TLC Charter Chatter

TLC Charter Chatter


Virginia Stewart

In an article I enjoyed reading recently, I found great tips for good parenting that seem worth sharing.  I hope you find some of the tips helpful.


1. Identify your child’s strengths. You can use them to build your child’s self-esteem, helping to provide the confidence he or she needs to tackle whatever seems difficult. Children will be more willing to listen and understand how to correct adverse behaviors if their dignity is intact.

2. Punishing a child is not as effective as using praise and rewards. Rather than focusing on weaknesses, find ways to assist your child in developing to his or her full potential. When encouraged, children will acquire talents to compensate for any deficiencies.

3. Avoid negative emotional reactions, such as anger, sarcasm, and ridicule. If your child has problems with control, negativity will only make him or her feel worse. Use short and mild suggestions to remind your child to focus, like “P.A.” for “pay attention.”

4. Don’t compare siblings. If a child thinks his or her brother or sister is favored, it can create a rivalry that may last the rest of their lives and cause problems in your family. Make sure your kids know that they are loved equally.

5. Get support if you need it. Life with children is a roller coaster ride. Understanding that there will be negative aspects to child-rearing and getting some professional advice when necessary will help you maintain your sanity and enjoy the experience.

6. Children need positive attention. If they do not receive positive attention from family, they may choose to seek out negative attention. This is because negative attention is still attention, and any attention is better than being ignored. Remember to communicate with your child. Love and care are the greatest healers.

7. Monitor your child’s use of the internet. The stuff kids can access in cyberspace can be dangerous. Get a program that will let you see the web sites they visit and monitor their chats.

8. Accept that life changes when you have a child. Lazy Saturday mornings in bed are replaced by soccer games and recitals. Remember, you still need to make time for each other–date nights and weekend getaways are important for your relationship.

9. Parent by example. Think of your kids as little bipedal copy machines who will mimic everything you do. If you behave badly, you are giving them permission to act in the same ways. Check in with yourself, and don’t lose it in front of the children.

10. Don’t give up on your child, ever! All of your child’s problems can be worked through with humor, goodwill, and perseverance. With proper parental support, even the most troublesome teens can become amazing people.

The mystery of what your children will be and how you can affect that outcome is what family life is all about. Give all you can, keep your cool, and stay in the game. The results and your own joy will surprise and reward you



Next School Holiday

Monday, Nov. 11, 2019



Personal Days for Next School Year 2019/2020

VERY IMPORTANT CHANGE for our upcoming 2019/2020 school year Beginning August 5, 2019, we are reducing personal/family days for students from 10 days down to 7 days. Allowing 7 days is still much higher than what the district schools allow and we feel 7 days is more beneficial for the school and for each students’ education.




Lunch Menu Week of Oct. 21 – 25

Mon – Pizza

Tues – Beef or Bean Burrito

Wed – Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Thurs – Chicken Strips

Fri – Beef Hot Dog



See official rules here.



Scan your receipt on the Box Tops app for a chance to win 5,000 Bonus Box Tops for your school.

Sweepstakes begins 10/01/19 and ends 11/03/19.

entry, visit:

**If you have clipped box tops, please send them in by 10-25-19 to be counted in the first deadline.  






This week in TK we learned all about sink and float!

We started off the week learning about all what causes something to sink or float.  The students were able to see some items sink or float, such as a rock, pencil, feather, penny, and a paper clip.

Next, the students were able to test which fruits sank or float.  Boy, were we surprised when the lemon floated and the blueberry sank.  Wow!

What a treat, the students tested which cookies sank or floated in milk.  Yummy!

The treats keep coming!  They tested which Halloween candies sank or floated.

 Initial Phase

We started our week off with a very fun surprise visit from Mr. Knaus who is a Lieutenant at the Oakland Fire Department. He taught us all about fire safety. We learned what number to call in case of an emergency, why we have smoke alarms, what to do if there is a fire, what firemen wear, and how to stop, drop, and roll. We played fun games and learned a lot! We are so grateful for this experience! Look in your green folder for some information booklets, a scholastic magazine, and a fun firetruck activity. We encouraged P2 students to find smoke alarms in their house and talk to their family about what to do in case of a fire in your home.

Phase One:

Thank you to all the families that participated in the pie fundraiser. Pies will be delivered and ready for pick up on November 25th from 3-5 by the front office.

This week the students in Phase One learned about various US symbols like the bald eagle, Statue of Liberty, American flag and Liberty Bell. Ask your child some facts they learned about those US symbols.

Phase Two:

Thank you to everyone who participated in the pie fundraiser.  Remember, the pie pick up day is NOVEMBER 25th from 3-5 PM.  Pies can be picked up right by the front office.  

Did you know Senora Wharton, our wonderful Spanish teacher, is going to hold our first Spanish spelling bee?!  She is really focusing on writing and spelling Spanish words correctly this year.  A list of words has gone home.  The spelling bee is not mandatory.  We are glad to see that some of our students are really becoming strong in this second language!

Phase 2 students have AR goals that are due in just 2 weeks.  Has your child been reading every night?  Please make sure you sign their AR chart and discuss their progress!  

Discovery Middle School 5-6

Upcoming ⅚ Dates:

October 18th: Haunted High in the gym, 5-6:30pm (kid-friendly) 6:30-10pm (scary), $7

October 28th: DARE Celebration (for 3 classes who will have completed the program)

October 29th: ⅚ Fall/Halloween Dance 4-5pm (permission forms coming soon)

Our Top 5 Nest Point Earners for the week! Way to go Falcons!!!

Peregrine’s Top 5:

Kestrel’s Top 5:

Saker’s Top 5:

Amur’s Top 5:

Mrs. Zuniga/Mrs. Bengson’s Math:

Varsity: Our class has now begun working on Unit 2. Students have been practicing their multiplication facts with on the computer with Quizalize as well as playing war in the classroom. Students will focus on multi-digit multiplication next week.

Scholastic: Our class reviewed using Quizalize on the computers and had fun for unit 2. They finished Unit 2 test and students are now ready to dive into Unit 3. We will be starting off with powers and exponents then focusing on squares and square roots.

Honors: Students finished their first quiz for Unit 2 and did very well. They reviewed using Quizalize on the computers and had fun. We are now looking into exponent rules and operations of monomials.

Mrs. Nijjar’s Math:


In this week, students worked on multi-digit division problems. Students also played games like Multiplication Squares, Connect-4, Kahoot, and Around-the-world to review multiplication and division facts. Students worked on multiplication and division word problems by solving puzzles for a given Hotel Scenario. In addition, students put their best efforts to take the second quiz for Unit-2.


This week students learned Long division to solve division problems having single-digit divisors. Students learned to estimate quotients for division problems involving multi-digit divisors and multi-digit dividends. Learning “Estimating Quotients” strategy later worked as a trick for solving multi-digit division problems.


In this week, students learned to solve Word problems by translating the algebraic terms to equations and solving them. Moreover, this week students reviewed the strategies to solve the Literal equations, Absolute Value equations, algebraic terms, and word problems. Moreover, students are prepared and looking forward to take the second quiz of Unit -2 on Monday.

Ms. Rodieck’s Language Arts and Humanities

The main highlight from this week was the D.A.R.E. Idol competition with the Varsity Group during Language Arts.  Here are the two winning presentations.  They will be performing this at the D.A.R.E. Celebration.

Other important news involves FINALS.

The Unit One Final for Humanities will be Tuesday, October 22nd.  

The Language Arts Final will be Wednesday, October 30th.

Humanities counts for 15% of the total Language Arts and Humanities Grade.  We have not done very many gradable assignments in Humanities in the first Trimester so it is important that students do well on this test.  We have completed a Study Guide and spent time in class studying.  But it helps to review and quiz yourself at home, also.

The Language Arts Final counts for 15% of the overall Grade, also.  We will be studying in class for this test.  I will also be giving the students their quizzes to review and a partial list of all the words they have had this trimester.  These are the things they can use to review at home.

Language Arts with Mr. Harding

We are booking and cooking in ELA 5/6! We have started our new novel unit, Fever, 1793, and the learners are intrinsically interested in the book.  Our activities, including just reading the text, have been met with great enthusiasm. In addition, we are still working on our Greek and Latin roots to expand our lexicon, improving grammar, and learning about total wellness through study of the humanities.

I have created a Google classroom to give all learners and invested partners access to materials and more periodic and detailed updates. Each student has been given and demonstrated access to the Google classroom via their school email. I am confident this tool will help bridge class study and home study.

Social Studies with Mr. Bird and Mr. McCarthy

Our scholars started their third unit this past week and it is on Ancient Egypt! We started our unit by learning about the geography of Egypt. We labeled and colored a map of ancient Egypt after a brief class reading about the land. Please see the picture below of a few fantastic maps from students!

Honors and Scholastic students started learning about the pharaohs of ancient Egypt and their accomplishments. We first learned about the pharaoh Khufu and the Great Pyramid at Giza! After we learn about each pharaoh, students are writing a postcard to a friend or relative to tell them about their visit. The postcards are images in their reading notes packet (which they keep in the social studies folders).

To learn about the White Chapel and pharaoh Senusret I’s accomplishments, students reassembled broken pieces of a carving at the White Chapel. They worked together with their table partners and hypothesized what is depicted in the image (pictured below).

Varsity students are continuing to learn about the two lands of ancient Egypt. They completed an annotated reading, created a timeline of important events, and are learning new power words. They ended the week by learning about the social structure of ancient Egypt.

There will be a quiz next week, which we will announce on Google Classroom. For Honors/Scholastic, it will be on the Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs lesson (what were their accomplishments and how did they do it?). For Varsity, it will be on power words, the two lands of Egypt, social structure, and influential pharaohs.

Science with Ms. Diaz:

Greetings scientists! This week students played detective and were able to find items in the classroom that are conductors of electricity. Prior to this, they took a bag of objects and sorted them into which ones are conductors and which ones aren’t. They learned all about materials that make good conductors and materials that make good insulators and then tested each object to see if it allowed their lightbulb circuit to work. They also learned about safety with electricity and why insulation is important. Our last experiment with this section was to figure out how to create an electromagnet using an insulated wire, a steel nail, a D-cell and paperclips. Of course all the savvy scientists were able to figure it out! Furthermore, we had the tryouts to enter the 5/6th Rube Goldberg competition in December. The winning students will be announced in the next Charter Chatter.

Check out the pictures below of a group’s Rube Goldberg apparatus, students making an electromagnet, and the art wall for science courtesy of the 10th period Varsity 2 students:

Here is a link to watch a video of the amazing apparatus that a tryout group created:

Next week we will venture into the wonderful world of chemistry!

Last but not least, come one and come all to check out the DCS science blog site at: Read all about Poison Dart Frogs (Sophie McCrary), Top 5 Cutest Animals (Chloe Pham), and Top 8 Most Dangerous Scorpions (Brian Mora). Prepare to be SCIENCED!

Awesomely, interesting announcements:

  • The study guide for Test #3 (Magnets and Electricity), which is on Oct. 24th, was passed out this week.
  • The trimester 1 final which will cover material from tests #1-3 will be on Friday, Nov. 1st.
  • Please don’t forget to check Google classroom and/or the science class website regularly with your student.
    Google Classroom Hon/Scholastic code→ jp9wlua
    Google Classroom Varsity code→ 8d4s9b
    Science class website: 

Stay curious & keep exploring!!!

Discovery Middle School 7-8

  • Pie Fundraiser begins Oct 7th and ends Oct. 17th! Students should have brought home fundraiser packets! Pies will be distributed on the 25th.
  • Haunted High is on Oct. 18 4:30-10:00pm
  • 7th/8th Halloween Dance is on Oct. 30th!
  • SWO 1 is due Nov. 1st
  • Community Service hours are due Oct. 31st!

Week 10 Top 5 Nest Earners!

Soccer Intramurals

DCS began their Soccer Intramural games this last week! Students and their self-made teams competed against rivals on Wednesday and Friday. Semi-finals will take place on Monday and Finals will take place Wednesday of this coming week. The winner of 1st lunch will compete against the winner of 2nd lunch on Friday, October 26th. The winning team will receive a trophy and their picture will hang in our new trophy case in our hallway.

Wall Decorating Challenge for September:

September has come and gone and with it another round of wall decorating! September’s theme for our Discovery wall decorating was “Homecoming Heroes”. Students were assigned one wall to decorate according to the theme and connect it with the curriculum in their classroom. This month’s wall winners were Ms. Diaz’s wall and Ms. Dominguez’s wall (decorated by Mr. Harding and Mrs. Cerezo’s homerooms, respectively). Check out the video of students describing their wall and how it connects to their classrooms.

7/8 wall:

5/6 wall:

Music Exploration:

The Story of Us!  – Discovery Music has been busy composing their own musical. Each story came up with a basic plot outline then created lyrics to add to songs to make the songs specific to their story. Each class then had the opportunity to record their songs using Garageband. I have included a sample of a song from one of my classes. This song is about a group of Cheetahs that are too chubby to hunt because they like to lie around eating junk food and play video games.


A Note from Mrs. Cerezo:

In 7th and 8th we have decided to make some changes to our weekly Charter Chatter! In an attempt to be more efficient and to get the most relevant and important information disseminated to all, we have decided to feature a content area/class each week! We will follow this same pattern each week, beginning with this week. Our first week with this new format will feature our ⅞ Language Arts department. Language Arts will share all relevant information for upcoming dates and information for the class.

Language Arts with Ms. Greene

This week in our class we have finally finished reading our first novel Fever 1793. In all classes we have discovered the theme of the book, based on family and health and the students are able to show the relationship between our Pentathlon theme of Health and Wellness and the novel.

        We have started a new unit on poetry and exploring figurative language in different poems. On Thursday, we did a Poetry escape room where students had to use their knowledge of figurative language and decoding to solve the different tasks.

        To prepare the students for the upcoming final we have started to review. This week we reviewed all of the Humanities notes that we have covered so far in class, this includes health, music genres and different elements of music.

        This week we will hopefully start our new novel Frankenstien.

Final 10/30

Parent Teacher Conferences 11/12

Reminder: Study vocabulary weekly!!

Language Arts with Mrs. Cerezo

This week and month in Language Arts will be dedicated to Frankenstein, our second class novel. This week students completed their presentations to close out our work with Fever 1793 and we began our introduction to Dr. Frankenstein and his monster.

Along with that each class has reviewed figurative language and learned some new poetic devices. We read and analyzed two poems and located myriad examples of figurative examples within. A discussion ensued to explain how poets use poetic devices to get their point across.

This week also our classes used our knew knowledge of poetic devices to work their way through a series of clues to complete an Escape Room–poetry style. This activity proved to be a lot of fun! (Pictured below).

Looking forward students will take their first trimester final on Oct. 30th! Students must also finish their own books by Oct. 24th in order to complete a book report activity that will be presented to the class.

Parent Teacher Conferences are the week of November 11th.

Campus Beautification

The next Campus Beautification Day will take place on October 26th! Be sure that students who wish to attend/participate turn in their permission slips.

Millennium High School

Congratulations to all of the Millennium students who earned 4.0’s for first quarter!

This morning we celebrated these students at Unity.  All students who earned a 4.0 for first quarter were entered into a drawing for either a $10 Barista’s gift card or a $15 T4 gift card.  Our lucky winners are pictured below.

Back: Omeid Nadery, 11th, Jeremy Adams, 11th, Vivek Cherian, 9th

Front: Mackenzie Ardenyi, 12th; Zeenat Enterar, 11th


Speech and Debate 

It was a long, challenging Saturday on October 12th for the Falcon Speech and Debate team this weekend, with 430 students from 16 schools competing. At the end of the day, here are the TLC students who placed in the top ten at our most difficult tournament of the year so far.

  • Grace Bhatia, 9th, Varsity National Extemporaneous
  • Anthony Rhead, 9th, Varsity Impromptu
  • Anthony Rhead, 8th, Varsity Congressional Debate
  • Alondra Camarena, 7th,* Novice Impromptu
  • Scott Malsack, 7th,*  Novice Impromptu
  • Anton Souza, 7th,* Novice Impromptu
  • Grace Bhatia, 6th, Varsity Impromptu
  • Giovanna Chukwuma, 6th, JV Original Advocacy
  • Karina Linarez, 6th, JV Original Oratory
  • Shika Acolatse, 5th, Open Original Prose and Poetry
  • Shika Acolatse, 5th, Open Thematic Interpretation
  • Nicolas Osborn, 5th,* JV Impromptu
  • Logan Malsack, 5th,* JV Impromptu
  • Bianca Villaflor, 5th,* JV Impromptu
  • Lucy Lamanna, 4th,* JV Original Advocacy
  • Lilliana Zapien, 4th,* JV Original Advocacy
  • Nicole Engen, 4th, Open National Extemporaneous
  • A’Ni Clepper, 3rd, JV Original Advocacy
  • Christian Silva, 3rd, Varsity Congressional Debate
  • Lucy Lamanna & Anton Souza, 2nd,* JV Parliamentary Debate
  • Summer Summons & Lilliana Zapien, 2nd,* JV Parliamentary Debate
  • Grace Bhatia, 2nd, Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Debate
  • Alondra Camarena & Logan Malsack, 1st, JV Parliamentary Debate
  • Crysuel Cunanan, 1st, JV Original Advocacy
  • Nicole Engen, 1st, Varsity Big Questions Debate
  • Danica Knowlden, 1st, JV Dramatic Interpretation
  • Anahi Rodriguez, 1st, JV Impromptu
  • Summer Simmons, 1st, JV Humorous Interpretation


At 31 top 10 and 22 top 5 wins, this was the most winning tournament in our five-year span! It has put us in the top 5 in our district, which has 25 active schools (large and small alike, all one league) and goes from Lodi to the north, Atwater to the south, Sonora to the east, and Mountain House to the west.

We also have 8 students who have rocketed into the top 100 students in our district (out of ~700 active competitors in our district). They are:

  • 98th Anton Souza
  • 93rd Lucy Lamanna
  • 85th Hannah Reyes
  • 57th Anthony Rhead
  • 30th Christian Silva
  • 12th Shika Acolatse
  • 9th Grace Bhatia
  • 7th Nicole Engen

If you would like to see our Falcon winners blow you away as they move further up into the top 10, we have several upcoming tournaments we could use judges and assistance with!

  • Our next regular league tournament is 11/9 in Buhach Colony. Judges get free coffee, food, and entertainment all day. We are obligated to bring 1 judge for every 6 entries we have, and, as you can see, we have a lot of entries. TLC community support would be welcome!
  • We have a Girls’ Only tournament in Mountain House on 11/16. We would love to see some moms, aunties, and best friends out there judging.
  • We have a league tournament 12/7 at Modesto High in Modesto. We can use help with judges throughout the day!
  • Contact Miss Lamanna,, if you are able to help! : )


Current travelers and parents, we have a trip meeting Wednesday, October 23rd, at 6:30PM in Mr. Young’s room, 304. Please plan to attend! This meeting is for travelers on the current trip (Spring 2020) only.


Yearbook sales have opened! Yearbooks are $75. Now is the perfect time to order a 2019-20 yearbook for your student. We look forward to yearbook delivery day, May 15th. Orders are open through April 11th. Click HERE to go to our convenient online order center! Or you may go to and enter code 21362. You may also pay by cash, check, or card in the front office or by contacting Miss Lamanna,

Senior Dedication ads in the yearbook are available and can include photos alongside a personal message to your son, daughter, or teammate. There are a limited number of pages available, so act quickly. The deadline to place an ad is 3/15/20. Credit cards accepted! If you have any questions, please direct them to


Interested in donating to the Athletics program?  Here are 2 great opportunities!  If you would like to help us purchase the padded flooring for the weight room we hope to have open by winter, you may donate here (We are just about $10,000 shy of FULL completion!!):

Weekly Schedule (Girls Volleyball, Cross Country and Football): 

Saturday 10/19- Football (JV/V) at West High vs Miramonte (5/7:30pm)

Tuesday 10/22- Girls Volleyball (F) vs Linden and (JV/V) vs Venture Academy at West High (4/5/6pm)… SENIOR NIGHT!

Thursday 10/24- XC at Eagal Lakes, CCAA League Championship, 4pm

Friday 10/25- V Football vs Immanuel at Tracy High, 7pm SENIOR NIGHT

Sports Scores from 10/10-10/16/19:

Varsity Girls Volleyball:  Falcons 3, Brookside Christian 0

Falcons 0, Stone Ridge Christian 3

Falcons 0, Big Valley Christian 3

JV Girls Volleyball:  Falcons 1, Stone Ridge Christian 2

Falcons 2, Big Valley Christian 0

Varsity Football:  Falcons 7, Big Valley Christian 55

JV Football:  Falcons 14, Big Valley Christian 14

Meet The Coaches!

  My name is Coach KV and I am in my 11th year coaching here at MHS! I coached girls basketball for two, helped out with softball for 3 and am currently in my 9th year coaching with the boys basketball program. I choose to coach basketball because I love the sport and I love the kids. My goals as a coach are to not only develop the players individual sport specific skills, but to develop responsible young men. To teach them the importance of being a student first, athlete second. I hope to instill the values of dedication, commitment, integrity and the importance of being punctual.

For donations towards Millennium Athletics in general, you can go here:

Follow Millennium Athletics on Social Media:  

-Instagram- @Millennium_Athletics

-Twitter- @MHS_Falcons


We appreciate your continued support!  FALCON PRIDE!!

Upcoming Fundraisers for Athletics:

-Pancake Breakfast (Hosted by Girls Soccer) November 2, 2019

-Daddy Daughter Dance: December 14th, 2019

-Mother Son Dance: February 8th, 2020



Spring College Early Start:  The process has begun!  College Early Start Info meetings were held on Thursday – we had a great turnout including three parents!  Next Steps:  Counselors are holding Delta application workshops for College Early Start students on Monday, October 21st – 12:15 in Room 102, and 1:15 in Room 105.  Students should bring their Social Security Number.  Later in the week, students should check their email to look for a Temporary User ID and Password in order to log into their Delta account and retrieve their Delta ID number.  Please see our website for more details:

Our deadline for College Early Start forms is Monday, November 4th.  Students who do not complete all steps before then, OR do not submit their forms by 11/4, will not be permitted to take a Delta class this spring.

Next Week is Make a Difference Week!:  From October 21st to the 25th, our California Scholarship Federation chapter (CSF) will be hosting a Sabotage Coin Drive to benefit McHenry House.  Our four nests will compete with each other by placing change in one of the four jars to gain the highest score…pennies will add to a nest’s score, and silver change and bills will subtract from a nest’s score.  Whichever nest has the most points at the end of the week will receive a set amount of nest points!  It is a friendly competition for a great cause – all funds raised will go to McHenry House.  So Falcons, please start gathering your pennies!



Economics: Since the last charter chatter Economic students have taken a very important test on Market Structures. The results were great! We have since moved on to a unit on business organizations and the students are busy working on a project where they are given examples of clients that are seeking advice on what type of business organization to form given their specific set of circumstances. The students go through a checklist and make recommendations for each of the clients and list the pros and cons of each business model as it pertains to the individual circumstances. The unit on Business organizations should conclude next week with a unit test on all of the information from this section of the curriculum.

Government: Students discuss the importance and need for a judiciary. They outline the US court system and the roles of each court, as well as the purpose of having a separate judiciary and separate levels within it. Discussions in the classroom center around the need for separation of powers, and how Montesquieu’s influence can be seen in our framework of our government today.

U.S. History students are in the middle of their study of the Civil War. This week the student’s put together group presentations on specific battles of the war. They included specific individuals who were vital to each battle, maps of the battle and the terrain, a description of the battle with winners and losers and a monument that has since been created to commemorate that particular battle. Below are some pictures of the students getting ready to present.


Since the last Charter Chatter the Geography students have been learning about maps, California and are now on to North America. The students have been working on numerous projects during this time, starting with our group “World Map” projects that are now proudly displayed in our classroom. In our California unit students created Google Slide Presentation for our “Trip Around California” project. Students planned a 5 stop vacation around the state and described where they went and what they saw on their trip. We are currently learning about North America and will be starting our “North America in a Bag” project this week.

World History

In World History we have been discovering the Ancient Greeks, Romans and are now on to the Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment eras. During our unit on Rome the students worked with a partner to create a Google Slide Presentation on various Ancient Rome topics, such as The Colosseum, women of Rome, Roman cuisine and slavery. The students then presented those to the class to help reinforce our learning of Ancient Rome.  We are now on to our Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment unit.

Career Education

Students are in the last stages of completing their business projects.  Students will present their projects and commercials at the end of next week!  In addition, we have had multiple universities, colleges, and military branches speak to students about the opportunities offered by these institutions.