TLC Newsletter -Jan 8th 2016

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Jan. 8, 2016                                                                                                               No.20

Virginia Stewart

Next Wednesday night, Jan. 13th, at 7PM in the gym, we will hold a meeting for all parents who wish to learn more about the Millennium High School.  We are very pleased with the courses we offer, the opportunity for Early College Start, sports, personal concern for students, committed teaching staff, and a fantastic band and athletics program.  We will give an overview of the school, allow you to ask questions and promise to keep the meeting to just one hour.


The very first sign of remodeling of our campus took place on Wednesday.  There was machinery on the grounds testing the soil and checking the water level underground.  This is part of the environmental study but it sure got us excited!  The new campus is expected to be ready by 2020.


Did you also know that all school fundraisers give 20% of their profits to help fund the building of our own football and soccer field once the new buildings are completed?  We have the 2020 dream vision to believe it is possible to raise $300,000 to complete the field in the year 2020.


Misc. Announcements

Crab Feed

Happy New Year!! Wishing you and your family a very Happy and Healthy New Year.

Come support and have a blast at our 10th Annual Tracy Learning Center Crab Feed.

All you can eat Washington Crab, pasta, bread and salad.

Tickets are on sale for $45.00 each. You can also reserve a table of 8.

We are kindly asking for a cash donation or gift card from each family for our raffles and silent auction.

The business placemat will be at each table setting again this year. If you would like to advertise your business it is $25.00 for a business card ad.

The dessert auction has been a huge success. If you would like to donate a baked good please let me know.


This is a huge event to put on with incredible help from our parents, students and businesses in our community.

We also work diligently to recognize all participants. This is an event that is made possible by many working hands.

Please contact Donna Baker at (209) 321-9157 or


WINE LOVERS…. I know that many of you love wine and may have an extra bottle from the holiday.

Can you kindly consider donating a bottle of wine to the Crab Feed that will be included with an amazing wine rack.

Please contact Donna Baker at (209) 321-9157 or email


New Drama Production

TLC will be holding auditions for our upcoming spring musical, Peter Pan.  The audition will be open to all 3rd thru 12th grade students. Every part is open for consideration, with many acting opportunities for ALL the grade levels.


Auditions for 3rd – 8th graders will be on Wednesday, Jan. 20th from 4-6 in M1.

Auditions for High School will be Thursday, Jan. 21st from 4-6 in M1

Callbacks will be that Friday Jan. 22nd from 4-6


To prepare for the audition, practice a song and perform it in front of an audition panel. Be prepared to learn a simple dance number and present it to the panel as well.


If you have any questions or wish to see the cast list, please contact me directly and I would be more than happy to meet with you.


Next Holidays

Jan. 18, 2016

Feb. 15, 2016


PCS/DCS Lunch Menu Week Jan.11 – 15

Mon. –   Pizza

Tues. Taco Tuesday

Wed  – Chicken Patty Sandwich

Thurs. Bean and Beef Tostadas

Fri. – Beef Hot Dogs






We have survived a week of rainy days and not being able to play outside.  Spending so much time in the classroom has allowed us to explore new ways to get our wiggles out!  We have enjoyed playing freeze dance to some new songs and going on an adventure with Mr. Mark in an online physical fitness adventure.  During indoor recess, we had puppet shows, played school, and became construction workers!  We have been exploring our community in Social Studies and learning about community helpers.  It was fun pretending to have the jobs of some of the workers we are learning about.  We made a fun graph to show what everyone wants to be when they grow up!



community helper graph


Primary Charter

Welcome back!  We hope you enjoyed a well deserved holiday break.  We have hit the ground running and we are happy with what students have remembered.  We are so excited about our 100th day of school on January 12th!


Initial phase students should have brought home an information letter about their 100 Day Cape project.  Please help your students count 100 items, organize them on the cape and wear it to school on the 100th day! (Jan 12).  If you have any questions or cannot make a cape, please let us know as soon as possible.  Happy crafting!


Phase 1 had a great first week back from break!  It was nice to hear about what all the students did on break.  We have jumped right back into learning….many students have new AR goals, new Rowley math test levels, and more spelling or vocabulary words! In Social Studies we began our economics unit with “Farm to Table.”  We even got to visit our school kitchen to see what goes on there and learn about the journey food takes to get to our lunches!  Thank you to the wonderful kitchen staff!  In Writer’s Workshop we are back to writing narratives.  The students are having great time writing about a favorite Christmas memory.  Please continue to check your student’s green folder for all of your student’s classroom information.  We are looking forward to the 100th day of school (Tuesday, January 12).  Please help your child make their 100th day necklace!!  Can’t wait to see what they create!



Phase 2 students started their social studies unit this week.  We are learning about our government.  This ties in perfectly with our language arts books…we are reading about important Americans from the past.  This is a great way to discuss how our country and laws have changed throughout history.

Thank you to all the 4th grade students who sold Science Camp raffle tickets!  They are already excited about attending camp next year and we’re eager to see who the lucky raffle winner will be!
Phase 2 students were asked to decorate “100th day of school” tshirts!  We are expecting to see some very creative shirts on Tuesday!



Discovery Charter


HAPPY NEW YEAR – From the entire DCS team.  The New Year is a time of celebration and resolutions.  This week, students discussed what New Year means and they have learned how people in other countries celebrate this special time of year.  The New Year reminds us that we are almost half way through the year.  It is a time when we reflect on what we have taught, and what still needs to be covered.  It is a time when we review our year, celebrate the growth in students, and appreciate the joy they have brought us. 2016 should be a very good year!


A NEW POINT SYSTEM!!! If your child has not talked to you about our new point system ASK THEM!!! Excitement has filled the classrooms and hallway as students work hard to earn points and take pride in the point system that mirrors DHSP and Millennium High School. On Thursday, DCS held a RALLY.  The band opened the rally.  Mrs. Stewart told students this was a great day. A new tradition has begun – It is a day when the students of DCS have joined the ranks of DHSP and Millennium to earn points; gone are the days of green stamps, we have moved up! Students entertained, teachers competed, high school students welcomed us to “the world of points,” and “Tiger Leaders” were announced.  Students listened intently and left the gym excited to earn points!

SLEEP OVER – Our first annual sleepover! Such an exciting event. Students worked on crafts, they made homemade ice cream, competed in the game room, relaxed in the lounge, listened to music,  watched movies, danced, laughed, talked, made some new friends, and even had a game of dodge ball. The food was great and the students had a blast!!! Over half our students attended the event! The teachers agree “WE CANNOT WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR” when we will continue this tradition in January of 2017! (First Friday after break). Ms. T puts on a great party – and the staff of DCS enjoy helping her host!


5th Annual TLC’s Got Talent Auditions – Auditions will be held this month January 19th through the 22nd. Students may pick up their forms in the Counselling Office, the Front Office, or from their teachers.


AUDITIONS: Mr. Snyder is holding auditions for TLC’s upcoming musical, PETER PAN! The audition will be open to all 3rd – 12th grade students. AUDTIONS FOR 3 – 8 will be on WEDNESDAY JANUARY 20th from 4:00 – 6:00 in M1. AUDITIONS FOR HIGH SCHOOL will be held on THURSDAY JANUARY 21st from 4:00 – 6:00 in M1. CALLBACKS will be on FRIDAY JANUARY 22nd from 4:00 – 6:00 in M1.

At DCS we encourage communication – please contact your child’s teacher if you have questions:

Mrs. Beckner:                                         Coach Easterday:

Mrs. Hawkins:                                        Coach Lopez:

Ms. Pelaez:                                                 Coach Penirian:

Ms. Rodieck:                                             Ms. T:




DHSP Charter Chatter:

What a Fantastic start to 2016!! Everyone is back at school ready to learn. What is more exciting than that!




Mrs. Stewart’s English class is reviewing grammar and reading SAT style.  It is important to know how to apply good reading skills and grammar skills to select correct answers on college SAT tests.  While the students are not great, practice has helped each one improve. All students in the class will take the PSAT at the end of January.

In addition to grammar, the class spends time developing vocabulary,  with essay writing, rhetorical reading, and literature as well.  The class is doing well.


Academic Pentathlon is well underway! We are beginning our math and science units. Teams have yet to be determined, but spots are limited. Students will be chosen based on level of commitment, participation in class and overall grade in this elective.



The math classes are doing well. It is exciting to see students grasping these very important concepts.


Social Studies:

Students took a “Field Trip to Africa” at the beginning of the week. Mrs. Wallace was thrilled to see how well her students were able to use their imaginations for this activity. The field trip introduced them to three African vegetation zones, which they then had to make a post card about.


The high school counselors will be going over an abbreviated version of this information for the 7th graders later this month. It is always good to find out what is happening in the grades yet to come so you and your student can make well informed decisions.



We just finished resistors and going into sources of electricity and voltage next…



Mrs. Wallace’s performance class is having a great time working on chorography for their performance at the end of January. Dates and times will be announced soon.




If you do not want your student to have his/her photo published please notify Mrs. Wallace at

DHSP teachers welcome parent communication, please contact us if you have questions, concerns, or ideas!

Mrs. U. at

Mrs. Dominguez at

Mrs. Saldana at Mrs. Sierra at  Mr. Compton at  Mrs. Wallace at

Have a Fantastic Weekend!!!



Charter Chatter January 8, 2016

During January and February, Mrs. Stewart and the counseling staff will be meeting with all students for their annual counseling review.  Fast track classes and next year’s schedule will be planned.  Only 10th grade parents will be invited for an appointment.  Time is extremely limited and we encourage 10th grade parents to rearrange schedules as necessary to attend their scheduled time. Appointment letters will be mailed out soon.

The Engineering Summer Academy at Penn (ESAP) welcomes highly motivated and talented students to explore Engineering at the college level.  The Academy’s intensive, three-week programs combine sophisticated theory with hands-on practical experience in cutting edge technologies. Work with leading faculty, live on Penn’s historic campus, and connect with new friends from around the world. For more information please visit


The California State Summer School for the Arts is a rigorous, preprofessional, month-long training program in the visual and performing arts, creative writing, animation and film for talented artists of high school age. CSSSA provides a supportive environment in which students hone acquired skills and explore new techniques and ideas for an intense and exciting learning experience. The California State Summer School for the Arts is a state agency funded through a unique public-private partnership. California residents enrolled in grades nine through twelve may apply to attend CSSSA. The admissions process is highly competitive. (Last session approximately one in three applicants in most departments were accepted). Students invited to the school are named California Arts Scholars. For more information please visit

COSMOS- California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science

Want to spend a month on a college campus exploring topics in STEM- Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics? Application period is from January 19th – February 19th, 2016. Dates for the program are July 10- August 6. For more information please visit


College Info

College bound seniors: most colleges will be notifying applicants the status of their admission in early Spring by either mail or online via a student portal on the individual college web site.  We anticipate hearing about the acceptance letters.  All students accepted to a college or university should let the Counselors know as soon as they are notified.  Best of luck to all of those who applied!


Free virtual college fair for the Western United States!  This fair is scheduled for Jan. 25th-30th. Students can log on any time during this week to get information from many colleges.  There is a question and answer section for the students to get answers directly from college reps.  Students must go to to the students tab to register ASAP and we will send them a reminder e-mail.  This service is completely free. Please register as soon as possible and choose the West fair when registering.

San Joaquin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 13th Annual Student Financial Aid and College Awareness Workshop (STUFA) Sunday, January 26, 2016 at the Alex G. Spanos Center at University of the Pacific Services are FREE and include: One on one assistance filling out financial aid forms, Tax preparation assistance and Scholarship information. For more information please call (209) 946-7705 or email: visit for more information.


Community Service Opportunities


Organization When Where Notes:
Tracy Latin Athletic Club (TLAC) – Crabfeed


Saturday, January 16, 2016  Tracy Community Center

(950 East Street near E. 10th)


Volunteers: 8 minimum

 Set-up: 10am-12pm

 Event time: 6pm-9pm 

(will need volunteers between 

5 – 5:30pm)

Clean-up: 9pm – 9:30pm


Contact: Danette Poole at 

209-815-0476 (text) or


Chamber Gala January 29th


Tracy Community Center

(950 East Street near E. 10th)

8 students for the event


Contact: Patricia Palma