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Mar. 16, 2018                                                                                                                            Vol 29

Virginia Stewart


                            VERY IMPORTANT

                         Our new office number is (209) 290-0511


Random Thoughts!

Rain and a time change make for a long and difficult week, but we are very pleased with the way the students have managed inside lunches and limited outdoor time.


The first PEP (new parent club meeting) was held this week.  The attendance was great and the enthusiasm of parents was infectious.  There will be several projects we will ask for parents to volunteer to help us do once the construction is finished.  In the meantime, we need to be patient with fences and big construction trucks blocking us.


Many thanks to the parents who have donated money for our wish list.  We have been able to purchase book cases, chairs and tables for some of the classrooms. The office furniture, which is very lovely was a donation as well.  It has made our front office the welcoming, warm place we want it to be.


I have been working on meeting with each student in the high school to review their transcripts and plan the next year in high school. It is very special to see how well some of the students are doing. I am especially pleased to see some of the Discovery students who struggled to do well grown up and doing very well in high school.


The new buildings are so nice and the feeling of being a school for Primary is definitely a plus.  The 7/8 Discovery students are experiencing moving from class to class in a contained hallway and are adjusting.

One more week until Spring Break.  I am certain you will all enjoy some time away from the routine of getting to school and pick ups etc…but thank you for the great job you are all doing with car line!


PEP (new name for our PTO,  PEP =Parents Empowering Parents Message

Our next PEP (Parents Empowering Parents) meeting will be on Monday, April 16, 2018 at 6:30pm  – location is in P2, our Kindergarten Room


PCS/DCS Lunch Menu – Week Mar. 19-23

Mon. –  Pizza

Tues. –  Chicken Taquitos

Wed- Turkey Sandwich

Thurs –Beef Hot Dog

Fri- Chicken or Vegi Wrap




This week on TK island we had such an amazing week! We reviewed all the concepts that the little fishies had learned this year, oh boy it was a lot! These little fishies are so very smart and eager to learn more. In Science, they learned about things to do in Spring, so they built a kite and learned that it was made in China to measure distance and wind. The highest kite flew 14, 509 ft in the beautiful sky of Canada. The little fishies went outside and were able to test their kites on this windy day!



Primary Charter



Primary Charter School is competing for a $5,000 grant to fund our school’s green spaces and landscaping planters. Be sure to vote for our school every day between NOW and March 23rd at and help us secure these funds! Your student should have brought home a flyer this week with more information. Thank you for your support!



Thank you so much to all the parents who came to conferences this week! We loved meeting with you and getting to talk about all of the great things your children do every day! It’s hard to believe that we are already starting the third trimester! We can’t wait to see what students will accomplish by the end of their kindergarten year! Don’t forget that we only have one more week until Spring Break! Students will get two weeks off for this break; it goes from March 24th to April 8th!



Phase One had fun learning about volcanoes this week! Here is P4’s volcano.



Phase 2 students were hard at work this week…learning, drawing, and presenting information about famous Americans and we loved our Complementary Cat pictures in art!





The move is complete and students are getting used to our new building.  It was a busy time with the move and the end of Trimester 2.


Don’t forget Science Olympiad is Saturday, March 17th at McNair High School in Stockton.  If parents plan to stay for the entire event they are advised to bring chairs.  With potential rain, events may need to be held inside where there is no seating.

Spring break is March 26th through April 6th.  School resumes Monday, April 9th.

Mark your calendars, our annual Jog-A-Thon is on Friday, April 27th.  More information to come.


Car line is going well. Please remember to pull all the way forward and please do not drop students off in the street.  This is a serious safety issue we want all of  our students to be safe.






General Update:

-Spring break is just one week away!

-3rd Trimester has begun

-Jogathon is April 27th!


Language Arts:

This week we have begun Trimester 3! Students are continuing their study of art history by learning about new art movements, the techniques artists use in their vocabulary for the week, and through their essay this week, which is asking them to conduct formal and contextual analysis on a work of African art. Students are honing their skills and gearing up for the Academic Pentathlon competition, which is fast approaching! Encourage your students to maintain good study habits and organization to finish out the year strong. A new trimester is a new beginning, and it is a great opportunity to start off with a clean slate.



We did a pi day competition this week, 3.14 in honor of the unique number pi, who could memorize the most digits in the number pi. Each class had a 1st place, Julianna Sanchez memorizing 98 digits, Emely Hernandez memorizing 87 digits, and Pierce Real memorizing 165!!! Making Pierce our record high!!!



Science has begun to study Infectious Diseases in their preparation for Academic Pentathlon!








MHS Counseling News


Millennium High School – Senior Internship Luncheon 2018

Our Senior Internship Luncheon took place yesterday on March 15, 2018. At this event Juniors are given the opportunity to network with local businesses and put their etiquette skills to use.






Community Service Opportunities

Please see for upcoming community service opportunities.


Corned Beef & Cabbage Dinner/Tracy Elks Lodge-Volunteers Needed – Great Community Service Opportunity

10 to 12 volunteers needed to help serve dinner, and distribute prizes.

Saturday March 17, 2018 at Tracy Elks Lodge 9100 West 11th St, Tracy

Doors open at 5:00pm, Dinner starts at 6:00pm. If interested please call Jane (209) 986-5290


Moose Children’s Easter Party – Volunteers needed – Great Community Service Opportunity

Sunday March 18, 2018 Event Time: 10:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Location: Moose Lodge (35 East 6th Street, Tracy)-ring doorbell to enter facility. 8 volunteers needed to help decorate, set-up, clean-up, and assist children with various activities, such as face painting, egg hunting, and cookie decorating. May need someone to dress up as the Easter Bunny too!

If interested, please contact: Danette Poole at 209-815-0476 (text) or


Flapjack Fundraiser – Volunteers needed – Great Community Service Opportunity

Tracy African American Association Flapjack Fundraiser

Date:  Saturday, April 14th

Time: 8:00-10:00 / Location: Applebee’s 3060 N. Naglee Rd. Tracy CA 95304

Volunteers should wear black pants and a white collared shirt.  Expect to help with busing tables, serving and wherever else you are needed.

Sign up at the Millennium High School Counseling Office.

Contact Patricia Jackson for more information at (510) 604-2255.


UC Berkeley Summer Experience

UC Berkeley’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions is pleased to announce our annual Berkeley Summer Experience and invites you to nominate your student! Berkeley Summer Experience is an intensive application workshop and information session that is intended to introduce prospective students to the UC application, the admissions process, as well as the UC Berkeley undergraduate experience.


Berkeley Summer Experience will host a residential program for both prospective Freshmen and Transfers on UC Berkeley’s campus on June 15th-17th.


Note: The Berkeley campus program is a residential program and is open to any rising high school junior or senior and California Community College student meeting the eligibility requirements. While the program is free of charge, transportation to the program is not covered and participants will have to provide their own transportation.


To be eligible for the program, each student must be a junior or senior in high school in Fall 2018 and have a GPA of 3.5 or higher; or a community-college transfer student with a GPA of 3.5 or higher and 30 or more transferable semester units by the end of Spring 2018.


Students who are nominated by a counselor or a Community-Based Organization will have priority consideration when we are making selections. All nominated students must also fill out an application.


The application for both students and counselors will be available from April 1st- April 30th. Selected students will be notified in mid-May. If you have any questions, please contact us at


For more information on the application and nomination process, feel free to view our website.