TLC Charter Chatter


A weekly newsletter written to parents of the TLC

Virginia Stewart

The year is coming to an end. It has been a good year for us. We appreciate your continued support and loyalty to our schools and our programs. We appreciate all the time many of you volunteer to help us and we appreciate all of you who follow our rules for car line!

We feel so fortunate to have our beautiful new campus and appreciate our teachers and students efforts to keep it clean and in it’s new “pristine” condition.

Parents, we know our longer school year is a challenge and we appreciate your encouragement to help your student to end this year on a very positive note. We are fortunate to have you.


Lunch Menu for this week…. YUM!

Lunch Menu – Week June 3 – 7

Mon. – Pizza

Tues – Chicken Corn Dog

Wed – Chicken Taquitos

Thurs – Beef Lasagna

Fri –Beef Hot Dog



registration form 2019registration form 2019


Personal Days for Next School Year 2019/2020

VERY IMPORTANT CHANGE for our upcoming 2019/2020 school year Beginning August 5, 2019, we are reducing personal/family days for students from 10 days down to 7 days. Allowing 7 days is still much higher than what the district schools allow and we feel 7 days is more beneficial for the school and for each students’ education.

NOW HIRING: Athletic Coaches

Interested in taking on the rewards and challenges of coaching a high school athletic team? Millennium Athletics is currently creating a coaching pool for all sports and levels, as the life of a coach is ever changing. If you’re interested in becoming a part of our TEAM for any sport, apply here:

All Medications

Please pick all meds in the office up no later than Monday, June 24, 2019.

Every year we have to throw away so many expensive prescriptions because parents fail to pick them up in the office prior to Summer Break. Please come and pick up your child’s meds ASAP so we won’t have to dispose them.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

8th grade students (only) will be dismissed at 1:30pm and will meet at the Grand Theatre at 2pm for Promotion Practice. Please be on time.

Last Day of school is Thursday, June 27, 2019

Dismissal Times

PCS including TK – 11:30am

DCS – 12 noon

MHS – 12:30pm (regular Fast Track dismissal time)

Incoming 7th Graders – Very Important!

As required by California law, (Health and Safety Code 120325 – 120375), parents need to provide proof of receiving the Tdap vaccine (Pertussis – Whooping Cough Booster) and proof of receiving 2 doses of Varicella (Chicken Pox) Vaccine

All students entering 7th – 12th grades must have proof of a Tdap booster shot. Documentation must state the shot was given on or after their 7th birthday. This means ALL current 6th graders must get up to date. They must also show proof of 2 Varicella -Chicken Pox Vaccines.

It is important that you begin now, to ensure your child get their vaccination and to avoid appointment delays.

Receiving the immunizations and ensuring they are up to date now, will not only protect them against Pertussis, but also ensure class placement and prevent exclusion from school in the coming year. No 7th-12 grade students will be allowed to attend school next year without up to date immunizations.

Tracy Learning Center Preschool

Now enrolling new students ages 2-4!

See our pricing below




BEST OF TRACY 2019- VOTE Tracy Learning Center Preschool




Primary Music

Dear Parents,

The Primary Spring Music Program will be on Thursday, June 13. The students and I are so excited to be sharing our music with you! Please have them dress nicely for the performances.

All performances are in the TLC Gym.

Kindergarten (P2) will perform at 1:00 pm.

Phase 1 (P3, P4, & P5) will perform at 6:30 pm

Phase 2 (P6, P7 & P8) will perform second (starting about 6:50 pm)

Please have the Phase 1 students report to their regular classrooms by 6:10 pm.

Phase 2 students need to be in their classrooms no later than 6:30 pm.

Please pick your children up from their classrooms after the performance.


Mrs. Watson





This week in TK, our Furs, Scales, and Tails show was a big hit! Check out all of the fun that our friends had with Banana:

Initial Phase

Check out our June calendar of events (sent home in green folders) for everything coming up this month! There will be detailed information about everything sent home as we get closer — this is more of a “save the date”!

With many schools already being on summer break, now is a good time to reflect and remember why we are so lucky to have a longer year/shorter summer break. Our students are still LEARNING! Curriculum is being taught every day and students are getting many extra days to soak up knowledge. In return, this helps with the transition to first grade as concepts are not “lost” over a long summer break. Our students put a lot of hard work in, and in the end it is so worth it!! Keep up the great work P2!

Phase One:

We are approaching the last month of school and with that means a lot of fun activities and events. A calendar has been sent home with all of these dates. More information will be sent home closer to each of these events.

The students in Phase One have spent the week planning and constructing their marble runs. These projects have been done in groups and had several requirements to meet with only using materials that were brought in. The students have enjoyed the ability to work together as a group, to plan and build these projects. They will be presenting these projects to the class next week. Great job Phase One students!

Phase Two:

Our 3rd and 4th graders have finished their state testing and we are so proud of their hard work! We are eagerly awaiting their scores!

There are many events coming up in June for our Phase 2 students. Please note the following dates:

Monday, June 3rd: 5th grade information night (for current 4th graders) at 5:30

Tuesday, June 4th: Phase 2 Field Trip to Columbia!

Thursday, June 6th: Parent Volunteer Appreciation at Unity

Thursday, June 13th: Music Performance at 6:30 (see green folders for more info)

Thursday, June 20th: Evening of Excellence at 6:00

Tuesday, June 25th: 4th grade breakfast/awards ceremony at 9:00 (see green folders for more info)

Thursday, June 27th: LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! Dismissal is 11:30 for Primary






Discovery Middle School ⅚

Discovery Yearbook

Thank you for your yearbook orders. They will be arriving by the last week of school. If you were unable to pre-order your yearbook, a few will be available for purchace the last week of school for $55.00 in cash to the office.

Thank You, Ms. Rodieck

A Note from Ms. T:

DCS Water Day Carnival is fast approaching and I am in need of more parent volunteers to help out. Thank you to those families who have already reached out.

It is a really fun day and they kids have a blast but there are many moving parts.
Help is needed Thursday, June 27th from 7:30-Noon.
Please contact Ms. T (

Mrs. Zuniga’s classes:

Varsity: Our class is studying this week for our Geography state’s test. Students have been using their flashcards, bingo, and computer games to learn the state locations and their capitals. We have also begun to practice for our exit interviews in June. In math, we are reviewing our percents unit and the students just learned about simple interest and how important it is in life to understand what interest is.

Scholastic: Our class has just finished Unit 4 and is beginning Unit 5 about expressions and equations. Students will learn to solve for a variable and write equations from expressions. In Geography, the students are beginning the 5 Themes of Geography and will be completing a project. We have also begun to practice for our exit interviews in June.

Honors: In Geography, the students are beginning the 5 Themes of Geography and will be completing a project. We have also begun to practice for our exit interviews in June. For math, we finished Unit 6 and students are excited to begin graphing in Unit 7 with linear equations.

Friday Fun:

This morning, our 5/6 students enjoyed a 4-Way Nest Challenge playing Capture the Football. Kestrel was the overall winner!






Discovery Middle School ⅞

Upcoming Dates:

June 5th CJSF Field Trip to UC Davis

June 6th Trimester 3 Super Quiz Event

June 12th ACE Train Safety Meeting for 8th Graders

June 24th Awards Ceremony

June 26th Promotion at the Grand

Language Arts with Mrs. Zo:

The school year may be winding down, but our course work is definitely not! Students are continuing to read from 7 Sanctuaries (we are almost done!) and have spent ample time analyzing each of the characters and their various chapters.

Each student created a word cloud and two travel brochures in the past week and presented them to the class. Ask your students to show you their works!

In the next week weeks students will be working on several projects to demonstrate all that they have learned this year!

Pictured Below: Brochures students made about their sanctuary.

Math with Mr. Singh

Varsity-Started unit-8 linear Functions & Graphing, Completed 8-1 Relations & Functions, doing 8-2 equations with two variables.

Honors- Started unit-10 Circles, Competed 10-1 Properties of circles, doing 10-2 Chords & Arcs.

Scholastic- Started unit-8 Exploring quadratic Graphs and Quadratic functions, Completed 8-1 Quadratic Graphs, doing 8-2 Quadratic Functions.

Science with Ms. Dominguez

We are on to a new unit for 7/8 science this week. We are diving into the Solar System, and the students are starting off with a new project. Their task is to develop a proposal for a space station on one of the planets or moons in our solar system. They must brainstorm ways to make the planet or moon livable for humans and create a blueprint of the station they plan to build.

Technology with Ms. Ferguson

This week in technology the students are working on creating a brochure in Google Docs! This project will be due the middle of next week & then the students will be moving on to an introduction to engineering!

Choir with Mr. Dougherty:

Mr. Dougherty’s music classes are gearing up for the end of the trimester performance. The third trimester concert is coming up and there are some changes this trimester. The concert will take place in the gym on June 19th, but this time it will take place during the school day. All four of my classes will perform together twice, once for the remaining 5/6 classes and then once more for the 7/8 classes. As always, there will be some new and creative elements added to the concert.




Millennium High School


NOW HIRING: Athletic Coaches

Interested in taking on the rewards and challenges of coaching a high school athletic team? Millennium Athletics is currently creating a coaching pool for all sports and levels, as the life of a coach is ever changing. If you’re interested in becoming a part of our TEAM for any sport, apply here:

For High School students interested in being machinists

Through the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Manufacturing Workshop taking place in July, high school students will have the unique opportunity to get hands-on experience with the state-of-the-art tools and hardware used by Laboratory scientists and engineers. During the three-day workshop, students will learn what it takes to become a career machinist from the Laboratory’s highly skilled veteran machinists and graduates of the Lab’s Machinist Apprentice Program — one of the most highly regarded programs of its kind in the state. Many apprentices go on to secure full-time jobs at the Laboratory, which was named one of Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work in 2019. Students also will tour the Lab’s advanced manufacturing facilities.

The application deadline has been extended to June 7. To apply, fill out page two of the flier below and submit it to LLNL Manufacturing Engineering Section Superintendent Pete Schoenenberger via email ( Applicants can expect to hear from LLNL regarding participation in this workshop by June 18.

Fast Track Homework Support Schedule – Need help with your homework? Please see the homework schedule below: