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June 9, 2017                                                                                                                              Vol. 40

Virginia Stewart


This week US News and World Report: Education Report reported that Millennium Charter is recognized in the National Rankings and earned a bronze medal. Schools are ranked based on their performance on state-required tests and how well they prepare students for college.

All rankings:  Bronze for national rankings and bronze for California High Schools.

For all of the information listed see

This report compares Millennium with the other Tracy schools in a detailed report.  MHS is the only one receiving recognition of those schools.

It is official, the sixth graders and their families celebrated a moving up breakfast this Wednesday in the gym.  The DCS students have added spirit and excellence to learning this year and are well prepared for the rigors of DHSP (Discovery High School Prep).

Our younger children have enjoyed a sneak peek into the next grade and are excited to being a new journey.  I know that DCS is warmly welcoming the new students to fifth grade.



Misc. Announcements


All Medications

Please pick all meds in the office up no later than Thursday, June 22, 2017.

Every year we have to throw away so many expensive prescriptions because parents fail to pick them up in the office prior to Summer Break. Please come and pick up your child’s meds ASAP so we won’t have to dispose them.


Early Release Last Day – June 23, 2017

PCS                released at 11:30am

DCS/DHSP    released at 12 noon

MHS              released at 12:30pm (regular Fast Track time)

Kids Club is Open

PCS/DCS Lunch Menu  Week June 12-16

Mon. –  Pizza

Tues. – Chicken Patty Sandwich

Wed – Cheese or Chile Nachos

Thurs – Cheese Ravioli

Fri. – BBQ Beef  or Veggie Burger

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This week in TK we had a surprise ‘in-class’ field trip!!! We welcomed Mr. Tracy Hill from Fur, Scales, and Tails Animal Show into our classroom. This former kindergarten teacher puts on a fantastic show entertaining the students and teachers with a variety of animals! We recently studied hermit crabs, anacondas, and tarantulas so it was exciting to see them each up close in our classroom. We also met Midnight the rooster, Marsh Mellow the bunny, and Stingy the scorpion, just to name a few.  This was a wonderful experience for our TK and preschool students to share together!




Primary Charter


Initial Phase Our field trip was so much fun! We would like to send a special thank you to all of our parent volunteers for their help. Students got to play with and explore many different aspects of a community. The projects students are building will be a fun way to close our community helpers unit. We cannot wait to see how it turns out!

Phase 1 students are on the final countdown!  They have been working hard on all of their final projects.  The instruments they created turned out amazing!  They used what they learned about sound and engineering to create some great pieces.  In Writer’s Workshop they are putting the finishing touches on their animal reports.  They have learned so many interesting facts about all kinds of animals, including habitats, what they eat, what they look like, and other physical characteristics.  We are proud of so many students that met and exceeded their AR goals!  Great Job Phase 1 students!!  What an amazing Jog-A-Thon awards ceremony we had!  Our school raised over $15,000!!!  We have remarkable parents and students that contributed to this.  Thank you as well to our amazing coaches! We are looking forward to the many end of year activities.  Please make sure to read your student’s newsletter to read all about them.  Hope to see you at Evening of Excellence on Wednesday, June 14 from 6-7.


Phase 2 classes enjoyed Sneak Peek this week. Our 3rd graders spoke to the 2nd graders about they should expect next year and all the fun they’re going to have! The 4th graders got to meet the 5/6 teachers and learned about their dens and classes for next year. We’re also hard at work on our Gold Rush towns! Each phase 2 class is creating their own mining city and we’re going to present them next week. This is an awesome project that really makes our curriculum come to life!






We had an amazing week.  It started with Mrs. Stewart’s LA78 class reenacting WWII characters to include famous artists, musicians, events, while incorporating the reading of novels where they brought characters to life. The use of stage, lighting, sound, and visuals were amazing.  Students will tell you that they had goose bumps as they sat still listening to every word.  It brought our learning of WWII together – as Mrs. Stewart said, this year was an empowering year.  We will continue to incorporate music, art, history, and novels into our language arts curriculum.  It is, as Mrs. Stewart said, “empowering!”



We held our 6th grade breakfast on Wednesday.  Students were excited to receive congratulations on an amazing year.  Entertainment, speakers, certificates, and time together brought this year together for students and their families.  The theme and decorations allowed staff to share information about students.




In Science, Students are solving a mystery using techniques of forensic science. This week we were lucky to have the use of a Hitachi Scanning Electron Microscope to compare samples found at the scene of the investigation to samples found in the neighborhoods of possible suspects. Check out the images!





In Language Arts, students wrote letters showing their interest in attending college in 2023 or 2024 (depending on their current grade (5th or 6th)).  Students have heard back from many colleges to include MIT, Berkeley, Stanford, Full Sail University, San Joaquin Delta College, US Irvine, San Francisco State, Davis, UC Santa Barbara, Julliard, ACE and more…..Below are students who have received information from the college of their choice.

David received information and a banner, Jaena received a note from Julliard letting her know her resume is better than most college resumes, and Edith received information and a cook book from ACE Culinary School.





  • June 15th – Staff/6th Grade Student game (time TBA)


  • June 12 – June 15 – SWO Interviews. Students have their schedules.
  • June 16th – DCS/DHSP Awards Ceremony
    • Parents/Guardians of students receiving awards will receive an invitation
  • June 23rd – Last day of school – release time for DCS is 12:00 (Kids Club will be open)


We want to make sure you understand everything about your child’s education – always feel free to email questions to your child’s teacher(s):


Mrs. Beckner:        Mrs. Hawkins:

Ms. Pelaez:                Ms. Rodieck:

Ms. T:                     Ms. Zaca:

Coach Lopez:             Coach Penirian:

                                Coach Williams:





Charter Chatter: 6/8/17

Mrs. Dominguez

​Yearbooks have arrived and any extra that we have will be sold the last week of school. Please contact Mrs. Dominguez at if you have any questions or concerns.


8th Grade Activities are coming quick with Cosmic Bowling on Friday the 16th at West Valley Bowl. Permission slips were due already, but please remember that it is from 10-12 and students need to be picked up at 12, Midnight.




Mrs. Cerezo


This week Mrs. Stewart’s class performed “WWII in 21 Scenes” for 5/6 on Monday, 7/8 on Tuesday, and for their parents on Tuesday evening. This performance comprised of 21 student-crafted WWII-centered scenes; there was music, art, literature, and dance. This show demonstrated all of the hard-work and dedication the students exhibited this year and acted as a showcase for all they have learned about the WWII era. It was a major success!



Mrs. Wallace.


Social Studies and Science are working together on their final project of the year: The Indian Wars of the 19th Century. Science is being incorporated into the Social Studies curriculum to give students a full experience of the time period from the ground up. Mrs. Wallace cannot wait to see the fantastic booklets the students will come up with.0





Fast Track

The regular year has come to an end and Fast Track began Monday, May 22nd and will run until Friday, June 23rd. We will continue to begin each morning with Unity at 8:15am with classes ending at 12:30pm.


Just a friendly reminder that daily on time attendance is crucial during Fast Track.

Four tardies is equal to one full day of absence.  Any combination of tardies and/or absences of more than 2 days will result in an automatic failing grade regardless of the reason. Please be aware of the construction taking place on Corral Hallow Rd. and plan accordingly to ensure your student makes it to school on time. We appreciate your support in promoting the importance of attendance and punctuality with your child.


Fast Track is also a great time for students to complete community service hours or to make up any SWOs. The deadline to turn hours in for the 2016-2017 school year is the last day of Fast Track, Friday, June 23rd.  Any hours volunteered after Fast Track will need to be turned in when the regular school year resumes.


Fall College Early Start

Current juniors who are required to take a class at Delta in the Fall have been informed of our College Early Start Form deadline, which is Thursday, June 15th.  Information about the College Early Start program is available on the Counseling Office website, and all needed paperwork is now available in the Counseling Office.  For those who will be taking their first college class click here for important need to know dates.


We will be hosting a placement assessment on campus on Wednesday, June 14 at 1pm in room A-2. Signups are on a first come first serve basis and space is limited.