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Oct.12, 2018                                                                                                                                Vol 10

Virginia Stewart


What is Restorative Justice?

Over the years we have evolved to a system of discipline that places a great emphasis on responsible behavior on the part of the student.  Restorative Justice looks at what has happened and the consequence it had on others and then looks for a way for the student to return justice to the classroom or to the person offended.

We began this process last school year and we are seeing good results with it.  Students are made more aware of what they have done.  Students have been asked to apologize, repair damage, do something to fix a situation in the classroom etc.  This focuses on what was done, not on a punishment.

Of course, there are major offenses that have punishments attached to them that will not be eliminated, but for the most part, the most important thing is for students to see their own behavior and how it affects others.

Consider talking when the teacher is teaching.  The student may say, “Well it does not bother me.  I have a good grade in that class.” The response is, “Yes, but those around you may not have the same grade or understanding and you are hurting their chances of success.”

Each week, in 5th through 8th grade, the SOAR panel meets with students who have 20 or more negative points.  The reasons for the negatives are discussed and ideas are shared for how to remedy the problem.  The panels then make a video of the salient behavior issues to share with the entire student body so that they can talk about ways to prevent those problems.  The panel sets goals as challenges such as, “Let’s have only 6 students with negative 20 next week.”

I am pleased with the shift to Restorative Justice because I believe we have raised the consciousness of our student body at all levels.




Important News

New Board Member Position Opening

If you are interested in interviewing for a position as a member of the TLC Board of directors, please submit a resume and a letter of interest to the front office at the Beverly site.   The Board is seeking one member for its nine-member board.  The terms for this position are unlimited.  The Board meets once a month on the second Monday of the month.


Next School Holiday is Veteran’s Day, Monday, Nov. 12, 2018


Thanksgiving Week Holidays…  Monday – Friday, Nov. 19 – 23


Car-line Issues

Very Risky Driving at morning drop off and afternoon pick up

We continue to have some very unsafe drop offs of students with parents stopping illegally, holding up traffic and letting children run across the street with the risk of oncoming traffic. Please, we beg you – Slow down and protect your child from injury or worse by safely pulling over and encouraging your child to only cross in the cross walks when safe to cross.


Big BIG thanks to all the parents staff and students that came out for tonight’s ‘Movie Night’!  It was great see parents, students and staff enjoying some time out of class to kick back and watch ‘Coco’.   More to come….

**Next Parents 4 TLC Meeting is October 15th @ 6:30 pm in P2**



Lunch Menu – Week Oct.15-19

Mon. –  Pizza

Tues. – Chicken Nuggets

Wed- Cheese Ravioli

Thurs – Chicken Noodle Soup

Fri – Beef or Vegi Burger





Our first week of the Read-A-Thon is complete, but there is still one more week to go! Students are asked to read as much as possible and collect donations. PCS has a goal of $10,000 and the classroom that brings in the most money will win a class party. If you haven’t done so, please go online and set up your child’s account and share with family and friends to collect donations! Don’t forget to log all reading sessions online on your student’s account. Reading to your student for 20 minutes of nightly reading counts for their minutes logged. There are SO many prizes to be won and a fun award ceremony at the end of the month. All we have to do is READ to earn money for our school!

Phase One


This week Phase One started a new unit in Writer’s Workshop. We discussed the difference between a fact and an opinion. Some of the groups started their own opinion paragraph. We will continue this unit for the next 4 weeks.


The Read-A-Thon is off to a great start! Our school’s goal is to raise $10,000 and we have been averaging $1,000 a day. We are also having a friendly competition between the classes, with the winning class getting a fun class party. Help your student’s class win, by registering our child and pledging money. Spread the word to your family members.


Phase 2 students are learning all about California and Native American tribes.  Did you know that there were tribes in all 4 regions of California?  They even lived in the desert!  We will soon begin a research project about specific tribes and will begin our unit on the California Missions.

Our students are so excited about the Read-a-Thon!  It will continue through next week, please make sure you activate your child’s online Read-a-Thon account and share it with family and friends.  Our goal is to raise $10,000!  We are halfway there!
The 4th grade Leadership students will be selling candy grams next week.  Small candy grams are 50 cents, large candies will be $1.00.  All proceeds will be donated to the Tracy Animal Shelter.



Discovery 5/6


DCS Survival Tip: Science Camp Q & A

When is Science Camp?
Monday, October 29th to Friday, November 2nd.  Students who attend camp will come to school at 7:30 and check in with Ms. T.  All students will receive special luggage tags made out by the Outdoor Education Science Camp Staff for their belongings.  Ms. T will also be collecting medication upon check-in. Returning time to campus on Friday may vary. We will be hitting Bay Area traffic, but I will keep Ms. Kay updated when we leave and when we hit the Pleasanton/Livermore area so she will know our ETA.


Can my child bring a backpack?
A small string backpack would be best, rather than a large backpack they typically bring to school.  We will be taking county school buses (the traditional yellow bus) and there is not a lot of room for extra belongings. Also, on hikes and excursions, the kids may use the small backpack to carry their water bottle and a disposable camera with them.


Can my child bring their electronic devices?
Please do not allow children to bring cell phones or electronics to camp. There is also no reception for cell phones once at camp.  Camp has a landline available, if there is an emergency. Please send disposable cameras (at least 2, because unlike phones, they go really fast when kids can’t see what they took pictures of and can’t erase digitally) with students if they would like to take pictures of their adventures.  You may also have to teach your child how to use a disposable camera before departure.


How can I see how/what my child is doing at Science Camp?
I will have my camera with me so I will post pictures and general updates any time I can get reception.  You can go to my website to find updates during camp week!


What to pack clothes in?
Please remember that although it is important to be prepared, all students are responsible for carrying their belongings to their cabins from the drop off location.  The bus does not do cabin to cabin drop off with their luggage because the busses cannot fit down all the trails.  A duffle bag is the best piece of luggage to invest in for this trip, because a wheeled suitcase does well on solid ground, but not as well in muddy dirt trails and gravel.


Do I need to send bedding?
Cabins have twin mattresses, but students will be responsible for packing a sleeping bag and pillow.  It is also a good idea to teach your child how to roll up their sleeping bags themselves, because it probably won’t come back in the same neat roll you sent them to camp with Monday morning.  Personally, I find it helpful that sleeping bags and pillow go into a bag of some sort so that students are not holding multiple things on their walk to their cabins.  If you send sleeping bags and a pillow in a garbage bag, send an extra one for the return trip, because the bags tend to tear.

A Glance into 5/6 Classrooms

Technology with Ms. Ferguson:
Both 5/6 Technology/STEM classes are currently working on a partner project that expands their knowledge on the difference between an invention and an innovation.



Music with Mr. Dougherty:

Please save the date for the Trimester 1 concert that will be held here on TLC (51 E. Beverly Place), November 7th from 6:30-7:30.  Students participating in this performance are Ms. Sabedra’s Homeroom, Ms. T’s Homeroom and Ms. Christensen’s Homeroom.



Language Arts with Ms. Christensen:
This week in L.A. we finished our novel The Revolution of Evelyn Serrano.  Next week we will be preparing for our final and working on a project for the book.  In writing, we cooperatively wrote a summary as a group and learned about the different types of persuasive writing. For grammar, the students are learning to diagram a compound subject and predicate and showing their knowledge of helping and linking verbs with a project.  We began our elements of art stations in Humanities.  The students are learning about different art techniques and practicing them in small groups.


Anyone still wanting to submit a scholastic book order can do so by the end of this weekend, I will submit the order Sunday evening.  If you are unable to order at this time, you can submit an order online at any time.  My classroom code is H8KBZ, this year students can choose a free book with a $25 order.



Math with Mrs. Zuniga:
Varsity: In our class, students are beginning to add fractions with like denominators. Students are also learning how to find the greatest common factor and the least common multiple. We are looking forward to using least common multiple to begin adding unlike denominator fractions.


Scholastic: In our class, the students are finishing dividing fractions. We will begin reviewing for our fractions test next Friday. I have informed students that after fractions we will begin decimals and they are very excited.


Honors: Our class has finished their Unit One Test. We will now begin reviewing for our Unit Two Test next Thursday which will include discounts, tax, mark ups, and tips. Parents make sure you are asking your students to find the discount amount or tip/tax when you are out eating or shopping. The students love that they can relate their math to real-life.



Geography with Ms. T & Mrs. Zuniga:
All classes have been working really hard learning the US states! So far we visited the heart of the US- Washington D.C. and then moved into the states of Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina.  As we visit each state, we also learn about top colleges there to prepare for our Career & College SWO that will start in January (after we return from winter break).

Some of our favorites have been Virginia Tech, Duke and John Hopkins!




Science with Mrs. Theall:
Last week we were working on experiments. It was a fun experience for all of us. Some of the experiments were making slime, rainbow color experiment with skittles and balloon blow up with a chemical reaction.




Math with Ms. T:
Varsity: We dove into fractions this week- we’ve mastered comparing fractions and finding equivalent fractions.  We also made our way into adding and subtracting fractions with common denominators this week.  Please look in your child’s math notebook to see what we have done and where we are headed next week. It’s a black composition notebook with rainbow colored duct tape on the binding.

Scholastic: We wrapped up Unit 1 (whole number review and fractions) and are moving on into Unit 2 (all things decimals and percentages) – most kids felt like decimals were a breath of fresh air after our intense unit of fractions! We will be moving quickly through add, subtract and multiplying decimals and will start dividing decimals.  We will practice unit rate as a class and it would be great real world practice for students to calculate unit rate while your family is out shopping!

Honors: Our class started Unit 4, which is Exponents. We dipped our feet into Algebra with evaluating expressions, combing like terms and work with squares and cubes. We had a practice drill with 1 to 20 squared and 1 to 5 cubed – whole class against Ms. T for speed and accuracy – stay tuned for who the fastest person in our class is!


Langauge Arts with Ms. Rodieck:
All Language Arts classes will be reviewing our first novel and we will be doing final projects and have a final exam the week of October 15th.




Important Dates:

  • SWO number 1 is due November 5, 2018 (all students received this information in their language arts classes)
  • CJSF Meeting next Friday 10/19
  • Trimester 1 ends 11/ 9
  • Parent Teacher Conferences: 11/13-11/15– Information to come!


Language Arts-Cerezo

This week students are continuing to analyze our first class novel, The Revolution of Evelyn Serrano. Students are looking in the novel to discover the authors use of figurative language and symbols to drive the plot of the book.

-Students are working on a final project for the novel, due 10/19

-Students will take a written final for the novel on 10/12

-Book club books are due 10/12


Language Arts-Ernst

This weeks students are working on their final projects for the novel The Revolution of Evelyn Serrano. We will be having the unit final on Friday October 12th. Our next book will be the play “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare. This will be a challenging read and may require studying at home and over the weekends


Social Studies-Zaca

This week students dived into the life of President Lyndon B. Johnson and discussed the programs created to help the American people as a whole: His Great Society. President Johnson grew up in extreme poverty and personally understood the challenges those who lived in poverty faced. Students spent time in class discussing how one’s life experiences as a child can shape your perception on life.



Still would love to have donations of tissues!!

Varsity continues working on Solving Equations with Variables.

Honors just completed the Unit 2 test and the Geometry Midterm.  This is the same midterm all geometry classes take at DCS and MHS

Scholastic will take their Unit 1 test on 10/12 and them move on to Solving Equations


Physical Education:

Students are finishing the “Final Rotation” of the “First Trimester” playing Rookie Rugby in Coach Williams Class, Lacrosse in Coach Penirian’s Class and Soccer in Coach Easterday’s Class!

Please be on the lookout in “Aeries” for “Grade Updates” as Coach Penirian, Coach Easterday and Coach Williams’ classes just took their second written test this past Friday, October 5th for 7th/8th. Please remind students to study, complete & turn in their “Study Guides” that are given by us teachers to help them achieve the best possible grade on their test!!!

Also, as a friendly reminder, please remind students that they should be applying
“Deodorants/Antiperspirants/Baby Powder or Sanitary Wipes” in the morning before they are coming to school and showering daily; as their bodies have already begun puberty even though there may be no signs of it showing physically as it’s October but it feels like Spring! LOL

Thank You!!!



This week for 7-8 science, we are exploring optics and optical illusions as part of Academic Pentathlon. Students carried out presentations last week on an optical illusion of their choice, and this week, we are playing brain games to see how the brain interprets what the eye takes in.


Verbal Expressions:

Ms. Dane’s Verbal Expressions classes have been busy with Mock Trial, Reader’s Theater, Mask Making and Video Production.
3rd period , 7 -8 Honors has been trying the case of : “The People V. Miller”  where the school bully, Jesse Miller is accused of writing a life threatening note to newly arrived, scholarship student, Sam Landon.  Prosecution and Defense have been questioning witnesses, preparing opening and closing statements and learning about objections.  Our case comes to trial next week and we shall see who might prove their case…’beyond a reasonable doubt.


Lightning Larry and his gift of a good heart to some bad outlaws has been the focus of Period 4 7 -8  Varsity class and they completed a fantastic set of masks showing research and creativity.
Period 7 5-6 Varsity showed their acting skills with Spiderella and the Bremmentown Rappers -the groups had several ‘break-out’ stars on this project – enthusiasm and a positive energy made these performances a real pleasure to watch.
Video Team from the 8th period 7 8 Varsity is growing weekly. – with the help and encouragement from Mr. Snell last year to our growing team working with Ms. Prescott and Ms. Dane we are producing the Soar Videos and will be working on Interviewing and I Movie during the coming weeks.







Did you miss this morning’s announcements?

If your student missed the morning announcements at Unity, please check the Millennium High School homepage located on our Tracy Learning Center Website at  go to Quick Links and click on Unity Announcements, please see example below.




Delta College Early Start Program – Spring Semester 2019

The process has begun for students interested in taking a class at Delta College this spring, and there are many steps to complete in the next week!  Step One is to apply online at  Several days after applying, students must log in to retrieve their Delta ID #.  Once they have their Delta ID #, they may sign up in the Counseling Office to take the Assessment – it will be Saturday, October 20th at 9:00am at the Delta Mountain House campus.  After taking the Assessment, students should bring their scores to the MHS Counseling Office and we will assist students in selecting which class to take.  College Early Start forms are due to the MHS Counseling Office for approval on November 5th.  For further details, please see the following College Early Start Webpage link: .  Please contact the Counseling Office at (209)627-8299 or with questions!



CSU Application Workshop

October and November are busy months for all students wanting to apply to a four year college and/or to take Spring classes at Delta College. We held two separate application workshops and we filled the room with interested students.



Millennium High School – Fieldtrip to UC Merced and Cal State University Fresno

Attention all Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. MHS students will be visiting and taking a campus tour at UC Merced and CSU Fresno on Friday November 9, 2018. Space is limited to 42 students, all those interested may pick up a permission slip in the MHS Counseling Office and must return permission slips promptly to secure a seat. Please note: fieldtrip fee is $25.00. For additional questions, please contact the Millennium High School Office at (209) 627-8299 or email:



Arbor Day & Tracy United To Make A Difference Day – October 27, 2018– Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are needed to plant 150 trees within the Tracy Community, this is a great opportunity to help beautify the community and gain community service hours, if interested please contact the MHS Counseling Office at (209) 627-8299 or email: You may also contact the Tracy Parks and Recreation Department directly (contact information below).