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Sept. 19, 2015                                                                                                No.7

Virginia’s Voice

We have already been in school for seven weeks.  Time goes quickly, but the exciting part is seeing the growth in the children we teach.  It is important not to look at what your child does not know, but what he or she has learned so far this year.

I like to take time to talk to children and to ask,” what is something you have learned this year.?” Then I let them say anything they like and then I discuss it with them to add more depth or interest.  If you find this is not as easy as I make it sound, try asking a few times and doing what I am suggesting and see if it gets better.  I am sure students want to share what they are learning.  Yes, even in high school.

Then there is always the news.  Find something in the news to follow with your student and then discuss it.  What is happening, how do each of you feel about the topic.  What do you understand about the topic’s background.

Finally, I like sharing a TV show or a book to discuss the characters and their values and I like to predict what might happen next or how I feel about the characters .

Believe it or not, if you do some of these things with your child, you are actually helping your son or daughter with the priorities of new testing…thinking and learning by using what we already know.

Misc. Announcements


Thank you to all those who have visited our new Grant Line site thus far!  We hope to see more of you as the year goes on.

Prekindergarten is now up and running on the website, for any of you who may receive inquiries regarding the program. 🙂  Hope each of you are having a great start to the year!

The PreK Team

ELAC Meeting

We are having an ELAC committee meeting on Friday, September 25th at 4:10 pm.  We will meet in room D-3   Any parent who would like to share an opinion regarding English language learners is invited.  We will focus on discussing what resources are available and how to further support EL students.  Your input is greatly appreciated.  If you have further questions, please contact Rosario De La Torre at

La siguiente junta del comité de ELAC se llevará  a cabo el 25 de septiembre a las 4:10 pm.  La junta tomará lugar en el salón D-3.  Cualquier padre que esté interesado en compartir su opinión sobre los alumnos aprendices del inglés (English learners) es bienvenido.   Estaremos discutiendo el cómo mejorar los programas actuales que la escuela  ofrece para beneficio de estos estudiantes.  Si tiene preguntas, por favor de contactar a Rosario De La Torre al correo electrónico

PCS/DCS Lunch Menu Week  Sept. 21 – 25

Mon. –   Pizza

Tues. –  Chicken Nuggets

Wed  –  Beef or Cheese Lasagna

Thurs. – Mac or Cheese

Fri. –  Beef or Vegi Burger


TK students are settling in and becoming accustomed to all of our routines.  This week they found out which Language Arts and Math groups they will be in for centers.  They are energized and excited about learning!  In science, TK students began exploring their five senses.  They did experiments using only one sense at a time to make predictions about various items and even got to do some fun taste-testing.  They enjoyed becoming scientists and exploring within our classroom using their senses!

Please remember to keep an extra set of clothing in your child’s backpack in a labeled, ziplock bag.  Thank you!

Primary Charter

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Mixed Bag fundraiser.  Orders should arrive in about 3 weeks.
Primary is holding a coin drive to benefit the families affected by the recent wildfires.  We are collecting coins until Friday, October 2nd.  All money collected will go to the American Red Cross.  This is a great way to teach our PCS students that a small act of kindness can make a big difference!
In initial Phase this week students practiced so many early reading skills.  Students are learning letter sounds, how to recognize capital and lowercase letters, how to blend sounds together to make words, and even how to identify characters, settings, problem and solution.  In math, many students are learning how to write and recognize numbers to 5, decompose 2,3, and 7, patterns, geometry terms such as vertices and edges, and how to use a number line!  So much learning so little time!   We have included a video of our day!

Phase 1 students continued their Social Studies Unit on maps, learning the 7 continents and 5 main oceans.  Their opinion writing is improving each week  as they learn to add more details and descriptive words.  The students are working hard toward their AR goals.  Make sure to check their folder each week to see their progress and remind them to take quizzes each week.  Just a reminder: Parent/Student Work is intended to help your student study and review concepts they are learning in class.  Students are not penalized for not “doing” or turning in homework.  However, it is for their benefit to practice daily, especially reading.  The most important thing is discussion….have a discussion about what your student is learning!!!

Phase 2 students have been working hard to meet their AR goals.  Every six weeks we will assign new goals.  We are proud of how hard everyone has worked during this goal period.  Please make sure your child is reading a variety of literature including fiction chapter books, biographies, history, and other non-fiction.  They can even read magazines, newspapers, and poetry.  Also, please make sure your child has a library card!  We are looking forward to our monthly walks to the city library.

Music Notes

Dear Primary Parents and Students,

I would like to thank you for your hard work and generous contributions during last year’s jog-a-thon.  Due to the tremendous success of that fundraiser I have had funds to shop for some fun items to use in our primary music classes.  So far I have purchased the following items:  bouncy balls (we play a beat game), several musical educational DVD’s to use when it is hot, rainy or with a substitute. Rhythm instruments: maracas, triangles, tone blocks, castanets, claves, tambourines, rhythm sticks, guiros, cow bells, and sleigh bells. I also purchased several containers in which to organize the instruments and a shelving unit to store everything.  And last, but not least, a portable PA system to try to save my voice from being strained, since I talk and sing all day! The students played with the instruments for the first time this week.  They were very excited!  Thanks again for your support!

Lesley Watson

Primary Music Teacher

   Discovery Charter

WE WANT YOU!!!…SCIENCE OLYMPIAD: It is that time of year again!!! All science enthusiasts please attend our Science Olympiad informational meeting on Thursday, October 8, from 5:00 – 6:00 in Room M1. It is a great use of time, as you can learn about dates, practice times, and more! We are excited to be part of this magnificent educational endeavor. Come join us!!! If you have questions, email Ms. Pelaez,

MIXED BAG FUNDRAISER: Thank you for supporting our mixed bag fundraiser.  Monies were due today, Friday, 09/18/2015. We appreciate your support.

SPELLING BEE: We had our THIRD Spelling Bee meeting on Thursday and needed to open two classrooms to allow everyone to fit.  If your child is practicing for the Spelling Bee, please help them at home.  They received new spelling lists to study from, and they have spelling strategies to learn.  If you have questions, please email or

EVERYDAY COUNTS! This September, University of the Pacific and community partners are celebrating Attendance Awareness Month with an Every Day Counts Attendance Challenge.  Any student who comes to school on time, every day in September will be entered into a drawing for prize. Prizes include E-readers, gift cards, tickets to Pacific athletic events, and more.  Help your child to have PERFECT ATTENDANCE!!

GRADES: Updated grades were written in your child’s agenda on Wednesday, September 16th.  Please look on their September behavior calendar.  Contact your child’s teacher if you have questions.  Be sure to look for updates every other Wednesday or review the school’s website daily for your child’s grades.

Leadership: This week during unity, students who received blue tickets for good behavior, had a chance to win a donut.  Six WELL BEHAVED students won. Congratulations to all students who received a blue ticket, and to the winners. You are appreciated!

DCS teachers welcome parent communication, please contact us if you have questions, concerns, or ideas!

Ms. Rodieck –; Ms. Pelaez –; Mrs. Beckner –

Mrs. Hawkins –; Ms. Zaca –; Ms. Takeuchi –


Working together to gain knowledge and respond to questions as a team         



DHSP Charter Chatter:

What a spirit filled week!! Lots of students participated in the first spirit week of the year. It was wonderful to see DHSP embracing the new culture of the middle school.


Advanced English called English 78 continues the reading and discussion of the characters involved in the novel, Lord of the Flies.  The students realize that the novel was written to support the belief of Thomas Hobbes and are seeing evidence to support his philosophy as the boys spend more time on the island. In addition to literature, the students are learning about rules of debate, commas, thesis statements to support writing, and grammar including diagramming sentences with participles. Writing is also improving.  Writing once a week is a great way to improve and to become fluent as a writer.  Mrs. Stewart is pleased with the progress the students are making.


In Mrs. Sierra’s English class students are practicing proper verb usage and sentence diagramming. Students are discovering that proper grammar sometimes “sounds funny” because we often neglect grammar rules when speaking. It is a work in progress, but students are improving!

In Mrs. Saldana’s ELA classes this week we are continuing to develop an understanding of Diagramming Predicate Nominatives and Predicate Adjectives. The students are enjoying reading Lord of the Flies and we are more than half way through the book.


Math in Mrs. Dominguez’s class is continuing in a vigorous curriculum that challenges every student. Geometry has been so exciting so far and will only get better as we begin geometry proofs. Math is FUN!!

Mrs. Ulricksen’s classes:

Intro to Algebra:Our kids are learning how to deal with exponents and all their rules. We have covered almost every rule that applies. It is a work in progress, but we are moving right along.


Algebra 1: We are learning how to solve equations. We started slow with 2-step equations and sped it up to multi-step equations and now starting to work with some word problems. Ask the kids what VESA means. Test them to see if they have been studying.

Algebra 2: This class continually blows me away. We are in Chapter 4, finally done with Algebra 1 review. We are moving right along with Matrices. It seems easy now to most of them, it will get pretty intense. I believe they will all continue to do great in here. We just took our first quiz for Chapter four and had a 90% average. WOW!


Science:       Science has finished their first lab and the Class is working on the chemistry of life.

Social Science:  The Social Studies classes began their unit test on the Medici Family on Friday. They also turned in some very creative information scrolls.


Dance Exploration will be having two performances Next Week!!!

Thursday, September 24th in the Gym at 7:55

Friday, September 25th in the DHSP Quad at 7:55

Parents are invited to attend one or both performances 🙂


Academic Competition: As students await pentathlon curriculum from the county, they are keeping their minds sharp through a variety of activities. Students are practicing math and team building skills through Math Olympiad drills, and individual logic through tangram puzzles and plexers.

Self-Awareness: We just introduced the final piece of this exploration. They will write a self-reflection essay. It is to explain who they are and how they got to be where they are today. There is much more to it, but it is a great piece to have to look back on and reflect on. We also just started talking about long terms and short term goals. We started with a 10-year plan and will work our way down to a 1 year plan.



In art we are working on silhouette paintings. They are looking awesome!!


Art Exploration is wrapping this rotation with some fun projects that express each students creativity. From markers to oil pastels and paint, we have been having a great time channeling out inner artists over the last 7 weeks.


Leadership is beginning to work on the float for the Homecoming Parade in October. Our theme this year is Road Trips and our float is going to be an RV with makeshift landmarks from all over the U.S.

We will need help from parents constructing this float for homecoming. If you own a truck and a flat bed that you would be willing to allow DHSP to use for the parade please contact Mrs. Saldana at as soon as possible.

Thank you for your continued support. It is greatly appreciated.

If you do not want your student to have his/her photo published please notify Mrs. Wallace at

DHSP teachers welcome parent communication, please contact us if you have questions, concerns, or ideas!

Mrs. U. at   Mrs. Dominguez at

Mrs. Saldana at Mrs. Sierra at  Mr. Compton at  Mrs. Wallace at

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!!



Fresno State University and UC Merced Filed Trip for 10th – 12th grade students only.

Millennium High School students’ grades 10th – 12th will be visiting Fresno State University and UC Merced on Monday, October 19th from 7:00am to 4:30pm.  Students will be eating lunch at Fresno State. Any student attending the trip will need to bring a sack lunch or money for lunch in the dining hall. The cost of this field trip is $23.00

Youth Advisory Commission Applications

The City of Tracy’s Youth Advisory commission is seeking new commissioners’ grades 9-11. The purpose of the commission is to provide youth with an opportunity to make recommendations to staff, Parks and Community Services Commission, City Council and other groups on matters related to the welfare of youth in Tracy. The commission meets on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall, 333 Civic Center Plaza, Conference Room 203. If you are interested please pick up an application from the counseling office or City Hall.


Community Service Opportunities

Mountain House Flag Football: Saturday, September 19 at 8:00am-2:00pm. Location: Mountain House at Bethany Park (corner of Legacy and Communidad) or Bethany School (corner of Heritage and Communidad) Responsibilities include: filming games and/or selling concessions at the snack table. Volunteers need to be at least 13 years old. Contact: Andy Su

Tracy Raiders Youth Football: Saturday, September 19 – 10 volunteers from 8:00am-8:00pm. Location: Kimball High School Football field.

Contact: Claudia 209-914-5079

HO Train Display at the Tracy Museum: Saturday, September 19th and Sunday September 20th from 9:30am-4:00pm at the Tracy Historical Museum at 1141 Adam Street. Students will help Run the museums HO Train, and assist other museum visitors to operate the Museum HO Train. Work an information booth to give away coloring sheets to children, and sales of publications. Operate a digital projector. Please email Bill Carter as possible if you can commit to volunteering

Coming Soon! 8th annual Community Service Fair

The community service fair will be held on Thursday, October 8th.  Many non-profit organizations will be present to allow students the chance to sign up for volunteer opportunities. All students will have the opportunity to meet representative from these organizations and learn about the volunteer needs throughout the community. If you know of an organization who should be present at the event please send their contact information to Ms. Arganbright in the counseling office. Email: Phone: 209-627-2899


The PSAT will be held on Wednesday, October 14th, 2015. The cost is $18.00 which includes study materials and the test itself. The testing day will be on Wednesday, October 14th from 7:30am-12pm in rooms M-1 and M-2. Please sign up in the counseling office. Space is limited so sign up soon.  The test fee is due when registering for the test. Once we have reached capacity we will take a short waitlist.

Other News


In October 2015, admission officers from our four universities will host a group presentation and then be available for questions during an hour and a half program for you and your family in the San Jose and Berkeley. Please visit for more information or to register.


Update: Homework Support!!!

The homework support room is open Monday-Wednesday from 4:05 PM-4:45 PM in room M-2. All students are welcome to come for educational tutoring and support.

Tutors wanted!!!

If you are interested in tutoring on campus please stop by the counseling office for an application.

Give Every Child A Chance – Tutors Wanted!!!

Give Every Child A Chance is a tutoring/mentoring program that needs volunteer tutors!  If you are interested in tutoring 7th-12th grade students here at Tracy Learning Center for two community service hours a week (which can go toward a block letter!).


Expanding Your Horizons Conference – Young Women Grades 6th – 12th

Expanding Your Horizons is a career conference for 6th-12th grade young women. This event will be held on October 10, 2015 at the University of the Pacific, Stockton Campus. For more information or to register for the event please visit

Save the Date!! College Early Start Program – Spring Enrollment for Delta

Parents of students who are interested in taking classes at Delta College for the Spring 2016 semester need to carefully read the important steps listed on the website at Please remember that students participating in the College Early Start program must follow dates and deadlines and receive prior approval to take college classes while attending high school.  TLC provides reimbursement for tuition for those who have prior approval to take specific classes with proof of payment and a successful course completion with a grade of “C” or better.  Textbooks and additional fees are not reimbursable. The college early start student only informational meeting will be tentatively held on Thursday, October 22nd during lunch.