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A weekly newsletter written to parents of the TLC

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. Bullying is a serious matter that cannot be taken lightly.  Continuous bullying behavior can often leave long-term effects such as loss of self-esteem, increased anxiety, and depression for those who are victims.  There are many ways to help eradicate bullying in a school setting.  First and foremost is helping all students realize the importance of respect.  Often it is helping students realize that things they say can be hurtful and why.  Teachers need to be watchful and listen during recess and playtime.  Students need to feel empowered to speak up ( not by tattling) but why calmly and strongly stating when something is bothering them.  Teachers can facilitate this and bring the concern to a resolution before it is out of hand.

Often at the end of the day when a child is riding home with a parent, the child can share things that may not have gone well with the day.  It is important to notice patterns.  If a student continually talks about a student who is bothering him or her, the parent should contact the teacher to bring some resolution to the issue.  We have several of these kinds of meetings during the school year and they do help.  We want to be known as a safe school.  We want children to feel happy and safe here.  Learning is best accomplished when schools provide a circle of safety for everyone.

I applaud the student, Celina Lopez, who hung up posters on classroom doors suggesting ways we can help make others feel good.  They listed several ideas in a tear-off fringe at the end of the poster.  Students are encouraged to take one and put it into action.  

The opposite of bullying is building up others.  We can all do that.

 PICTURE Retake Day for All Schools

Tuesday, Oct. 8, 2019

Flyers and order forms are available in the office for those students who were absent on Picture Day or for those students doing retakes (bring previous pictures in if you are doing retakes on Picture Day).        

Hearing Van

The hearing van will be testing hearing the morning of October 17, 2019. Students who will be tested are all K, 1st, 2nd, 5th,  8th and 10th-grade students.

Next School Holiday

Monday, Nov. 11, 2019

Personal Days for Next School Year 2019/2020

VERY IMPORTANT CHANGE for our upcoming 2019/2020 school year Beginning August 5, 2019, we are reducing personal/family days for students from 10 days down to 7 days. Allowing 7 days is still much higher than what the district schools allow and we feel 7 days is more beneficial for the school and for each students’ education.

Lunch Menu Week of Oct. 7 – 11

Mon – Pizza

Tues – Beef Tostada

Wed – Chicken Corn Dog

Thurs – Beef Gravy and Mashed Potatoes

Fri – Beef Hot Dog     



This week in TK we learned all about our anatomy!

We started off the week learning about all our body parts.  The students danced using all their parts and had a great time.

We continued learning about the heart, lungs, and brain.  They practiced bringing their heart rate up by exercising and then slowing it down.  Whew!!

Next, they learned about bone and muscles.  Flex those muscles!

We tied up the week creating an anatomy diagram showing all of our parts!

Initial Phase

Check out the three different Scholastic Let’s Find Out magazines in your child’s folder! We focused on character building for social studies this week. We talked about what sharing means, how to be a good friend, and revisited school rules. You can login to the website from the informational sheet previously sent home to watch the videos and play the games that go along with each magazine.

Happy first days of fall! It looks like we will have our first bit of cooler weather next week, which means students will be coming to school with sweatshirts. Be sure to write your student’s name in their jacket.

The preschool health fair is this Saturday from 9:00-1:00!

Phase One:

Each classroom had its very first AR party! New AR goals will be sent home in Red folders on Monday. If you have any questions about AR and your child’s goal or reading level please feel free to email the teachers and we would love to help you out. Please encourage your students to read at least 2 books a week and take a quiz on them.

The students were able to share their ancestry projects they completed at home. It was really fun to hear about each students’ family and how they came to America. The pictures were a big HIT and added a personal touch. Great job! We will be starting our new unit in Social Studies next week.

Phase Two:

This week our phase 2 students enjoyed an amazing animal show from Cruzin Critters! We saw mammals like chinchillas and even a giant python! The blue and gold macaw was beautiful and loud! The teachers even got to hold an owl. Thank you to the parents who donated toward this event.

Last month our 4th grade leadership students were very busy making friendship bracelets to sell. After two busy days of sales they raised over $325 to donate to the MHS weight room!!

Great job!

Discovery Middle School 5-6

Upcoming ⅚ Dates:

October 8th: Picture Day Retakes

October 7th-17th: Pie Fundraiser (More info coming soon!)

Our Top 5 Nest Point Earners for the week! Way to go Falcons!!!

Peregrine’s Top 5:

Kestrel’s Top 5:

Saker’s Top 5:

Amur’s Top 5:

Mrs. Zuniga/Mrs. Bengson’s Math:.

Varsity: Our class working on adding/subtracting decimals. Students did an activity of working in a restaurant as well as being customers in class. We had waiters and waitresses taking customer orders and used play money to practice adding/subtracting decimals.

Scholastic: Our class has begun division of decimals this week. Students started off with dividing decimals by whole numbers and now we are moving to dividing whole numbers by decimals. We will be doing a lot of practice with division these next two weeks.

Honors: Students finished up our first unit and have begun unit 2. They are learning math vocabulary at the moment especially for the four operations. Students are learning all the different ways equations can be expressed in words and translating them to numbers and variables.

Mrs. Nijjar’s Math:

Varsity: In this week students reviewed multiplication strategies by playing games like “Kaboom” and “I have..Who has?”. Students took the quiz for the second unit and performed at the class average of 87%. In the coming weeks, students will be reviewing their division facts and learning more about the magic of dividing and multiplying the numbers by multiples of 10.

Multiplication: The students should be practicing multiplication facts at home whenever possible. I have provided each student with a multiplication chart.

Scholastic: In this week students learned to solve word problems by drawing visual models. In addition, they also learned about estimating products for whole numbers and decimal numbers along with getting introduced to the strategy of multiplying decimals by using a 10×10 grid. In the coming weeks, students will be learning about different strategies to divide whole numbers and decimal numbers.

Multiplication: The students should be practicing multiplication facts at home whenever possible.

Honors:  In this week students learned about solving multi-step equation using the Distributive property, proportions, properties of equality, and isolating the variables. The students took the first quiz of the second unit. In the coming weeks, students will be learning to solve algebraic expressions involving absolute values.

Ms. Rodieck’s Language Arts and Humanities

Last week, Varsity finished up Love That Dog.  This week, they started their Fever 1793 Unit.  We will be learning context clues and how to use them.  We will also be looking closely at the main character and how she survives the fever.

Scholastic and Honors are moving along with both the novel and Diagramming.  Below are some pictures of diagramming at the board.  For Humanities, they will be working on an essay answering the question What is real Music?  They will also be studying for the first unit test in Humanities.

Language Arts with Mr. Harding

We are finished with our first whole class novel, Love That Dog.  We will begin a new reading unit, based on the book, Fever, 1793. We will focus on increasing our reading automaticity through rigorous practice. The novel will present many opportunities to write as well. Based on the reaction from 7th and 8th grade, our 5th and 6th graders should love it.

We will work on improving our writing skills through shorter, more focused responses. We will continue analyzing sentences by diagraming, but we will also spend time with syntax and other ways of breaking down and constructing meaning. The writing was good at the beginning of the year (thank you parents and teachers), but I am further encouraged by the improvements that have already been made. I look forward to a great year of improving all of our skills, while we read some pretty good stories and articles.

Social Studies with Mr. Bird and Mr. McCarthy

This past week in social studies, students in Honors finished their lesson on the rise of Sumerian city-states. They learned about the different geographic challenges the Sumerians faced and the solutions they used to solve these problems. Students created a real estate advertisements to attract people to their own city-state – see pictures below of some fantastic examples:

Students then started their new lesson on ancient Sumer. They started this lesson by identifying the different characteristics that make up a civilization. Students worked together to complete a spoke diagram with these characteristics. We then had students engaged in the lesson by having random students come up to the whiteboard to list and share with the class one of these characteristics of civilizations – see picture below of students working together on this activity!

For ancient Sumer, students are working on a group poster project to then do a Gallery Walk activity on Friday. This activity will allow students to work in pairs, or independently, to discover if Sumer should be classified as a civilization.

Scholastic and Varsity students are continuing work in their interactive notebooks. They are also learning about Sumerian city-states. This week, students in Scholastic and Varsity are creating digital brochures on Mesopotamia. These brochures are on Google Classroom and a few students shared theirs with the class. We have been very impressed with their creativity and knowledge of Mesopotamia!

Next week, all classes will have a unit test on Mesopotamia. We are planning for the unit test to be on Thursday, October 10, but may be moved to Friday, the 11th. We will post updates on Google Classroom. All students are taking home their notebooks or folders to study. We will have a study guide and play review games early next week to prepare for the unit test.

Science with Ms. Diaz:

Greetings scientists! 

A job well done to all students as they’ve just completed the rigors of test #2. This week we’ve all put our heads together to think about what electricity is and how we use it in our everyday lives. Groups made posters showing a scene where electricity is used and will present them to the class next week. I’m sure the presentations will be quite en”light”ening. Please don’t forget to check Google classroom regularly with your student. In addition to announcements, assignments and PDFs of class handouts, I have started posting the daily agendas, so if your student is absent, you may see what they missed.

Google classroom:

Hon/Scholastic code→ jp9wlua

Varsity code→ 8d4s9b

Next week we’ll learn how to light a bulb by experimenting with circuits.

Last but not least, come one and come all to check out the DCS science blog site at: Read all about Ferrofluid (Jia Camacho) and The Most Dangerous Spider in the World (Katelyn Hellman). Prepare to be SCIENCED!

Awesomely, interesting announcements:

  • Mission to Mars—> registrations have been made and deposits paid…we launch for our Mission in t-minus 6 months. The date for the next parent meeting will be posted soon.
  • The Rube Goldberg competition tryouts have been postponed, but students have submitted their group entry information and new dates will be given next week. If you have never heard of a Rube Goldberg Machine, check this out and prepare to be amused:

Stay curious & keep exploring!!!

Discovery Middle School 7-8

  • Picture Retakes October 8th
  • Pie Fundraiser begins Oct 7th (more info to come!)

Week 8 Top 5 Nest Earners!

Friday Homeroom Games Challenge:

Every Friday one student from each homeroom participates in a game at Unity! Here is a look at last week’s game:

Language Arts with Ms. Greene

                This week we are quickly coming to the climax of the story of Fever 1793. In all classes, students learned about the 12 Stages of a Hero’s Journey. In Varsity and Scholastic, they identified Matilda’s stages of her heroic journey and made timelines. In Honors, the students read the short story, “The Most Dangerous Game” and identified the stages throughout the story. The students learned that most Disney heroes follow these stages in the movies.

        The students have been assigned the project focused on the book, the students will be researching an epidemic of their choice and will be creating a poster, powerpoint or display of their choice to present the epidemic. Students will be given time in class to do their project.

        In Honors, students are steadily moving along with writing the introduction and body paragraphs and we are focused on creating hooks and smooth transitioning bridges. In Varsity and Scholastic, their goal for this essay is to create an essay without saying “I” and to include a quote as their hook with a smooth transitioning sentence to introduce the book.

        There is a heavy focus among the students to study for vocabulary for both week 8 and 9, and to be able to diagram a sentence with a prepositional phrase; Honors it is to diagram a sentence with a direct object and a coordinating conjunction.

Reminder: Essay due 10/9  

Reminder: Study vocabulary weekly!!

Language Arts with Mrs. Cerezo

All classes are getting closer to finishing our first in class novel! We have begun to chart the protagonist’s journey throughout the novel and how she has ungone changes both physically and in her character to become the hero of the story. Each class took a look at what it means to be a ‘hero’ in a story and learned that there are 12 steps to a Heroes Journey.

Furthermore, classes have been assigned another essay assignment (introduction and first body paragraph only) where they will compare and contrast the differences between a teenager in the late 1700’s and today. This essay is due next week when we will continue to meet with students to discuss potential improvements.

Finally, all classes have been assigned a project related to the book where they will research and design a presentation to describe an epidemic in history! We will be working on this in class and it will be homework for the Honors and Scholastic classes.

Math with Mr. Dhillon

Varsity :- unit 2 completed( lesson 1 to lesson 15) doing review for all the lesson and then unit test 2.

Scholastic :-  unit 2  completed doing review and will do unit 2 test.

honors :-  unit 3 completed  . (parallel and perpendicular lines) doing quiz 3.3 and then review of unit 3 and unit 3 test

Math with Mrs. Rapp

Varsity will be wrapping up unit 2 and end the week with a unit test. Last week we explored division using a variety of models and activities.

Scholastic will finish the last section of unit 2 and be taking a quiz. Continuing with a variety of review activities to get us ready for unit 3.

In Honors we will be unit 3 testing early in the week and then start unit 4.

All 7th and 8th graders will be assigned their first semester SWO this week. As well as doing one round of state interim testing to get ready for state testing.

Campus Beautification

Mr. Hepner, Ms. Zaca, and all of Discovery staff want to thank each and every one of the 22 students who showed up last Saturday for our very first Discovery Campus Beautification! Students spent the three hours cleaning the eating tables in Discovery and Primary, cleared the baseball and softball field of debris and trash, pulled out any weeds, and helped Mr. Hepner prune the trees and bushes on campus. We are ever so grateful for the dedication our students show towards maintaining our campus and want to thank each and every parent for supporting that drive and motivation in their students. Our next beautification will take place in the end of October (date will be released early in the month).

Music Exploration with Mr. Dougherty:

DCS Music Exploration is in the middle of a pop opera project. This means that each class will

  1. Create, compose, and perform the music and story for a class pop opera.
  2. Decide on a setting, theme, and plot for the pop opera.
  3. Complete the lyrics and melody for five partially written pop opera songs.
  4. Decide on singers, movements, and staging for each song.
  5. Create or find props, costumes, and scenery for the show.
  6. Perform the pop opera in front of a live audience.

So far each class has come up with a very entertaining storyline. We are having a blast. Stay tuned to find out what happens in each of the sagas.

Art with Ms. Losen

This week in art students pitched their movie ideas, showcasing  original loglines, plot summaries, and storyboards. They determined who their target audience was and who their ideal cast would be. Classes voted on their favorite project and began forming crews and planning shoots for the short film version.

Spanish with Ms. Polo

Finishing up oral testing for absent students

Translating Spanish Bee

Reviewing for test #2 next week. Test is on A Abuja, B ballena and Spanish Bee commands 1-25

Millennium High School



Speech and Debate 

Our first speech and debate tournament of the year was last weekend at Bear Creek High School. 350 students competed from 15 schools across 3 counties, and our Millennium team members gave outstanding performances.

Our complete Falcon wins were:

Kyle Fisher, 6th, Congressional Debate

Giovanna Chukwuma, 5th, Original Advocacy (tied with A. Clepper)

A’Ni Clepper, 5th, Original Advocacy (tied with G. Chukwuma)

Alondra Camarena, 5th, Impromptu

Eli Galvez, 5th, Original Advocacy

Summer Simmons, 4th, Humorous Interpretation

Lilliana Zapien, 4th, Original Advocacy

Shika Acolatse, 4th, Program Oral Interpretation

Christian Silva, 3rd, Congressional Debate

Logan Malsack, 3rd, Impromptu

Ariana Billings, 3rd, Original Advocacy

Kyle Carlos, 2nd, Impromptu (tied with A. Souza)

Anton Souza, 2nd, Impromptu (tied with K. Carlos)

Lucy Lamanna, 2nd, Original Advocacy

Crysuel Cunana, 1st, Original Advocacy

Anton Souza and Lucy Lamanna, 1st, Parliamentary Debate

Nicole Engen, 1st, Big Questions Debate

Nicole Engen, 1st, National Extemporaneous

Our next tournament is October 12th at Mountain House High School — we are always looking for judges! Come see what we’re all about and enjoy free food, coffee, water, and entertainment!


Yearbook sales have opened! Yearbooks are $75. Now is the perfect time to order a 2019-20 yearbook for your student. We look forward to yearbook delivery day, May 15th. Orders are open through April 11th. Click HERE to go to our convenient online order center! Or you may go to and enter code 21362. Senior Dedication ads in the yearbook are available and can include photos alongside a personal message to your son or daughter. There are a limited number of pages available, so act quickly. The deadline to place an ad is 3/15/20. Credit cards accepted! If you have any questions, please direct them to


Interested in donating to the Athletics program?  Here are 2 great opportunities!  If you would like to help us purchase the padded flooring for the weight room we hope to have open by winter, you may donate here (We are just about $10,000 shy of FULL completion!!):

Weekly Schedule (Girls Volleyball, Cross Country and Football): 

Saturday 10/5- XC at Frog Town Invitational

Frosh Girls Volleyball @ Orestimba Tournament

Monday 10/7- XC at MVL Meet (Groveland)

Thursday 10/10- Varsity Girls Volleyball vs Brookside Christian (6pm at West High)

Friday 10/11- Football (JV/V) at Big Valley Christian at 5 and 7:15pm

Girls Volleyball at Turlock Christian (played at Calvary Baptist) at 6/8pm

Saturday 10/12- Girls Varsity Volleyball at Stockton Classic

Sports Scores from 9/27-10/3/19:

Varsity Football:  Falcons 45, Delta Charter 10

JV Football:  Falcons 14, Delta Charter 8

Varsity Girls Volleyball:  Falcons 0, Big Valley Christian 3

Falcons 3, Turlock Christian 1

Falcons 3, Elliot Christian 1

JV Girls Volleyball:  Falcons 2, Big Valley Christian 1

Falcons 2, Turlock Christian 1

Cross Country:  In the 2nd league meet out at Legion Park, the girls team took 1st and the boys team took 2nd.  Carson Edwards finished 3rd overall and Arianna Billings finished 2nd overall for the girls.  

Meet The Coaches!

  Millennium would like to welcome Coach Darlha Canas to the team as we start our first ever JV Boys Soccer team for the upcoming season!   I have coached TYSL for the last 9 years with TYSL. I currently coach competitive U15 soccer girls in which the season will take a break for high school soccer.

I, myself have played soccer since I was eight, at age 10 years old I went into competitive soccer, and then played in JV and Varsity High school, along with College soccer.

I wanted to become a soccer coach for Millennium High School to help grow every player into becoming the best soccer player they can be while having a fun time creating great memories as a team.

Cool Fact: My family went to go see Messi and Ronaldo play against each other in Spain.

For donations towards Millennium Athletics in general, you can go here:

Follow Millennium Athletics on Social Media:  

-Instagram- @Millennium_Athletics

-Twitter- @MHS_Falcons


We appreciate your continued support!  FALCON PRIDE!!

Upcoming Fundraisers for Athletics:

-Pancake Breakfast (Hosted by Girls Soccer) November 2, 2019

-Daddy Daughter Dance: December 14th, 2019

-Mother Son Dance: February 8th, 2020


Last week, counselors visited all senior English 4 classes to discuss current and post high school plans. Important dates and deadlines were covered. Below is the Powerpoint presentation – our goal is stressing the importance of the last and final year in high school.

Below is the link directly to the presentation:

The MHS Interact Club visited T-K last week in honor of Literacy and Reading month with the Rotary International. Here are some pics of our cabinet and a few members in action:

Volunteers Show the Falcon Spirit

Millennium High School students showed the true Falcon Spirit of giving back to the community by volunteering to help at the Tracy City Association Downtown Pumpkin Patch this Wednesday.