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Oct. 6, 2017                                                                                                                                 Vol 9

Virginia Stewart


It is important to provide the best conditions for our students while they study or work on home work. Here is an interesting read about just that.


Multitasking Harms Recall—Music, Not So Much

A new study confirms that multitasking negatively impacts studying. Listening to music, on the other hand, may have little effect.

By Youki Terada

October 3, 2017



new study confirms what many teachers would already have bet money on: Multitasking while studying significantly reduces students’ ability to recall information. Performing a second cognitive task while studying reduced students’ ability to remember a list of words by 33 percent compared to a control group. Listening to music, though, had only a very modest negative effect.

The report, published in the journal Psychological Science, examined how distractions and multitasking affect students’ ability to recall words. Researchers at UCLA’s Memory and Lifespan Cognition Lab asked 192 college students to memorize 120 words divided into six sets of 20. To test whether they could prioritize important information, each word was paired with a number from 1 to 10, representing how many points would be earned if the word was correctly recalled—a word paired with the number 10 would be worth 10 points.

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

Students were randomly assigned to one of four groups:

  • In group 1, students had no distractions.
  • In group 2, students multitasked: While viewing the word lists, they listened to an audio recording of a voice reciting numbers. If they heard three consecutive odd numbers, they were to press a button.
  • In group 3, students listened to familiar pop songs.
  • In group 4, students listened to unfamiliar pop songs.

The students who were verbally distracted, group 2, performed the poorest, recalling only 5.2 words per set of 20. The undistracted students recalled an average of 7.8 words, and students who listened to familiar and unfamiliar pop songs displayed similar rates of recall, at 7 and 7.4 words, respectively.

In all groups, students were five times more likely to recall a 10-point word than a 1-point word, demonstrating that they could prioritize important information even with distractions. And students in all groups remembered more words by the sixth round than they had in the first.

“Distractions are often unavoidable,” according to the study’s authors, led by Catherine Middlebrooks. But students “frequently partake in distracting activities that lead to poorer comprehension of and memory for to-be-learned information.”

Interestingly, the UCLA study found that listening to music may not be as harmful as prior research had suggested. Although students who listened to music recalled slightly fewer words than ones who didn’t, they were almost equally able to recall high-priority words. “Participants compensated for limitations owing to divided attention by devoting their remaining resources to the most important items, providing further evidence that factors that worsen memory do not, necessarily, similarly affect study strategizing,” explain Middlebrooks and her colleagues.

The takeaway: While pop songs may have little impact on students’ ability to focus, other distractions—loud conversations or an always-on television—can severely impair their ability to study effectively.






Misc. Announcements


Picture Re-take Day – Tuesday, October 10, 2017 for all 3 Sites

Flyers will be sent home on Friday, Oct. 6, 2017. All students who were absent or not yet enrolled on previous picture day must have their pictures taken on this re-take day. Those students who were not satisfied with their previous pictures must bring in their entire picture packet to return them and pictures will be re-taken.



MHS Home Coming Parade – Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2017 at 3pm (staging at 2pm)

Early Dismissal Times

PCS – 1pm

DCS/DHSP – 1:30pm

MHS – 12:18pm (directly following 4th period)



Board Member Opening

The Tracy Learning Center is now accepting applications for a TLC board member.  All interested applicants please send a letter of interest and a resume to 51 E. Beverly Place Tracy, CA 95376- ATTN: Human Resources.  Board meets once a month.


South Sudan Donations

This year students at Discovery are working on learning the importance of recycling and the value of using water responsibly while fundraising for the Water for South Sudan organization. The Water for South Sudan organization aims to provides clean, accessible water to peaceful communities in South Sudan by building wells. Discovery is fundraising for this cause through buying waters on campus, recycling bottles, and participating in coin-collecting challenges. Student Recycling Teams are also helping to collect and organize all of the recycling on campus as well as working towards promoting positive recycling behaviors. Our goal is to raise five thousand dollars by next April, as well as to encourage a recycling culture among our students. By reaching our goal, we will be entered into a drawing to win a visit from Salva Dut (from this year’s Pentathlon book, A Long Walk to Water), as well as helping to provide hundreds of people in South Sudan with clean water.



Mixed Bags Fundraiser

Mixed Bags have extended our period for online fundraising through the end of December. That means you can make your holiday purchases through Mixed Bags and 40% of the sale will go directly toward helping our DCS students have the experience of an outdoor education. Here is a link to my website from which you can access the shop:

Thank you in advance for your support.


We appreciate your participation and support in this year’s annual MHS golf tournament

We had a great time and saw some great play from this years contestants.

unnamedunnamed (1)


PCS/DCS Lunch Menu  Week Oct. 9

Mon. –  Pizza

Tues. – Chicken Fried Rice

Wed – Mashed Potato Casserole

Thurs – BLT or Turkey Sandwich

Fri. – Pigs (Hot Dog) in a Blanket





This week on TK island we have traveled through the city, state, and world by using maps. They have learned how to use a compass rose to travel north, east, south, and west through the island. The little fishies have been working hard on their costumes for the parade and are excited to march through the town using their new found knowledge of maps and directions to help navigate through the town.


Primary Charter


Initial Phase:

Homecoming is next week! We are so excited to participate in the homecoming parade on WEDNESDAY! We will have an early release on WEDNESDAY (parade day) and all PCS students will be released at 1:00. P6 Students will make bunny ear hats and bunny nose/whiskers to wear for the parade! Students must have turned in the permission slip to participate in the parade. Don’t forget that we have special dress up days for homecoming spirit week. The days are as follows:


Monday: Favorite holiday- students can dress showing their favorite holiday. NO HALLOWEEN COSTUMES.


Tuesday: Veteran’s Day- students can wear red, white, blue, or camouflage.


Wednesday: Easter Day (PCS homecoming theme)- students can wear an Easter shirt, spring colors, or something that they would wear on Easter.


Thursday:  Valentine’s Day- students can wear pink, red, or hearts.


Friday: Black & Gold Day- students can wear any MHS clothing or black/gold in support of MHS.



Phase One

Students had fun learning this week!  We continued to study maps and learned about different community maps!    Students practiced reading maps and some even created their own maps!  Give your child the opportunity at home to practice giving directions and identifying different street names!

Remember, the Read-a-thon began Monday, October 2nd, and ends Friday, October 16th.  Encourage your child to participate and read!

Next week is homecoming spirit week.  Monday is dress as your Favorite Holiday (NO Halloween costumes).  Tuesday is Veteran’s Day (Camo, red, white, or blue).  Wednesday is Spring/Easter Day (Spring colors, Easter).  Thursday is Valentine’s Day (Red, pink, hearts).  And Friday  wear black and gold day in support of MHS Falcons.

Tuesday, October 10th is picture make-up day!

Wednesday, October 11th is our Homecoming parade.  Students will be dismissed early, at 1:00 pm.  Please arrive to the roundabout on the corner of Central and 6th street at 2:30.  The parade will start at 3:00 pm.  Please make sure you return your student’s permission slip to walk in the parade.

Have a great weekend!


Phase 2:

We are excited about the parade next week!  Third and fourth graders will be making flower hats to wear for the parade.

This week we started our units on habitats and biomes.  Our students are really enjoying life science this trimester and we will send out information about our upcoming field trip!

4th grade leadership students have been selected for October.  They have a “spooktacular” project coming up!













Discovery Charter School


Fall is here!   With that comes homecoming next week.   This is an exciting time for all of The Tracy Learning Center and there is so much going on.

Spirit week is October 9-October 13.  Our annual parade, though smaller in scope than in the past, will be Wednesday, October 11, 2017.  We will be having spirit week.  The themes are as follows:

Monday, October 9- Sports Day

Tuesday, October 10- Disney Day:

Wednesday, October 11- Homecoming theme Kwansa

Thursday, October 12- Neon Day

Friday, October 13- Den Day

We have been busy this past week with an exciting version of DSC’s Name That Tune:

Mr. Daugherty showing off his vocal skills during Name That Tune.

This week’s top five:




Important reminders: Read-a-Thon continues through Friday, October 13, 2017


Please remember our fundraiser; we are collecting Water for Sudan.  Please send any   donations to your student’s homeroom teacher.

Please remember to check your student’s agenda for important due dates and assignments.




Homecoming week is NEXT week! Remind your students to dress in the themed attire each day.


Monday- SPORTS

Tuesday- DISNEY

Wednesday- KWANZA

Thursday- NEON



Language Arts:


This week students are reviewing skills and knowledge they have learned over the course of the year and practicing new skills. Each week, students receive new vocabulary words, a new essay prompt (this week’s is about irony), new articles to discuss, and new opportunities to practice both new and old skills. In addition to attaining mastery in these areas, students are also wrapping up their first book club rotation through projects. They will receive their next book in the following week.




Math Olympiad is well under way! Students are enjoying the challenge!


Social Studies:


Recycling team is working daily to pick up all empty water bottles. They are doing a fantastic job earning money for Water for South Sudan as well as keeping our school campus pristine.


*Note about car line: Car line is moving much faster these days and for that we thank you. However, teachers are seeing a lot of students being dropped off along the street and not using the crosswalk to enter campus. Please remind your students to walk down to the crosswalk and cross safely. Thank you!







College Early Start – Begin the process to take a college class this Spring!

On Thursday, October 5th there was an informational meeting for students who are interested in starting the process for taking Spring 2018 Delta College classes while in high school. Students and parents may visit our website for more information on how to participate in the program at:


Forms are available in the Counseling Office as well.  Students new to the program are encouraged to apply ASAP!  There are many steps to the process, and CES Forms are due to the Counseling Office by Monday, November 6th.


***Please note:  There is an assessment available to Millennium students on Saturday, October 28th at 8:30am at the Delta Mountain House campus.  Bring your Delta ID number and sign up at the Counseling Office.***



PSAT Testing Info

PSAT (Premilinary SAT) testing for 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students will be next Saturday, October 14th from 7:30am to 12:00pm.  Taking signups now!!!! The cost is $18.00. Student will also be given a practice student guide/test. Space is limited, but we currently have about 20 spots left – therefore it is important that your student sign up as soon as possible.


Kaplan will be offering the only free, live PSAT prep program available to students online: PSAT Prep Live. Lessons begin September 23 and continue through October 8.  Get free prep at:



September Attendance Challenge Results

175 of our Millennium students had perfect attendance in the month of September!  We held a drawing and awarded four students a “cut in front of the lunch line pass”:  Sergio Ramirez, Maria Diaz, Sara De La Torre and Anthony Rhead.  Luis Rodriguez won our grand prize of a $50 Amazon gift card.  Congratulations to our winners!  Daily, timely attendance is crucial – it is truly step one to academic success.



HOMECOMING WEEK is next week!!!  October 9th-13th

Please see the Homecoming Week schedule below.

***Please note that MHS students are dismissed early on Wednesday, 10/11 at 12:18.***

– Nest Color Day- wear the color of your nest

9:45- 10:20- Rally on the Basketball courts. Will reveal the Royalty Winners

12:25- Dodgeball-Peregrine vs. Saker


Tuesday– Veteran’s Day- wear red, white, blue, camo (any combo of!)

Picture Make- Up day

12:25- Dodgeball- Kestrel vs. Amur


Wednesday– Parade theme day

12:18- Students dimissed

2:00 Parade staging at Central and 6th

3:00- Parade starts

5:45- PowderPuff Game at Kimball High


Thursday– Valentine’s Day- wear pink, red, purple, and/ or hearts

A day to breathe!

12:25- Dodgeball- Mon. Winner vs. Tues. Winner


Friday- Extreme Black and Gold

12:25- Dodgeball- Thursday winner vs. Teachers

6:30- Homecoming Football game- at West

9:30- 11:00- Homecoming Dance (immediately following the football game)



Community Service Opportunity This Weekend!!


Chest of Hope Love 5K Run/Walk

TOMORROW, Saturday October 7, 7:00am-12:00pm

Location: Lincoln Park (East & Eaton Ave.)

8 Volunteers Needed for face painting, handing out medals, working at stations, and other tasks.

Contact: Jessica Krabkin at (209) 681-1093 or


For many additional community service events this month, please see our website at:



Tracy Police Explorer Program

Attention high school students aged 14-18 who are interested in law enforcement!!  The Tracy Police Explorer Program is designed to give students a working knowledge of police functions within the community, as well as being of service to the police department.  This is a highly recommended program for students who are interested in law enforcement.  Please see the Counselors for more information, including and application.