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Feb. 24, 2017                                                                                                                           Vol.27

Virginia Stewart

Special congratulations this week to the Discovery students in grades 5 and 6.  They did an outstanding job researching, creating tri-boards and explaining careers they are interested in pursuing.  I was so impressed with their knowledge and enthusiasm.  Many parents came to visit the exhibits both days and the compliments were incredible.  Bravo for a great SWO project with great support from the teachers.


Misc. Announcements

TLC Safety Committee

This week our parent/staff safety committee met to discuss some concerns we had as well as talk about how we might improve student safety at TLC.  Several topics were addressed and we are implementing some changes that we think will help make our school a better place to learn.

  • Our team was able to find a contractor to redesign the main entrance that would allow us to funnel visitors through the front office.  We will be installing dual gates that allow us to secure the campus during school hours as well as meet the requirements for emergency campus access (ie an ambulance etc.) and maintain access for those with disabilities.
  • Several parents have asked if they could assist in carline duties.  We had many concerns brought up about student safety during drop off and pick up.  As a school, we will continue to find ways to make the carline more efficient and parents can help with this.  Beginning March 1st, we will have parent safety ambassadors in front of the school from 7:30 – 8:45 in bright yellow vests to help students coming to school.  If you are able to help, please email our committee at:  Even once a week would be a big help.
  • Along with teachers and parents helping with carline we discussed the need for drivers and pedestrians to PLEASE obey traffic rules.  Many parents were concerned about the students who run across the street in the mornings and afternoons. It is extremely important we use the crosswalks to a avoid a horrible situation.
  • Finally we talked about students being safe of campus and the main concern was bathrooms.  We have added several new cameras on campus to watch what happens outside the bathroom and the drinking fountains.  The front office has a monitor that allows them to quickly act if they see student messing around as well as aide us when a student reports vandalism in the bathroom.

A BIG thank you to those parents who participated in the meeting and to the staff who were willing to help us keep our students safe.  If anyone ever has any concerns, we want to hear them.


Spring Break

Begins Monday Apr. 10th and students return to school on Monday, April 24, 2017


Primary AM Drop Off

Just a reminder –  PCS students should not be dropped off before 7:45am. There is no supervision and very cold at this time.


6th Annual TLC’s Got Talent Show Auditions

Audition Forms are available now through January 26th. Auditions will be held the week of January 30 beginning at 4PM. Pick up your form in the Counseling Office, Front Office or from your homeroom teacher. Show Date & Location: Grand Theatre Center for the Arts Thursday, March 30, 2017 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

We look forward to seeing all of our talented students!

**Proceeds from the show benefit the class of 2017**

Stephanie Arganbright

Counseling Assistant/ Community Service Coordinator

Millennium High School

51 E. Beverly Place

Tracy, CA 95376




We cannot say THANK YOU enough to all those who helped make our Crab Feed fundraiser a success.  You are amazing and our students benefit from your generosity and hard work.




Annual Jog-A-Thon

The jog-a-thon is going school wide this year! With that said, I am in need of more sponsors. If you are a business owner and would like to advertise your company on our race day shirts, please contact me at I will get you more information on how you can become a proud sponsor of this great fundraiser! Thank you in advance for your support!



PCS/DCS Lunch Menu  Week 2/27 – 3/3

Mon. –  Pizza

Tues. – Chicken Corn Dog

Wed – Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Tator Tots

Thurs –Beef and Gravy and Mashed Potatoes

Fri. – No Meat Spaghetti and Garlic Bread


Pre K





This week in TK students became scientists! They got to explore several different scientific tools and loved making their own predictions and observations while using the tools. They experimented with magnets and measurement, and examined if objects would sink or float. Students recorded and shared the observations they made.


This fun science week concluded with a special visit from our very own Millennium Falcon Scientists! The students loved this special visit and can’t wait for these incredible scientists to come back again!





Primary Charter




Kicks off Monday, February 27, 2017
Students can begin recording their minutes on the recording sheet on Monday.

Grand Prize will be awarded to the top reader and fundraiser.  Other prizes will be awarded to top reader and fundraiser in each classroom and top classroom in each phase will earn a party. Plus, every participating student will be entered in a raffle for prizes.  (1 ticket for every 100 minutes read, 1 ticket for turning in envelope, 1 ticket for meeting reading goal, 1 ticket for every 50 minutes over reading goal).  Continue to get pledges from friends, family, and colleagues until March 10.

100% of proceeds will go back to PCS classrooms.




Initial Phase


This week in Initial Phase, students have been busy talking about what sinks and what floats.  We predicted, developed hypothesis, tested, observed, and then wrote about what we saw and whether it mirrored our hypothesis.  Students had a lot of fun learning about various objects such as; valentine candy, gold rings, rubber ducks, ice, and toys.  We even experimented with 7UP!  So much fun.  As your student about it.



Phase 1


Phase 1 students have been so excited to see the sun, especially since we have been learning so much about the solar system!  Hopefully this nice weather continues for a while.  The students have spent this week learning about the moon and its different phases.  Take a look each night with them and see if you can help them identify some of the phases.  Next week we will learn all about the inner planets, also known as the terrestrial planets – Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars.   In Writer’s Workshop we are finishing up our narratives and will begin poetry soon.  We are seeing some great examples of narratives!  Next week in Math and Language Arts we will have some fun celebrating Dr. Seuss Day, with graphing, rhyming, crafts, and reading.  Keep encouraging your student to read!  It is true….”The more that you read, the more things you will know.  The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss  Next week our spirit day will be on Thursday, March 3rd, instead of Friday so that we can dress up on Dr. Seuss’ actual day!  Your student may wear anything related to Dr. Seuss.   Please remember to turn in permission slips and money for our field trip.

Phase Two


We had another awesome week with science.  We continued our unit on energy.  Some students had the opportunity to experiment with prisms, magnifying glasses, and water to better understand reflection, refraction, and spectrum.  Next week starts off our first annual Read-a-Thon!  Students can win awesome prizes for top fundraisers and top readers!  Remember – students may continue to get sponsors throughout the Read-a-Thon!

Thursday, March 2nd is our Dr. Seuss spirit day!  Have students dress like their favorite Dr. Seuss character!


Have a great weekend!




Discovery Charter




The DCS Job Fair was professional, informational, and beyond our expectations.  Students were prepared to talk to guests about occupation options, educational requirements, and employment choices to include skill set, outlook on employment, beginning salaries and future salaries. Below are a few pictures of our Future Leaders…..enjoy.






SCIENCE meets Poetry…..Haiku Poems     


Jeremy Blanco SKYPE call was amazing.  On Wednesday morning, DCS students/staff skyped with a friend of Ms. Pelaez, Jeremy Blanco.  Jeremy is hiking/biking from Chile to the United States.  When asked how many miles he has “moved,” Mr. Blanco stated he has walked approximately 600 miles and biked approximately 1,000 miles.  He told the students of his many adventures and learnings about our beautiful world and the people he has met.


Students asked questions and sat intensely during our 90 minute SKYPE call.  Ask your child what they learned. It was quite interesting!!



Your child received an envelope with some very important information.  TLC is having its first, ever READ ACROSS AMERICA READ-A-THON fund raiser.  THERE ARE SOME GREAT PRIZES FOR THE STUDENT WHO EARNS THE MOST MONEY AND READS THE MOST MINUTES.


Please review the information in your child’s backpack.  If you have questions contact Mrs. Hawkins at, Ms Rodieck at or Ms. T at
We are excited to have our first annual read-a-thon fundraiser!  This is a fundraising event for our school which will help raise funds while encouraging our children’s love for reading.  The READ-A-THON allows our children to raise money without having to sell anything.  One hundred percent of the money collected will fund Primary Charter School student needs (classroom supplies, technology, equipment, books, etc.).  We will be kicking off the Read-A-Thon on Monday, February 27, 2017 thru Friday, March 10, 2017.  This is designed to be easy and fun, so we are hoping that everyone will participate!








Students in Language Arts are being offered a chance to earn 30, yes 30 extra credit points!!!  Students are invited to attend Expressions, the Tracy Art League’s annual juried art show located at the Tracy Community Center, 950 East Street in Tracy.  Public Hours are February 18 and 19 from 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM and February 20 – 24 from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM.  Students have the invitation and instructions. Please review the information with your student and support your student by taking them by to see the art show.



PLEASE HELP…..Donations Needed

Paper Towels










KLEENEX – lots of sniffles

WIPES – need to sanitize

We want to make sure you understand everything about your child’s education – always feel free to email questions to your child’s teacher(s):


Mrs. Beckner:        Mrs. Hawkins:

Ms. Pelaez:                Ms. Rodieck:

Ms. T:                     Ms. Zaca:

Coach Lopez:             Coach Penirian:

                                Coach Williams:








Discover High School Prep

Charter Chatter:

Top Den earners for each Den:



Bella Desena

Sukhmani Dhadiala

Ashleigh Garcia

Charles Hearn

Anthony Garcia



Brandon Locke

Julio Solares

Kimani Thomas

Madison Piazza

Taylor Norwood



Hana Shagasi

Kylie Suttle

Amir Nabi

David Martinez

Mia Orlanes



Kimberly Locke

Grace Bhatia

Caden Duke

Paige Faaborg

Elanah Brooks



Social Studies: Important dates for Wax Museum:


Wednesday, March 1 ………Costume and props turned into class

25 points (project) p.84 in Agenda


March 7, 8, 9 Daytime Presentations in the gym

75 points (tests/quizzes) pg. 84 in Agenda


Evening performance Thursday, March 9th in the courtyard outside            DHSP (Den Points) p. 84 in Agenda


The Social Studies classes did a short unit on Martin Luther King, Jr.  this past week. They used primary sources and even watched and discussed Rev. King’s, I Have a Dream speech. They are now embarking on their Civil War unit.



Academic Pentathlon is hard at work getting ready for competition in April.

Keep up the good work DHSP!!!


Please feel free to contact any of your student’s teachers if you have any questions or concerns.

Math: Mrs. Dominguez

Math: Mrs. Ulricksen

Language Arts: Ms. Langston

Language Arts: Mrs. Cerezo

Science: Mr. Jorgensen

Social Studies, DHSP Learning Director: Mrs. Wallace


Enjoy your Weekend!





Charter Chatter February 24, 2017

The second semester midterms have concluded and grades will be posted soon. Progress reports will be mailed out next week. If you do not receive a report card by the end next week, please contact the main office to verify your mailing address.


Mrs. Stewart and the counseling staff will continue to meeting with all students for their annual counseling review. During this meeting fast track classes and next year’s schedule will be planned.  Only 10th grade parents will be invited for an appointment.  Time is extremely limited and we encourage 10th grade parents to rearrange schedules as necessary to attend their scheduled time. Appointment letters were mailed in December with the first semester report cards.


Attention current sophomores and Juniors: Join Decision Medicine this summer and explore the exciting world of medicine. Decision Medicine is a 2 week program that introduces students to the field of Medicine through personal mentoring opportunities and site visits with behind-the-scenes access to some of our regional hospitals, clinics and public health centers. Participants are challenged with real world decisions as they explore the many facets of a career as a physician. The program is limited to a small group of 24 participants each year for maximum impact. Throughout the program they will work in various team configurations, including a one-on-one mentoring opportunity with a local physician in their personal practice. This is a highly competitive free program. For more information please visit


Sow A Seed Community Foundation: Boys Council: Mentoring and Healthy Lifestyles Program for young men

Sow A Seed Community Foundation is starting a new group for young men on March 1, 2017.  These workshops are conducted by Sow A Seed Community Foundation and are designed to be a safe and supportive place for our young men to connect with peers and foster healthy lifestyle habits. Boys Council meets once per week and a new theme is introduced every 8-10 weeks.  The program help young men to: Communicate with confidence, Learn to set and achieve goals, Develop leadership skills, and Make healthy lifestyle choices. Themes include: healthy relationships; healthy competition: defining masculinity; career paths; goal setting and more! The group meets after school weekly on Wednesdays from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm.  For more information please contact Sow A Seed Foundation at 209.229.4559 or visit


Kaplan’s SAT Prepathon: Sunday, March 5th

On Sunday, March 5th from 9am-3pm, Kaplan will be hosting free, nonstop, Live Online prep sessions to help students get ready for the SAT on March 11th.  Instructors will train students on a different section of the SAT every hour, so students can join in at any time throughout the event. For more information and to sign up for this free event, please have students visit


Free Practice Tools for the SAT and ACT

Students: Take a free SAT or ACT pop quiz, 20-minute practice, or full proctored practice test online, and Kaplan will donate Kaplan course scholarships to students through The Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Sign up now!


College Info

College bound seniors: most colleges will be notifying applicants the status of their admission in early Spring by either mail or online via the student portal on each individual college’s web site.  We anticipate hearing about the acceptance letters.  All students accepted to a college or university should let the Counselors know as soon as they are notified.  Best of luck to all of those who applied!


Community Service Opportunities

Snack Club Program at TK Site and TK – Mon-Friday 3:30pm-4:30pm or until 6:30pm at the Tracy Learning Center TK Site (238 West Grant Line Rd). High school students are needed to help with snack club program Contact: Mrs. Tyler


Snack Club Program at TLC Mon-Friday 3:30pm- 6:30pm at the Tracy Learning Center. High school students are needed to help with snack club program. Please see Ms. A in the counseling office for an application.


Moose Shrimp Feed Friday, February 24 5:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Moose Lodge (35 East 6th Street, Tracy) – ring doorbell to enter facility  6 servers are needed – black and white server attire volunteers MUST contact Alex Zamora for scheduling Contact: Alex Zamora 209-815-6408 or