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A weekly newsletter written to parents of the TLC

Aug. 5, 2016                                                                                              Vol. 1

Virginia Stewart


Virginia’s Voice


“Who is the woman who is outside the gate in the morning saying hello to the children in Primary and sometimes talking to parents?”  That is Mrs. Stewart, the Executive Director of the Tracy Learning Center.


“Who is the woman who teaches Algebra in grades five and six?”  That is Mrs. Stewart, the Executive Director of the Tracy Learning Center.


“Who teaches advanced English in seventh and eighth grade?” Mrs. Stewart teaches one of the high classes.


“Who did I meet with or e-mail when I was concerned about an incident at school?” You talked to Mrs. Kay who informed Mrs. Stewart and then set up a time for you to meet with her.


Allow me to introduce myself.  I am the co-founder and the Executive Director of the Tracy Learning Center.  It began in 2001 and we are now in our seventeenth year of operation.  Over the years, we expanded from fifth and sixth grade to the full complement. We now have Preschool to seniors in high school.  Each school has a learning director(s), who works under my supervision.  They do such a great job; some concerns never reach my level.  They know our values and beliefs about learning and developing students as individuals and they guide the staff to reflect those values.  We are a successful school system because we connect with one another and continue our beliefs from our youngest students who are 2 to those graduating from high school.  I am very proud of the staff at the Tracy Learning Center.  We work as a team and we all strive to make this the best place for everyone.

Misc. Announcements


Parent Volunteers

Parents who plan on volunteering in the classrooms this year must give the office a new contract and make sure his/her TB Test has been done within the last 4 years and have given the results to the office along with a copy of your California Driver’s License and Volunteer’s Contract.

Volunteers can begin volunteering after Sept. 12, 2016. Please make these arrangements with your child’s teachers.


PCS/DCS Lunch Menu Week Aug. 8 – 12

Mon. –  Pizza

Tues. – Chicken Nuggets

Wed – Bean or Beef Nachos

Thurs – Chicken Enchiladas

Fri. – Beef or Cheese Lasagna





The first day of Transitional Kindergarten is Monday, August 8, 2016. We are so excited to begin our year together! Last week we had our Back to School Night and had a wonderful time meeting with parents only to share information about our school and the TK program. This week we invited students and parents in small groups for personal ‘Meet and Greets’ with the teachers. We loved this special time with our incoming families. We think this will help the new students transition into our classroom next week. Thank you to all of the families who participated in these events.  The partnerships we have already formed will help us have an amazing year together.  See you all Monday!


Primary Charter


Initial Phase

Wow! Week one has already come and gone! Initial phase has been very busy. We have worked hard learning the importance of respectful listening, talking in turn, and inside voices. We have also been practicing how to be an independent student completing personal tasks each morning that help our classroom community flourish. You may hear you student talk about taking attendance, earning excellence box status, and taking pride in personal belongings by being organized by making sure all belongings are stored in a zipped up backpack. Furthermore, we have been practicing playground safety and the importance of taking turns, appropriate tagging, and where it’s safe to run and where it’s not safe to run. So many new things in such a short amount of time!
Parents! You can help your student be the best they can be, while they are learning so many new things. Age appropriate sleep patterns, healthy food choices for lunch, and a protein packed breakfast are a must for growing brains to be able to focus and participate in all of the learning we do each day. Try your best to set an early bed time schedule and provide healthy foods choices so your student can flourish.
Finally, we would like to say how proud we are of each and every P-6 student. This week has been packed with many new things.  With a longer schedule, PE, art, and music we believe our students have tried their very best and we are excited to see what next week brings!

Phase One


Phase 1 students had an amazing first week back to school!  They spent the week doing fun activities to help them learn all about their classroom. They also had enjoyed meeting their teachers and new friends, and learning new schedules, rules and procedures.   Finally, they completed lots of assessments to help their teachers place them in their perfect learning groups.  In social studies, they began to learn all about the Olympics. Did you know the torch is actually lit with a special mirror using the sun’s rays? Right now the torch is in Rio waiting for the opening ceremonies!  Next week will begin regular curriculum. Please make sure to return all the needed forms to your student’s teachers as soon as possible.  Thank you for all the snack and donated supplies.  Volunteer schedules will come home next month. Have a great weekend!  GO TEAM USA!




Phase Two


Welcome back to our Phase 2 students!  We had an awesome first week of school and we’re already very proud of the maturity and growth we’ve seen from our 3rd and 4th graders.  They are setting a great example for the other students in Primary.

Phase 2 students have taken their STAR reading tests to determine their new reading levels.  AR goals will be coming soon!  We are starting our social studies curriculum next week and our students are excited to be in their language arts and math groups.  Students will also be using agendas soon.  This is a way to track their own behavior and reflect on what they’ve learned throughout the week.  Students will take their agendas home on Fridays and parents must sign them.  If a student gets on warning or yellow, they must take their agenda home and get it signed that day.

We know phase 2 is going to have an amazing year!

Remember, volunteers will start on September 12th.  Thank you to everyone who has signed up to help in the classroom…we appreciate you!





Discovery Charter

We are ecstatic about being back for the 2016-2017 school year! – Our first week has been FANTASTIC!!!  Students walk through the doors ready to work, teachers and staff are excited to be back, and the entire campus is energized! Friday we held our first, annual Discovery Charter School/Discovery High School Prep rally where dens got together and cheered their den leaders on!! (If you don’t know what a den is, please ask your child. They are all part of a den, they have den colors; earn den points; and take great pride in all they do).  The rally was an amazing way to end our first week – students and staff alike were filled with Tiger Pride –


 Spending time together at Unity                                                         




Meeting in Den Groups




Exploration classes include: Band, Academic Pentathlon, Spanish, Genius Hour, Dance, Movement, Newspaper, and Leadership.  Each class brings a unique perspective to learning.

Academic Pentathlon                    Spanish                                         Dance




Wednesday, August 10th – 5:00 Science Camp Meeting in M2 (High School class near the Discovery Charter School eating area)

Thursday, August 11th – 5:45 to 7:00 BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT for Discovery Charter School (Discovery High School Prep BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT will follow)

Wednesday, August 24th – Discovery Charter School Picture Day






 What a fantastic start to Discovery High School Prep. Students showed up excited and ready to learn what this year has in store for them. The DEN Pride this year is contagious. The first ever combined DCS/DHSP rally was held on the field. Loud excitement filled the air as the first Den Challenge of the year took place. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!


Classes got underway with only a few glitches. Check out the kids hard at work during the first week of school:






Please contact Mrs. Wallace at if you do not want your child’s picture included in the Charter Chatter.


Back to School Night:

You should have received a notice about Back to School Night on Monday.

It is on Thursday, August 11th

It will start in the courtyard/quad at 6:45.

At 7:00pm you will follow your child’s daily schedule for their CORE classes. Students should have brought home a copy of their schedule for you Today.

We look forward to seeing all of you at Back to School Night.


Please feel free to contact any of your student’s teachers if you have any questions or concerns.

Math: Mrs. Dominguez

Math: Mrs. King

Language Arts: Ms. Langston

Language Arts: Mrs. Cerezo

Science: Mrs. Ramirez

Social Studies, 7/8 Learning Director: Mrs. Wallace


Enjoy your weekend.






Millennium High School Back to School Night

Back to School Night was held on Thursday, August 4th from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM. We would like to thank all of the parents who attended this event. If you were unable to attend or ever need more information about thew school or classes please do not hesitate to call or email.  We value parent communication and feel it is important for your student’s education that we maintain open lines of communication.


Junior ASVAB Testing

The Junior class will be participating in the ASVAB Military Aptitude test on Wednesday, August 10th.

The ASVAB is a great skills and aptitude test in helping students determine where their strengths are to prepare for the world of work.  Interpretation of the test will be given in the Career Education classes in two weeks.


Senior Info

Coming soon! Senior information packets with important information regarding graduation, senior portraits, dates and deadlines will be mailed the last week of August.  Information will also be available on our website at in the Senior Scoop section of the Counseling/Guidance webpage.


***Please note that the Graduation Ceremony will be held on Friday, May 19th, 2017 at 7:00pm at the St. Bernard’s Holy Family Center (Only 8 Tickets will be given to each student)***


Club Rush Week

Club Rush will be held during both lunches on Friday, August 12th. During rush students can sign up for any club they are interested in being a member of.