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Oct. 2, 2015                                                                                              Vol. 9 No.9

Virginia’s Voice

We are suddenly into the month of October.  Children at all levels from PreK to Seniors have settled into the school year.  The high school students took mid terms this week and are now into the second part of the first semester.  (Freshmen parents, be prepared high school goes very quickly).

One of the things I do each week is read to the Kindergarten students.  I visit them with one of my favorite books every Thursday.  I read the book to them in my most dramatic voice and then leave the book as a gift to the class.  It is truly wonderful how literature can connect people to one another.  I am their friend, they know me, and they love hearing the stories.

As a parent, the same gift can be yours.  Reading a book together each week or night is a wonderful bond with young children.

Sharing a book by reading the same book your student is reading in class is a great way to bond with older students.  It is so safe to talk about values and feelings when you use characters in a book. For example: “ Did you realize how caring and concerned that character was when her friend was hurt? How do you think she got over being mad at her friend a week before to be so caring?”  That might be just what you wanted to talk to your student about, but it so less dramatic and safe when you use a character that is neutral to both of you.

Reading together is a gift to appreciate and enjoy with your children.  I hope many of you experience this often.

Misc. Announcements

Picture Re-Take Day

Picture Re-takes for all students is Tuesday, October 13, 2015. Lifetouch will be sending flyers home soon. If you were dissatisfied with your previous pictures of your student from August, please send the entire envelope in on re-take Day.

Next Holiday – Nov. 11, 2015

PCS/DCS Lunch Menu Week  Oct. 5 – Oct. 9

Mon. –   Pizza

Tues. –  Chicken Taquito Tuesday

Wed  –  Chicken Patty Sandwich

Thurs. – Cheese Ravioli

Fri. –  Beef Meat Ball Sandwich


TK students are a unique group!  Everyone in TK begins school at four years old and they all turn five by December 2nd.  We had 14 birthdays in our classroom this month!  Instead of celebrating on the day of their birthday, we have a special birthday celebration.  We had our first classroom birthday party this week celebrating all of our newly turned five year old students!  Everyone had a blast making a classroom birthday book, making party hats, and eating some delicious birthday treats.  They even got party favors!

Primary Charter

Thank you to all of the Primary students who donated coins to the American Red Cross.  Leadership students will be counting the coins and will have a final total soon!

This week in Initial Phase students have been busy learning about the seasons, vowels and consonants, writing letters and numbers, writing sentences, adding and subtracting, word problems, and so much more!
Each week we send home student work in a green folder.  Use this work to talk to your student about what they have learned.  Remember, if you need ideas about how to work with your student at home, email the teachers at and we will give you ideas!

Phase 1 students had a great week learning all about American symbols.  Did you know the American Bald Eagle has a wing span of 6-8 feet?  We learned that it represents strength and freedom.  We had a lot of fun making an eagle out of snack food!! Yummy!!  Phase 1 students are also learning to think outside the box.  There is usually more than one way to solve or approach a problem.  We love seeing their critical thinking skills come to life!  Please remember to return your student’s field trip permission form and chaperone sign up form.  We are very excited and looking forward to going to the Dell’Osso Family Farm!  Thank you so much to our parent volunteers and for all your generous donations.

This week our 4th grade leadership students continued their campus beautification project by planting seeds.  For the month of October, we will have 9 new leadership students who will work on a different project.  We are proud of the responsibility we are seeing with our PCS leaders!  Did you know your child gets to play instruments in music?  Mrs. Watson has introduced them to some exotic and exciting new sounds and songs.  Ask your child what their favorite instrument is.  Phase 2 students are also working on African art, which ties in with some of the songs they learn in music.  Our students are so very fortunate to have these classes available to them and we love seeing their creativity!

Discovery Charter


ENTHUSIASTIC STUDENTS: Our halls are filled with enthusiastic students who pay attention to rules and details. We appreciate their work and their dedication!

Science Olympiad Meeting….Ms. Pelaez is calling all SCIENTISTS!! The meeting will be held on Thursday, October 8, from 5:00 – 6:00 in Room M1. If you have questions, email Ms. Pelaez,

Homecoming – will be here soon. On Wednesday, October 21st, we will hold our annual homecoming parade downtown in downtown Tracy.  We are unique as we have a K-12 presence! Please watch for announcements about the parade, after the parade, students and parents alike are invited to watch Millennium’s Powder Puff football game.  It should be very exciting.

Anti-Bully Poster Winners – Anti-Bully posters were announced for each grade level.  We will be notified of any district winners by November 2, 2015.

Spelling Bee: We had our FIFTH Spelling Bee meeting on Thursday. Help your child study their words.  HELPFUL HINT: study words in a dictionary.  If you have questions, please email or

Grades: Grades were updated on Wednesday, September 30th.  Contact your child’s teacher if you have questions.  Be sure to look for updates every other Wednesday or review the school’s website daily for your child’s grades.

Wheel of Green: Ms. T’s leadership class offered gift cards and other motivating prizes to students who stayed on green for the month of September.  Ask your child how the wheel works and help them stay on green for the month of October when we will hold another “wheel of green.”

DANCE AT UNITY: Students performed a dance at unity – it was very exciting and fun! Thank you to students who danced, you did a great job.

DCS Glow in the Dark Dance: SAVE THE DATE!! DCS Leadership will hold a GLOW IN THE DARK DANCE on Friday 10/30. More details to come soon!

DCS teachers welcome parent communication, please contact us if you have questions, concerns, or ideas!

Ms. Rodieck –; Ms. Pelaez –; Mrs. Beckner –

Mrs. Hawkins –; Ms. Zaca –; Ms. Takeuchi –

Coach Easterday –  Coach Penirian –  Coach Lopez –


Top Anti-Bully Contestants work with Mr. Young. They learn how to scale their drawings!





Algebra Baking Contest Presentations





DHSP Charter Chatter:

Week 9 is already in the record book!! It is difficult to believe that we are beginning week 10 of the school year. It seems to be flying by.

Students continue to focus on learning. It is wonderful to see.

All of the 8th graders had their hearing tested on Wednesday. Good to find out that most of the communication problems are listening related, not hearing related.



Mrs. Stewart’s English 78 continues to strive for excellence in all they do. They continue their newest competitions.  Taking the idea from Math Olympiad which she has done for three years with her math class, she is now offering SAT Olympiad for her students.  Students will compete in groups using individual averages every Tuesday.  The average for the first competition was quite good, out of a possible 12, the winning group scored a 9.8!  What the students are learning in English is great preparation for high school and college.  That is exactly what Discovery High School Prep is all about.


Students took midterms in all of their math classes this week.

Social Studies:

Students took a vocabulary quiz using charades. What fun!!!


        The students started their new Exploration Class this week!!


We will need help from parents constructing the float for homecoming. If you own a truck and a flat bed that you would be willing to allow DHSP to use for the parade please contact Mrs. Saldana at as soon as possible.

Thank you for your continued support. It is greatly appreciated.

If you do not want your student to have his/her photo published please notify Mrs. Wallace at

DHSP teachers welcome parent communication, please contact us if you have questions, concerns, or ideas!

Mrs. U. at   Mrs. Dominguez at

Mrs. Saldana at Mrs. Sierra at  Mr. Compton at  Mrs. Wallace at

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!!




Charter Chatter October 2, 2015

MHS 1st Quarter Midterms & Grades

The first quarter midterms took place this week.  Report cards will be sent home next week.



Fresno State University and UC Merced Filed Trip for 10th – 12th grade students only.

Millennium High School students’ grades 10th – 12th will be visiting Fresno State University and UC Merced on Monday, October 19th from 7:00am to 4:30pm.  Students will be eating lunch at Fresno State. Any student attending the trip will need to bring a sack lunch or money for lunch in the dining hall. The cost of this field trip is $23.00


Community Service Opportunities

Chest of Hope Inc. Saturday, October 3rd, 2015 from 10:45am – 2:00pm at Lincoln Park. Volunteers are needed for face painting and other children’s activities


Mountain House Flag Football: Saturday, October 3rd  from 8:00am-2:00pm (shorter shifts are available). Location: Mountain House at Bethany Park (corner of Legacy and Communidad) or Bethany School (corner of Heritage and Communidad) Responsibilities include: filming games and/or selling concessions at the snack table. Volunteers need to be at least 13 years old. Contact: Andy Su

8th Annual Community Service Fair

The community service fair will be held on Thursday, October 8th.  Many non-profit organizations will be present to allow students the chance to sign up for volunteer opportunities. All students will have the opportunity to meet representative from these organizations and learn about the volunteer needs throughout the community. If you know of an organization who should be present at the event please send their contact information to Ms. Arganbright in the counseling office. Email: Phone: 209-627-2899


The second senior news letter went out on Friday 25th. If you are not signed up for the news letter and would like to be please click the link below and submit the form.

College Week Live Virtual College Fair- University of California



The PSAT will be held on Wednesday, October 14th, 2015. The cost is $18.00 which includes study materials and the test itself. The testing day will be on Wednesday, October 14th from 7:30am-12pm in rooms M-1 and M-2. Please sign up in the counseling office. Space is limited so sign up soon.  The test fee is due when registering for the test. Once we have reached capacity we will take a short waitlist.

Other News

Job Opportunity!!!  T and J Tutoring is seeking new tutors!  If you are interested, attend their meeting this Saturday at 9:30am at 320 West 11th Street.  This is a $10 an hour position.  For more information please visit the Counseling Office


Save the Date!! College Early Start Program – Spring Enrollment for Delta

Parents of students who are interested in taking classes at Delta College for the Spring 2016 semester need to carefully read the important steps listed on the website at Please remember that students participating in the College Early Start program must follow dates and deadlines and receive prior approval to take college classes while attending high school.  TLC provides reimbursement for tuition for those who have prior approval to take specific classes with proof of payment and a successful course completion with a grade of “C” or better.  Textbooks and additional fees are not reimbursable. The college early start student only informational meeting will be tentatively held on Thursday, October 22nd during lunch.

Navigate to Graduate – Junior High and High School Girls

Click on the flyer below to download the registration form.