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Feb. 16, 2018                                                                                                                     Vol 25

Virginia Stewart


This year’s talent show came just at the right time for me.  With all the construction and planning that is going in to this big move I really needed an evening like this to remind of why we are all here.  Seeing our students, some whom I have known since they were babies, on stage performing with such confidence was a breath of fresh air.  I applaud all of you who shared your amazing talents with us.


The moving has begun and excitement is growing (as well as a little anxiety perhaps).  Our TLC staff have pulled together like never before as we work through all the details.  Our common goal is the make the transition as smooth as possible to avoid too much disruption to our students.  We are holding our parent meeting next week to answer any questions you may have but will also continue to send information home.  Changes to carline, lunches and office procedures will be new to all of us but through collaboration, myself and the TLC staff feel we are ready.


I would like to thank all our students and parents in advance for being so understanding as we shift into this new era of the Tracy Learning Center.




Upcoming Question and Answer Meeting Regarding Move


There will be a parent meeting on Wednesday, February 21 at 6:30pm if you wish to come to ask questions.  Location of this 30 meeting will be the gym.


Discussion Topics:

Safety and Smooth Transition to new Buildings

New Carline

New Parents’ Organization/Group




Friday – Feb. 23. 2018

PCS Students will be released on Friday, Feb 23, 2018 at 11:30* (DCS has regular dismissal time) there will not be lunch served to PCS (DCS will have lunch served). PCS Siblings may NOT wait for their DCS siblings in P6   and there will NOT be KIDS CLUB for any students.


Wednesday – Feb. 28, 2018

DCS Students will be released at 11:00am*, lunch will NOT be served to DCS  (PCS will have lunch served). PCS siblings CAN NOT wait in P6 for DCS siblings. There will be NO Kids Club on this day for any students.


*All students must be picked up on time and cannot remain on campus.





Sick Students

Just a reminder…please do not send your child to school until he/she has been 24 hours fever free. We continue to have kids tell us his/her parent gave them fever reducing medication that morning before school.

If your child is suffering  from fever, body aches,  sore throat and or  continuous coughing he or she is most likely contagious and we really ask that you keep your sick children home for his/her recovery and to reduce the risk of spreading this illness.




PCS/DCS Lunch Menu  Week Feb. 19- 23

Mon. –  Holiday

Tues. –  Pizza

Wed- Beef Lasagna

Thurs – Mac n Cheese

Fri- Beef or Vegi Burger








This week on TK island we learned about two important presidents that have changed United States of America forever! Also, we love sharing our love with our TK friends by passing out cards, candies, and trinkets. We all enjoyed an ice cream sundae party with all the toppings!



Primary Charter



Initial Phase


We are so excited for our move!  We cannot wait to explore our new room and play on the playground.  The P-6 teachers are amazed at how focused the students have been.  They have seen a lot of changes already and they have not let it stop them!  We are very impressed!


Phase One

This week in Phase One we spent the week learning about Chinese New Year during Social Studies. The students learned that Chinese New Year starts on Friday, February 16th and lasts for fifteen days. We discussed that this is the year of the dog and read about the animal of the year they were born in. We concluded the week by making a dragon puppet and eating a fortune cookie!

The students are hard at work at their teachers’ centers! Language Arts groups are working on various grammar concepts and continuing to read their books. Some groups are working on possessive nouns, while others are working on adverbs. In Math, groups are working on using a number line to add, measurement, time and equivalent fractions. The students are working hard on their first personal narrative. They have brainstormed some ideas, chosen a topic and started writing their first draft. Some students have even gotten to start their second personal narrative. The teachers are enjoying reading about a special time their lives.

Phase 2


This week we continued to learn about famous Americans and important events that have shaped our history.  Our leadership students were very busy passing out candy grams on Valentine’s Day.  We sold over 500!  Thank you to everyone who purchased a candy






It’s moving time!!   As the new buildings near completion our dedicated teachers are balancing their teaching with preparation.   It is a hectic time but I have to say how proud of everyone, students and teachers.


We want also give a HUGE round of applause to all our DCS students who participated in this year’s talent show.  It takes a lot of guts to get up on the big stage in front of bright lights and hundreds of audience members.  Way to go Tigers!








This weeks spirit week has been a total success! Students have been excelling at dressing up in their Den Colors and the theme of the day! Each homeroom hopes to win a donut party for the most spirited!


Don’t forget DHSP moves to the new building in the next few weeks! Make sure you refer to the flier to plan pickup/carline for your student!


CJSF is collecting donations for Serenity House! We are looking for toiletry items and clothes! Donations will be collected until Friday and will be counted as a Den Competition!


Language Arts:

Students completed and turned in the first draft of their Second Trimester SWO! Students can expect to get their corrected copy back soon so that they can make updates/edits for their second and final drafts/



Science Olympiad is coming up! Make sure, if your student is participating, that they are preparing for their events!








A note from the Athletic Director:

In the world of high school athletics, parent support can be hard to come by as household schedules today look much different than they used to.

I’d like to give a big thank you to all parents that have been cleared to drive in the absence of buses, the parents that consistently stepped up to work the gate at football games and chain gang, the parents that have donated in the form of time or money, to all that keep an open line of communication as we see this program grow.

Mr. Ponch Martinez and all of the baseball parents that hit the field last weekend w/Coach Reyes, Coach Butch and teams for a field clean-up day, you rock!

To the boys basketball parents that stepped up to work the game clock when we had trouble finding people, to my “Enforcers”… a group of moms that consistently helped at the door this season…

This program cannot run without your time and support and you are all much appreciated!

Thank you DJ Trev for taking care of our Fall and Winter teams in the gym for their Senior Nights, as well as getting the moms and dads grooving for our two dances!

I do not take the opportunity to thank all of you nearly as much as I should. Together we can soar! #FalconPride

Many thanks,

Miss Stevi Balsamo
Director of Athletics

Thank you,

Miss Stevi Balsamo
Physical Education/Athletic Director
Millennium High School
Instagram: @Millennium_Athletics
Twitter: @MHS_Falcons