TLC Weekly Newsletter for the week of August 10th


TLC Charter Chatter

Aug. 14, 2015                                                                                                           No.2

Virginia’s Voice

This has been a very busy but rewarding second week of school.  Discovery and Millennium held their back to school nights.  Some parents may have actually been here all three nights: DHSP, DCS, and MHS were Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights.  I felt all three were very successful.  It was great to see such a huge turnout of parents for each event.  It is my hope that you learned from the experience.  The teachers here are very dedicated and hard working.  They care a great deal about their job as professional educators.  I feel very honored to work with the staff at the Tracy Learning Center.

I am also pleased that each of you has chosen the Tracy Learning Center for your child’s education.  I believe your student is in very good hands.  We are honored to have your students.  We appreciate your support with homework, checking grades, returning folders, and any donations you provide. We still appreciate the $400 donations that families donate each year. This money is extremely helpful and is always put to great use.  We never take you for granted.

I feel very badly for the 700 plus students who remain on our waiting list.  This year we are filled at every grade level.  Some parents have had students on the list for over six years.  I appreciate the difficult job Mrs. Beringer has informing parents that their child is still on the waiting list.  It is not an easy job.  I know she feels delighted to make calls letting parents know their child has finally made the top of the list and is being offered a spot.

I am looking forward to an exciting and academically challenging new school year.  We are all off to a great start.

Misc. Announcements

 Discovery Car-line

We have had some real problems this week with DCS students going to buy snacks either from the cafeteria or from the street venders so when their parent pulls up their child is nowhere to be found. This creates a halt in pickups and car line backs way up. If your student is buying food afterschool please make sure you have communicated with him/her and make a plan that will not cause this car line back up. These students should be given walking forms so they can meet their parent somewhere rather than car line.


Please remember all medications which had been kept in the office at the end of the school year have been discarded. Any students who need to take medication in the office must bring in their medication in its original box along with the MD’s written authorization form. Students may never carry medication on them.

Parent Volunteers

Any parents who plan on volunteering this year must bring in their appropriate paperwork including a cleared TB Test which is good for 4 years and give it to Kay Fagundes. These forms are available in the front waiting area.


PCS, DCS and DHSP students must turn in a walking form in order to walk away from campus and must walk to a “designated spot” away from the school so as not due bog down traffic coming and leaving the car lines. The exception to this is students from PCS who wait in front on the school in the bark area quietly waiting for their older sibling(s) to pick them up.

Late Pick Ups

PCS students who are not picked up by 3:50pm will be taken to P5 and will be supervised by Mrs. Null. There will be a $5 fee for these late students per occurrence. All students must be picked up by 4:30pm and parents must sign to pick their student up. If possible, please notify the office when you are running late and/or you are sending someone else to pick your child up.   This new plan is for your child’s safety and supervision and must be adhered to and will be strictly enforced.

PCS Students may not return to the campus or roam around campus after they have been picked up.

PCS/DCS Lunch Menu Week  Aug. 17 – Aug. 21

Mon. –   Pizza

Tues. –  Chicken Taquito Tuesday

Wed  –  Chicken Patty Wednesday

Thurs. – Chicken Corn Dog

Fri. –  Beef or Vegi Burger

Primary Charter

Initial Phase this week students have learned what a Polite Citizen looks like, sounds like, and acts like.  Each month we will explore a new character trait (SWO).  Our SWO’s, School Wide Outcomes, help build our campus culture.  Primary’s campus feels unique and this is because of our School Wide Outcome expectations.  It is common for campus visitors to comment about how well behaved and polite all of our students are.

Reminder: If your child has a fever, they must stay home and cannot return until fever free for 24 hours.

Phase 1 students had another wonderful week!  We have jumped right into curriculum in both Math and Language Arts.  In Writers Workshop we have been reviewing parts of speech and writing super sentences.  In Language Arts they are focusing on comprehension skills.  During Math centers, the students learned several fun math games that they can play when their independent work is done.  In Social Studies we spent the whole week learning about our SWOs.  They are ready to earn those bracelets!  The students are really enjoying PE, Art, and Music.  What an exciting week they all had.  Please remember to go through your student’s Green Folder and take out all the work they have done for the week and initial the calendar and return on Monday.

This week Phase 2 students started language arts and math curriculum.  We are impressed with the all of our responsible students who turned in their homework this week.  Keep it up! We are also excited for a whole trimester of science!  This year we will be learning about animals, habitats, endangered species and animal adaptations.  Our Phase 2 students are proving to be great role models and our classrooms are running smoothly, happily, and productively already!  Please remember that students bring their agendas home on Fridays and they need to be signed and returned on Monday.  Thank you!

Discovery Charter

Week two was a success.  Thank you to all of the parents who attended our Back to School Night.  The evening was very enjoyable.  We always look forward to meeting parents and sharing our information.

If you were not able to make it to Back to School Night, we reviewed many things to include:

  • GREAT START TO THE YEAR: All teachers agree, this year seems to be the best ever! Students have come prepared, they are working hard, and they understand and follow class procedures.
  • GRADES: Check Parent Connect (AERIES) to view your child’s up-to-date grades.
  • NO HOMEWORK POLICY: Students who do not complete homework assignments will be given a 0, have a note written in their agendas, and will receive a phone call home. Not completing homework will hurt your child’s grade.  There is no late work. Other information was sent home with your child. If you have questions, please send your child’s teacher an email.
  • BEHAVIOR CHART: Parents/Guardians are able to view their child’s behavior on a daily basis. Agendas will show one of the following: GREEN STAMP – great day (thank you); blue or black writing – warning (no green) this may also result in a call home; orange – repeated behavior that has not been changed OR unacceptable/inappropriate behavior- this will result in a call home; red – referral to the Principal’s office.

HAND OUTS: Copies of any handouts were sent home with your child in a stapled packet if you were unable to attend Back to School Night.  As stated at Back to School Night, please email teachers if you have any questions or concerns at any time:

Ms. Rodieck –; Ms. Pelaez –; Mrs. Beckner –

Mrs. Hawkins –; Ms. Zaca –; Ms. Takeuchi –

FRIDAY’S “ALL GREEN” SURPRISE: Today an “ALL GREEN” surprise was given to students as a thank you from teachers for doing such a great job their first two weeks of school.  Any student who had all green stamps in their behavior chart were given cotton candy at the end of the day.  THANK YOU Ms. T and leadership for making our Friday special.

UNITY FUNKY FRIDAY: Our talent today was absolutely amazing!! Ashleigh Garcia and Loren Pante entertained us with their performance.  Ashleigh played the ukulele and both girls sang acapella. Their talent was the first of many to come this year.  Students are encouraged to audition for Unity Funky Friday’s. They can sign up in Ms. T’s room.

Discovery Car-line

We have had some real problems this week with DCS students going to buy snacks either from the cafeteria or from the street venders so when their parent pulls up their child is nowhere to be found. This creates a halt in pickups and car line backs way up. If your student is buying food afterschool please make sure you have communicated with him/her and make a plan that will not cause this car line back up. These students should be given walking forms so they can meet their parent somewhere rather than car line.

Ms. Rodieck’s students are “Soaring Into A New Year.”  They worked hard to create three dimensional hot air balloons, words to live by, and portrait poems while sharing information about their lives.  The students took great care and pride while working on these projects.

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DHSP Charter Chatter:

Can’t Believe Week Two is Over !

Back – to – School – Night was amazing! DHSP had the largest parent attendance the 7th & 8th grade has ever seen! Lot’s of positive comments and attitudes!  Way to start the year DHSP!

The math classes are going full steam ahead.

Lots of diagraming is going on in all the Language Arts classes;

always the first step to becoming a solid writer.

Mr. Compton has the students using Cornell Note taking in his Science classes; definitely a skill students will need in high school.

Social Studies is finishing up its first unit of the year, The Ottoman Empire. Next up, the origins of Islam 540 – 1400’s

Hard work happening in DHSP:

If you do not want your student to have his/her photo published please notify Mrs. Wallace  at



Thank you to all who have donated tissues, paper towels, germ-X, and wipes. We could still use lots more

Hope everyone has a great week!!!!! –




Important Picture Day Information

Millennium High School
Picture Day: Wednesday, August 19
Picture Day ID: CR015797Q0

Picture Day is Wednesday, August 19. 

Be prepared by ordering online at

  • No need to send cash or flyer back to school when you order online
  • See more optionsavailable online
  • Use credit card or PayPal on our secure site

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Community Service

We are updating the community service board in the Counseling Office.  Please stop by the counseling office or check the website for updates. If students or parents are unsure of how to get to the Community Service page please go to our website at Then click on the link for Millennium High School. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Counseling website link. Then select the Community Service link from the top of the page.

Counselors visited 9th grade and 10th grade classes this week to discuss the community service process. Make sure to ask your student how they are progressing toward completing their community service graduation requirement.

Community Services hours are now available to view on Aeries. They are located in the 0 period class. Please not this is not a “real subject matter” class but purely a way for you to view and keep track of your Community Service hours. Please note Community Service hours will be updated weekly by the end of day Friday.

Senior Info

Coming soon! Senior information packets with important information regarding graduation, senior portraits, dates and deadlines will be mailed the last week of August.  Information will also be available on our website at in the Senior Scoop section of the Counseling/Guidance webpage.

***Please note that the Graduation Ceremony will be held on Saturday, May 21st, 2016 at 10:00am at the St. Bernard’s Holy Family Center (Only 10 Tickets will be given to each student)***


College Info

Classes start the week of August 17th.  Students who registered for a Delta college class that was not previously approved on their College Early Start form must complete a change of course form with the Counseling Office. Reimbursements for tuition cannot be approved if students are enrolled in courses not previously approved.  For textbook ordering information, please visit

***Students can visit the Counseling Office to either advertise their books for sale or to see about purchasing used textbooks


Homework Support

The homework support room will be open beginning Tuesday, August 11th from 4:05 PM-4:45 PM in room M-2. All students are welcome to come for educational tutoring and support.

Tutors wanted!!!

If you are interested in tutoring on campus please stop by the counseling office for an application.

Give Every Child A Chance – Tutors Wanted!!!

Give Every Child A Chance is a tutoring/mentoring program that needs volunteer tutors!  If you are interested in tutoring 7th-12th grade students here at Tracy Learning Center for two community service hours a week (which can go toward a block letter!).

Job Opportunity!!!  T and J Tutoring is seeking new tutors!  If you are interested, attend their meeting this Saturday at 9:30am at 320 West 11th Street.  This is a $10 an hour position.  For more information please visit the Counseling Office.

Club Rush Week

Club Rush will be held during the week of August 17th – August 21st. During rush week students can sign up for any club they are interested in being a member of.