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Aug. 26, 2016                                                                                                       Vol. 4

Virginia’s Voice

I visited our preschool and our Transitional Kindergarten program this week and was delighted with the progress our smallest group of students have achieved in such a short time.  The teachers are also impressed with how quickly they are learning routines and expectations as well as becoming smarter academically.

Our preschool program services children two years through four.  There are a few openings left. Our Transitional Kindergarten program is full with 33 students who are part of the Primary Charter and are guaranteed a spot in Kindergarten next year.

Speaking of Primary Charter, Mrs. Watson is so happy.  We have decided to invest in her program by purchasing risers so she can conduct a winter and spring concert with her students.  It is an expensive purchase, but just think how great it will be to have her super singers singing in a big show instead of in the individual classrooms!!

The band from grades 6 through high school is showing great promise as well.  Mr. Zepeda is very pleased with their dedication and commitment.  Playing an instrument takes a great deal of practice and work, and our band students are living up to that commitment.  We look forward to their shows as well.

Finally, I have been impressed with the enthusiastic culture among the students in Discovery regarding positive den points.  Spirit is high and very few students have been assigned to Saturday school for our first one.  As a result of this spirit, the classes are focused and students are achieving great success.


Misc. Announcements

Picture Day

T-K Picture Day – Oct. 11, 2016 (no re-takes)

Parent Volunteers

Parents who plan on volunteering in the classrooms this year must give the office a new contract and make sure his/her TB Test has been done within the last 4 years and have given the results to the office along with a copy of your California Driver’s License and Volunteer’s Contract.

Volunteers can begin volunteering after Sept. 12, 2016. Please make these arrangements with your child’s teachers.

PCS/DCS Lunch Menu Week Aug. 29 – Sept. 2

Mon. –  Pizza

Tues. – Chicken Alfredo

Wed – Beef Tacos

Thurs – Chicken Tquitos

Fri. – Beef Hamburgers



Millennium Athletics

2nd Annual Golf Tournament

Sunday October 2nd 2016

           10:00 a.m.                                                    $60 Single

               Shotgun                                                     $225 Team


MHS logo

Old River Golf Course

18007 S. MacArthur Drive

Tracy CA


Interested in becoming a sponsor


Registering as a participant??


Email Coach KV at for more information




This week in our daily schedule, TK students added Math, working in their leveled learning groups, and also began Social Studies.  Students in TK get to learn new concepts in Science and Social Studies every week.  It is one of our favorite parts of the day, as the students get to learn, explore, and even experiment.   This week we explored  ‘All About Me’ and helped the students learn about themselves and share with their classmates.  This was a great way for them to build friendships and learn more about each other.  They also practiced sharing with the class and using ‘public speaking voices’.  We are so proud of their hard work this week!


Reminder: Our TK class pictures will be on Tuesday, October 11, 2016.  Please note, we will only have one picture session.  Retakes will not be available for the TK class.  We will send home more information including picture packet order forms closer to the scheduled day.

Primary Charter

Initial Phase

This week in Initial Phase students have been working very hard on proper letter formation, letter sounds, blending letters, number sense, and telling the truth.  Furthermore, we have been learning how to recognize the sight words A and AND.  Students are doing well adjusting to the curriculum and expectations of P-6.  We look forward to the journey ahead.


Phase One

Another great learning week for Phase 1 students!  They have been working hard at writing super sentences, expanding numbers, using critical thinking skills, understanding maps, being creative in art, and learning about instruments.  We are also in week 2 of AR!  Ask your student how close they are to their goal.  Please look for the volunteer schedule to come home soon.  We will be welcoming parents the week of September 12th.  Thank you for all the returned fund raiser packets.  Remember next week is a 3 day weekend (no school Monday, September 5th – Labor Day).  Other reminders: please check  and initial your student’s green folder, send in a labeled water bottle, and make sure your student’s lunch account is up to date.


Phase Two

Students had a great learning week!  In Social studies, we are finishing our map projects and are starting our landforms unit.  Students are doing a great job with their projects!

Phase two students will start visiting to the Tracy Public Library next week.  P1 will be walking to the library on Thursday, September 1st.  P3 will go on Thursday, September 8th , and P8 will go on Thursday, September 15th.  Please make sure that your student has his/her library card if he/she is planning on checking out books.  Students are not allowed to check out more than 3 books per visit.  Also, please remember to return the books on time.

What a great opportunity for our 4th graders!  Students that returned the parent permission slip will be able to participate in the TLC Spelling Bee on November 8, 2016.  Students will have study sessions in Discovery.  The days and times are to be determined.

Have a great weekend!


Discovery Charter

Thank you for your support: The Discovery School Fundraiser served as a great way to earn some much needed funds.  More importantly, it provided some one-on-one time with TLC Families, teachers, and members of our community. The time teachers spent with our school families was priceless.  We thank you for making our fundraiser a great success!!!!!

SCIENCE CAMP TICKET FUNDRAISER CONTINUES! – Ask your child about the Science Camp fund raiser!!!  Your child has been asked to sell raffle tickets at the price of $10.00 each.  100% of the money will go towards science camp with one lucky “Free Science Camp For A Week” winner.  Please sell as many tickets as possible.  SAVE THE DATE: Children will leave for science camp on Monday, January 9th. Any science camp questions should be emailed to Ms. Pelaez at

TRACY LEARNING CENTER FUNDRAISER!­ Your child received a coupon book.  The book has fabulous discounts and many tempting coupons.  Please help your child fundraise by contacting family members, friends, and coworkers.  Orders are due back on Friday, August 26th!!! Thank you in advance for your support.  Some students have reported selling over 20 books – help your child help us raise much needed monies!!!


Spelling Bee:  We have announced Spelling Bee dates and have provided students with their Spelling Bee word lists.  If your child has not expressed interest, and you would like them to join the Spelling Bee, have them talk to their Language Arts teacher.  The Spelling Bee will be held at Tracy Learning Center on November 8th – the winner of the 4, 5, 6 division and the winner of the 7, 8, 9 division will move onto the County Spelling Bee.  If you would like more details, please contact your child’s LA teacher: Ms. Rodieck or Mrs. Hawkins


TOP 5 CONGRATULATIONS:  1st place Bengals; 2nd place Siberians; 3rd place Malayans; 4th place Sumatrans – it’s a close race!!! Ask your child what they do to earn positive points for their den.  Ask your child what about their den goal for the week.




Discovery High School Prep dancers, under the terrific leadership of Coach C danced for Discovery Charter School unity.  They were absolutely fabulous!!!!



Each week we will take you into a different classroom…..this week we would like to welcome you to Ms. Pelaez’s Science class:

Our future scientists were asked to find a solution to the question…How do we separate water, salt, rock, and diatomaceous earth?

Using funnels, cups, screens, filters, a syringe, and their incredible minds they were asked to form ideas on how one might separate water, salt, rock, and diatomaceous earth.  The students discussed, experimented, and created a solution to their question.  Ask your child what they thought…..and ask them if it worked.



You will find out the solution to this experiment in next week’s Chatter Charter.


Agenda grades were updated on Wednesday.





School is in full swing. In fact the dance class is learning to Swing Dance. All this as part of DHSP immersing ourselves into the curriculum of WWII for this year. I cannot wait until all students, and staff alike, learn some of the dances and songs of the 30’s and 40s!!


Take a peek inside some of the classes to see what is taking place there:

English 78 is doing well.  The greatest goal is to achieve chatter free transitions so we can get the most out of our 100 minutes together each day.  Students are reading Number the Stars  which is our book for Pentathlon as well.  It is a simple story that is a good introduction to the horrors of World War II.  In addition, we are writing two essays a week, discussing rhetorical non fiction articles, debating, preparing for the PSAT in January, learning many vocabulary words and learning the descriptive and functional grammar of simple and compound subjects that include infinitives.  We are indeed very busy.



Our motion unit has been a success. The Balloon Powered cars were able to demonstrate how motion works and allowed students to measure speed and direction.


Social Studies:

Our focus this year is divided into three main topics: US Constitution through WWI; Presidential Election; and WWII. All classes have begun to learn about each area. Lots to learn this year and everyone seems up to the challenge.


Algebra 2 is progressing nicely.  We take the first unit test on Friday, August 19th.  Their problem solving skills are also improving as they work together to master these concepts.

Algebra 1 is reviewing some of the skills needed to be successful in Algebra.  There is quite a bit of re-teaching as well as review.  The class is working well towards understanding problem solving.  They are a very friendly class that loves to talk to anyone and everyone. We will be working on curbing social conversations.

Intro to Algebra is playing cards.  If you hear it, it is correct.  We use card games to practice our basic math skills.  We have an addition tournament on Friday, the 19th, with the winner earning $10

Neatness, penmanship and presentation of their work is being stressed as they sometimes cannot read their own work.


Leadership: Getting ready for homecoming as we brainstorm ways to make our float great and keep the spirit of Discovery High School Prep going!


Geometry: Wrapping up the Pre-Unit on Algebra skills we need for Geometry. Students are eager for their unit test.


Algebra: Working on solidifying our integers skills so that we are ready for the next concept in Algebra.


Intro to Algebra: Breezing through curriculum and loving every second of this all girl class.


The Art Elective Class has completed a unit on Color Theory, mixing colors and creating tints and shades. They began a String Art project this week using fluorescent colored threads to make geometric designs.


For the last three weeks we have covered Spanish vowels, Spanish Alphabet, Days of the week/Months in Spanish, Colors in Spanish, Counting Numbers in Spanish, How to introduce ourselves in Spanish (with students demonstrating in front of class), and now we are starting to learn body parts in Spanish, and Clothing names, and in the following weeks we’re also going to learn Foods and Animals.


If you do not want your student to have his/her photo published please notify Mrs. Wallace at

Please feel free to contact any of your student’s teachers if you have any questions or concerns.

Math: Mrs. Dominguez

Math: Mrs. King

Language Arts: Ms. Langston

Language Arts: Mrs. Cerezo

Science: Mrs. Ramirez

Social Studies, 7/8 Learning Director: Mrs. Wallace


Enjoy your weekend.








Tracy Learning Center will be participating in the Every Day Counts Attendance Challenge


Field Trip Opportunity for Juniors and Seniors

Construction Careers Trades Fair and Delta College Field Trip will be held on Friday, September 16, 2016. Students will have the opportunity to experience first hands many construction trades as well as view three different Career Technical Careers such as Nursing, Automotive, Culinary, Electron Microscopy, etc. programs at Delta College.


Career Ed

ASVAB results interpretation will be held Thursday September 1, 2016.


Community Service Opportunities

Tracy Buccaneers Youth Football: Sunday, August 28 – 4 student volunteers for help between the hours of 8am to 1pm and another 4 between the hours of 12pm and 7pm. Location: West High School Football field. Contact: Melissa Sucrese 209-346-3024


Tracy Rampage Youth Football: Saturday, August 27 – 4 student volunteers for help between the hours of 7am to 12pm and another 4 between the hours of 1pm and 6pm. Location: West High School Football field. Contact: Marlena Posten


Other News

Counseling News!

Would you like to stay up to date with what is going on in Counseling? If so follow us on Facebook ( or Twitter (CounselingAtMHS).


Update: Homework Support!!!

The homework support room is open Monday-Wednesday from 4:05 PM-4:45 PM in room M-2. All students are welcome to come for educational tutoring and support.


Tutors wanted!!!

If you are interested in tutoring on campus please stop by the counseling office for an application.


Give Every Child A Chance – Tutors Wanted!!!

Give Every Child A Chance is a tutoring/mentoring program that needs volunteer tutors!  If you are interested in tutoring 7th-12th grade students here at Tracy Learning Center for two community service hours a week (which can go toward a block letter!).