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Nov. 16, 2018                                                                                                                           Vol 15

Virginia Stewart


Our sincerest condolences go out to all of the families who have been affected by these horrific fires both in Northern and Southern California. Words cannot express how sad we are for those that have lost their love ones and/or their homes from these horrendous fires.


We do understand there has been a lot of concern with our students staying in school with this poor air quality this week. We have had the students inside all day and are constantly monitoring any air quality changes. When students came to the office with any respiratory complaints parents were immediately notified. We received the following letter from the TUSD Superintendent (see below) that we would like to share with all of our parents.


We certainly hope to see improvement soon and wish you all a very safe, restful and Happy Thanksgiving!




Dear Colleagues,


The recent fires have created a challenging situation for our district and others.  Because of rapidly changing conditions, we have been monitoring the air quality by the hour and communicating as needed to the school sites.  We have thoughtfully considered whether or not we should be closing schools at this time.  Believing that the Tracy community consists of a high percentage of parents who commute to work, we have determined that it is best to keep schools in session at this time.  It is in the best interest of our students to be supervised at school rather than left alone at home because parents are unable to find daycare on short notice.  Keeping students in a classroom is likely the same health wise as if the student stayed home.  None of these decisions are easy but we are trying to make the best decision for our students.


Communication has been shared with your site administration requesting that students stay indoors as much as possible today.  Your assistance in making this happen is much appreciated.  We have checked with Banta, Jefferson and Lammersville School Districts and they are open today, keeping students indoors.  It is probable that tomorrow we will find ourselves in a similar position where we will be keeping students indoors.


If you have any questions that I can help with, please do not hesitate to contact me or Rob Pecot, Director of Student Services.


Thank you,


Brian Stephens, Ed.D.


Tracy Unified School District

Phone: (209) 830-3201

Fax:     (209) 830-3204






Thanksgiving Week Holidays…  Monday – Friday, Nov. 19 – 23


New Trimester  – Tardies

Just a reminder if your student arrives late more than 5 times each trimester (must arrive prior to the start of PCS Unity – 8:13am or DCS Unity – 7:55am) a meeting will be set up to place these students on an attendance contract. If tardies continue, these students will lose their priority as a Tracy Learning Center student.



 Parents Club Update


Next PEP Mtg Dec. 19, 2018 at 6:30pm in P2


Lunch Menu – Week Nov. 26 – 30

Mon. – Pizza

Tues. – Steak Burrito

Wed- Turkey or PBJ Sandwich

Thurs – Chicken Patti Sandwich

Fri – Beef Hot Dog


This week in TK, we learned all about Thanksgiving! We went on a hunt around our classroom for images of: a turkey, mashed potatoes, yams, pie, and all sorts of other foods that you’d find during a thanksgiving feast. We also created a place-mat and each made pilgrim hats to wear during the feast. Plus, we listened to many holiday-themed stories, and learned about the first feast between the Pilgrims and Indians. Finally, we had a great big Circle Time discussion about all of the things that we are thankful for. Family, friends, food, and pets were among some of our answers.


Initial Phase

Teachers had such a wonderful time meeting with all of our awesome P2 families at conferences this week! We always love getting the opportunity to tell you how great your kids are! We are so thankful to have such kind and supportive families in our class this year! We hope that everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving break and is able to take the time to relax and have fun spending time with family and friends. Teachers and students are very excited about our new project. Students will be decorating a house with Christmas cheer! Look in your green folder for more detailed directions. Decorated houses will be due on Monday, November 26th. We will be displaying the houses in the hall!


Students had an exciting week in Phase One full of Fall activities. They were able to share what they are thankful for during class discussions and crafts. Below are a few of these crafts from the different classrooms:
Each classroom in Phase One ended the week with a delicious fall feast. The students enjoyed a wide variety of food and pumpkin pie.
Thank you to those parents who were able to meet with us during conferences. We hope everyone has a safe and relaxing break! We look forward to our return to school on Monday, November 26th.
Phase Two
We would like to wish all our families a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.  School will resume on Monday November 26th.


  • Thanksgiving Break begins 11/19-11/25
  • If you did not attend Parent Teacher Conferences, you will receive your students report cards in the mail



It was great to meet with so many parents this week during conferences.  Teaching your students is a team effort.  We really do value communication and believe that this benefits us all.  To all our staff, students and parents we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and look forward to starting a fresh, new trimester on Monday November 26th.




Language Arts:


This week each class has begun to study our first piece of artwork from the 1960’s –Jasper Johns Flag. Students learned about Johns methods to create this show stopping piece. All students will invoke Johns technique of using collage this Friday in their own attempt at artwork.


All classes are also finishing up Act Three of Hamlet.


Thank you to all of the parents who attended Parent Teacher Conferences this week!



This week is our parent/teacher/student conferences.  We really do appreciate seeing and talking to each of you about your student.  If you were not able to make it, your student’s report card will be mailed home.

Please remember for all 8th grade students, if you plan on attending Millennium High School, applications are due by November  30th in order to reserve your spot!

Any student who did not receive a passing grade in either SWO or Community Service, it is required that they complete both of those.  For 8th grade students, it is required that they have passed all of their SWOs and have all of their Community Service hours in order to participate in promotional activities.

From all of us at Discovery Charter School we hope you enjoy this holiday season.  School resumes Monday, November 26th



This week the 7/8 Technology class is being introduced to internet safety and functions as well as taking their first typing test of the trimester.


Social Studies

To all the parents who were able to make it to Parent Teacher conferences, thank you! I know how hard it is to move things around busy work schedules to make it to these and it’s greatly appreciated! For those who were not able to come, thank you still for raising such great kids who make me proud to be their teacher! I appreciate all that you do for your children in order to make them better people for tomorrow 🙂

Votings Right Act has a huge impact on not only African Americans, but all groups of people in America! Students went back even further in time (1870s) to learn about the Jim Crow Laws to gain a better understanding of the impact the voting rights act had on African American communities in the south.





Our student council representative elections were last Tuesday, along with the elections across the country. Student council representatives are a liaison between the nest and Leadership. They meet with their nests to learn about the nests’ concerns and interests, then bring those ideas to Leadership so we can produce meaningful action and events to support and engage our student body. We are proud to announce that the Amur representatives are Taylor Norwood and Madison Piazza; Peregrine representatives are Amy Harrison Garcia and Ingrid Moshan Morales; Kestrel representatives are Taylor Gonser and Gianna Arganbright; and Saker representatives are Frank Ramirez and Michael Morri.


Winter Formal will be held at the current Millennium campus (the Corrall Hollow site) under the heated white tent on Friday, December 7th. The dance will be from 7:30-10:30. Tickets are $15 for individuals and $20 for couples. Formal or semi-formal attire is expected. Tickets go on sale when we return from break.


Winter Formal will be held at the current Millennium campus (the Corrall Hollow site) under the heated white tent on Friday, December 7th. The dance will be from 7:30-10:30. Tickets are $15 for individuals and $20 for couples. Formal or semi-formal attire is expected. Tickets go on sale when we return from break.



Mr. Vieira is collecting donations on behalf of Dutch Brothers Coffee for the people who have been affected by the California wildfires. Mr. Vieira will be matching the total amount of donations that students and staff bring in. Dutch Bros will then match up to $150,000 donated as a company. Bring Donations to room C6 before or after school, or contact Mr. Vieira at Thank you for your generosity.



Spring College Early Start Registration

All CES Forms have been submitted to Delta!  Students will receive their forms back along with instructions on how to register when we return from Thanksgiving Break.  Students are not automatically in the class they chose – they must register online at!  Registration for our students will take place on Thursday, November 29th after 3:15pm.  They can register from any computer.


Attention Seniors: College Applications Due Soon!

UC and CSU Applications are due on November 30th!  Your counselors are happy to review any application before you submit, if you give us access by Wednesday 11/28.

Throughout the year, there are certain times when it seems that there is an abundance of community service.

opportunities.  With the holiday season around the corner, it is important to remember the true purpose of community service.  In the midst of a flurry of shopping, partying, and spending, it’s easy to forget about the multitude of people who are less fortunate.  Encourage your students to participate with non-profit organizations such as Brighter Christmas or help at a local senior center serving holiday dinners.           Parents, please stress the importance of reliability and follow through when your students sign up to volunteer.  We pride ourselves in having reliable, hardworking, and dedicated students volunteering and hope to maintain strong relationships in the community while students learn the value of being a good citizen.


Hours are updated daily on the Aeries portal in your student’s gradebook. Please help us encourage your student to complete their hours and submit their forms to the Counseling office on a regular basis.  To date, our student body has volunteered over 77,000 hours in our community! Keep up the great work!


To sign-up for Brighter Christmas, please see the following link: