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May 27, 2016                                                                                        No.38

Virginia Stewart



As we focus on finishing the school year for our K-8th grade students, I want to share a few thoughts.

Much research has gone into realizing that a long time off in the summer is detrimental to learning.

I am grateful we have a shorter summer. I know that it has improved learning.  I also know it is hard for our students to feel good about being here when others are out of school…..BUT I know how easily bored the students get once they are out of school.  It is important that we keep our students engaged in learning for the month of June.  Our teachers are prepared to teach and they expect students to continue to focus and learn.


Research has also concluded that how students do in middle school has a great deal to do with how well students do in high school. 

It is important that students have good study and homework habits.  Missing assignments is the number one way students fail a class.  Good homework habits are essential for success.


Research indicates that the more students are involved in activities at school the more connected they are to teachers and school itself.

Student need to realize school is academic and social.  There are activities they can be a part of that help bond them to teachers and each other.  Encourage your students to be involved in spirit days, special events and do not let the spirit die in 7th or 8th grade.  Those students often act like it is not cool t be spirited… but it is.


Research indicates that taking advantage of educational opportunities is a great way to get ahead and to learn more.

Students should be involved in spelling Bees, pentathlons, math contests, science Olympiad and other such events that give them a chance to compete with other schools and to see how they do against outside competition.  Community service is another great way to apply skills.



Misc. Announcements


Craft Fair


 June 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the school gymnasium from 2:30 to 4:30.  All items are available for purchase with all the money raised going back to support our school.  Stop on by and see what our talented high school students have made this year!


Peter Pan DVD’s 


Peter Pan DVD’s will be available for purchase for $25.00 each.  They will be on sale through the front office or by contacting Mr. Snyder directly via email



Upcoming State Testing


We will be having state testing soon for our PCS, DCS and DHSP Students on the following dates. Please do your best to have students present, well rested and prepared for these important exams. Do not schedule doctor’s visits or vacations during this time period.


PCS – May 15. 16, 17, 18, 23, 24 and 25

DCS and DHSP – Weeks of May2nd and May 9th


Summer Camps


There was an error in our Summer Camp Flyer about the Soccer Week schedule   and costs.

Soccer Summer Camp begins on Tues May 30-Fri. June 3rd and the corrected cost is $80. not  $100 as previously specified.


Our last day of school this year is Friday, June 24, 2016


Dismissal times will be:

Please note these very important dismissal times.

PCS –   12:00 noon

DCS –  11:30 am

MHS – 12:30 pm


Lunch will NOT be served this day.

Dismissal times are staggered to help with car-line traffic



Social Media Postings

Recently we have been informed by both students and parents of mean and insulting social media posts on sites like KIK, Snap Chat and Facebook and personal texts. Students have come to the office crying and have asked the administration to intervene. The office has spent a lot of time investigating and calling in students asking them to stop. The majority of students spoken to have denied any involvement. We also find many of this insults go back and forth between “clicks” or groups of friends and is rarely one sided. Answering these insults back only fuels this situation.


On Friday,  an announcement was made  to all of our 7th/8th Grade students telling them they must report to their parents about any posting or cyber bullying so that their parents can inform the Police Department if they feel this is necessary. We also encourage all parents to supervise their child’s internet use and have all social sites password to protect their children. Although we are very sad this is happening it can no longer be a school issue. Please talk to your children openly and discourage them from using these social sites.


Crayola Fund Raiser
Crayola is having a wonderful fund  raiser and we are asking parents to log on and send in any used markers. Shipping will be paid for.




PCS/DCS Lunch Menu Week May 30- June 3

Mon. –   Holiday

Tues. – Pizza

Wed – Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Thurs – Beef or Veg Lasagna

Fri. – Beef Hot Dog





This week in science has been filled with energy! Our little scientists have been learning all about heat, light, and sound energy. We also learned fun facts about the sun, did experiments with light and shade, used friction to create heat energy, and did a crayon experiment. TK students love forming hypotheses and observing data and results. They extended science on their own and had fun applying their new energy knowledge while playing outside at recess!


Primary Charter


Initial Phase

Do not forget, Thursday, June 2, 2016 is our field trip to Stockton Children’s museum.  If you have not sent in your donation, please send it in as soon as possible.

This field trip is a culminating activity that allows students to explore many different aspects of the community helpers and community buildings we have been studying. We are excited and cannot wait!


Phase One

What another fabulous learning week for phase 1!  The end of the school year is coming quickly, but phase 1 students are still hard at work.  In science we learned more about gravity and simple machines.  Next week we will be starting our in-class Trimester 3 project.  The students will be working to build a game that includes force, motion, friction, simple machines, and gravity.  We are looking forward to seeing their creativity!  In Writer’s Workshop students are continuing their work on their informative writing.  We can’t wait to read the finished products.  Continue to read and practice those math facts.  There are many activities coming up soon.  Please check your student’s folder for more information.  Have a safe and relaxing Memorial Day Weekend!

Phase Two

Congratulations to all Phase Two students!! Testing is over and all of you did an amazing job of staying focused and trying your best.  We hope you enjoyed your well-deserved ice cream treat.  Now, we anxiously await the results!

If you checked out books from the local library during a school visit, please remember to return them or renew them on your own.  The librarians were very complementary to all three classes about how respectful our students were after each visit.  Great job representing Primary Charter School!!!





Discovery Charter


TDAP Vaccine

Just a reminder it is the law that all incoming 7th graders provide proof of receiving his/her TDAP Vaccine. Please get a jump on this and take your 6th grader in ASAP for this mandatory vaccine.


6th grade breakfast….6th grade students were asked to invite their parents to Discovery’s first annual 6th Grade Promotion Breakfast. We are incredibly proud of our students. We will celebrate their hard work and dedication along with their promotion into DHSP.  RSVP’s were due last week, however we are extending the invitation.  Parents/guardians may RSVP through Tuesday 5/24 by emailing Mrs. Hawkins at  The cost for the breakfast for parents (up to 2 parents/guardians per student) is $5.00 each, students are not charged.

When: Wednesday, June 1th

TIME: 9:00 to 10:00



DENS HAVE BEEN DOING WELL…..totals to date are below:

Bengal Malayan Siberian Sumatran
47671 42915 43275 35745
-135 -60 -170 -185
47536 42855 43105 35560
1 3 2 4
Nate Washington 2290 Aldric Alvis 2065 Michael Clark 1525 Liliana Zapien 3415
Carolina Loza 1530 Diana Aguilar 1960 Olivia Barajas 1285 Avneet Sidhu 2395
Sebastian Oseguera 1465 Amrita Kaler 1735 Julian Jfouf 1250 Juliana Sanchez 1340
Billal Razaqi 1435 Cali Catanon 1670 Renee Jimenez 1235 Nico Sousa 1320
Edumundo Mena 1415 Isabella Desena 1505 Jack Borgan 1230 Summer Simmons 1170
309926 292102 308708 260672
1 3 2 4








Thank you to the parents who attended the Science Camp meeting and/or Band meeting – we hope you gained insight into our exciting programs.  If you have questions about Science Camp please email Ms. Pelaez at for band please email Mr. Zepeda at





Students have been enjoying the great weather outside.  It is nice to watch students hang out, talk, and enjoy their recess time after lunch.  Ask your child how they spend their time after lunch….our field is filled with football, soccer, baseball, catch, running, playing, talking, and laughter.




UPCOMING DATES: (if any dates changes are made parents will be notified)

June 1 – 6th grade appreciation breakfast – ask your child about this fabulous event

June 10th Mrs. Hawkins’ LA classes are planning their Evening of Poetry

June 16th Ms. Rodieck’s LA classes are planning their Poetry Fest

June 17th – Celebration of students (more information to come)

June 24th – LAST DAY OF SCHOOL – FIELD DAY/DANCE More information to come **DCS students will be released at 11:30.









Mrs. Stewart’s English 78 has completed round one of famous speeches.  They were great, we learned so much from the speeches that were delivered and actually got a great sense of history.

We are now reading Othello as a mature audience and are getting interested in the plot. Acts are being played out in class after they are read.

We are doing the final review of the 420 vocabulary words we have mastered this year.


SWO: The last SWO of the year is under way. It is Self-Directed Learner. The students are writing or updating a business letter and resume. Final copies are due June 10, 2016


Academics class has already begun to learn about WWII, which is next year’s topic for Pentathlon.


With only four weeks of school left there is much to accomplish and teach in every class. This time of year can be difficult for many students who may feel the year is over. Appropriate behavior is expected at all times.  We appreciate your help with maintaining high standards.




Don’t miss out on this Fantastic Trip………


We already have over 35 people signed up for next years DC trip. Students will visit the Washington Monument, Arlington National Cemetery and the Holocaust Museum. What an opportunity to see our nations capital with classmates. It’s exciting to see how many students have already signed up for this great opportunity. Please email Mrs. Wallace at for any questions or concerns.


DHSP teachers welcome parent communication, please contact us if you have questions, concerns, or ideas!  Mrs. U. at      Mrs. Dominguez at ddominguez@tracylc.netMrs. Ramirez at, Ms. Langston at,  Mr. Compton at  Mrs. Wallace at

Have a Fantastic Weekend!!!




We had a great Senior Class of 2016 Graduation ceremony last Saturday! Congratulations to our graduates and their families for joining us on such an important day filled with stories, memories, and accomplishments that we will forever cherish! If you would like to view pictures from the ceremony, please visit:



Charter Chatter: May 27, 2016


Counseling/Guidance Department News:


REPORT CARDS AND SCHEDULE FOR NEXT YEAR: Report cards were mailed out this week…please be on the look out for them. Schedules for next year will be available in a couple weeks once students return the enclosed “Emergency contact forms”.  Make sure to read the enclosed notice with the report cards.  Emergency Forms will be accepted starting after June 20th.  Please do not return forms any earlier than that date.  Students must return their emergency forms in order to pick up their schedule for next year…Thank you!


Fast Track Reminders:

Semester Dates:

1st Semester – May 20th – June 8th

2nd Semester – June 8th – June 24th

Please remember that a main benefit of Fast Track is to either get ahead with 10 credits or to make up credits in a five week period. Since we are able to offer this opportunity to our students, attendance is highly important.  We ask for your support in our attendance policy and hope that you encourage punctual and timely attendance for all the days of Fast Track. Thank you!


Delta College News

Students who are interested in taking Fall 2016 Delta College classes can now apply online for admission at – It is highly important to apply early and schedule any required assessments as soon as possible.  Due to the limited number of college classes available, the sooner a new student applies, the better it will be! All College Early Start forms must be turned in to the counseling office for approval no later than: Thursday June 16th.


More information on the College Early Start program, procedures, and dates can be found on the Counseling/Guidance department web page at


IMPORTANT REMINDER: Community Service Deadline – all volunteer hours for the 2015-2016 school year are due on Friday, June 24th by 12:30pm


No hours will be accepted after the deadline. Any hours worked during July will be included in the next school year.


 7th Annual “Passport to the Millennium” Multi Cultural Fair – Friday, June 17th

We are currently accepting applications from MHS students who would like to host a booth at the upcoming Multi cultural fair to showcase different ethnicities and countries around the world! Applications are available in the counseling office and due by Wed June 6th.  Parents are welcome to participate with their high schooler to share food and information to our TLC Primary students who will be taking a “field trip” to the MHS Gym in which the fair will take place from 1:30pm – 3:30pm.