TLC Charter Chatter Feb 12th 2016

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Feb. 12, 2016                                                                                                                                   No.25

Virginia Stewart


Some of you have e-mailed or called about an article found in the paper regarding the potential of an initiative to close all charter schools in California.  The article quoted many facts that are not accurate.  It would take 300,000 registered voter signatures to put the initiative on the ballot and then the initiative would need to win in an election.  While I do not take that lightly, I do not think that it would be that easy to close charter schools. Charter schools exist in states across the nation.  They play a role in public education.  They are an alternative to the established public process.  While charters are not for everyone, they are appreciated and perhaps they serve as a model for others.  Charters have a success rate and according to their charters ( which are agreements with their sponsoring districts) they can only be closed if they are not performing economically or academically.

It is interesting but there is another piece of legislation moving along requesting that after charters have proven themselves over ten years that their renewal be lengthened from a five year span to a fifteen year span.  It seems the two are in direct contradiction to each other.

Of course, we should stay vigilant and always remember that it is a privilege to have charter schools as part of the public school system.  Nothing should ever be taken for granted.



Misc. Announcements


Next Holidays

Feb. 15, 2016


PCS/DCS Lunch Menu Week Feb. 15 – 19

Mon. –   Holiday

Tues. – Pizza

Wed  – Beef Hot Dog

Thurs. – Chicken Nuggets

Fri. – Baked Potato Bar






We are 100 days smarter!  TK has reached our 100th day of school today!  It has been exciting to explore the number 100 with our senses.  We compared and contrasted what different items totaling 100 looks like, feels like, and even tastes like as we ate 100 snacks today!  We also had our Valentine’s celebration in class today.  It was a special day celebrating our friends that we have known for 100 days!


Last week we had special visitors at the end of our studies about animals.  We met a hamster, guinea pig, rabbit, turtles, chicks, a rooster, snakes, and a lizard.  Students were so excited to see the animals they had been learning about up close in our classroom!



tk animal visittk lizard

Primary Charter

– Initial Phase

This week in Initial Phase, students learned about the popular Folk Lore story of The Big Race.  Students learned about how the legendary race helped chose the 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac.  We discussed the story, wrote about the story, created our own monkey illustrations, and make paper lanterns in the traditional color red.  Remember, February 15th is a holiday and we WILL NOT have school.  Finally, remember that good readers become great readers through daily practice.  Encourage students to reread texts sent home, choose and read new books, and listen to a variety of text as often as possible.  Have a great weekend!


Phase One

What a beautiful learning week we had!  This week students received a reply from their pen pals.  They were very excited to hear from them.  We will continue to write letters next week and learn about different kinds of letter writing.  Science was also very exciting.  The students got to perform 2 different experiments as they were introduced to the Scientific Method.  As “scientists” they got form a hypothesis, make observations, and record data.  Next week we will explore the different states of matter.  Students are also adapting well to the “new” math fact timed testing. Great Job! Thank you for helping to make your student’s Valentine’s Day Party so much fun!  They enjoyed eating the treats and being able to pass out valentines to their friends.  Don’t forget Monday is a holiday.  Have a great weekend!


Phase Two

We began the week learning all about Chinese New Year and ended the week celebrating friendship! Thank you to PCS leadership, you did a great job selling candy grams!  Next Friday, all fourth grade students will take the DCS mathematics placement test.  By fourth grade, students should be fluent in addition, subtracting, multiplication and division facts.  Keep practicing and reviewing those facts.  Hard to believe fifth grade is right around the corner!  Have a happy holiday weekend, see you on Tuesday!




Discovery Charter


TDAP Vaccine

Just a reminder it is the law that all incoming 7th graders provide proof of receiving his/her TDAP Vaccine. Please get a jump on this and take your 6th grader in ASAP for this mandatory vaccine.

Science Olympiad – Thank you Dr. Trosien and Mrs. Hatch for the lovely Science Olympiad t-shirts. Students have been working hard to prepare for their upcoming Science Olympiad competition.  Today, they were honored to receive matching t-shirts for their competition which will take place on April 2nd.  Students wore their t-shirts with pride today, and were complimented throughout the day. GO TEAM!

Ellie and Amrita show off the catapult during unity.


WASHINGTON DC TRIP 2017 – for 6th grade students entering 7th in the 2016-17 school year. Students interested in the 2017 trip to Washington DC should attend a meeting on Wednesday, February 10th at 5:15 in Mrs. Wallace’s room, D10.  The meeting will explain everything about this very exciting and educational trip.

EXPLORATION – We started our new Exploration classes this week. Ask your child what they are working on now (band and Pentathlon students did not change).

SIBERIAN Tigers                             SUMATRAN Tigers                     MALAYAN Tiger                     BENGAL Tigers


SIBERIAN: Austin Chen (205 points), Emily Barrios (195 points) Mustafa Chaudhry (195 points) Julian Jfouf (180 points) and Abby Curran (180 points)

SUMATRAN: Shakeeba Sajadi (180 points) Marianthe Tsirelas (140 points), Ellie Moffet (140 points) Liliana Zapien (135 points) Maci Suttle (135 points) Solomon Martin (135 points)

MALAYAN: Paul Coleman (205 points) Sukhmani Dhadiala (195 points) Elijah Galvez (180 points) Alvis Aldric (165 points) Chilam Huynh (160 points) and Jonathan Gaines (160 points)

BENGALS: Caden Vila TOP POINT EARNER  (255 points) Janida Williams (235 points) Kirstin Tyler (225 points) Montek Sethi (225 points) and Rayyan Saiyed (225 points)


SWO  – Students received information on their new SWO project. LIFELONG LEARNER: College Research Project which is due February 19th.  This portion of the SWO will be completed individually.  Students must prepare a Google Slide presentation or PowerPoint presentation on a state college or university they would like to attend.  The presentation will be used during a graded class presentation.  The goal is to help students develop a life plan and research information about a future college they hope to attend. Please ask your child for a copy of the rubric.



DHSP Charter Chatter:

It certainly was an exciting week!  The Dens are vying for their next big outing. This time around the Den with the most points over 36,000 will get to go to a Stockton Ports game in May. If no Den is able to reach this goal an alternate outing will be offered.


Social Studies:

Students are well under way with their West African Empires Unit.

The focus is on the Empires of Ghana, Mali, Songhai, and Oyo. Everyone is learning lots of interesting things.

Washington D.C. 2017!!! Start planning NOW!!!        




It’s time to start planning for next years DC trip. Students will visit the Washington Monument, Arlington National Cemetery and the Holocaust Museum. What an opportunity to see our nations capital with classmates. The first parent informational meeting for current 6th and 7th grade students was held on Wednesday, February 10th at 5:15 in Mrs. Wallace’s room D10.

The room was packed!



Mrs. Stewart’s English class has completed the PSAT8/9 and are looking forward to seeing the results.  We are now on to beginning curriculum that matches some of the work done in AP English classes.  One such topic is genre’s of non fiction and being able to identify them in pieces of writing.  We are now exploring the genre of political cartoons.  The class is doing well since we remain up to date on my current event topics.  We maintain that good writing and reading improves when we are aware of world topics.

We are continuing our work in sentence syntax and are actually debating the syntax of words in complex sentences and diagramming.  Finally Mrs. Stewart is impressed with the projects the students submitted regarding summaries and analysis by theme of the Jungle Books.  She is grading that project now.  Meanwhile, the students have begun reading, The Pearl by John Steinbeck.



Leadership is sold tons of  Valentine’s Grams!! They were delivered on Friday.



A new Exploration rotation began this week. Mrs. Wallace’s class is already into performing Dramatic Readings:

Moncure totally in character:



Natasha putting lots of expression into her Dramatic Reading:


Students have already chosen the music they want to dance to as well as begun choreography! This is going to be a really fun time!!


If you do not want your student to have his/her photo published please notify Mrs. Wallace at

DHSP teachers welcome parent communication, please contact us if you have questions, concerns, or ideas!

Mrs. U. at

Mrs. Dominguez at

Mrs. Saldana at Mrs. Sierra at  Mr. Compton at  Mrs. Wallace at

Have a Fantastic Weekend!!!




Great Job ACADEC! Way to represent!!


Courtesy photo

Tracy High wins Academic Decathlon

The Tracy High School team finished first overall in the San Joaquin County Academic Decathlon and advances to the state competition.

Posted: Wednesday, February 10, 2016 12:57 pm

By Denise Ellen Rizzo | 0 comments

Tracy High School took top honors at the 35th annual Academic Decathlon, rising above competitors from a dozen county high schools on Saturday.

The two-week competition began Jan. 30 with the speech, interview and essay contests at the San Joaquin County Office of Education before moving to Lathrop High School on Saturday for the art, economics, literature, mathematics, music, science and social science tests. The final phase of the competition was the public Super Quiz on the theme of India.

As the overall team winner, the Tracy High team was presented with the Dave Sorgent Winner’s Cup. Tracy High will represent the county at the state championship in Sacramento in March.

Second place was awarded to Middle College High of Lodi, followed by Manteca High in third.

In the Super Quiz, Tracy took command of the competition, tying for first with Manteca High School. Middle College High of Lodi placed second, and Millennium High School came in third.

Taking top individual honors with the highest overall combined score on the 10 tests was Hamza Raniwala of Tracy High School, who received the $1,000 Walter Rathhaus Award.

Raniwala also placed first overall in the honors division, followed by teammate Surya Nehra in second place. In the scholastic division, Tracy’s Ayman Baydoun and Joshua Blomgren placed first and third. Daniel Wirtley had the third highest individual score in the varsity division. They were recognized with medals, certificates and scholarships ranging from $100 to $500. Divisions are based on GPA.

Millennium High had four students who won first place in their divisions — Dela Alocaste in essay, Amy Wise in speech and J.T. Amador and Joseph Gudino in interview — as well as numerous other individual medals.

The team from West High School took third place in the club division. Mountain House High School was named the most improved team. Kimball High School did not have a team competing this year.


All Schools


Attention All Talent Show Participants

Please remember to attend your scheduled rehearsal on Thursday, February 18th, 2016. If you have any questions please contact the MHS Counseling Department at 209-627-8299.


For more information on the Eagle project or donations please contact Josh (209)346-3891 or email

Thank you for your genuine generosity



Charter Chatter February 12, 2016


It is open enrollment month for TLC. We are currently in open enrollment for students that are entering transitional kindergarten, kindergarten, and 9th grade. All applicants must apply for admissions during the month of February.


Attention current sophomores and Juniors: Join Decision Medicine this summer and explore the exciting world of medicine. Decision Medicine is a 2 week program that introduces students to the field of Medicine through personal mentoring opportunities and site visits with behind-the-scenes access to some of our regional hospitals, clinics and public health centers. Participants are challenged with real world decisions as they explore the many facets of a career as a physician. The program is limited to a small group of 24 participants each year for maximum impact. Throughout the program they will work in various team configurations, including a one-on-one mentoring opportunity with a local physician in their personal practice. This is a highly competitive free program. For more information please visit


Interact Club’s Purple Pinky Project – Let’s help our MHS Interact Club help eradicate Polio worldwide. Interact will be taking donations of $0.50 to help end Polio. Children who receive the polio vaccine have their pinky finger temporarily died purple to show they were vaccinated. This $0.50 donation will allow students to symbolically mark their pinky on a canvas representing the project and the child who will receive a vaccination.


College Info

College bound seniors: most colleges will be notifying applicants the status of their admission in early Spring by either mail or online via a student portal on the individual college web site.  We anticipate hearing about the acceptance letters.  All students accepted to a college or university should let the Counselors know as soon as they are notified.  Best of luck to all of those who applied!


All UC freshman admission decisions will be released by March 31


Upcoming Events:

TLC’s Got Talent Show:  Will be held at the Grand Theatre Center for the Arts 6:30pm. The proceeds from this event benefit the Class of 2016. Come support our student from all TLC schools in this great showcase of talent. Tickets are on sale now and available for purchase in the TLC front office, the Grand Theatre Box Office and online at


Community Service

Community Service: This is a reminder to all students to turn in any completed community service forms they have. All forms must be submitted to the counseling office so they can be uploaded to Aeries. Important deadlines regarding community service are:

  1. April 4th to be considered for the Community Service Block Letter sponsored by the Breakfast Lions Club of Tracy. For more details or to check on your progress towards your Block Letter please contact Ms. A in the Counseling Office.
  2. May 6th – Deadline for seniors to submit their hours towards Graduation!!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
  3. June 24th – Deadline for 9th -11th to submit hours towards the 2015-2016 School Year


Organization When Where Duties
Moose Sweetheart Dinner  Friday, February 12th (Valentine’s) 

5:30 p.m. – until ? (tentative DJ/dance afterwards)


Moose Lodge

(35 East 6th Street, Tracy)

ring doorbell to enter facility

Volunteers: 2 dish washers and 4 servers are needed – black and white server attire Contact: Alex Zamora 209-815-6408 or


Grand Foundation Opportunity Time needed is a minimum of 4 hours per week but not to exceed 8 hours per week. The Grand Foundation is a non-profit partner of the Grand Theatre has an ongoing community service opportunity that needs to be filled immediately. Job duties include typing accuracy for data entry, research to collect data from the Internet, telephone and other miscellaneous office work. Students who are interested in marketing, promoting, advertising and communication through social media are ideal. Please contact Ms. Arganbright in the counseling office for more information.