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June 16, 2017                                                                                                                           Final

Virginia Stewart


The year is coming to an end.  It has been a good year for us.  We appreciate your continued support and loyalty to our schools and our programs.  We appreciate all the time many of you volunteer to help us and we appreciate all of you who follow our rules for car line!

The year has also marked the start of our renovation.  The high school moved to the temporary site without much trouble.  In fact, the students and staff are enjoying being there.  The car line at that site, despite the construction on the road, has been incredible.

The portables that we rented have been removed in order to make way for the construction of our two story new building for Primary and Discovery.  The portable P3 will be moved to be part of the new building for Primary.  It will eventually house our Kindergarten program.

The fifth and sixth grade students have been on a mission to raise money for our football field which will be something we will want to add once all of the construction is completed.  We estimate the football /soccer field ( a moderate one) will cost approximately $300,000 so they have a way to go, but we applaud their efforts.  All of the fund raisers at our schools contribute 5% of their profits towards this cause.  So thanks to all of you who have contributed to our read-a-thon and jog-a-thons.

This year, we will be selling fireworks in front of Food Max which is on Eleventh Street.  We hope to see you there.

Enjoy summer, we look forward to another exciting and good new year.  Students return to school on August 7.  Primary starts at 8:13, Discovery at 7:55, and the high school begins at 8:15.  Please be sure to leave home in plenty of time to get to school to avoid any tardies.



Misc. Announcements


All Medications

Please pick all meds in the office up no later than Thursday, June 22, 2017.

Every year we have to throw away so many expensive prescriptions because parents fail to pick them up in the office prior to Summer Break. Please come and pick up your child’s meds ASAP so we won’t have to dispose them.



Early Release Last Day – June 23, 2017

PCS                released at 11:30am

DCS/DHSP    released at 12 noon

MHS              released at 12:30pm (regular Fast Track time)

Kids Club is Open

PCS/DCS Lunch Menu  Week June 19-23

Mon. –  Pizza

Tues. – Chicken Corn Dog

Wed – Beef Tacos

Thurs – Chicken Parmesan

Fri. – No lunch served


Pre K




We are so excited to celebrate our Evening of Excellence tonight with this amazing group of students! They have been working so hard to prepare for this event and we are looking forward to spending time with all of you.
We hope all of the daddys, brothers, uncles, grandpas, and other special men in our students’ lives have a wonderful Father’s Day weekend!


Primary Charter

Initial Phase


In Initial Phase today P-6 named their town (BUGSVILLE), toured, their town, and even invited parents to tour their town! We had a surprise visit from The Millennium Director, Mr. Saldate and Executive Director, Mrs. Stewart!  Both Mr. Saldate and Mrs. Stewart were amazed at the pride, creativity, and family collaboration that went into each and every community building.  This project helps students understand that it take everyone to make a  community possible.  As community members, of P-6, we have worked hard all year to grow as a polite citizen, positive cooperator, proud individual, and productive worker.  We have learned that is takes each and every one of us to build our classroom community.  This is a message that should travel with students in each and every aspect of their lives.  We have had many discussions about how to take these character traits out into our community.  We depend on parents to further instill these character traits while shopping, eating out, at the library, or any other public outings.  Together, we can help build young adult community members that can flourish in any community they choose!




Phase One


Phase 1 had an amazing turnout for Evening of Excellence!  The students were so proud to show off their work.  Thank you for coming and helping us celebrate our students.  They worked hard all year long. The end of the year is finally here!  Next week we have many fun activities planned, will be finishing up final projects, and filling out memory books. Please check your student’s folder for the last week’s activities schedules.  It has been a very rewarding and successful year.  Our students are both ready and excited to be moving on to the next grade. Please don’t forget the last day of school, Friday, June 23rd is a minimum day.  Release time for Primary is 11:30.  Thank you to all the parents who helped throughout the year.  We could not have done it without you.  Thank you also for all the generous donations throughout the year.  Have a great summer…we look forward to seeing you next year!


Phase Two


Wow!  Evening of excellence was awesome!  Thank you to all the parents who attended!  The students’ Gold Rush Boom Towns were a blast!  The students had a great time playing their parts.  Phase 1 students had so much fun visiting our towns!   They mined for gold, drank root beer in the saloon, had baked bread at the bakery, played games, and were able to by various other items from the different places.  Thank you for all your support and help in doing our Gold Rush Towns.  Water Day is next Thursday.  Please look for the information in this week’s green folders.  Next Friday is the last day of school and all students will be released at 11:30.  Please make a note of this.  Have a wonderful weekend!








What an empowering year…..We learned about World War II, we won academic competitions, we worked together to build den teams, and we bonded as a community.  This year was amazing.  Today we shared memories and gave awards to students who hold the highest GPA in their classes, earned the highest PSAT points, earned the most den points for the year, never missed a day of school, are the best-of-the-best in PE, and students nominated by teachers.

Mr. Saldate welcomed parents, DCS, and DHSP students to the 2nd Annual Awards Ceremony.

Staff versus students softball game….it was a great time for all!! After the game Ms. Zaca announced the DCS Kids Choice Awards…….Congratulations to all that received an award.






We interviewed students….they dressed nicely, answered questions professionally, and exceeded our expectations.




June 23rd – Last day of school – release time for DCS is 12:00 (Kids Club will be open)

**Schedules and report cards will arrive home by the first week of July!!!!


We want to make sure you understand everything about your child’s education – always feel free to email questions to your child’s teacher(s):


Mrs. Beckner:        Mrs. Hawkins:

Ms. Pelaez:                Ms. Rodieck:

Ms. T:                     Ms. Zaca:

Coach Lopez:             Coach Penirian:

                                Coach Williams:






Tuesday, June 20: Yearbook Distribution & Signing. Outside (12:45-2)

**Waters will be provided


Wednesday, June 21: 8th Grade ACE Safety Meeting (9-10)

7th Grade Meeting with Mrs. Dominguez (9-10)

8th Grade Dance 5:30-7pm in DHSP Quad Area



Thursday, June 22: Promotion Ceremony 6:30 MHS Baseball Field



Friday, June 23: Great America/Water Day

**be at ACE at 6:45am




Mrs. Stewart

Charter Chatter Week of 6/12


8th GRADE PROMO PRACTICE: Monday-Thursday 8-10



Monday, June 19: Malayan Den Reward (12:30-3:30) on the field



Pictures from last week’s’ “WWII in 21 Scenes” and Academic Pentathlon Awards Ceremony




Mrs. Wallace/ Social Studies


Mrs. Wallace’s Social Studies students finished the year off strong with their combined SS/Science project of the Indian Wars. (Pictured below)




Mrs. Cerezo LA


Last week we worked on our Class Competition wherein we were tested on the novels,, vocabulary words, literature, and art that we covered this year. It was a major success! The points were tallied and two students from each class were awarded with medals commemorating their hard work. These students were:


Kimberly Locke

Caden Duke

Eric Willis

Wilber Covarrubias












Class schedules for next year are ready for distribution on Tuesday, June 20th after school. Students must bring in their updated emergency information form to receive their schedule. Forms were mailed, but are available from the counseling office if they were misplaced. As in the past, schedule change requests will be limited.  Planning schedules is a highly complex process. Since students are leveled in many core classes, switching classes is not an easy one.  Please note that class change requests for teacher preference, or time preference of classes will not be granted. Thank you for your support and we look forward to another successful year at Millennium!


Fall College Early Start

The deadline for Fall CES Forms has closed. Registration for Fall 2017 Delta College will take place over the summer. If you are a senior who is required to take a class at Delta and do not register you will be placed in an elective on campus.


Fall Senior Internships

Our Fall senior interns will be starting their internships when we return from summer break in August.  We are very proud of our students and how they conducted themselves with our local business partners.  We received excellent feedback regarding their interviewing skills and professional demeanor throughout the entire placement process.  Keep an eye out for our students at the following businesses and non-profit organizations throughout our community.


Allure Salon In Shape Sport Club Sutter Tracy Community Hospital
Boys and Girls Club

(Monte Vista)

Main Street Music Sutter Tracy Community Hospital Wound Ostomy Department
Boys and Girls Club

(North School)

MHS Sport Management The Flower Pavilion
City of Trac Department of Engineering Services MHS Theater Tech Department TLC IT Department
City of Tracy Parks & Recreation MHS Yearbook Tracy Chiropractic
CMYK Print and Promotions Photographic Art Studio Tracy Press
Community Partnership for Families of San Joaquin Premier Automotive Tri Valley Orthopedics
Fagundes Garage Reich’s Pharmacy Uneed2
Family Optometry San Joaquin County Work Net VBR Children and Family Services
Great Beginnings Silvercreek Security Academy VCA Old River Animal
Hector John Cosmetics Skyview Aviation Versaille Salon
In Shape Club Spiralyze Willbanks & Wood PLC
In Shape Fit Club Sutter Tracy Community Hospital Zero BS Marketing




Community Service Opportunities


Community Service: This is a reminder to all students to turn in any completed community service forms they have. All forms must be submitted to the counseling office so they can be uploaded to Aeries. Important deadlines regarding community service are:


June 23rd – Deadline for 9th -11th to submit hours towards the 2016-2017 School Year


Incoming freshman can volunteer up to 20 hours of community service before the start of their freshman year. There is no limit of hours over the summer for current students during this summer break.



Snack Club Program at TK Site and TK – Mon-Friday 3:30pm-4:30pm or until 6:30pm at the Tracy Learning Center TK Site (238 West Grant Line Rd). High school students are needed to help with snack club program Contact: Mrs. Tyler


Snack Club Program at TLC Mon-Friday 3:30pm- 6:30pm at the Tracy Learning Center. High school students are needed to help with snack club program. Please see Ms. A in the counseling office for an application.