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Nov. 4, 2016                                                                                                                                        Vol.14

Virginia’s Voice

Parent conferences will be scheduled soon for students in Primary and Discovery.  It is good to attend these conferences to learn firsthand from the teacher the student’s strengths and areas for improvement, but also to learn how best to help your student at home.

Students in these grades need to be sure they have good habits for studying and getting written work done.  The number one reason students do poorly in high school is missing assignments which drastically reduces their grades.  This habit must be overcome before high school.

Parent conferences are also a time to celebrate successes and to acknowledge the work your child has done.  It is wonderful to hear good things about your student and then share that with the family at dinner.  Public praise is a good thing.

So, please attend a conference and share the good news.


Misc. Announcements


Crab Feed

SAVE THE DATE:  February 4, 2017 11TH Annual Tracy Learning Center Crab Feed

What an awesome event for our school! Crab, pasta, salad, bread, dessert, raffles, dancing and so much more.

We are looking for volunteers to assist with our Raffle Committee. If you are creative WE NEED YOU!

Please contact Donna Baker at (209) 321-9157 or email


As chairperson of this event it’s always important to recognize ROCK STARS!! Tiffany Alexander who runs our raffle committee has already been working hard since August on our amazing donations. We already, have our donation for Disneyland tickets!



Next School Holiday – Friday, Nov. 11, 2016 Veteran’s Day


 Thanksgiving Week Nov. 21-25 are school holidays



PCS/DCS Lunch Menu  Week Nov.7 –  Nov.11

Mon. –  Pizza

Tues. – Chicken Patty Sandwich

Wed – Pig in a Blanket

Thurs – Cheese Ravioli

Fri. – Holiday




This week was an adventure in TK! Our TK class loves doing ‘Adventure to Fitness’ with Coach Caldwell and Coach Cuadro.  When students do an ‘adventure’ they travel with Mr. Mark, who leads them on an adventure to a fun location in the world or time in history.  While exploring, the students engage in physical activity and are actively learning too! On Wednesday the students got to have a virtual meeting with Mr. Mark himself!  He called our classroom and talked to the students about healthy eating and exercise. The students won an autographed poster for the classroom and we are in the running to win a 6 month subscription to ‘Adventure to Fitness’.

It was so much fun to ‘meet’ Mr. Mark and ask him questions! Thank you Coaches for making it possible!!!


Primary Charter



Save the date!    Primary Music Winter Program 

Thursday, December 15, at 6:30 pm, in the TLC gym

All K-4 students will be performing holiday songs with Mrs. Watson.


The students and I are looking forward to this exciting evening performance!!

More information to follow, as the event nears.

For now, please mark your calendars!



Mrs. Watson

Primary Music Director


Initial Phase

In Initial Phase this week we have been assessing student growth.  Student growth can be measured in so many ways. We use many different forms of assessment throughout the year and always think of the student as a whole.
We also keep in mind student growth happens at different rates.  Our leveled grouping really helps with meeting students where they are to maximize their growth potential.  As we enter into Parent/Teacher conferences we want you to know that the level of group isn’t as important as the growth within the group.  We work hard to challenge our students without frustrating them.  When a student’s needs are met, in an environment such as ours, the academic growth is very apparent.  🙂


Also this week, we have been voting. We voted for our favorite animal, weather, and color. Students learned what a ballot is, the word majority, and they even had to register to vote! Check out our fun!




Phase 1

This week in Social Studies Phase 1 students learned all about the branches of government and what each of their important jobs is.  We also learned about what a bill is and how it turns into a law or gets vetoed. Next week they will learn more about the election process and will even get a chance to vote.  We will see next week if they picked the winner!  It was great seeing so many students participating in spirit wear and wearing their camouflage in support of our veterans this month. In Writer’s Workshop students are getting creative with their story writing.  The characters are really coming to life.  We can’t wait to read the finished product.  AR goals ended this week.  We are proud of how many students reached their goals.  Great Job!!! Please make sure to check your folder regarding parent/teacher conference times and other important activities and events planned for this month.  Don’t forget Sunday is daylight savings….set your clock back 1 hour!


Phase Two

Wow!  Phase two students had a great time exploring Mission San Juan Bautista!  They were able to see how a mission was designed and all the components needed inside and outside of the mission.  This will help students as they create their 22nd mission or their research project.  Thank you to all of the chaperones for helping this be an amazing experience for our students!


It’s that time of the year again!  Daylight savings is on Sunday, November 6th.  Remember to set your clocks back one hour.


Please remember there is not school on Friday, November 11th, in honor of Veteran’s Day.


Parent-teacher conferences start on Monday, November 14th, through Friday, November 18th.  We are looking forward to meeting with you!


Fall Break is Monday, November 21st, through Friday, November 25th.  School resumes on Monday, November 28th.


Our TLC Spelling Bee is on Tuesday, November 8th, at 9:00 AM.  Parents are invited to attend.  We would like parents to come to the gym by 8:50 and will start promptly at 9:00. Please remember, from Phase 2, only the 4th graders that signed up will participate.


Have a wonderful weekend!




Discovery Charter



  • Tuesday, November 8th. 9:00 AM in the gym
    • PARENTS who want to attend, and have participating children (4th through 8th) Please arrive by 8:50
      • Ending time will vary (approximately 11:00 AM)


  • Friday, November 11th is Veterans Day – students will have the day off (no school)


PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES will be held the week of November 14th…..

  • T and Mrs. Hawkins will be conferencing on Monday
  • Pelaez and Ms. Zaca will be conferencing on Tuesday
  • Beckner and Ms. Rodieck will be conferencing on Wednesday
    • Students should have shared their conference letter with date/time/place



  • We have the week of November 21st off – be safe, and enjoy your time J
  • We return on November 28th


DADDY DAUGHTER DANCE (brought to you by Millennium Athletics):

  • Saturday, December 3rd
  • 6:00 – 8:00
  • Pre-K through 12
    • Flyers were sent home


PRIMARY’S HALLOWEEN PARADE was superb.  We had a great time meeting the students, looking at their costumes, and passing out candy.


Every-other-Friday, community members share their occupations with our 5/6 students.  We have had a variety of presentations to include community service officers, a veterinarian, the Mayor of Tracy, and business associates.  The presentations teach our students what type of jobs are out there, and what it takes to get into various occupations.  If you are interested in presenting, please contact Ms. Pelaez at lpelaez@tracylc.nert or Mrs. Hawkins at


On Friday, the 28th, Mr. Linarez shared his knowledge of surveying with our students. Students were very interested in learning about his trade and how he might use math and language arts in his position.  Hands flew up excitedly, and students asked questions.  Mr. Linarez was able to respond to each question. He was amazing.


Spelling Bee:  If your child is in the Spelling Bee, please ask them to study at home.  The Spelling Bee will be held at Tracy Learning Center on November 8th (ALL PARENTS OF PARTICIPANTS ARE INVITED – PLEASE BE IN THE GYM BY 8:45 AM ON 11/8) – the winner of the 4, 5, 6 division and the winner of the 7, 8, 9 division will move onto the County Spelling Bee.  If you would like more details, please contact…………..

Ms. Rodieck or Mrs. Hawkins



Haunted High was held on Friday, October 28th.  The evening was spectacular.  The line for the Haunted House was super long, at all times.  Food filled hungry stomachs, and our TLC community spent time talking, laughing, and relaxing.






UNITY WAS FANTASTIC ON MONDAY.  It was filled with energy, information, and a community of students ready to start their week.




EXPLORATION TIME: Exploration is held 3 days per week for one hour each day.  Students are able to join one class, every 6 weeks.  Academic Pentathlon and Band are year-round classes.  Ask your child which Exploration class they attend – ask them what they do, how they like the class, and why they enjoy their class.


Academic Pentathlon (year round): students have been meeting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to learn about World War II.  They study words, history, art, the science behind the war, and much more.  Please ask your child what they are working on (if they are in that class).

Band (year round): students meet 4 days per week to learn the appreciation of music, and the foundations of what they will need for their future as band students at Discovery High School Prep, Millennium, and beyond.  5/6 will play in the winter concert and play at Great America.

Leadership: Students in leadership are responsible for decorating the gym for academic events, school events (such as the 6th grade breakfast, Pre-K graduation, Spelling Bee, etc). They are given jobs to include photography for our year book, tutoring for grades K – 4, teacher aides for grades K – 8, the green committee (recycle and other programs), and daily unity.  Students learn to work together, to work with adults, to take responsibility for their positions, and to communicate effectively with staff, peers, and our community.

Spanish: This year, students are learning the basics of Spanish.  They work with their teacher, Mr. Gomar, to learn to count, ask questions, and state information.  Walking into Mr. Gomar’s class is enchanting.  Students have pictures and materials to show the information while saying the information in Spanish.

Dance:  Students are learning the importance of stretching and hydrating.  They are listening to a variety of music and learning about rhythm and genre.  Students work together with Coach C to create new dances or to learn current dances.  Dances include swing dancing (WWII) through slides, and current dances.  At the end of exploration, students will perform their dance at unity.

Movement:  Students are watching videos about exercise, yoga, dance, and more.  They are learning that movement is positive and necessary for good health.  In class, students help one another and find laughter through their learning.  Many students ask to stay in movement for the entire year…..but, they need to move on to embrace the full exploration experience.

Genius Hour:  In genius hour, students are able to take something they know about or want to learn about, research the information, and create a presentation to show others how to do it OR to teach others about their topic.  This exploration allow students to use technology, interview peers/staff, learn something new OR master something known, create presentation boards, and present to a group of peers/adults.

Newspaper: Students have press passes, computers, and writing tablets.  They act as writers, editors, photographers, and graphic artists to create a newspaper.  Students interview teachers, staff members, and peers.  They then collaborate to put their work together in a newspaper format.  The latest edition can be found on:



If you have questions, concerns, or if you want to discuss your child, please contact their teacher:

Mrs. Beckner: (math and academic pentathlon)

Mrs. Hawkins: (language arts (dance and movement with Coach C))

Coach Lopez: (PE)

Coach P: (PE)

Ms. Pelaez: (science, science Olympiad, (Spanish with Mr. Gomar))

Ms. Rodieck: (language arts, genius hour)

Ms. T: (math, leadership)

Coach Williams: (PE)

Ms. Zaca: (social studies, newspaper)





Parent teacher conferences will be the week of November 14th.

7th grade conferences will be on Wednesday, November 16th in D8 and D10

8th grade conferences will be on Thursday, November 17th in D8 and D10

A note went home on Friday.

Looking forward to seeing you at conferences!




Top Den Earners for the Week



Ashleigh Garcia 320 points

Marshall Conner 295 points

Julie Kleim 265 points

Aldric Alvis 250 points

Adrian Gomez-Sanchez 250 points

Hailee Kappeler 250 points



Sydney Skaggs 335

Shekab Waziri 270 points

Janida Williams 255 points

Gabriella Virgin 245 points

Shyanne Viniskey 235 points




Hannah Reyes 440 points

Alaina Pelican 305 points

Ashneel Reddy 305 points

Anahi Rodriguez 235 points

Gabriel Ramirez Quinones 230 points



Grace Bhatia 370 points

Emma Brown 335 points

James Camacho 230 points

Sydney Hatch 225 points

Colton Dingman 215 points

Paige Faaborg 215 points





English 78 is continuing to master verbals and diagramming sentences.  They are getting better at PSAT prep and have finished an entire preparation book for PSAT.  These can be reviewed at home.  The students have the answers and the questions for each week. In addition to studying the PSAT, the vocabulary we have for each week has been a wonderful way for students to improve in writing, reading, and PSAT.


In Mrs. Cerezo’s classes: As we are nearing the end of our first trimester, students have worked long and hard to master reading comprehension and the necessary skills to become a successful writer. This week students submitted one of their first writing projects — a review of this trimester– and I am very impressed by their efforts!


In Ms. Langston’s classes: Our first trimester is winding down as students learned more about peer editing and communicating effectively through writing. Students reflected on their progress so far this year and identified areas where they could improve. Students also prepared for their trimester finals, which will take place on Thursday and Friday this week.


Social Studies:

Students learned about the Day of the Dead and did a project on the Branches of Government. Fun week.

Washington D.C. 2017!!!




It’s not too late to sign up for the DC trip. Students will visit the Washington Monument, Arlington National Cemetery and the Holocaust Museum. What an opportunity to see our nations capital with classmates. It’s exciting to see how many students have already signed up for this great opportunity. Please contact Mrs. Wallace at for assistance.


If you do not want your student to have his/her photo published please notify Mrs. Wallace at

Please feel free to contact any of your student’s teachers if you have any questions or concerns.

Math: Mrs. Dominguez

Math: Mrs. King

Language Arts: Ms. Langston

Language Arts: Mrs. Cerezo

Science: Mrs. Ramirez

Social Studies, DHSP Learning Director: Mrs. Wallace


Enjoy your weekend.



Charter Chatter November 4, 2016


MHS Financial Aid Information Night! Thursday, November 17th at 6pm in room M-1 is MHS’ Financial Aid Information Night. Important topics will be covered such as the types of financial aid available for college and application deadlines will be discussed. Reminder postcards will be mailed soon.


College Early Start

The application and registration process to apply for Spring 2017 Delta College classes has begun. Students who are required or interested in enrolling in classes for the Spring must begin the application process immediately. Please remember that for students to be approved to enroll in college classes while in high school, students must successfully meet deadlines, follow instructions for applying, and have a good current academic record of 3.0 or better.  For more information, parents can visit the Counseling page of the and click on College Early Start link. College Early Start forms are due Thursday, November 10th.


Students seeking tuition reimbursement from Fall semester classes should be turning in their reimbursement request form with proof of grade and payment for Delta College classes attended


San Francisco State University and FIDM Field Trip – This Field Trip is now full!!

The bus and the waitlist for this field trip are full.  The bus list will be posted by November 10th, 2016 in the counseling office.



 Community Service Opportunities

Snack Club Program at TK Site Mon-Friday 3:30pm-4:30pm at the Tracy Learning Center TK Site 238 West Grant Line Rd high school students to help with snack club program Contact: Mrs. Tyler


Portuguese Hall Steak and Oyster Dinner – Saturday, November 12 6pm-10pm at the Portuguese Hall 400 W 9th St, Tracy 15-20 volunteers needed to serve and clean up Please wear MHS spirit wear and jeans. Please sign up with Ms. A in the counseling office.


Thanksgiving Family Tradition – Saturday November 12 10am-4pm at Astoria Gardens volunteers needed to set up, serve and clean up Contact: Cindy