TLC Charter Chatter

TLC Charter Chatter


A weekly newsletter written to parents of the TLC

Chatter  Week of September20, 2019


Next week we will celebrate Homecoming 2019.  This is a special time for the Tracy Learning Center because our homecoming is not just for high school.  We are all involved from our smallest in preschool to our oldest in high school and all those who return for the home game at the end of the week.

The spirit is high this week as our classes and nests get their float assembled for the parade on Wednesday.  It is always well attended and a fun event.  This year we will be celebrating heroes as our homecoming theme.

Thank you, by the way for being a hero for your children.  We all realize the sacrifices of time and energy and other resources you make every day for your children.  Parents are often the unsung heroes, but know you are one!

We hope you enjoy the homecoming events you attend.




Homecoming Events

Sept. 23 Monday – MHS Powder Puff Football Game at West High 7pm

Sept. 25, 2019, Wed. is an Early Release Day  – Homecoming Parade @ 3pm 



PCS – dismissed at 12:30pm

Champions will accommodate early release

DCS/MHS dismissed at 1pm

Parade Line up at 2pm

Parade begins at 3pm

Personal Days for Next School Year 2019/2020

VERY IMPORTANT CHANGE for our upcoming 2019/2020 school year Beginning August 5, 2019, we are reducing personal/family days for students from 10 days down to 7 days. Allowing 7 days is still much higher than what the district schools allow and we feel 7 days is more beneficial for the school and for each students’ education.



Lunch Menu Week of September 23 – 27

Mon – Pizza

Tues – Sloppy Joe Sandwich

Wed – Chicken Quesadilla

Thurs – Meatball Sub

Fri – Beef Hot Dog







This week in TK we have been busy getting ready for Homecoming week!

Our theme this year is Super heroes and the students learned that community members are super heroes too!

The students created their own masks to wear in the parade and they look fabulous.

We also worked on an All About Me super hero worksheet that told us about our favorite things.

Spirit Week:

9-23 : Blue and Gold

9-24 : Red, White and Blue

9-25 : Super Hero Day

9-26 : Twin Day

 9-27 : Black and Gold




Initial Phase

Thank you to everyone who donated apples to our classroom! We had so much fun learning about apples this week! We have explored the parts of an apple- seeds, skin, flesh, core, stem, and leaf. We watched how an apple tree changes in each season throughout the year. Ask your student what season apples grow on an apple tree. We are learning new vocabulary terms such as orchard. Taste testing the apples was our favorite part of the week! We discovered that different colored apples have different tastes on the inside. Many of us thought the green apples are sour and the apples with red and yellow are more sweet! Ask your child what they have learned about apples! We will continue or apple discoveries next week!



Phase One:

Does your student want to go to our first AR party of the year? AR goals are due Friday, September 27th! Encourage your student to read books within their level and take quizzes. They must pass with an 80% or higher for their points to count. Good luck to all our Phase One students and happy reading!

Don’t forget that in honor of our very own MHS homecoming, next week is a spirit week. The dress up days are as follows: Monday is extreme blue and gold day, Tuesday is red, white and blue day, Wednesday is super hero day, Thursday is twin day and Friday is black and gold day. Wednesday is also the homecoming parade downtown. In order for your child to walk in the parade with the school, they must have a permission slip turned in. Hope to see you there!




Phase Two:

Please congratulate our first ever “TLC Homecoming Lord and Lady” of Primary!  4th grade students who wanted to be considered were asked to write a persuasive paragraph about why they should be chosen.  There were 12 finalists and the judges (our wonderful elective teachers) selected DJ and Nimrit!  They will get to ride on their own float in the parade on Wednesday!  

Don’t forget next week is Spirit Week and early dismissal on Wednesday.  




Discovery Middle School 5-6

Upcoming ⅚ Dates:

September 16th-23rd – Donation Drive for McHenry House (see flyer)

September 25th: Homecoming Parade – Early Release Day @ 1pm

October 8th: Picture Day Retakes

SWO Scrapbooks and Projects

Now that pictures have been distributed, Scrapbooks are due Monday, September 23.  If for some reason your son or daughter is unable to meet this due date, please contact their homeroom or first period teacher.  

Soon they will be starting their first project in Science and Social Studies.  The SWO is Personal Awareness and the students will be doing a project to learn more about themselves.

Our Top 5 Nest Point Earners for the week! Way to go Falcons!!!

Peregrine’s Top 5:

Kestrel’s Top 5:

Saker’s Top 5:

Amur’s Top 5:

Mrs. Zuniga/Mrs. Bengson’s Math:.

Varsity: Our class has just finished practicing plotting decimals on a number line up to hundredths. Students did an activity where they had been given a decimal number and had to line up in order, starting from zero. We will be working towards comparing and ordering decimals and plan to have our next quiz on decimals Wednesday.

Scholastic: Our class has begun division of whole numbers up to 3 digit divisors. We keep focusing on estimation to help make our division problems much easier to solve. We talked about rounding to create compatible numbers in which we can mentally solve the division problem in our head. Our first quiz for Unit 2 is set for next Friday, so make sure students are practicing and studying at home.

Honors: Our first unit is coming to a close with our last lesson completed Wednesday. Students took their final quiz Friday and will be preparing for their Unit 1 Test next Wednesday spending two days studying for the test. However, I do recommend that students study for the test over the weekend as well by returning to their notes and previous homework assignments. Students will be receiving a study guide for the test on Monday.

Mrs. Nijjar’s Math:

Varsity: In this consecutive Palindrome week, we continued learning about decimals – adding and subtracting decimals, comparing decimals, rounding decimals, and multiplying decimals. Students worked on their Unit-1 Study guide to prepare for the Unit-1 test.

Multiplication: The students should be practicing multiplication facts at home whenever possible. I have provided each student with a multiplication chart.

Scholastic: The students took the first Unit test and performed at the class average of 91%. In addition, we started with the first lesson of the second unit which is about multiplication and estimating products. In the coming weeks, students will be learning about properties of multiplication and will be using them to solve multiplication problems.

Multiplication: The students should be practicing multiplication facts at home whenever possible.

Honors:  The students took their first Unit test. They prepared by completing/reviewing the Study Guide and put their best efforts to take the test. In the coming weeks, students will be starting with the second unit.

Ms. Rodieck’s Language Arts and Humanities

Scholastic and Honors will be finishing reading Love That Dog this next week and they will have a Novel Final on Friday.  This means that the weekly quiz will be a little longer and include questions from the book along with writing a short answer paragraph.  The students will also be selecting one of their poems to submit to poetic power and will be writing the first paragraph a literary response essay.  They have also finished their first mini-project in Humanities and we have been presenting them in class.  Whoa, what a lot, but they are handling it well.  

Varsity is starting to write one paragraph essays.  Our focus is a hook, or sentence to catch readers’ attention, topic sentence, 3-5 details, and a conclusion.   They are still reading Love That Dog and will finish it in the next few weeks.  They have started diagramming and learned that it is not that scary or hard – if we take it one step at a time.  

Language Arts with Mr. Harding

We are finishing our first novel, and gearing up for projects that show what we know and what we can do.  We have already created a dog pound and adopted most of the precious pups that showed up during 5th-grade summer orientation. We followed the narrator down a sorrowful path that turned to redemption through prose. I look forward to seeing how many ways our learners can visualize and express their interpretations of the themes.

Social Studies with Mr. Bird and Mr. McCarthy

This week in social studies, students are starting their second unit on early civilizations (Mesopotamia, Egypt, & Kush). We are starting with Mesopotamia and learning about the rise of city-states in this region. To start, all students labeled and colored a map of Mesopotamia and defined new vocabulary – see picture below!

Honors students are working in groups to take on the role of ancient Mesopotamians facing a series of problems. Students are learning about the geographic challenges ancient Mesopotamians faced and the solutions they came up with to solve these problems. Students will be learning about these geographic challenges and proposing solutions for them as if they were ancient Mesopotamians!

Scholastic/Varsity students are working in their interactive notebooks and learning new vocabulary. They will also be learning about daily life in ancient Sumer and key figures of this time period such as Hammurabi and Gilgamesh.

Honors will have a quiz next week on the rise of city-states. Scholastic/Varsity will have a vocabulary quiz next week.

Google Classroom has been set up for all classes. This will be a great way to communicate with all classes. We will post due dates for projects as well as quiz/test dates. Certain materials and videos will also be posted for students.  

     Honors: pgpilb

     Scholastic: 4dryw3l

     Varsity: 5u3y0p


Science with Ms. Diaz:

Greetings scientists! This week was all about attraction…well, MAGNETIC attraction that is! What are magnets, how do they work, what are magnets attracted to aside from other magnets? Ask your savvy science student this as they can explain it to you. Tests have been graded, put into Aeries, and students were able to make test corrections. Grades with added points for corrections will be updated soon. Check out the pics of the test high scorers from the Varsity 1 class (below). Also pictured below is a picture of the art wall for D9 science, courtesy of 5th period (Scholastic 2). This month’s theme was Homecoming Heroes, so we featured the great intellects of science/math Aristotle, Euclid, Pythagoras, Archimedes “dressed” as Marvel characters. Next week will be quite “the shock” as we learn about electricity.

Last but not least, come one and come all to check out the DCS science blog site at: Read all about Marine Biology (Alexa Chavez), The Loudest and Biggest Animal (Maci Dominguez), We the Two-headed Snake (Avery Haines) and Area 51 (Roxie Burns). Prepare to be SCIENCED!

Awesomely, interesting announcements:

  • Mission to Mars—> registration info packets available from Ms. Diaz and Ms. Dominguez. Or, email for a PDF copy. Final parent meeting before the registration deadline is on Tuesday, Oct. 1st @ 6pm room D9 (DCS building). Registration and deposit payment is due October 4th.
  • Next science test Thursday, October 3rd

Stay curious & keep exploring!!!





Discovery Middle School 7-8

Upcoming Dates:

  • Homecoming week BEGINS SEPTEMBER 23rd!
  • Early release day on Wednesday September 25th at 1:00pm for the Homecoming Parade!
  • CJSF Donation Drive for McHenry House begins Monday 9/16/19 and ends on 9/23. Flier with a list of wanted items will be sent home
  • Picture Retakes October 8th

CJSF McHenry House Donation Drive Information:

8th Grade Duke and Duchess Nominees for Homecoming!

This year we are introducing a new component to our Homecoming festivities. Similar to our high school Homecoming King and Queen, we will have a Duke and Duchess consisting of a boy and girl from 8th grade! Teachers nominated the following students and this week students will vote on the nominees!

Week 6 Top 5 Nest Earners!



Teacher Highlight!

Ms. Greene

This year, 7/8 has the privilege of gaining a new Language Arts teacher: Ms. Greene! The students have been enjoying her class and have nothing but praise and admiration of her.

My name is Ms Greene, I grew up here in Tracy my entire life and went to West High. After high school I went to Sac State and received my bachelors in English. I am currently going to school for my credentials in Stockton at Teachers College of San Joaquin where I go every Wednesday evening. I am a die hard baseball fan, Go A’s! I also enjoy reading and swimming. I hope to have a great first year of teaching here at Discovery.

Language Arts with Ms. Greene

This week in Language Arts we have been continuing our writing journey with writing introductions. In all classes the introduction from their third writing prompt was due and their had been a tremendous growth in their quality of writing. Students are beginning to excel in creating their own thesis to multiple different types of essays.  

        Along with the introductions, all classes had debates that were focused on articles that were about current events and relations to health and wellness. Students had great arguments and valued each others opinions during the debate. I would like to shout out to 3 students in particular: Honors-Joshua Wlliams, Varsity- Angel Martinez, and Scholastic- Alyssa Garcia.

        On Friday students will be starting to write in their newly created journals for Free Thought Friday. These journals will be used weekly for creative writing prompts in which they will be able to write freely as long as it applies to the topic.

Reminder: Study vocabulary weekly!!

Language Arts with Mrs. Cerezo

This week in Language Arts each student has continued their work on introductions and began their work on body paragraphs. We took notes on what constitutes a well-written body paragraph and began to write our own for this week’s next essay prompt (due Wednesday 9/25).

Classes also continued to practice their oral presentation skills with their weekly Soundbites! The Honors class has begun to work on Soundbites as a competition and Scholastic and Varsity were able to choose their own Soundbite articles to present to the class. They are making headway in their presentation skills and are certainly growing in confidence.

Math with Mrs. Rapp:

This week in D6 varsity is wrapping up the week with dividing decimals. This has been a difficult topic for some students, but perseverance and support has helped us make it through. We have been doing a lot of practice with multiplication facts. This included playing games of war and around the world to help improve our skills. Scholastic is ending the week with application word problems. We are getting close to the end of the unit and will be testing by the end of the week, early next week. Honors took their unit two test and we are anxious to see how they did in comparison to the other geometry classes. It is a good motivation for them to know what other class averages are so that we see where we stand and can continue to improve. Unit 2 has been a lot of fun, with activities and games to review and learn I feel as though this unit test should be better than our last.

Here is a picture of honors in action. This was a segment and angle proof scavenger hunt where students had to find the definitions to words they need to know for our two-column proofs.

Math with Mr. Dhillon

Varsity :- doing unit 2 completed lesson 1 to lesson 8 ( finished quiz1 and quiz 2 )and will be doing lesson 9dividing by 2 and 3 digit divisor

Scholastic :- Doing unit 2  currently doing word problems and review of equation and will have a quiz on thursday.

honors :- completed unit 2 and will start with unit 3 parallel lines and perpendicular lines

Social studies:

Scholastic and Honors classes learned about 7 of the many Roman Emperors of the Roman Empire. Students placed the emperors on their timeline on page 19 and were asked to write down either an achievement and a negative impact of their rule or of the emperor has no negative impacts, then they were to write two achievements. After completing the assignment, students discussed with each other and as a class how each emperor affected the power of Rome: how did he enhance the empire? How did he bring Ancient Rome closer to its downfall? By the end of the week, students also learned about the rise and spread of Christianity in Ancient Rome and how early Christians were persecuted by the Roman Emperors until Constantine declared Christianity the official religion of Ancient Rome. Students next week have their unit test on Ancient Rome next Thursday, September 26th.

Homecoming Parade Wednesday, September 25th, 2019

Here in Discovery, we have chosen Homer and the Iliad/Odyssey as our theme for our float. We decided to go with Homer for two reasons: one, he is considered one of the literary heroes in literature with his two epic poems and two, his books gave the world (especially those in the Science world) insight on how the ancient Greeks took care of their wounded.

Students have already started working hard on our float! Please remember that any student signed up to be part of the parade will need to bring any colored. twin/full-size bedsheet (preferably white) to school on Monday.

Campus Beautification

Mr. Hepner, Ms. Zaca, and all of Discovery staff want to thank each and every one of the 22 students who showed up last Saturday for our very first Discovery Campus Beautification! Students spent the three hours cleaning the eating tables in Discovery and Primary, cleared the baseball and softball field of debris and trash, pulled out any weeds, and helped Mr. Hepner prune the trees and bushes on campus. We are ever so grateful for the dedication our students show towards maintaining our campus and want to thank each and every parent for supporting that drive and motivation in their students. Our next beautification will take place in the end of October (date will be released early in the month).

Technology with Ms. Ferguson

Technology is currently working through a unit on effective internet searches and reliable online resources.  The students are creating a newsletter in Google Docs on their favorite news company/outlet. Some examples include ESPN, E! News, NBC News, and BBC News.  Following this assignment, we are going to discuss whether or not their websites contain accurate information and how to know if they do not.

Check out this picture of one of the 5/6 students presenting last week’s Digital Media project!

Art with Ms. Losen

This week in art…

We created animal-hybrid illustrations and presented our “scientific findings” to the class. We also started our filmmaking module, diving into genre, loglines, and group movie pitches.

Spanish with Ms. Polo

For these next 2 weeks look for Worksheets Abeja and Ballena in your student’s folders/notebooks. There are 30 words/phrases they are responsible for. Those are highlighted. They should be able to read both aloud as we will have an oral quiz next week on reading A or B. They will be graded on pronunciation. We practice this every class. We will also begin Spanish Bee which is 25 commands/questions plus the 5 questions we use daily in class that will be written in their notebooks. Ex. Can I go to the bathroom (in Spanish)

Mr. Harding’s HR my Mon/Wed class in D9 is the last class to take examen #1. That will be this Thurs. We reviewed last Thurs.and we will be reviewing today Tuesday 9.17 as well. They should study in workroom tomorrow!





Millennium High School

THIS WEEK AT MHS-  Physical Education:

PE has gotten off to a fun start! The classes started off collaborating with one another to accomplish common goals. We met new people, learned to accept differences and how to create a safe learning environment.

During fitness we were able to introduce new equipment and learn about the 5 health related fitness components.  

PE is currently learning the skills and strategies of pickleball and volleyball.


Homecoming Week Schedule

Monday 9/23 – Xtreme Nest Colors!

HOCO Rally & Royalty Reveal @ 10AM (MHS Blacktop)

Powderpuff Game @ 7PM (West High, $7/$5)

Tuesday 9/24 – Salute the Troops! (R,w&b/Camo/Armed Services)

Wednesday 9/25 – Hero Day! (Support your nest theme)

HOCO Parade @ 3PM, Downtown Tracy (Float set up @2)

Thursday 9/26 – Super Squad Day! (Match your crew)

Friday 9/27 – Xtreme Black and Gold!

HOCO Game JV @ 5PM, Varsity @ 7PM, Tracy High

HOCO Dance after game* (MHS Gym, FREE)

*No admittance until game is over. Guests from other schools *must* have pass to be admitted.

Homecoming Notes

  • Royalty votes were received from students, then tallied. Royalty will be revealed Monday during our rally!
  • If you plan to bring a guest to the HOCO Dance on 9/27 after the game, you must obtain a Guest Pass from Miss Lamanna in the Activities Office (next to the counselors’ office). Guests will not be admitted if their guest pass has not been submitted to Miss Lamanna by 9/26.
  • We are just a few days away from our annual Homecoming Parade! Students should be helping with their nest’s floats, but remember to prioritize academics.


We have placed our first major spirit wear order in seven years! Just in time for homecoming, get geared up in the latest style! You can purchase from the Activities Offices or at our monthly Student Stores. Gear will also be sold at our athletic games throughout the year.

Junior Kaelyn Cook models our rainbow tie-dye long-sleeved shirt and our white bucket hat.

Peregrine Hannah Verhoek shows her Falcon spirit with our black bucket hat.

Anton Souza, Junior, displays our Millennium Falcons classic kangaroo pocket hoodie with liquid gold ink lettering.

Peregrine Margaret Fagbolu and Kestrel Shika Acolatse model our embroidered beanie, embroidered bucket hat, and short-sleeved tie-dyed old-school “Flying M” logo shirts.

Kailey Galli, Junior, shines with Falcon pride in our new long sleeved chest/back combo logo shirt, just in time for Fall weather!

The back of our chest/back logo combo shirt.

Shika Acolatse, Saker, sports our super-soft white crewneck chest/back-logo sweatshirt and fanny pack (can be worn cross-body or kangaroo style!) with black bucket hat.

This year we have a lot of new styles and designs to choose from — some pictured — and many more! Bucket hats, fanny packs, lanyards, hydro-flask style water bottles, long and short sleeve t-shirts, crew sweatshirts, hoodies, and more in myriad colors and sizes… you don’t want to miss the first major spirit wear order in seven years, so come check out our must-have Falcon spirit wear at our Student Store next week!

Prices – Athletic Gear

Cotton Tees –        $10

Dri-Fit        –         $15

Socks         –        $15

Blankets –        $20

Hats         –        $25

Hoodies –        $30

Prices – Spirit Wear

Lanyards –        $10

S/s tees –        $15

Fanny Packs –        $15

Water bottle –         $20

Bucket Hats –        $20

Beanies –        $20

S/s tie-dye –        $20

L/s tees –        $20

L/s tie-dye –        $25

Crew swtshrt –        $30

Hoodies –        $35

Leadership has also designed limited-edition “MHS INFLUENCER” shirts that will be available for pre-order with payment of $25!


Academic Competition Club, which encompasses Speech and Debate, Mock Trial, and Academic Decathlon, will be offered at both lunches on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning next week. First lunch will meet in Room 107, second lunch will meet in room 108. These exciting competition-based clubs prepare students for the challenges of college and look terrific on your resume, as well as helping you build team and communication skills. Get in touch with Miss L if you have any questions!

Chess Club will begin this week meeting Tuesdays in Room 302, Mr. Copass’s room.


Fall semester interns have already completed a month of their internship! There are currently 66 seniors participating in their Senior Internship experience.  Spring semester interns will begin the interviewing and placement process in the next few weeks. If you know of a business interested in offering an internship opportunity, please contact Mrs. Schaffran at  The Senior Internship Program is a 5 credit graduation requirement in which students fulfill a 10 hour a week unpaid internship in the community or on campus. Each week, a seminar class meets and covers the 21st Century Skills curriculum introducing young adults to the world of work.

Thank you to the businesses in the community that currently have interns this semester in support of our program:

Amigo Tires and Brakes

Astoria Gardens

Boys and Girls Club Central School

Boys and Girls Club Monte Vista Clubhouse

Boys and Girls Club North School

City of Tracy Channel 26 – Media Services

City of Tracy Department of Engineering Services

City of Tracy Parks & Recreation

Grand Theatre Center for the Arts

Great Beginnings Preschool

In Shape Club

In Shape Fit Club

In Shape Sport Club

Main Street Music

MHS Sport Management

Millennium High Film Production

Networks By Design, Inc.

Patel, Pulliam, and Hubli Medical

Primary Charter School

Reich’s Pharmacy

San Joaquin County Sheriff Explorer Program

San Joaquin County Worknet Center

Skyview Aviation

Sutter Tracy Community Hospital – Child Birthing Center

Sutter Tracy Community Hospital – Physical Therapy Department

Sutter Tracy Community Hospital – Same Day Surgery

Sutter Tracy Community Hospital – Wound Care

SweetArts Bakery

The Dugout

The Flower Pavilion

The Tracy Press

TLC Technology Department

Tracy Chamber of Commerce

Tracy Chiropractic

Tracy Learning Center – Maintenance/Operations

Tri Valley Orthopedic Specialists

VBR Children and Family Services

VCA Old River Animal Hospital

Versaille Salon

Pictures from our previous Spring 2019 internships

Sutter Tracy Physical Therapy            Reichs Pharmacy                    Boys and Girls Club


PSAT (Preliminary SAT) is scheduled for Wed October 30th – We are now taking registrations  –  The cost is $18 per student (Cash or Check – no refunds available) and will be from 7:30am – 11:45am in the Gym. The PSAT is a great practice tool for the actual test. All students can sign up in the counseling office. A practice booklet will be given upon registering. Space is limited.

FREE SAT/ACT Practice Test: If you want to practice for the SAT, the Tracy Library is offering: SAT/ACT Practice Test, Saturday, September 14, 2019, 10:00am. Registration required (in person, by phone 866-805-7323, or online)

Tutors for all subjects needed!!!

We are looking for high school students that are interested in tutoring various subjects including math, history, science, and spanish. Paid opportunities are also available. If interested, students can visit the Millennium High School counseling office to pick up a tutor application.

Scholarship Expo for Spanish Speaking Families

Silicon Valley

STEM College and Career Fair


Sunday, Oct. 6  |  1 p.m. – 4 p.m.



Free and open to the public, the fair is for college-bound students interested in college majors and careers in engineering, medicine, computer science, and other STEM fields.

Students will meet face-to-face with hundreds of college representatives and industry professionals — all in one place. They’ll get their questions answered about majors, degree programs, campus visits, internships, scholarships, financial aid, and much more. Plus, they can take advantage of STEMinars on topics such as writing a winning college essay and standing out in the admission process.


Interested in donating to the Athletics program?  Here are 2 great opportunities!  If you would like to help us purchase new equipment for the weight room we hope to have open by winter, you may donate here (We are just $7,000 shy of our $20,000 starting goal!!):

Weekly Schedule (Girls Volleyball, Cross Country and Football): 

Friday 9/20- Varsity football @ Brookside Christian, played @ St. Mary’s High, 6pm kick-off

Saturday 9/21- Frosh Girls Volleyball @ Stockton Classic Tournament

Sunday 9/22- 5th Annual Millennium Athletics Golf Tournament (Tracy Golf & Country Club)

Thursday 9/26- JV/V Girls Volleyball @ Venture Academy (5/6pm)

Friday 9/27- HOMECOMING:  JV/V Football vs Delta Charter @ Tracy High (5/7:30pm)

Saturday 9/28- Frosh Girls Volleyball @ Orestimba Tournament

Sports Scores from 9/13-9/19/19:

JV Football:  Falcons 26, Riverbank 0

Varsity Football:  Falcons 41, Riverbank 13

Varsity Girls Volleyball:  Falcons 3, Brookside Christian 0

Falcons 0, Stone Ridge Christian 3

JV Girls Volleyball:  Falcons 1, Stone Ridge Christian 2

Cross Country:  Carson Edwards placed 1st overall at the Stockton Soccer Complex Monday w/a PR of 16:55!!  Christian Lavagetto and Aiden Dowell also PR’d finishing 8th and 9th.  Arianna Billings finished in 6th for the girls.  Way to go Falcons!

Members of the football team came out to support Lady Falcons Volleyball last night

Falcons Football got some airtime on Fox40 on 2 different occasions… Check them out!  (Fox40 had a field day w/Star Wars references…)

Aug. 30 out at Rio Vista:

Sept. 19 (Beginning at 1:55):

Meet The Coaches!

  My name is Lucy Bengson. My mom named me after the famous show “I Love Lucy”.  I come from a sport oriented family. My Dad and my Aunt, competed in the summer Olympics in Helsinki representing my home country, Venezuela. My Dad ran the 110 meter hurdles, and my Aunt threw the Javelin. Years later, both of them represented Venezuela in the PanAmerican games in basketball. Both, my Dad and my Aunt, have been inducted into the Venezuelan Sports Hall of Fame. My siblings have also won trophies and medals in several sports, such as track and field, motocross, tennis, and BMX.

I played several sports when I was very young, such as softball, swimming, and soccer. I even tried ballet for a year, but the coach told my mom that I was too tall for it. I then started playing basketball when I was nine years old. I continued playing this sport until I graduated from Universidad de Carabobo, in Chemical Engineering. I represented the national team (in Venezuela) for one year. After that, I joined a volleyball club for female engineers in my home state, and I continuously played for another 15 years.

When I am not involved with school, I keep myself busy with one of my preferred hobbies, art. I have taken workshops from well known artists throughout the country. I have learned how to paint in several media, and have entered my pieces in a number of art shows in the valley. I also enjoy knitting and crocheting.

This is my second year as a volleyball coach, but my first at Millennium. I decided to coach, because I feel the need to give back, and transfer my knowledge and experience to my players. I will also try to become an assistant coach in basketball soon. My goals as a coach are to keep my players motivated, to build confidence in themselves, to support my players during games and at practice. I want to be approachable and fair with my players, and to instill a sense of pride and discipline in them. I want to be there for them, and to be a good role model.

I believe that my athletic program can contribute to the positive growth and development of my players, by my modeling the following:

Being on time for practice and games

Noticing, commending, and rewarding my players for positive behaviors and outcomes

Being respectful to all people that interact with me

Promoting a non-threatening environment by keeping the doors of communication open, and addressing the student’s flaws and needs with respect and dignity

For donations towards Millennium Athletics in general, you can go here:

Follow Millennium Athletics on Social Media:  

-Instagram- @Millennium_Athletics

-Twitter- @MHS_Falcons


We appreciate your continued support!  FALCON PRIDE!!

Fall 2019 – Homework Support Schedule Millennium High School students can receive additional help with their homework during the following days/times. Please see schedule below:

Fieldtrip: UC Santa Cruz – Friday November 8, 2019

Millennium High School students will be visiting the UC Santa Cruz campus on November 8, 2019. The field trip is only currently open to Seniors and Juniors. Anyone interested in attending can pick up a permission slip in the MHS Counseling office. For questions, please contact MHS Counseling at (209) 627-8299 or email:

Fieldtrip: Construction Trades Fair and San Joaquin Delta College

Twenty-nine Millennium High School students visited the 14th annual Construction Trades Fair and San Joaquin Delta College last Friday September 13, 2019. Students were able to get hands on experience at the Construction Trades Fair and visited three different departments at San Joaquin Delta College, which included Electron Microscopy, Nursing, and Automotive department tours.