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Dec. 4, 2015                                                                                        No.17

Virginia’s Voice

Many of you may be considering the high school you wish your student to attend.  This is an important decision.  We would like you to take into consideration Millennium High School.  Millennium is part of the Tracy Learning Center.  The Tracy Learning Center was started in 2001 and now consists of students in three charter schools.  We have a Pre-school, Primary (grades TK to 4th), Discovery (grades 5 to 8) and our high school.

Millennium High School is a comprehensive high school.  We focus on having students ready for college or vocational training.  Amazing as it may sound 85% of our graduates go on to attend college.  We offer a full complement of sports, drama, band, and rigorous academic classes.  We have chosen not to use the traditional routes of AP or IB classes; instead we allow our students the chance to enroll directly into college classes which are guaranteed transferable to UC or CSU schools.  Many students graduate with more than 15 college credits completed.  But that is not all; we offer to pay the tuition for the classes.

We will be conducting a parent information night on January 13, 2016 at 7:00pm, if you wish to learn more about Millennium High School.  We have no boundaries so all that apply, as long as we have room, are accepted.

Our other schools are equally great.  Discovery Charter, the oldest of the three charters is a great middle school alternative.  It is small and personal and we allow for advanced placement in math.  Many of our eighth graders are enrolled in high school math classes.

The Primary School is second to none in the area.  Our students excel and love school.  There is a long waiting list, but many parents think it is worth the wait.  We accept 66 Kindergarten students each year.  Unfortunately, we need to hold a public lottery since so many apply.  This year, Primary added the TK program for children who are will not be 5 by the cut off in September, but are ready for a modified full day kindergarten program.

Finally, this year we added a Pre-School for 2 1/2 and 4 year olds.  It is an outstanding program.  We offer a great student teacher ratio, have an exciting environment for learning, and help our students use technology for exploration and learning.


If you have not considered the Tracy Learning Center Schools as an alternative to the schools in your neighborhood, we suggest you visit our website at to learn more about us.


Misc. Announcements

Crab Feed

SAVE THE DATE and EARLY HOLIDAY GIFTS:  February 6, 2016 10TH Annual Tracy Learning Center Crab Feed

What an awesome event for our school! Crab, pasta, salad, bread, dessert, raffles, dancing and so much more.

This event sells out each year. Please consider purchasing your tickets early. Great holiday gifts.

Our raffle committee will be putting out a flyer after the holiday for a $5.00 donation from each family, a gift basket and/or gift cards.

Please contact Donna Baker at (209) 321-9157 or email





WINE LOVERS…. I know that many of you love wine and may have an extra bottle from the holiday.

Can you kindly consider donating a bottle of wine to the Crab Feed that will be included with an amazing wine rack.

Please contact Donna Baker at (209) 321-9157 or email


McHenry House Appreciation

We received a very nice thank you letter from the McHenry House Director thanking the TLC for raising $832.92 in coins. The McHenry House provides shelter to homeless families along with parenting classes, counseling and other services. The TLC has been very generous and are efforts have been greatly appreciated.




Next Holidays – December 21 – Jan. 3, Return to school on Jan. 4, 2016


PCS/DCS Lunch Menu Week Dec. 7 – Dec. 11

Mon. –   Pizza

Tues. Taquito Tuesday

Wed  – Beef Hot Dog

Thurs. Chicken Teriyaki

Fri. – Beef or Chicken Tacos








Our TK classroom has had a busy week exploring maps!  We learned how to use map keys and the compass rose.  We understand directions and we ‘Never Eat Soggy Waffles’!  Ask your child what this helps them remember on a map!  The students had fun going on classroom treasure hunts, making a map book of their world, and solving a classroom map puzzle.  These skills will come in handy next week as we begin an adventure around the world!



Primary Charter

Dear TLC Primary Parents,

A letter went home with your child this week with information about our Primary Music Winter Programs.  All the primary students will be performing holiday songs in their classrooms on Wednesday, December 16 or Thursday, December 17.  These programs will be during their regular music class times.

The Performance Schedule is as follows:

Wednesday, December 16

9:00 am  P3

10:30 am P7

1:10 pm P6 (students with the first name initial “A” to “K”-Kailyn Snyder the only K name)

2:00 pm P2

Thursday, December 17

9:00 am P8

10:30 am P1

1:10 pm P6(students with the first name initial “K” to “Z” – all other K names in this group )

2:00 pm P5

Students will be encouraged to wear holiday sweaters or shirts.  They can also wear Santa hats or elf hats. The hats should not have flashing lights, so as to not be distracting.  Reindeer hats will be up to my discretion, if they block the view of students behind them, they will not be allowed.  They do not need to dress up to perform, it is just a suggestion.

I hope to see you at the Primary Winter Programs!


Mrs. Watson

TLC Music Director


Primary parents:

Thank you to everyone who participated in the See’s candy fundraiser!  Orders will be here the week of December 14th.  We have also extended the deadline for the Texas Roadhouse Drive-thru meal fundraiser!  This is an easy way to help our school AND you don’t have to cook that night!  It’s a win-win for everyone!  The dinners will be available for pick up between 4:30 and 6:30 in the MHS carline onDecember 17th.  Please see the order form in the green folders today.  Thank you!


If it is higher than 40 degrees outside, Primary students will have outside recess and Unity.  If the temperature is lower than 40, students will have inside recess.  Please keep this in mind when sending your child to school in the morning.   55 degrees or higher, students will have outside lunch.  55 degrees or lower, students will eat inside and play outside. Jackets and layers are important this time of year!


Initial Phase:  This week kicked off our winter study unit and the kiddos have been busy learning about how to choose warm clothing, what a thermometer looks like in cold weather, and they have been busy writing about winter.  We talk daily about choosing proper dress for school during this time of year.  In addition, we are helping the kids learn how to be responsible with their items by making sure they put them in their backpacks (and zip it up) when they are in the classroom.  This is a hard concept to learn and we will keep incorporating this lesson in our daily routine.



Phase 1 students were surprised by the appearance of their Scout Elves, Dunkin, Brownie, and Skittle!  They have fun coming in each morning looking for them.  We have been incorporating lots of winter and holiday themed projects into our learning.  The whole phase is reading The Polar Express!  We are learning many new vocabulary words, exploring similes and metaphors, and understanding sequence.  We learned all about Kwanzaa, continued our procedural writing, and started up with our Rowley Math this week.  What a fantastic learning week!!



Phase 2 students came back from Thanksgiving break ready to learn and refreshed for the new trimester!  We will be shifting our focus from science to social studies this trimester.  Our first unit will be on famous Americans in history.  If your student is in need of some new reading material at home, biographies are an engaging, high interest topic that we always find to be popular with readers at all levels.




Discovery Charter


We all seemed to enjoy our break, we are back to school through December 18th before we begin our winter break.  We have challenged students to stay on green, and to complete all of their homework.  Please help them to accomplish this goal.

Dance Elective – Our dancers had a great time dancing for parents and peers this morning. They also performed for the DHSP students who enjoyed watching their DCS peers.

Practicing before the big day



The big day! They danced well.




December Girls Basketball – The 6th grade girls had a game on Wednesday.  The girls have such amazing team pride, at lunch they stood together during recess stretching, and going over plays.  We will post our schedule soon.


Science Camp Fundraiser – Thank you to everyone who allowed their child to be involved in the science camp fundraiser. Without fundraising, we will not be able to attend science camp. We appreciate your support.

SWO – DCS’ Collaboration SWO is due by December 9th; presentations for those who are done will start on December 7th.  Please ask your child to review their rubric with you.  If you have questions you may contact your child’s PE coach (emails are below).


SLEEP OVER – WE have had a great response to our FIRST ANNUAL SLEEPOVER to be held on Friday January 8th, 2016. REMEMBER PARENTS!!! You can have an evening of quiet while allowing your child to have an evening of fun with their friends and teachers.  For $30.00, your child will be in a safe environment.  We promise to feed them and allow the to play games, watch appropriate movies, create art, lounge with friends, AND MORE, while spending time with their teachers and their friends at DCS’s Sleepover! It is SUPERSAFE and SECURE!!!! If you would like your child to enjoy the festivities without spending the night, we have an alternative choice for you. For $25.00 your child may stay with us up-to-midnight, they will be fed and can enjoy all activities listed above. Please email Ms. T or Mrs. Hawkins for additional information (email is listed below).

Science Olympiad: Thank you Coaches and Participants! Continue to read your Science Olympiad Calendar. It is your responsibility to attend meetings as assigned.  If you have any questions??? email Ms. Pelaez:

DCS teachers welcome parent communication, please contact us if you have questions, concerns, or ideas!

Ms. Rodieck –; Ms. Pelaez –; Mrs. Beckner –

Mrs. Hawkins –; Ms. Zaca –; Ms. Takeuchi –

Coach Easterday –  Coach Penirian –  Coach Lopez –




DHSP Charter Chatter:

The second Trimester is off and running!! Only two weeks until Winter Break!!



Mrs. Stewart’s English class continues to grow leaps and bounds. It is apparent that they are learning TONS in that class.



Students are working hard to be successful in math as always.


Social Studies:

Students are deep into the study of the Crusades. This past week they learned about Pope Urban II and his launching of the first of nine Crusades that began in 1095 AD and, most historians believe, lasted off and on until 1291 AD.



The next round of Explorations began this week. Students and teachers alike seem very excited about the new round of classes.



The girls Basketball team had their first game Wednesday night. There was standing room only!!


If you do not want your student to have his/her photo published please notify Mrs. Wallace at

DHSP teachers welcome parent communication, please contact us if you have questions, concerns, or ideas!

Mrs. U. at

Mrs. Dominguez at

Mrs. Saldana at Mrs. Sierra at  Mr. Compton at  Mrs. Wallace at

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Look for more in the DHSP Charter Chatter next week!!



Charter Chatter December 4, 2015


Finals Schedule

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


This is where students should go to test






Social Studies

M1/Reyes/Saldate ERWC and ENG 4

Mrs. Saldate/Reyes

Period 1 and 3

M2/Saldate/Singh English 1 (2 blocks)

Ernst Period 2 and 3


Mr. Saldate/Singh Period 1 & 2

M3/Muscarello English 1

Lamanna Period 8


Shotwell Period 6

M4/Snyder Open   Open
M5/Aleman English 1

Ernst Period 7


Mr. Singh Period 3

(Last Name A-L)

M6/Griffin English 1

Ernst Period 8


Mr. Singh Period 3

(Last Name M-Z)

M7/Woods English 2

Ernst Period 1


Shotwell Period 7

M8/Shotwell English 2

Ernst Period 6


Shotwell Period 8

M9/Lamanna English 2

Lamanna Period 3


Shotwell Period 1

M10/Ernst English 2

Reyes Period 4 (Last Name A-L)


Shotwell Period 2

M11/Robinson English 2

Reyes Period 4 (Last Name M-Z)


Mr. Singh Period 8

(Last Name A-L)

M12/Holmes English 3

Lamanna Period 2


Mr. Singh Period 8

(Last Name M-Z)

M13/Young English 3

Lamanna Period 4


Shotwell Period 4

M14/McCartney English 3

Lamanna Period 6


Mr. Saldate Period 6

(Last Name A-L)

M15/Brown English 3

Mrs. Saldate Period 8

(Last Name A-L)


Mr. Saldate Period 6

(Last Name M-Z)

M16/De La Torre English 3

Mrs. Saldate Period 8

(Last Name M-Z)



Thursday, December 10, 2015


This is where students should go to test







M1/Reyes/Saldate Intro to Algebra


Aleman Period 1 and 7

  ASL 1 (All)

Morelli Period 2 and 3

M2/Saldate/Singh Pre-Calculus


McCartney Period 3

Griffin Period 6 and 8

  ASL 2 (All)

Morelli Period 1 and 4

M3/Muscarello Geometry

Muscarello Period 1

  Spanish 1

Brown Period 4

M4/Snyder Basic 2

Muscarello Period 7

M5/Aleman Geometry

Muscarello Period 4

  Spanish 1

De La Torre Period 1 and 8

M6/Griffin Geometry

Muscarello Period 6 & 8

  Spanish 1

De La Torre Period 4

M7/Woods Algebra 1

Aleman Period 4

Griffin Period 7

  Spanish 1

De La Torre Period 7

M8/Shotwell Algebra 1

Aleman Period 3

  Spanish 2

De La Torre Period 6

M9/Lamanna Algebra 1

Aleman Period 8

  Spanish 2

Brown Period 2

M10/Ernst Algebra 1

McCartney Period 2

M11/Robinson Algebra 2

McCartney Period 7

Muscarello Period 3

M12/Holmes Algebra 2

McCartney Period 4

  Spanish 3

Brown Period 1 and 6

M13/Young Algebra 2

McCartney Period 6

  C and C

Brown/Torres Period 3

M14/McCartney Calculus

Griffin Period 3

M15/Brown Basic 2

Duenas/Long Term Sub Period 1 and 4

  Spanish 2

               Brown Period 8

M16/De La Torre Basic 1

Duenas/Long Term Sub Period 2

  Spanish 3

             De La Torre Period 3


Friday, December 11, 2015


This is where students should go to test






Life Skills/Careers/Personal Finance

M1/Reyes/Saldate Intro to Bio

(ALL) Grant Period 1 and 8

  Life Skills

Griffin Period 1

M2/Saldate/Singh Earth Science

(ALL) Snell Period 6 and 7

  Life Skills

Woods Period 1

M3/Muscarello Biology

Holmes Period 1

  Life Skills

Lamanna Period 7

(Last Name A-L)

M4/Snyder OPEN   OPEN
M5/Aleman Biology

Holmes Period 2

  Life Skills

Lamanna Period 7

(Last Name M-Z)

M6/Griffin Biology

Holmes Period 3

  Math Test Make Up Room
M7/Woods Biology

Holmes Period 4

M8/Shotwell Biology

Holmes Period 8

  Social Studies Test  Make Up Room
M9/Lamanna Chemistry

Robinson Period 1

  English Test Make Up Room
M10/Ernst Chemistry

Robinson Period 2

  Life Skills

Holmes Period 6

(Last Name A-L)

M11/Robinson Chemistry

Robinson Period 4

  Science Test Make Up Room
M12/Holmes Chemistry

Robinson Period 7

M13/Young Forensic Science

Gudino Period 2

  Life Skills

Holmes Period 6

(Last Name M-Z)

M14/McCartney Forensic Science

Gudino Period 4

  Personal Finance

Duenas/ Long Term Sub Period 3

M15/Brown Forensic Science

Gudino Period 6

M16/De La Torre Forensic Science

Gudino Period 7





College Early Start

For those students who completed and submitted their CES forms by Thursday, November 19th, you received your approved forms this week and need to make sure you have registered and paid for your classes on December 3rd.


College Info

College bound seniors: most colleges will be notifying applicants the status of their admission in early Spring by either mail or online via a student portal on the individual college web site.  We anticipate hearing about the acceptance letters.  All students accepted to a college or university should let the Counselors know as soon as they are notified.  Best of luck to all of those who applied!


Community Service Opportunities

Brookdale Retirement Home: Theme for the month is England. Brookdale is looking for someone to showcase the English culture (i.e. Dance, Art, Music, etc.) Speak on the English colonies, or holidays in December (Hanukah, Kwanza, Etc.) Christmas caroling

If interested please contact Lisa Santos:

**Also looking for bingo callers, and performers of any culture/ discipline


Hospice Butterfly Auxiliary Children’s Magic and Mischief Event: Sunday, Dec. 6 1:00pm-4:00pm Contact: Ms. Holmes or Anita McManus at


Senior Info

Attention Seniors!! If you have not already taken your Senior Picture at the Photographic Art Studio please do so as soon as possible. This is one more item to check off on your to do list for graduation. Please call 209-830-8830 to set up your appointment.


MHS Financial Aid Information Night! Thursday, December 10th at 6pm in room M-1 is MHS’ Financial Aid Information Night. Important topics will be covered such as the types of financial aid available for college and application deadlines will be discussed. Reminder postcards were mailed last week.


Other News



Sow A Seed Community Foundation’s annual Boys-to-Men Conference is back!

The conference, which is entitled “Born to Win: Know Yourself. Know your worth. Live your best!” is sponsored by Sow A Seed Community Foundation and co-sponsored by Kimball High School.  The primary goal of the event is to help young men identity some tools and resources that will help them achieve success in all areas of their life.  They will also learn career options and ways to avoid common social pit falls that lead to peer-pressure, poor academic achievement and/or unhealthy relationships and affiliations. Registrations can be faxed to 209-740-4047 or you may register online at . For More Information or questions please contact 209-229-4559.



Job Opportunity!!!  T and J Tutoring is seeking new tutors!  If you are interested, attend their meeting this Saturday at 9:30am at 320 West 11th Street.  This is a $10 an hour position.  For more information please visit the Counseling Office