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TLC Charter Chatter


A weekly newsletter written to parents of the TLC


Please mark your calendars for our Homecoming parade! This is a big event for ALL of TLC, not just the High School.  It is a chance for us to celebrate our PreK – 12th grade program.  I encourage families to join us on Wednesday Sept 25th for our afternoon parade in Downtown Tracy.  We hope to see you there!  

Sept. 25, 2019, Wed. is an Early Release Day  – Homecoming Parade

PCS – dismissed at 12:30pm

Champions will accommodate early release

DCS/MHS dismissed at 1pm









Personal Days for Next School Year 2019/2020

VERY IMPORTANT CHANGE for our upcoming 2019/2020 school year Beginning August 5, 2019, we are reducing personal/family days for students from 10 days down to 7 days. Allowing 7 days is still much higher than what the district schools allow and we feel 7 days is more beneficial for the school and for each students’ education.




NOW HIRING:  Athletic Coaches

Interested in taking on the rewards and challenges of coaching a high school athletic team?  Millennium Athletics is currently creating a coaching pool for all sports and levels, as the life of a coach is ever changing.  If you’re interested in becoming a part of our TEAM for any sport, apply here:






Wishing all our TK families a great weekend.

We are all excited to start focusing on our letters, numbers and sight words and look forward to sharing our accomplishments this week with some fun projects!



Initial Phase

We are so excited about a new subscription to a magazine through Scholastic called Let’s Find Out! It is a science/social studies magazine just for kindergarten students. There are also math and language arts concepts embedded in each magazine issue. After we use the magazine at school students will bring the magazine home to teach their family everything they have learned! Additionally, our subscription includes an online component. Families can log on using our special classroom password. You can watch videos, listen to songs, play games, and more! Visit:, click on log in, click student, and type in our password: P2KINDER. Have fun exploring and learning!



Phase One:

The students in Phase One continued their Map Skill unit in Social Studies. P3 and P4 did group projects where they had to research a continent or ocean and present it to the class. P5 learned about different communities, like rural, urban and suburban. They discussed the characteristics and differences in each type of community.

 Classroom volunteers will start September 16th! The teachers will be contacting you next week with a schedule if you signed up to help out in the classroom. If you would still like to sign up, please make sure that you fill out the volunteer form and get all the appropriate paperwork for Mrs. Kay in the office completed. Remember, you must be cleared with Mrs. Kay to go on field trips too. Thank you to all who have signed up, we truly appreciate all your help!



Discovery Middle School 5-6

Upcoming ⅚ Dates:

September 25th: Homecoming Parade – Early Release Day @ 1pm

October 8th: Picture Day Retakes


Now that pictures are done, the first SWO project will be due soon.  Fifth Graders will need to get a scrapbook for their SWO Projects.  This is a record of their learning throughout the year, but it is also a record of their learning through multiple years.  So, Sixth Graders add on to the scrapbook they started last year – they may need to get some additional filler pages.  The SWO Scrapbook Cover Page assignment will be due about a week after the Lifetouch Photos are sent home.  Students should have gotten a copy of the assignment this week.  If not, you can find it at

If you are unable to get a scrapbook, please contact your son or daughter’s homeroom teacher or Mrs. Prescott at

Thank you

Our Top 5 Nest Point Earners for the week! Way to go Falcons!!!

Mrs. Zuniga/Mrs. Bengson’s Math:

Varsity: Our class has just finished practicing writing decimals in word form and numeric form. Our next focus will be fractions and decimals then comparing and ordering decimals before we take our next quiz. Our goal is to take our next quiz on introduction of decimals by next Friday.

Scholastic: For our second unit, we have begun to look at multiplying whole numbers and will be moving on to multiplying decimals. Students are learning about estimating decimals and whole numbers and how important it is for mental math. The kids have also learned about 6 multiplication properties that will make multiplying much easier and simpler.

Honors:  With our second quiz out of the way, our class is moving through Unit 1 at a steady pace. The students are doing a great job with practicing our topics. I did recommend to students that knowing perfect squares and perfect cubes are very crucial in finding square roots and cube roots. Another crucial part of Algebra itself is knowing multiplication facts and factors of numbers. I do recommend that if students are having trouble with these, they practice and study each day to know perfect squares and cubes along with multiplication facts.


Ms. Rodieck’s Language Arts and Humanities

We are moving right along reading our first book and learning about Poetry.  Varsity is continuing to practice writing summaries using our DARE materials.  Scholastic and Honors wrote their first Expository Essay in class this week, focusing on the introductory paragraph.  We are also continuing to learn the vocabulary needed to discuss Music in Humanities.  Honors and Scholastic will begin identifying subjects and predicates and diagramming those two parts of a sentence.  Varsity will continue to review basic parts of speech.  Soon we will have a Mid-Term/Unit Test when we finish reading our first book.  

Language Arts with Mr. Harding

In Harding’s ELA class we are digging into diagramming. Our writing will gain focus and clarity by learning how the parts of a sentence work together to make meaning. This week we’ve also been reviewing and reinforcing concepts from the previous week.

Social Studies with Mr. Bird and Mr. McCarthy

This week in social studies, our students are continuing to learn about the Paleolithic and Neolithic Ages. They are understanding the development of agriculture and how it changed daily life in the Neolithic Age. Students are also learning about plant and animal domestication during this time period.

Honors students have started creating comic books that will focus on three topics of their choice. They are working in pairs to create the comic books. The comic books will illustrate the changes in the Paleolithic and Neolithic Ages. Once completed, students will participate in a comic book read-around where they will read and review their classmate’s comic books.

Scholastic and Varsity students are finishing up their notes in their interactive notebooks. They will finish up by completing an activity on the diet of early man. This activity will have students create restaurant menus using the types of foods available during the time under study.

There will be a unit test next week on Wednesday, September 11th. This unit test will include map skills and early humans in the Paleolithic and Neolithic Ages. Monday, students will create a one-page study guide. Tuesday, students will participate in numerous review games to prepare for the unit test.

Science with Ms. Diaz:

Greetings scientists! I am proud to announce the winners from last week’s Rube Goldberg Machine competition:

1st period

Cindy Nguyen, Abby Otsuki, Cameron Jimenez, Ava Moschetti, Daniel Wilson, Sophie McCrary, Bahar Nadeny, Alexa Chavez, Quentin Nuñez, Dominic Ramos

2nd period

Kylie Ochs, Helen Chavez, Uvaldo Martinez, Lars Lindroos, Nica Reboton, Michael Brown, Emiliano Valdez, Joseph Martin, Alex Castro, Isaiah Guevara

5th period

Isabella Posadas, Manavi Brar, Maille Murray, Sofia Rios, Taylor Sansaver, Olivia Richardson, Khloe Harrington, Connor Ardenyi, Christian Gonzalez

7th period

Daniel Marlin, Adrian Washburn, Kaitlynn Nguyen, Leo Kristo, Jordan Ahmad, Mustafa Amiri, Mikayah Moore, R.J. Thomas, Elias Bryant, Chelby Johnson, Adara Manzo

9th period

Saniyah Johnson, Lia Valenzuela, Ava Perez, Marissa Martinez, Tatum Kusy-Penirian, Luis Ybarra, Angel Wood, Edgar Leal

10th period 

London Cassara, Frankie Cassara, Fernando Casillas, Stacy Alcarez, Jonathen Torres, Dylan Flores, Dulce Zarate, Delilah Zepeda, Alaha Waziri, Valentina Zavala

Congrats saavy inventors!

We had our first science test, covering collecting and graphing data, on Friday. The TLC Discovery Channel science blog site, link to be posted next week, will feature articles written by Kyle Ardenyi, Tejpreet Banwait, Connor Ardenyi and Mustafa Amiri.

Awesomely, interesting announcements:

  • Mission to Mars answers from info night meeting—> 1) Students will now be staying ALL three nights at the Biosphere, so no more hotel stay.          2) There are no partial flights, so you may purchase the trip either with roundtrip flights or without roundtrip flights.
  • I emailed PDFs of the trip packet to emails that were written down. If you still need a packet, please email for a copy. I also have hard copies available in my classroom.
  • Traveler registration deadline and deposit payment is due October 4th. Please email me for registration and payment information, or if you still have any questions or concerns about the trip. I will post reminders in the Charter Chatter and make announcements during unity.
  • Once the registration deadline has passed, a meeting will be organized to discuss fundraising.
  • A parent plans to drive their students to Tucson, thus a carpooling option may be organized for those that don’t want to fly to Tucson.
  • Don’t forget to register—> Saturday, September 21st– Expanding Your Horizons event for 6-12th grade girls at the University of the Pacific

Stay curious & keep exploring!!!

Art with Ms. Losen:

This week in art… we wrapped up realism and learned about contemporary artist Jonathan Saiz, who created a 10,000 piece artwork made from small tiles that represents 10,000 perspectives on “Utopia.” (See below) Students are creating their own Utopia “tiles” to be displayed in the hallways as one giant collective piece of art.

Music Exploration with Mr. Dougherty

Music Exploration is busy composing music! First, they composed background music to use while they read news headlines. Now they are composing custom ringtones. Bucket drumming is next on the roster, and Music Exploration will be hosting a bucket drumming workshop that will be lead by a Sammy Foster, the owner, and creator of The workshop will take place on Wednesday, September 11. Every DCS student will have the opportunity to attend. It will be great fun, and a great kickoff to our bucket drumming unit.





Discovery Middle School 7-8

Upcoming Dates:

  • Homecoming week BEGINS SEPTEMBER 23rd!
  • Early release day on Wednesday September 25th at 1:00pm for the Homecoming Parade!

Top Nest Earners for Week 4!

Science with Ms. Dominguez

This week in 7/8 Science, we are exploring the Cell Cycle, and discussing the importance of Interphase, Mitosis, and Cytokinesis. This will prepare students to talk about mutations and the development of cancer cells. Honors and Scholastic will have a Note Check on the google classroom to complete by Friday at 12am. Varsity students will complete their Note Check in class on Thursday at the end of their science class period.

Honors and Scholastic will also have an online quiz due by the end of the weekend on Sunday at 12am. Varsity will take their quiz in class on Monday. We will be playing Jeopardy in all classes on Friday to review for the quiz.

Language Arts with Ms. Greene

This week the students have been practicing writing introductions and they will be moving onto body paragraphs with the next writing assignment. In this writing assignment students are to choose one of three prompts that focus on the book we have been reading in class, Fever 1793. The focus for all classes this week in their writing assignment is how to write a strong thesis statement for their introductions.

        In Honors, we have been diving into annotations and close readings in their PSAT weekly packets. In Varsity and Scholastic, we are also talking about close reading and reading comprehension through defining unknown words and asking meaningful and clarifying questions.

        Friday we will be starting a weekly fun writing assignment, Free Thought Friday, in which they are given fun questions to think about and will write in their personal journals.

Reminder: Writing Assignment 3 Due 9/11/2019

Math with Mrs. Rapp

In Mrs. Rapp homeroom, we have finished Unit 1 with a class average of 89% and are diving right into Unit 2. This unit will be all about Multiplying and Dividing Whole Numbers and Decimals. This group is off to a wonderful start and I am excited to continue to get to know them and deepen their understanding of mathematics.

In Scholastic/Algebra 1, we have unit tested and are jumping into Unit 2 which is Multi-Step Equations and Inequalities. This is a bright group of students and I am pleased to see their progress as well as see some really step up to the rigor of this class.

In Honors, we have kicked off Unit 2 of Logic and Proof with some in class activities to help us better understand Inductive Reasoning and Conjectures. We did an “I have, Who has” and they were able to complete 32 cards in under 5 minutes.

Language Arts with Mrs. Cerezo

All students continued to read in Fever 1793. We are making great headway in this novel and are using it as our foundation for learning all components of a novel.

Students also received their next take home introduction assignment. This time students will need to choose from three similar topics to create their introduction. We will conference again next week to ensure that we are continuing to improve.

Music Exploration with Mr. Dougherty:

Music Exploration is busy composing music! First, they composed background music to use while they read news headlines. Now they are composing custom ringtones. Bucket drumming is next on the roster, and Music Exploration will be hosting a bucket drumming workshop that will be lead by a Sammy Foster, the owner, and creator of The workshop will take place on Wednesday, September 11. Every DCS student will have the opportunity to attend. It will be great fun, and a great kickoff to our bucket drumming unit.

Social Studies and Leadership with Ms. Zaca:

Social studies:

What are the 12 Roman Tables? When students were asked this question, many answered with “a table!…where the Roman leaders would sit…12 of the Roman gods…where representatives from each district of Rome would sit…”, while some answered “laws of the romans…where they carved their rules on…”.  If you answered similarly to the latter, then you know plenty of Roman history! Students in all three classes (Scholastic, Honors, and Varsity) were introduced to the 12 Roman Tables: set of laws engraved on twelve bronze tablets. In their small table groups, students were asked to analyze the rules set place in Ancient Rome and also compared them to the laws we have in place in our countries. Students learned about the inheritance laws for families, proper etiquette for women during funerals (they weren’t allowed to cry!), and what would happen if you did not show up when you were called to court. Next week, students will take a quiz on the twelve tables and on the Patricians and Plebeians.

Students in Scholastic working together to decipher the Roman laws.

Campus Beautification September 14th, 2019

Thank you to all those who had students sign up for our first-ever Discovery Campus Beautification! Due to limited resources, we are only accepting 20 students. Those students who were selected, all received letters and were sent home with it. Discovery cannot wait to start this project with the students!

Homecoming Parade Wednesday, September 25th, 2019

Here in Discovery, we have chosen Homer and the Iliad/Odyssey as our theme for our float. We decided to go with Homer for two reasons: one, he is considered one of the literary heroes in literature with his two epic poems and two, his books gave the world (especially those in the Science world) insight on how the ancient Greeks took care of their wounded.

Students have already started working hard on our float! Please remember that any student signed up to be part of the parade will need to bring any colored. twin/full-size bedsheet (preferably white) to school on Monday.

Spanish with Ms. Polo

Spanish test #1 this week and next week depending on the class

Know all letters A-Z and the 32 Spanish vocabulary words and their English translations. Look at names as well, hint hint extra credit 10pts! Moving into A & B read aloud and September Acrostic poem


Music Exploration with Mr. Dougherty

7/8 music exploration is busy composing background music for their news headlines. We are having fun learning a lot by working with GarageBand as a composition tool.

Art with Ms. Losen

This week in art… we wrapped up realism and learned about contemporary artist Jonathan Saiz, who created a 10,000 piece artwork made from small tiles that represents 10,000 perspectives on “Utopia.” (See below) Students are creating their own Utopia “tiles” to be displayed in the hallways as one giant collective piece of art.

Technology with Ms. Ferguson

Technology 5th-8th grade is currently working on Google Slides or presentations that discuss each student’s favorite digital platform.  In this presentation, the students will be talking about their favorite app, website, or video game, describing what exactly it is.  They will also be giving examples of poor netiquette and/or cyberbullying that is found within that app.  Where it is found, and how they could prevent it from happening.

This is the concluding project to our unit on Digital Citizenship, Cyberbullying, and Netiquette.  The students will be presenting these projects to the class through next week.

Our next unit topics are: how to conduct proper internet searches, how to evaluate sites for accuracy and bias, and plagiarism/copyright and fair use.

Physical Education:

This Friday, September 6th, at lunch (11:11) we will be having our annual “Staff vs. DCS (6-8th grade) Students Football Game.”  We will be having a BLAST that day and should be tons of FUN!!! 🙂 The game will be 8 on 8 with Flags.  Sadly, the NFL did not have a grant to apply for again this year, however to kick off the “Football Season” for the NFL, college and our high school football team, we will still have our annual “Football Friday.”  

Also, as a friendly reminder, please remind students that they should be applying

“Deodorants/Antiperspirants/Baby Powder or Sanitary Wipes” in the morning before they are coming to school and showering daily; as their bodies have already begun puberty even though there may be no signs of it showing physically! Less is More so if we could tell the Gentlemen & Ladies to “Relax on the AXE” or Body Sprays…Much would be appreciated!!!! LOL :))





Millennium High School




THIS WEEK AT MHS – Fines Arts Department:

Band is in full swing as we are approaching our first performance of the year at this Friday’s upcoming football game. Along with performing at our first home game the Marching Band has been putting in a tremendous amount of time and effort preparing for this year’s competition show. The show this year is based on the story of Medusa. The band and colorguard are looking forward to our five competitions this season, in which we will compete against several bands in our division.

Drama class is exploring small scene studies for the past two weeks, preparing for their first big showcase in the classroom.  The students have also begun work on selecting their final performance scenes, getting ready for the Fall drama showcase in November.  Technical construction is mastering the basic skills unit and is now two weeks into the basic skills testing.  Film production has really ramped up, and the students have completed several small projects, gaining a rudimentary foundation of Adobe Premiere.  We also just started the introduction to Photoshop and will be starting our recreation of the original classic film poster for Cassablanca.

In Art 1, we are always  working on both a two-dimensional design project and an art history unit simultaneously. For art history, we have been studying the elements of design so that we can learn to look at art in a more informed manner. Last week we finished our calligraphy projects and next week we’ll be working on observational drawing. Here are some examples of my students calligraphy~Mr. Young



We have placed our first major spirit wear order in seven years! You can purchase from the Activities Offices or at our monthly Student Stores. Gear will also be sold at our athletic games throughout the year.

Junior Kaelyn Cook models our rainbow tie-dye long-sleeved shirt and our white bucket hat.

Peregrine Hannah Verhoek shows her Falcon spirit with our black bucket hat.

Anton Souza, Junior, displays our Millennium Falcons classic kangaroo pocket hoodie with liquid gold ink lettering.

Peregrine Margaret Fagbolu and Kestrel Shika Acolatse model our embroidered beanie, embroidered bucket hat, and short-sleeved tie-dyed old-school “Flying M” logo shirts.

Kailey Galli, Junior, shines with Falcon pride in our new long sleeved chest/back combo logo shirt, just in time for Fall weather!

The back of our chest/back logo combo shirt.

Shika Acolatse, Saker, sports our super-soft white crewneck chest/back-logo sweatshirt and fanny pack (can be worn cross-body or kangaroo style!) with black bucket hat.

This year we have a lot of new styles and designs to choose from — some pictured — and many more! Bucket hats, fanny packs, lanyards, hydro-flask style water bottles, long and short sleeve t-shirts, crew sweatshirts, hoodies, and more in myriad colors and sizes… you don’t want to miss the first major spirit wear order in seven years, so come check out our must-have Falcon spirit wear at our Student Store next week!

Prices – Athletic Gear

Cotton Tees –        $10

Dri-Fit        –         $15

Socks         –        $15

Blankets –        $20

Hats         –        $25

Hoodies –        $30

Prices – Spirit Wear

Lanyards –        $10

S/s tees –        $15

Fanny Packs –        $15

Water bottle –         $20

Bucket Hats –        $20

Beanies –        $20

S/s tie-dye –        $20

L/s tees –        $20

L/s tie-dye –        $25

Crew swtshrt –        $30

Hoodies –        $35

Leadership has also designed limited-edition “MHS INFLUENCER” shirts that will be available for pre-order with payment of $25!

Nest Point Winners

For Weeks 3 and 4, our Nest Point Leaders are…

Mireya Martinez, 835 points (Saker)

Aliza Tapia, 640 points (Kestrel)

Justine Jade Armat, 435 points (Peregrine)

Julie Keim, 410 points (Amur)

Rewards for this nest point period were $15 gift cards to Barista’s and T4!

Homecoming Royalty

Nominations are being received from teachers. The complete ballot will be announced Wednesday, September 11th at morning unity. Ballots will be electronic through Google Forms. Nest leaders will link their nests to the ballot for their royalty. Students have until Thursday, September 19th to elect their nest’s prince and princess, and vote for the Seniors who will be HOCO King and Queen.


Fall semester interns have already completed a month of their internship! There are currently 66 seniors participating in their Senior Internship experience.  Spring semester interns will begin the interviewing and placement process in the next few weeks. If you know of a business interested in offering an internship opportunity, please contact Mrs. Schaffran at  The Senior Internship Program is a 5 credit graduation requirement in which students fulfill a 10 hour a week unpaid internship in the community or on campus. Each week, a seminar class meets and covers the 21st Century Skills curriculum introducing young adults to the world of work.

Thank you to the businesses in the community that currently have interns this semester in support of our program:

Amigo Tires and Brakes

Astoria Gardens

Boys and Girls Club Central School

Boys and Girls Club Monte Vista Clubhouse

Boys and Girls Club North School

City of Tracy Channel 26 – Media Services

City of Tracy Department of Engineering Services

City of Tracy Parks & Recreation

Grand Theatre Center for the Arts

Great Beginnings Preschool

In Shape Club

In Shape Fit Club

In Shape Sport Club

Main Street Music

MHS Sport Management

Millennium High Film Production

Networks By Design, Inc.

Patel, Pulliam, and Hubli Medical

Primary Charter School

Reich’s Pharmacy

San Joaquin County Sheriff Explorer Program

San Joaquin County Worknet Center

Skyview Aviation

Sutter Tracy Community Hospital – Child Birthing Center

Sutter Tracy Community Hospital – Physical Therapy Department

Sutter Tracy Community Hospital – Same Day Surgery

Sutter Tracy Community Hospital – Wound Care

SweetArts Bakery

The Dugout

The Flower Pavilion

The Tracy Press

TLC Technology Department

Tracy Chamber of Commerce

Tracy Chiropractic

Tracy Learning Center – Maintenance/Operations

Tri Valley Orthopedic Specialists

VBR Children and Family Services

VCA Old River Animal Hospital

Versaille Salon

Pictures from our previous Spring 2019 internships

Sutter Tracy Physical Therapy            Reichs Pharmacy                    Boys and Girls Club


PSAT (Preliminary SAT) is scheduled for Wed October 30th – We are now taking registrations  –  The cost is $18 per student (Cash or Check – no refunds available) and will be from 7:30am – 11:45am in the Gym. The PSAT is a great practice tool for the actual test. All students can sign up in the counseling office. A practice booklet will be given upon registering. Space is limited.

FREE SAT/ACT Practice Test: If you want to practice for the SAT, the Tracy Library is offering: SAT/ACT Practice Test, Saturday, September 14, 2019, 10:00am. Registration required (in person, by phone 866-805-7323, or online)

Tutors for all subjects needed!!!

We are looking for high school students that are interested in tutoring various subjects including math, history, science, and spanish. Paid opportunities are also available. If interested, students can visit the Millennium High School counseling office to pick up a tutor application.

Scholarship Expo for Spanish Speaking Families

Silicon Valley

STEM College and Career Fair


Sunday, Oct. 6  |  1 p.m. – 4 p.m.



Free and open to the public, the fair is for college-bound students interested in college majors and careers in engineering, medicine, computer science, and other STEM fields.

Students will meet face-to-face with hundreds of college representatives and industry professionals — all in one place. They’ll get their questions answered about majors, degree programs, campus visits, internships, scholarships, financial aid, and much more. Plus, they can take advantage of STEMinars on topics such as writing a winning college essay and standing out in the admission process.


Interested in donating to the Athletics program?  Here are 2 great opportunities!  If you would like to help us purchase new equipment for the weight room we hope to have open by winter, you may donate here:

Weekly Schedule (Girls Volleyball, Cross Country and Football): 

Friday 9/6- First HOME football game! Varsity vs CSD, 7pm kick-off at Tracy High.  (Admission prices:  $7 adults, $3 students/seniors)

Monday 9/9- XC at MVL meet out at Hogan Lake, 4pm

Tuesday 9/10- Varsity Girls Volleyball @ Elliot Christian, 5pm

Friday 9/13- JV (5pm) & V (7:30pm) Football vs Riverbank High, played at West High

        Mini Cheer Camp will be performing at the Varsity halftime!

Sports Scores from 8/30-9/5/19:

Varsity Football:  Falcons 45, Rio Vista 62

Varsity Girls Volleyball:  Falcons 3, Pacheco 2

Falcons 1, Modesto Christian 3

JV Girls Volleyball:  Falcons 0, Pacheco 2

Falcons 0, Modesto Christian 2

(1-3 at Orestimba Tournament)

Frosh Girls Volleyball:  Falcons 0, Pacheco 2

Meet The Coaches!

  My name is Sheree Parker and I am the Millennium High School Cross Country Coach. This is my 4th season with the Falcons. I enjoy coaching cross country and track and field because it is not based on just winning but being able to PR (Personal Record) each week, as well as goal setting. I love helping all athletes see improvement from the beginning of the season to the end.  I have helped several athletes get to the section meet in Folsom and this year my goal is to get more to sections and finally to the state meet.  I have a great team that is hard-working, dedicated, and shows effort, which is the recipe for success!  In addition to coaching, I have been teaching at Tracy Learning Center for 6 years now and I coach a youth track and field team called God Speed.

For donations towards Millennium Athletics in general, you can go here:

Follow Millennium Athletics on Social Media:  

-Instagram- @Millennium_Athletics

-Twitter- @MHS_Falcons


We appreciate your continued support!  FALCON PRIDE!!

Fall 2019 – Homework Support Schedule Millennium High School students can receive additional help with their homework during the following days/times. Please see schedule below:

Fieldtrip: UC Santa Cruz – Friday November 8, 2019

Millennium High School students will be visiting the UC Santa Cruz campus on November 8, 2019. The field trip is only currently open to Seniors and Juniors. Anyone interested in attending can pick up a permission slip in the MHS Counseling office. For questions, please contact MHS Counseling at (209) 627-8299 or email: