuesday, August 11th from 4:05 PM-4:45 PM in room M-2. All students are welcome to come for educational tutoring and support.

Tutors wanted!!!

If you are interested in tutoring on campus please stop by the counseling office for an application.

Club Rush Week

Club Rush will be held during the week of August 17th – August 21st. During rush week students can sign up for any club they are interested in being a member of.