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A weekly newsletter written to parents of the TLC

Jan. 11, 2019 Vo1 20

Virginia Stewart

Welcome to a new year and half way through the school year. It is a great time to reflect on what went well the first half of the year and what could be better the second half. I have asked the teachers to do the same thing.

As parents we can ask:

  • Do I keep informed as to how my student is doing in classes? ( Primary uses the folders, the rest have parents directly access grade books on Aeries.)?
  • Do I provide a quiet time for homework or study each night?
  • Do I check homework or at least be assured it was done?
  • Do I e-mail teachers if I have a question about something (That is the best way to communicate with staff)?
  • Do I structure time at home for study, free time, and a regular bedtime?
  • Do I plan the time in the morning for dressing, breakfast and arriving to school on time?

The communication between school and home is important and helps to increase the chances of school success for students. As a student get older, they often try to keep parents out of the study, homework, school work loop. While some of that is understandable. Checking grades weekly is a way to allow for trust with some accountability.

Next Holidays

Mon., Jan.21, 2019 is a school holiday in observance of Martin Luther King Day

Parents Club Update

Happy New Year from Parents 4 TLC! We hope everyone had an enjoyable Winter Break. Thank you to all the parents that came out to our December Meeting, it was short yet productive.

Now for the fun stuff!

We are holding another contest for the Primary class that turns in the most Box Tops. Last time over 3,000 Box Tops were turned in! This school year the school has received $680.43 and our goal is $1,000. We are sure we can meet that goal with all of your help. The winning class will receive an Ice Cream, Donut or Pizza party of their choosing, hosted by Parents-4-TLC. Please make sure to check expiration dates. If you have a student in Discovery or Millennium and have Box Tops, please label the homeroom, submit to the office and I will collect them from Ms. Kay.

Make sure you put Wednesday, February 20th on you calendar for our next Wacky Wallet Wednesday! We are in the process of finalizing the restaurants and will update you all shortly!! Wacky Wallet Wednesday is an easy way to give back to the school – all you do is grab a coffee, lunch, dinner or dessert and a portion of your purchase goes to the school!

Just a friendly reminder, Parents 4 TLC collects and donates ALL items left in Lost & Found monthly. Please make sure you are labeling your child’s jacket.

Don’t forget about the passive ways you can fundraise for the school: and select Tracy Learning Center (NOW available on mobile devices) will donate 5% of purchases (must specify Primary, Discovery or Millennium after each purchase).

Next Parents 4 TLC meeting is TUESDAY, January 22 at 6:30 in P2, hope to see you there!!

Lunch Menu – Week Jan 14 – 18

Mon. – Pizza

Tues. – Chicken Taquitos

Wed- Cheese Ravioli

Thurs – Beef and Gravy and Mash Potatoes

Fri – Corn Dogs


It sure has been a busy and fun-filled week here in TK! This week, we began learning about some very important jobs in our community. We played a game of, Who Am I? using clues to figure out such occupations, as: chef, construction worker, veterinarian, doctor, pilot, and mail carrier. We also participated in a tools relay, in which we raced to match the tools used by a police officer, fire fighter, and mail carrier with the proper career. Listening Lotto was another favorite game; we listened to the sound of a cash register, whistle, jackhammer, garbage truck, etc. and determined the occupation that corresponded with each sound. Next week, we are lucky enough to have several wonderful parent volunteers stop-by to teach us all about their occupations!


Phase One

This week Phase One students learned about New Year’s resolutions. They brainstormed and created their own resolutions. Students displayed their resolutions by creating fun crafts. Ask your child what their own resolution is for 2019!

Phase One students have been learning about the weathering and erosion of the Earth’s surface in science. The students were able to complete experiments that demonstrated the effects of weathering on our land.

We will be celebrating the 100th day of school this coming Tuesday the 15th! Phase One students can create a necklace with 100 items (beads, fruit loops, macaroni, etc.) and wear their necklace to school on the 15th. We look forward to seeing all of the creativity!


Welcome back! This week our phase 2 students discussed and wrote about our goals for the new year. Students were also given new AR goals and reading levels. We started our unit on climate and hazardous weather. Ask your child what kind of clouds are in the sky today!

Beginning Monday, January 14th, PCS students will no longer receive seconds at lunch but they will receive bigger portions.

Our 100th day of school is on Tuesday! Phase 2 students are encouraged to create and wear a special “100th Day” shirt. We look forward to seeing these creations!





5/6 Discovery

We would officially like to welcome Ms. Diaz to our 5/6 team. She is very excited and has already gotten to know many of the students this week. Ms. Diaz will be our new Science teacher for the remainder of the year.
Contact information:

Upcoming Dates:
-Lifelong Learner SWO- Check Point 1 is due Monday, Jan. 14th to both Math teachers on Google Classroom


-Community Service hours are due February 28th (students need 20 hours by this date). Please ensure that your student has gotten their hours and type of community service approved by Mrs. Prescott before submitting

– The 2nd trimester SWO will be introduced next week (January 14th) with due dates January through March 2019

-Honors classes will be taking the PSAT on January 23rd and will be taking this test until 5pm. Please make sure your student has turned in their permission slip and that you make the appropriate accommodations for pick up.

Language Arts:


Welcome back students! This week students came back eager and ready to work. We began the week by reviewing much of what was discussed in the weeks leading up to break by playing different review games (Head Bands and Jeopardy).

Each class began to read our newest play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead by Tom Stoddard. The students are very familiar with these two characters after our lengthy read and discussion of Hamlet and are excited to see how their perspective of the characters changes now that they are reading this new play.

All students will be receiving the assignment of their 2nd Trimester SWO on Monday January 14th. This is a research essay in APA format that involves researching, discussing, and writing a speech about a particular 1960’s topic. There will be many ‘benchmarks’ and due dates along the way and students will be given some time in class to review each step and work on their individual assignment. Please make sure that your student is continuing to work on this assignment at home.


This week in science, we are starting a new unit called “Change Over Time” which covers natural selection and adaptation. We have started the unit by taking a closer look at Charles Darwin and the Galápagos Islands.

Science Olympiad: Practices for science Olympiad will begin next week for 7/8, and the following week for 5/6.

Social Studies:

This week in Social Studies, students began to wrap up the 1960’s. As they headed towards the end of the 60’s, students learned about the different strategies Johnson took to try to win the war (Operation Rolling Thunder, Gulf of Tonkin Resolution) and why Americans started to become disillusioned with his presidency. They learned about the Dove and Hawks, and the fact that regardless of how people felt about the US involvement, it truly left an impact that is still felt today.


Mr. Singh

Varsity began Unit 5 – Operations with Fractions after vacation. They worked on comparing rational numbers, fractions, and decimals.

Scholastic started Unit 4 and completed section 4.1, 4.2 (Coordinate Plans), and 4.3 (Finding Range, Mode Functions)

Honors started with a new Unit 6 which consisted of Polygons and completed classifying polygons, interior and exterior angles and classifying quadrilaterals.


Homework Support

MHS students in need of homework support may receive help during the following days, please refer to the schedule below:

Delta College Fall Class Reimbursement:

If you took a Delta College class in the fall and earned an A or a B, now is the time to submit your Reimbursement Form to the Millennium Counseling Office! Students may pick up a Reimbursement Request Form in the Counseling Office and attach a printout from their Delta College online account that includes proof of payment and proof of the grade you earned. We will not reimburse families automatically, a Form must be submitted as soon as possible before the end of spring semester to receive a check.

Delta College Spring Classes Start Next Week!:

Double check what day and time your Delta classes are, as they start next week! If you have questions about textbooks, please refer to Ms. Moore’s video on how to find out what textbooks are needed and your options for purchase/rental:

California Scholarship Federation

Students who are interested in joining our CSF Chapter are invited to an informational meeting on Thursday, January 17th at 12:30 in Room 203/204. Please have your student attend to find out more about this honors society and to pick up an application. Students must apply every semester to remain members, and admission is based on grades from the previous semester. Applications for spring membership are due on Wednesday, January 23rd to the Counseling Office. Please email Ms. Moore at for more information.

PSAT Score Interpretation

Students who took the PSAT with us in October were invited to a meeting on Thursday in which we distributed paper scores and discussed how to interpret scores and prepare for the SAT. For more information please see the video and instructions on this website:


Dear colleagues,

Students and families are invited to Education Summit 2019

a free educational event for first-generation, African American, Asian American, Latino, Native American and Pacific Islander students and their families

All are welcome to attend

Saturday, Feb. 9, 9 a.m.–1 p.m.

University gymnasium, Cal State East Bay, 25800 Carlos Bee Blvd., Hayward

· Learn how to prepare for college through presentations and workshops for middle and high school students

· Visit the college and resource fair showcasing universities, community colleges, and student support services

· Financial aid workshops, including FAFSA and Dream Act application tips

· Free parking and shuttle to and from Hayward BART

· Free lunch, coffee, and hot chocolate

School and outreach groups should register all attendees. First, enter the name and contact information for the group leader and the total number of attendees. Second, email a list of students attending and their email accounts to

Bus grants available. Apply by Jan. 14.

Anyone who requires accommodations should contact Accessibility Services by Jan. 25 at 510-885-3868 or

We hope you and your students take advantage of this free event, also a great field trip for school groups. Please share the flyers on our website, in English and Spanish, widely!

Questions? Contact us at 510-885-2556 or