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June 10, 2016                                                                                                                                            No.40

Virginia Stewart


The President of the United States has a daughter who has been accepted to Harvard, but she has chosen to take a year off.   There is a considerable debate as to the pros and cons of taking a gap year before college.  As I explored the debate, I realized that our MHS students actually experience a gap year their senior year of high school.  Most of our seniors are out of school by 10 in the morning.  They have time to continue work in community service, apply for scholarships and colleges, to work in an internship which gives them insights into possible careers and to take college classes.  Many of our seniors begin college as a second year student.


On another note, our little ones in Primary had a SNEAK PEEK to their new classes for the next school year.  It is an exciting time for our fourth graders to move into DCS.  The students visited and experienced being with our current fifth graders.  They also learned the den they would be joining.  The other students had fun “moving up” as well.


Finally, this week, we had a visit in DCS from graduates of MHS.  They did a victory walk for us.  They visited each room in their cap and gown and shared their high school experience and what they would be doing next.  It was an awesome moment.  The students asked incredibly good questions. We wish the students success as they go off to Berkley, UC schools and other great places.  It was so nice of them to visit our middle school students even after they had graduated.





Misc. Announcements



The office has a huge amount of prescribed and over the counter medications that must be picked up prior to the end of the school year. All remaining medications will be destroyed.

Please come and pick your child’s meds up as soon as possible.
Our last day of school this year is Friday, June 24, 2016


Dismissal times will be:

Please note these very important dismissal times.

PCS –   12:00 noon

DCS –  11:30 am

MHS – 12:30 pm


Lunch will NOT be served this day.

Dismissal times are staggered to help with car-line traffic




PCS/DCS Lunch Menu Week June 13-17

Mon. –  Pizza

Tues. – BBQ Hamburger

Wed – Chicken Nuggets

Thurs – Nachos (Beef or Bean)

Fri. – BBQ Hot Dog




TK students have been busy in science and social studies. Students reviewed the plant life cycle and learned all of the different parts of a plant. They enjoyed seeing how the various parts of a plant are edible! In social studies we learned about our American flag and understand why we celebrate Flag Day. Ask your child some facts they learned about this American symbol!




Primary Charter

PCS would like to invite all Primary students and families to our Evening of Excellence on Wednesday, June 15th. Each classroom will open at 6:00 PM for you to visit and see all the wonderful learning that took place during the year. It is always an exciting event, and this year it will be even more special because Mrs. Watson and our fourth grade students are going to grace us with a recorder concert at 6:30 in the PCS unity courtyard. We hope to see you all there!
Initial Phase
This week in Initial Phase, students got to see what a first grade classroom is like at Sneak Peak! When they returned, the first grade teachers expressed how impressed they were both academically and behaviorally. They are ready for first grade!

Next week brings Evening of Excellence. This is a casual evening that showcases student work and allows parents to see what we’ve been up to. We hope to see you there.
Phase One
What a fabulous week Phase 1 students had! This week the students participated in Sneak Peek. That means they had the chance to spend an hour in their new class and experience what it will be like to be in the next grade! They were so excited to learn all about next year! This week students also worked very hard to finish up end of trimester projects and other work being presented at Evening of Excellence. We hope you will all be able to join us next Wednesday, June 15, 2016 from 6:00 – 7:00. Look for an invitation to come home in your student’s folder. They are so excited and proud to show off what they have learned in Science about force, motion, friction, simple machines, and gravity. We definitely have some future engineers in our classes!!! We are also looking forward to other end of year activities; Multicultural Fair (June 17), Field Day (June 23), and don’t forget, Friday, June 24, 2016 is the last day of school and it is early dismissal (12:00) NO lunch will be served that day.
Phase Two
Our phase two students participated in Sneak Peek on Wednesday! Our fourth grade students visited DCS and had the chance to practice following a schedule. They learned all about what to expect in Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. They came back very excited and eager to make the transition from Primary student to a middle school Discovery student!! Third graders stayed in their classrooms and welcomed their future classmates from P2, P5, and P7. They helped introduce them to Phase Two and shared about what to expect next year. We are looking forward to welcoming our third graders back as returning students and we wish our fourth graders the best of luck in fifth grade!!!



Discovery Charter


TDAP Vaccine

Just a reminder it is the law that all incoming 7th graders provide proof of receiving his/her TDAP Vaccine. Please get a jump on this and take your 6th grader in ASAP for this mandatory vaccine.



SNEAK PEAK – Our 4th grade students took time to visit our rooms on Wednesday morning.  Students were able to join 5th and 6th grade students.  We are looking forward to having these wonderful 4th graders




MILLINEIUM GRADUATES – Visited Discovery classes on Wednesday.  Students came back for a WALK OF PRIDE….they wanted to express their desire for our Tigers to become Falcons.  These graduates are attending UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, and San Joaquin Delta College.  100% of our graduates applied to colleges and will attend between summer and fall terms!!


JOG-A-THON AWARDS – Last Friday (too late for the Charter), students gathered together for a Jog-A-Thon Awards Ceremony.  Students received awards for many reasons – including the student who raised the most money.  Christian Lavagetto won a Play Station.  Thank you to the coaches who put all of this together, for the teachers who helped, and most importantly to the students who fund raised and ran many many, many laps!!




Coach P., Coach Lopez, and Ms.Zaca announce winners


Kimani Thomas loves his den









Desteeney Rodriguez wins a prize









With only a few weeks left….our Bengals are in first place overall!! Congratulations to all dens.  Everyone works well together, and works hard to create motivated tigers.


          Bengal Tigers                        Malayan Tigers                    Siberian Tigers                   


Sumatran Tigers


June 16th Ms. Rodieck’s LA classes will meet in the gym for a wonderful night of poetry.

June 17th – Celebration of students (more information to come)

June 24th – LAST DAY OF SCHOOL – FIELD DAY/DANCE More information to come **DCS students will be released at 11:30.








                      DHSP Charter Chatter:



Mrs. Stewart’s English 78 is now reading Othello as a mature audience and are getting interested in the plot. Acts are being played out in class after they are read.

We are doing the final review of the 420 vocabulary words we have mastered this year.


SWO: The last SWO of the year was turned in on Friday. Students will be having interviews in their Social Studies classes all this week.


With only two weeks of school left there is much to accomplish and teach in every class. This time of year can be difficult for many students who may feel the year is over. Appropriate behavior is expected at all times.  We appreciate your help with maintaining high standards.


Social Studies:

The last big project of the year was completed this week. Students final projects centered around either Meso -America or the Civil War.













Don’t miss out on this Fantastic Trip………





We already have over 35 people signed up for next years DC trip. Students will visit the Washington Monument, Arlington National Cemetery and the Holocaust Museum. What an opportunity to see our nations capital with classmates. It’s exciting to see how many students have already signed up for this great opportunity. Please email Mrs. Wallace at for any questions or concerns.


DHSP teachers welcome parent communication, please contact us if you have questions, concerns, or ideas!  Mrs. U. at      Mrs. Dominguez at , Mrs. Ramirez at, Ms. Langston at, Mrs. Wallace at

Have a Fantastic Weekend!!!




Charter Chatter June 10, 2016

Senior Walk




Six of our recenlty graduated seniors returned to Discovery and DHSP to share their experience at Millennium with our younger students. The Discover and DHSP students had great questions for our graduates. This was a great experience for all students and a tradition that we’d like to continue in years to come.


Fast Track

The first semester of Fast Track ended on Wednesday. Semester grades will be mailed home soon, so be on the lookout. Fast Track will end Friday, June 24th. Just a friendly reminder that daily on time attendance is crucial during Fast Track. Four tardies is equal to one full day of absence.  Any combination of tardies and/or absences of more than 2 days will result in an automatic failing grade regardless of the reason.  We appreciate your support in promoting the importance of attendance and punctuality with your child.


Fast Track is also a great time for students to complete community service hours. The deadline to turn hours in for the 2015-2016 school year is the last day of Fast Track, Friday, June 24th.  Any hours volunteered after Fast Track will need to be turned in when the regular school year resumes.


Multicultural Fair

High School students will be hosting the Multicultural Fair on Friday, June 17, 2016 after Fast Track. This event is hosted by Millennium each year for Primary students to attend and experience different culture around the world.


Stockton Families

One of our families may have to move to Stockton this summer, and the parent is hoping to keep her children at TLC.  She is willing to take turns driving, or pay someone to drive her children here.  If you drive here from the Stockton area and are interested, please e-mail Ms. Moore at


Delta College Info

The application and registration process to apply for Fall 2016 Delta College classes has began. Students who are required or interested in enrolling in classes for the Fall must begin the application process immediately. Please remember that for students to be approved to enroll in college classes while in high school, students must successfully meet deadlines, follow instructions for applying, and have a good current academic record of 3.0 or better.  For more information, parents can visit the Counseling page of the and click on College Early Start link.


Students seeking tuition reimbursement from Spring semester classes should be turning in their reimbursement request form with proof of grade and payment for Delta College classes attended




Community Service

Community Service: This is a reminder to all students to turn in any completed community service forms they have. All forms must be submitted to the counseling office so they can be uploaded to Aeries. Important deadlines regarding community service are:

  1. June 24th – Deadline for 9th -11th to submit hours towards the 2015-2016 School Year


Organization When Where Duties
T and J Tutoring Monday – Thursday


  Junior and Seniors. If interested please contact Jackie (209) 914-5800
Moose Father’s Day Brunch Sunday, June 19 – 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.  Moose Lodge (35 East 6th Street, Tracy) – ring doorbell to enter facility


Volunteers: 2 dish washers and 4 servers are needed – black and white server attire

Volunteers MUST contact Alex Zamora for scheduling

Contact: Alex Zamora 209-815-6408 or

American Girl Doll Wild at Art fundraising event Saturday, July 16 

– 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m

Location:   TBD – at a local zoo

An orientation will be held the week prior to the event, but a date is not yet confirmed.


20 Volunteers are needed to set-up and tear-down; supported by DreamWorks, possible guest star appearances will need assistance; staff gift table or booth plus other assignments.

Breakfast, lunch, and snacks will be provided.

Contact: Sarah McNamara 209-482-0861 (cell) or

Give Every Child A Chance Month of July TBD Summer Camp

For more information please contact Lilianna 209-825-7003