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Oct.19, 2018                                                                                                                              Vol 11

Virginia Stewart


The theme for the Red Ribbon Week and for the entire school year is:



Every school leader always wishes they are guiding a school filled with respectful, kind and ambitious students.  It is usually the case, that while that is what we strive to achieve, we are not always successful.

In today’s world, we are faced with a strong lack of tolerance for differences.  People shy away from controversial issues because they do not want to be attacked or treated badly because of their beliefs, so many adults keep their ideas and views to themselves.  Unfortunately, our children  are growing up in a world where attacks on differences is the usual event in the news.  It is not a good training ground for our children.

So, it is important that schools help students realize it is important to respect each other.  We do not have to agree, but we do need to get along and appreciate other points of view.  We work on this in our schools with projects related to SWOs and other projects in social studies and through the discussions in literature or English classes.  The students in the high school have a course called Life Skills that helps Freshmen set goals and establish direction for their future.

It is also important to be kind.  I usually tell the students and my staff that it is important to give compliments.  Compliments help us realize that there are things that people do that we really do appreciate and it allows us a chance to let the other person know.  Too often we just take what acts of kindness come our way as expected.

Finally, it is important for our students to do their best.  It is not always the grade that matters, it is how hard the student is willing to try to improve.  The question should be, “is this your best work?” and if the answer is yes, we need to appreciate the effort and encourage trying to do even more.

It is my hope that the students at the Tracy Learning Center not only excel in the work that they do academically but that they learn the value of social interaction and the acceptance of  others.  It is a life long skill that will make a difference in their future lives.





Important Dates


Next School Holiday is Veteran’s Day, Monday, Nov. 12, 2018


Thanksgiving Week Holidays…  Monday – Friday, Nov. 19 – 23


Planning to purchase a Christmas Tree this year?unnamed

unnamed (1)If so purchase one through our music department’s Christmas tree presale fundraiser. If you do not plan to purchase a tree for your own home you can still help us and support the troops through our Trees for Troops program. It provides a tree for families in need and helps our program. Aside from Christmas trees we are preselling wreaths, garland, and other door decorations. This fundraiser will help to provide funds for uniforms, instruments, and travel expenses. Please be on the lookout for a flyer that will be sent home with your child next week with further details, or you can visit our website and order online at  All orders and payments are due by November 9th. Contact Mr. Zepeda at or at (909) 528-4922 with any questions.


 Parents Club Update


Thank you to all the parents that came to our October meeting.  We had a lot to discuss since Parents -4- TLC had a busy couple of months!!

As you all know in September we had our first Wacky Wallet Wednesday, we just wanted to report that Barista’s very generously DOUBLED what their donation of what the school earned with flyers, bringing our new total to $620.03!  Our next Wacky Wallet Wednesday will be February 20, 2019, locations to be announced.

Family Movie Night – what can we say other than THANK YOU!!!  Between the donation of raffle basket items and everyone coming out and having fun, we can’t thank you enough!  Between the raffle baskets, 50/50 raffle and the concessions we raised over $1,000! Our 50/50 winner, Gina, went home with $100 cash!

If you missed Family Movie Night this time around, don’t worry!  We will be having another one in June, date and location to be announced.  And after such a positive response we will definitely have the raffles again!

Parents -4- TLC will be donating funds to Millennium’s Science Department so that may construct a model explaining and demonstrating gravity.

One small correction to note regarding Box Tops: our previous update on Box Tops reported 3,740 valid Box Tops submitted.  There were actually 3,074 valid Box Tops submitted.  We apologize for the mistake.

Thank all the families and teachers for their ongoing support in making Parents -4- TLC so successful, we certainly couldn’t do it without you all!






Lunch Menu – Week Oct. 22-26

Mon. –  Pizza

Tues. – Chicken Taquitos

Wed- Beef or Cheese Enchiladas

Thurs – Chicken Corn Dog

Fri – Beef or Vegi Burger




 Intial Phase

 WOW!!! PCS not only met, but exceeded our goal of raising $10,000! We are so lucky to have such generous families at our school. AND we are so lucky to have such amazingly smart students that read and read and read their little hearts out! Stay tuned for a very special award ceremony where we will announce top readers AND top fundraisers! 

Additionally, PCS will hold our annual Halloween parade on the morning of Halloween day. Students will be able to come to school in their costumes (with regular clothes underneath). Check in folder for more detailed information about all Halloween festivities.


Phase One

Today was the last day for the Read-a-Thon and we did amazing!!! The school met their goal of raising $10,000. The students will receive a treat soon for reaching that goal.

This week in Social Studies the classes started their new unit on multi-cultural America. We discussed our family cultures and traditions. Keep a look out in Red folders on Monday for our Trimester 1 project. Everything you need to know about the project will be in there. These are due November 5th.



This week our phase 2 students are learning about The First Californians.  There were native tribes all throughout the state, even right here in the Central Valley.  We will be working on a tribe research project next week.  Our 4th grade leadership students have been hard at work, making candy grams to deliver on Halloween!  Candy grams are 50 cents or $1 and will be sold next week.

The PCS READ-A-THON was a HUGE success!  As of Thursday, we had already passed our goal of $10,000!  If you would still like to donate online, or with cash or check, we will accept donations through Monday.  This was an amazing fundraiser and the best part is, our students got so excited to read every day!  Thank you!








Discovery 5/6

Upcoming Dates:
-Reminder:  If you have not paid for Science Camp, please do so by Monday, October 22
-Nest Challenge: Friday, October 26th– Wear your nest colors!
-Science Camp Dates: Monday, October 29 to Friday, November 2nd

If you would like to send letters to your child while they are away at camp to let them know you are thinking of them, please feel free to send sealed envelopes that are clearly marked with your child’s first and last name to Ms T.
You may also drop off sealed letters to the front office and Ms. Kay will get them to me.
Although it is tempting, please remember- do not send snacks or food with your child to science camp, as we do not want animals getting into the cabins!





A Glance into Classrooms

Physical Education
Students are having a blast in “Week 2” of their “Final Rotation” of the playing different types of “Lead Up Games & Overall Skills” to Rookie Rugby in Coach Williams Class, Lacrosse in Coach P.’s Class and Soccer in Coach Easterday’s Class!  Here are some pictures from this week for you Parents/Guardians to Enjoy!!!! 🙂


Also, as a friendly reminder, please remind students that they should be applying

“Deodorants/Antiperspirants/Baby Powder or Sanitary Wipes” in the morning before they are coming to school and showering daily; as their bodies have already begun puberty even though there may be no signs of it showing physically!!!!


Thank You!!!


Your Dedicated DCS Falcon PE Staff


LA/Humanities with Ms. Christensen
This week in L.A. students worked on a final essay for our completed classroom novel.  They also worked on creating a graphic map showing key events throughout the book.  In Humanities, they worked in art stations practicing different types of drawing and watching videos on different art elements.  The students really seemed to enjoy trying out the different art techniques.  They ended the week with a final on their book.  Next week we will begin a non-fiction book on Freedom Riders and move right into the fiction novel for Freedom Riders.

Geography with Ms. T & Zuniga
This week we explored one of the smallest states, Delaware and made a pit-stop at Delaware State University!

Social Studies with Ms. Sabedra
Classes are still working hard on completing their autobiographies. Most students have finished writing and are now working on typing their chapters and decorating their covers. Just a reminder: Autobiographies AND scrapbook pages are due by 11/5, but students who turn either in early get up to 5 points extra credit!







-First Trimester Ends 11/9/18

-Community Service hours are due 11/1/2018 (students need 10 hours each trimester)

-Parent Teacher Conferences will be held November 13th-15th. Your student will bring home a flier with a scheduled time and date to meet with their homeroom teachers. Please look out for this flier and be sure that it makes it back to the teacher



CJSF will be hosting a “Sabotage Coin Drive” October 29th-November 2nd. Proceeds will benefit Serenity House.



This week we are wrapping up our second academic pentathlon unit on Optics. Honors students will be having their end of unit quiz on Monday. All other classes will have their test on Friday. They will receive a study guide for this exam.


Science Olympiad: registration for Science Olympiad teams are due at the end of the month. Students have been notified and submitted their intent to join. Applications will be handed out by the end of the month and due the first week of November. PLEASE KNOW, not all student will be able to join the team as there are limited spots.


Language Arts-Cerezo

This week students in all three classes began reading Hamlet! This is our first foray into Shakespeare this year and the students are already enjoying the intrigue and suspense that the play has to offer. All classes are also finishing up their Evelyn Serrano Projects (due Friday 10/19).


Don’t forget, SWO Number 1 is due November 5th. Students will need scrapbooks to complete this first trimester project. We will have time in class next Tuesday 10/23 to work on completing this project.



Students are having a blast in “Week 2” of their “Final Rotation” of the playing different types of “Lead Up Games & Overall Skills” to Rookie Rugby in Coach Williams Class, Lacrosse in Coach P.’s Class and Soccer in Coach Easterday’s Class!  Here are some pictures from this week for you Parents/Guardians to Enjoy!!!! 🙂


Also, as a friendly reminder, please remind students that they should be applying

“Deodorants/Antiperspirants/Baby Powder or Sanitary Wipes” in the morning before they are coming to school and showering daily; as their bodies have already begun puberty even though there may be no signs of it showing physically!!!!


Thank You!!!


Your Dedicated DCS Falcon PE Staff


Pictured below: Students participating in Lacrosse and Rookie Rugby





Varsity is getting ready for their Unit 2 test.  It will be Tuesday, October 23rd. We will review as a class on Monday the 22nd.

Honors continues with their studies of parallel and perpendicular lines and the angle relationships associated with it.

Scholastic took their test last Friday.  There were several superb scores and several disappointing scores.  We started a new unit on Solving Equations.

While my 30 day “subbing” tenure is up, I will be remaining as a consultant to insure the continuity of the math program. I will be on campus two days a week assisting the teacher of record in the three math classes, as well as assisting other new teachers.  I am doing conferences with the Varsity class. Be on the lookout for your conference slips.  Thank you.



Mr. Dougherty’s music students are gearing up for their end of trimester concert. We are excited to perform the songs that we have learned throughout the trimester. The concert will feature current pop songs and pop and  rock songs from the 60″s. Also, we will be joined by our brand new MHS choir. The concert is on Wednesday November 7. This trimester the concert will an outdoor concert held at the Beverly campus. It will take place in the PCS playground. Concert starts at 6:30 pm, students are to arrive at 6pm


Social Studies:
Last week the students spent time writing down the definition of all the vocabulary words they will come across Unit 2. Students also created a memory flashcard game that they were finally able to play this week as a warm up for class! Students created cards that included the vocab word, the definition, questions from Part 1 and the answers, and with their tablemates competed against each other. Following their warm up, students participated in a group activity where they analyzed different handouts and documents to investigate how various Great Society programs impacted American society.

Description of picture taken at Unity:
Ms. Zaca’s and Ms. Dominguez’s homeroom classes showing off their Nest certificates while waiting to head up the stairs for their first period.



Verbal Expression:-Dane

Verbal Expressions with Ms. Dane is also, Visual Expression – classes are writing original scripts for their sock puppet and marionette shows and for the stop motion animation projects that we are working on this week and next.  Students are also producing a super slide presentation featuring them and their favorite things that we will be looping and projecting for everyone to see.


Pictured below: A student-made marionette, the Honors class working on their marionettes, and a series of masks all made by students








First quarter grades are available on Aeries. These are a progress grade, as only semester grades appear on official transcripts. Students should continue to work on completing all assignments and developing strong study skills for assessments. This is a good opportunity to meet with teachers and establish plans for student success by the end of the semester.

A reminder of our tardy policy: after a student has earned their tenth tardy in a single class, they will receive a failing grade in that class and must retake it.
TPD has asked that parents be sure to use our car line to drop off and pick up students. Do not park in the bike lane on Corrall Hollow to drop off or pick up students. This is a very serious matter of public safety. Thank you for your cooperation.
On Thursday, October 18, Millennium successfully conducted the annual Shake Out earthquake drill. Thank you to staff and students for participating.
Tuesday night was our Senior night for Millennium Girls’ Volleyball. The graduating seniors performed a surprise dance for their families and posed for pictures with Freddie the Falcon (below) before taking two sets over Venture Academy, followed by a nailbiting final set which won the game. With this victory, Varsity volleyball has secured a place in the league playoffs!
For more on activities at the high school, watch this week’s electronic Unity, linked below.

Did you miss this morning’s announcements?

If your student missed the morning announcements at Unity, please check the Millennium High School homepage located on our Tracy Learning Center Website at  go to Quick Links and click on Unity Announcements, please see example below.








Millennium High School 11th Annual Community Service Fair – Friday October 26, 2018

Don’t miss our Community Service Fair on Friday October 26, 2018! Millennium High School will be hosting its 11th Annual Community Service Fair. MHS students will have the opportunity to meet with local non-profit organizations, network, and learn about volunteer needs. For questions and information please contact the Millennium High School Counseling office at (209) 627-8299 or email:


Financial Aid Night

Financial Aid Night took place on October 17, 2018 at Millennium High School. Millennium High School students and parents gained valuable information about how to pay for college tuition and the benefits of financial aid.







Delta College Early Start Program – Spring Semester 2019

The process has begun for students interested in taking a class at Delta College this spring, and there are many steps to complete in the next week!  Step One is to apply online at  Several days after applying, students must log in to retrieve their Delta ID #.  Once they have their Delta ID #, they may sign up in the Counseling Office to take the Assessment – it will be Saturday, October 20th at 9:00am at the Delta Mountain House campus.  After taking the Assessment, students should bring their scores to the MHS Counseling Office and we will assist students in selecting which class to take.  College Early Start forms are due to the MHS Counseling Office for approval on November 5th.  For further details, please see the following College Early Start Webpage link: .  Please contact the Counseling Office at (209)627-8299 or with questions!




Arbor Day & Tracy United To Make A Difference Day – October 27, 2018– Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are needed to plant 150 trees within the Tracy Community, this is a great opportunity to help beautify the community and gain community service hours, if interested please contact the MHS Counseling Office at (209) 627-8299 or email: You may also contact the Tracy Parks and Recreation Department directly (contact information below).