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Oct. 7, 2016                                                                                                                                              Vol.10

Virginia’s Voice

It is important to realize that one of the most important values of the Tracy Learning Center is the strong belief that all students can be successful.  We believe in individualizing our program to fit the needs of the students.  This is why we teach in small learning centers in K to 4 and why we use groups for instruction in grades 5 through 12.  Students are place in groups that are the appropriate level of instruction for success.  Nothing should be too easy or too challenging.  It should be just right.  This means each student should experience success.

May times students begin to excel and can be moved to a higher group which greatly pleases us. Other times students feel success and gain confidence which allows for greater growth later.  The progress of each student is very important to us.

In addition to education in academics, students need to learn the fundamentals of success as a student in the classroom.  Focus, attention, participation, organization, and responsibility are key factors for classroom success.  In themselves, they may not be essential, but to do well in school, students need to join their academic ability and their classroom focus for real results.  They go hand in hand.


Misc. Announcements




Picture Day and Picture Retake Day


T-K Picture Day – Oct. 11, 2016 (no re-takes)


PCS, DCS, DHSP and MHS will have Picture Re-takes on Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2016 for any students who were absent on our previous picture days or students who or returning their pictures and are retaking them.


Crab Feed

SAVE THE DATE:  February 4, 2017 11TH Annual Tracy Learning Center Crab Feed

What an awesome event for our school! Crab, pasta, salad, bread, dessert, raffles, dancing and so much more.

We are looking for volunteers to assist with our Raffle Committee. If you are creative WE NEED YOU!

Please contact Donna Baker at (209) 321-9157 or email


PCS/DCS Lunch Menu Week Oct. 11 -15

Mon. –  Pizza

Tues. – Beef Meatball Sandwich

Wed – No Meat Spaghetti

Thurs – Chicken Taquitos

Fri. – Beef Hot Dog





TK students are polite citizens!  We learned about our character building SWOs at the beginning of the year and our class is loving earning the Polite Citizen SWO.  Each time a student earns a SWO, they will have a paw print sticker added to their weekly behavior chart.  Our students use great manners and have really been showing their caring hearts!


This week in Social Studies students began exploring maps.  They created maps of their homes, city, state, country, continent, and planet!  Students learned how to use a key on a map and learned all about the compass rose.  They enjoyed practicing the directions and the silly statement ‘Never Eat Soggy Waffles’ to help them remember.  They loved looking at different kinds of maps and seeing our school online through google maps.



Reminder:  TK picture day is Tuesday, October 11th.




Primary Charter


Initial Phase

In Initial Phase this week, we had fun dressing like farmers, learning all about plants, reading, and decomposing numbers.  In addition, our Millennium High ASL class came and taught us about Sign Language!  We learned how to sign familiar animals from and Eric Carle book and we even learned the sign for our bunny Hamilton!  We loved it!


Phase One

Phase 1 students had a lot of fun celebrating the fall harvest dressed as farmers.  We love learning about the seasons, how they change, and what it brings.  We completed another week of learning about Native Americans.  This time we studied all about the Southwest Native Americans.  We made woven mats and Kachina dolls to add to our museum.  We also completed our second week of AR goals.  We can already see that more students will be going to the AR party this time!!!  Great job! Students got their hearing tested this week.  Any retakes will happen on November 7th.  Thank you so much for all the donations for the McHenry House.  We appreciate your generosity.


Phase Two

Phase two students have been busy finalizing their Native American unit.  P3 did amazing job today with their Native American presentations!  We were very impressed with how well students presented their google slides and how creative they were in dressing up as Native Americans and creating their artifacts for their Native American museum!  On Tuesday, all classes will be sharing with each other their final projects.  We can’t wait to see them all!

Our next field trip will be on November 3rd.  We will be visiting Mission San Juan Bautista.  Please fill out and return your students permission slip by Friday, October 14th.

Please remember that make-up picture day is on Tuesday, October 11th.





Discovery Charter


SCIENCE CAMP will be here before you know it.  Ms. Pelaez held a Science Camp meeting on Thursday.  She reviewed the Science Camp packet, and other important details about camp.  Please contact Ms. Pelaez with questions:  The cost to attend camp is $350.00 per student.  Students will attend camp the week of January 9th.  (grades 5/6)


NEWSPAPER (EXPLORATION) : If you would like to read the latest edition to Ms. Zaca’s newspaper class, go to:


Picture make-up day is October 11th 


Science Olympiad Practice.  Please review your child’s calendar to ensure your child is attending practice as scheduled.

Spelling Bee:  Students in 4th through 6th grade will be given time on Friday’s to study with Ms. Rodieck and Mrs. Hawkins.  Any students interested in competing in the Bee, will be invited during lunch (5/6) and at 2:00 (4th). The Spelling Bee will be held at Tracy Learning Center on November 8th – the winner of the 4, 5, 6 division and the winner of the 7, 8, 9 division will move onto the County Spelling Bee.  If you would like more details, please contact………….. Ms. Rodieck or Mrs. Hawkins

SCIENCE: The topic is “FLOATING AND SINKING.”  The goal is to link prior knowledge of the properties of matter to what students will be learning in earth science.  This unit is taught through “inquiry.”  “Inquiry” will include many hands-on activities and labs.  This means (parents), you will not see quizzes or notes from science – you will see more lab related work.  At the end of the unit there will be a unit test, rather than smaller quizzes.  As the test date comes closer, students will be provided with “study notes.”  If you have questions, please email


Mrs. Beckner and the             Ms. T and the                  Ms. Rodieck & Ms. Pelaez        Coach Lopez and the



If you have questions, concerns, or if you want to discuss your child, please contact their teacher:

Mrs. Beckner: (math and academic pentathlon)

Mrs. Hawkins: (language arts (dance and movement with Coach C))

Coach Lopez: (PE)

Coach P: (PE)

Ms. Pelaez: (science, science Olympiad, (Spanish with Mr. Gomar))

Ms. Rodieck: (language arts, genius hour)

Ms. T: (math, leadership)

Coach Williams: (PE)

Ms. Zaca: (social studies, newspaper)






Ms. Langston LA- Things have been busy in Language Arts! We have now learned all 4 verb tenses in English and continue to gain expertise. This week, students worked together in groups to teach a diagramming lesson to the class, and each did so with skill! We are continuing to read Soldier X and are delving into the history surrounding the novel.


Mrs. Ramirez Science


Students explored Newton’s 1st Law of Motion during the Wacky Washer Lab. Flicking one washer at a time they were able to observe the objects that were initially at rest continued at rest until an outside force (another washer) acted upon it.


Mrs. Cerezo LA-
This week we continued our hard work on our current novel, Soldier X;  comparing our protagonists journey with that of our previous novel Number the Stars. The students have begun to relate Soldier X to modern society and have started to develop their own unique creative voice. Can’t wait to see how their analytical skills develop as the year progresses!

Science blurb:

Students explored Newton’s 1st Law of Motion during the Wacky Washer Lab. Flicking one washer at a time they were able to observe the objects that were initially at rest continued at rest until an outside force (another washer) acted upon it.







Community Service Fair

The Community Service Fair was held on Thursday, October 6th. Over 25 non-profit organizations were on campus to inform our students about upcoming community service opportunities. Thank you to all of our community partners who attended this event.


UC Davis and Sacramento State University Field Trip

On Friday, October 14th, 10th-12th grade students will be visiting the UC Davis and Sac State campuses. The bus list will be posted early next week in the counseling office.



The PSAT will be held on Wednesday, October 19th, 2016 at 7:30am. Signups for the PSAT will have begun. The test fee is $18.00 and is due when you sign up for the test in the counseling office.




Community Service Opportunities

SSCO Day of the Dead Workshop: Saturday, October 8 – 10:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Guadalupe Center (126 West 1st Street, Tracy…2 blocks into residential area by McDonald Park, intersection of 1st and Central) 10-12 Volunteers are needed to set-up tables, clean-up, decorate, and assist children at various hands-on workstations Contact: Anita McManus at 209-814-6580 or


Tracy Rampage: Saturday, October 8, 2016 8:00am-8:00pm 2 hour shifts 8am-10am is set up 10am-6pm is snack bar and 6pm-8pm is clean up. Please contact Melissa at 209-346-5305 or