TLC Charter Chatter – Welcome to the 2017-18 school year!

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August 11, 2017                                                                                                                      Vol.1

Virginia Stewart


Thank you for the good start to a new school year.  I know car line was a nightmare the first day for Primary and Discovery, but each day has improved and it will get better as we all get used to the limited space with construction.

The construction is underway to improve our facilities.  The administration/office building and the two story Primary and Discovery building are the first to be built.  That is where all the work is going on at the present time.   This section of the project is expected to be completed this spring.  The high school renovation will begin right after that.  High school will return to fully remodeled and renovated main buildings that now house Discovery and some Primary.

We have discontinued breakfast for K-8 except for those who receive free or reduced priced lunches.  We have also eliminated snack selling after school.  The after school snacks often interfered with students being ready to be picked up in car line.  Breakfast required additional staff and purchasing of greater quantities of food.  Unfortunately, this year it is a long walk from the office gate to the office for all food deliveries!

We are all impressed with the students.  They are doing a great job adjusting to changes and to new classrooms.  Thanks to all of you who came to Back to School Nights for Primary, Discovery and Millennium.  There is one more for 7-8 next week.

I look forward to a new school year.  Many of the teachers have noted that with all the construction we have had to rethink some of our old practices and in many cases it helped to make us even better.

Misc. Announcements


Car line Safety

We are very concerned for the students that are continuing to be dropped off near our construction area. Students are getting out of their cars and walking where there aren’t any sidewalks. This is very dangerous and is a huge risk for your child. Please do not drop off your child or allow your child to walk anywhere near the construction site.




Download Form here: registration form 2017

Good morning and Happy Friday!

I’m excited for this year’s tournament and the changes that we have made. We will be hosting the 3rd Annual Millennium Athletics Golf Tournament at Dublin Ranch on Sunday September 24th! This tournament will be a 4 man scramble with a two drive minimum. Shotgun will be at 9 am so my Raider fans can get home in time for kick off at 5:30! 49ERS play that Thursday and the Cowboys play Monday so let’s play some golf for a good cause!

If you plan to play, please register no later than September 1st. I have to give my final head count by the 8th. If you could also do me a favor and tell all of your golf buddies about this tournament we’d greatly appreciate it. We have attached the flyer as well as the registration form so you can spread the word whether it is email or social media.

On behalf of Millennium Athletics, we thank you for your continued support!!

Hope to see you soon!

Coach KV


Grant Writers Needed

Hello TLC Family!

As construction is in full swing at the TLC site, I am looking to form a Grant Writing team to help fund new facilities for both physical education and athletics. If any of you are interested in being a part of this team OR just have valuable resources you could send my way, it would be greatly appreciated.

It’s exciting to see all of the change campus is currently undergoing, and despite the challenges it may present TEMPORARILY, think about what we will have in just a few short years. From a sports psychology podcast I was listening to this morning (and right in line with what we heard on Monday): “During our toughest times we grow the most.”

The challenges and obstacles faced during construction just make our teaching teams that much stronger at the end! Looking forward to another great year!

Thank you,

Stevi Balsamo
Physical Education/Athletic Director
Millennium High School
Instagram: @Millennium_Athletics
Twitter: @MHS_Falcons


Falcon Voice


Millennium is in search of “The Voice of the Falcons”! If you’re interested in being an announcer at the JV and V home football games this season, please contact Miss Balsamo at as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Stevi Balsamo
Physical Education/Athletic Director
Millennium High School
Instagram: @Millennium_Athletics
Twitter: @MHS_Falcons





PCS/DCS Lunch Menu  Week August 14

Mon. –  Pizza

Tues. – Beef or Cheese Enchiladas

Wed – Cheese Ravioli

Thurs – Teriyaki Chicken

Fri. – Beef Hot Dog





Pre K

What a great week in PreK.  So many new and returning little faces we are excited to have such a great groups of kids and have a lot of exciting activities planned for this year.  We know how nerve-racking it can be to drop your little ones off at school but we are proud of how well our students (and parents) handled this week.  Thank you for choosing TLC Preschool.


Our TK classes begin next week.  Out staff are very excited to welcome our new  students!


Primary Charter

Initial Phase

We have learned so much this week!  We learned how to use a whisper voice, how to rotate from center to center, how to take turns talking in a conversation, and why all of these things help us learn.  Using our mailboxes and IPads were a favorite activity.  Singing our Honey Bunny Money Song is a HUGE hit (ask your student to sing it for you).  Overall, we have had so much fun with our new experiences in P-6!


Phase One

What a great first week of school!  We had a great time getting to know each other and setting a positive learning environment for our students. We made a Friendship Fruit Salad that helped our students understand the importance of being a good friend and classmate.  Students even got to enjoy the fruit salad at the end of our lesson!  It was also fun to see what our students put in their “All About Me Bag!”  We also spent time assessing our students in Math and Language Arts.   We are looking forward to having a wonderful school year!


Phase Two

Welcome back to our 3rd and 4th graders!  This week phase 2 students had a great time getting to know each other and their teachers.  We really look to our phase 2 students to be good role models and they have shown us that they know our routines, policies and procedures.  We look forward to selecting our 4th grade leadership students soon and know they will do a great job representing our school!





Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!

We are excited about the new school year and some of the changes that have occurred for this school year.  Back to school night was a success; parents had great questions for all of the teachers about the curriculum and they were introduced to our new elective teachers.  For the first time, Discovery has elective teachers who excel in their fields.  Our electives teachers are :

Ms. Dane, Drama                    Mr. Dougherty, Choir        Mr. Root, Technology

Elective teachers will teach all of the students a course that continues daily for fourteen weeks.  This means that our students will have an experience with all three areas.

In addition, we are also excited to have Ms. Rapoza who is our new Spanish teacher. Every student in grades 5 through 8 will have Spanish every day for 24 minutes.  This will be paired with a workroom time.  Workroom will also be for 24 minutes.  This is a time to start homework, read, study, or work with someone else in the class if there is a need for help.

As always, we want to make sure you understand everything about your child’s education.   If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email your child’s teacher(s):

Ms. Dane:                      Mr. Dougherty:

Mrs. Ernst:                      Ms. Pelaez:

Ms. Rapoza:                   Ms. Rodieck:

Ms. T:                         Ms. Zaca:

Mrs. Zuniga:


Coach Penirian:         Coach Easterday:

Coach Williams






Welcome back students and parents! We are kicking off the year with energy and excitement! This year we look forward to learning a lot about Africa and incorporating this theme into all of the disciplines; math, social studies, science, language arts, and each of the electives! As a reminder back to school night is August 16th, at 6pm

Language Arts – Cerezo/Langston


This week in Language Arts students hit the ground running with our new year-long theme: West Africa. Students were introduced to the new theme and began learning about African culture and ideals. We have begun reading our first novel, A Long Walk to Water, and look forward to learning all that we can about Africa.


Students also are adapting very well to the new changes in our daily schedule and are eager to learn and work hard in each period.


Looking forward to a rigorous and fast-paced year!





Falcon Voice


Millennium is in search of “The Voice of the Falcons”! If you’re interested in being an announcer at the JV and V home football games this season, please contact Miss Balsamo at as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Stevi Balsamo
Physical Education/Athletic Director
Millennium High School
Instagram: @Millennium_Athletics
Twitter: @MHS_Falcons


We have had a tremendous start to the year at MHS. My staff and I could not be happier with the behavior, effort and willingness to adapt that our students have shown over the first week. Classes have begun well and students are focused and attentive and working very hard. It has been great to see the spirit, care and pride students have taken in our new campus. Our teaching staff is tremendous and have continued to show their dedication to our vision of education. Our athletic teams are beginning to take shape, as are our athletes, as we begin practices for our upcoming seasons.


I’d like to thank all the parents that came out for back to school night this Wednesday. I believe it was the largest turnout we have ever had. I hope you were impressed with the new campus, the teaching staff and the details of department curriculum you heard in the sessions that night. I know that there have been some adjustments to be made by parents in regard to the construction on Corral Hollow and the busy car lines on both campuses. We realize that there are parents that go through both car lines each day and with construction underway at both sites. We really appreciate the understanding and patience you have shown as we try to be as efficient as possible with student drop off and pick while trying to ensure the safety of students.


I would like to provide a couple of pieces of information and warnings I have received from Tracy PD this week to avoid any negative incidents for members of our TLC family. Tracy PD has informed me that anyone stopping to drop off or pick up their students while on Corral Hollow will be ticketed and since this is a construction zone the fine will be doubled. To avoid citations and fines, please drop and pick up students in the car line as far as you can pull up to the front of the school curb. I was also informed today that any student that rides a bike to school must be wearing a helmet and if they are not, they will also be ticketed by Tracy PD. I would hate to see students begin their day with a citation. Several students were issued warnings for helmets Friday morning and I informed all students at unity on Friday of the need for helmets if they ride a bike to and from school.


I feel really enthusiastic that this will be a terrific year with a lot of success for Millennium High. We were proud and excited to be the only high school in Tracy to receive the “America’s Best High Schools” award from U.S. News and World Report for 2017 and have hung our banner with pride in the front of the school and the corresponding plaque we received in the front office area. We have also received and A rating from the Niche school ranking website that places MHS in the top 200 out of over 3,000 public High Schools in the state of California. We are very proud of our program and our success but we are by no means satisfied. We will continue this year to grow and provide the best education and environment possible for our students and parents. Falcon Pride!

Mr. Saldate