TLC Charter Chatter

TLC Charter Chatter


A Message from Virginia                                                                     Jan. 17, 2020


While TLC may not have its own competitive gym (yet), I did want to share a picture sent from our TLC athletic director, Stevi Balsamo.  The school spirit and enthusiasm for our students and their achievements puts a smile on my face.

From seeing the line of students auditioning for Mary Poppins to our fans cheering on the MHS basketball team to the early mornings our Science Olympiad team meets; our students show a real passion for what they do and I am proud to see them venturing beyond the classroom.


Go Falcons!!


Next School Holiday

Monday, Jan. 20, 2020 Martin Luther King Jr.  Day



Personal Days for this School Year 2019/2020

VERY IMPORTANT Information for our current 2019/2020 school year beginning August 5, 2019, we have reduced personal/family days for students from 10 days down to 7 days. Allowing 7 days is still much higher than what the district schools allow and we feel 7 days is more beneficial for the school and for each students’ education.




Tickets to the February 1, 2020 Tracy Learning Center Crab Feed are on sale now!

Tickets are $55.00 per person, or a table of eight is $440.00. Table reservations include pre-assigned seating and your name or company name prominently displayed on your table.

The doors of the Portuguese Hall will open at 6:00 p.m. for a no-host cocktail hour. Your delicious crab dinner served with salad, pasta and bread will begin at 7:00 p.m.

Through so much generosity we have amazing raffle baskets and silent auction items.  Then put on your dancing shoes and hit the dance floor until 12:00 a.m.



Donna Baker (209) 321-9157 via text or


Please let me know if you would like to volunteer for this awesome event. We are also looking for a new committee chair that would like to shadow Tom and Donna through all aspects of this community building event. Their daughter Ally will be graduating this year whereby they will kindly step down.






Lunch Menu Week of JAN. 19 – 24, 2020

Mon – Holiday

Tues – Pizza

Wed – Turkey Meatball Sandwich

Thurs – Beef or Bean Tostada

Fri – Chicken Corn Dog




Don’t forget to click the STAR after scanning and enter your student’s classroom number for credit.



NOW HIRING:  Spring 2020 Head Athletic Coaches-

Boys Volleyball:



TLC Preschool: Did you know?


Did you know our preschool teachers work hard each week creating lessons that are play-based?  The preschool teachers focus on a letter, number, color and shape each week. They use these focus concepts to create fun, interactive lessons that keep students engaged while having fun learning.   This week the students have been focusing on the letter E as in elf, the number 10, the color brown, and the shape triangle.  Students have created group posters with the letter E, sorted the letter E by capital and lowercase, and worked on creating lists of things that start with the E sound, made Christmas decorations with groups of 10, and decorated a triangle-shaped Christmas tree! Phew!.  Who knew so much learning could be masqueraded into fun activities.  Thank you teachers!



Initial Phase

We had a lot of fun this week with our 100th day of school! Time is going by too fast! It is amazing how much these children have grown in such a short time! We celebrated being 100 days smarter by participating in many fun activities. Students made hats with 100 dots, a gumball machine with 100 gumballs, made a tower by stacking 100 cups, used the digits in 100 to create a picture, and practiced counting to 100 by 1s, 5s, and 10s!

Monday, January 20th we will not have school in celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Don’t forget to change out your student’s extra clothes in their backpack to winter clothes.



 Phase One:

This Week Phase 1 students did an amazing job with their Winter Aimes Testing!!  We are proud of their efforts and progress.  We also had fun celebrating our 100th Day of School.  The necklaces were so creative and they had fun wearing them and sharing them.  In P5, students hypothesized whose necklace would be heavier and then compared them by weighing them.  Then, enjoyed making mini s’mores with 100 marshmallows, chocolate chips, and Graham cereal. P4, students wrote about what they would buy if they had $100 and what they would look like if they were 100 years old. In P3 students did a 100 second challenge and completed lots of different fun activities. In Language Arts students are working on meeting their AR Goal which is due Friday, February 14th.  Please help encourage them to read at home to help them reach their goal.  In Math students are regularly practicing their math facts along with other concepts.  Fluency in math facts is essential for higher math learning.  Flash cards, online apps, games, etc. are a great way to increase math fact fluency.  In Social Studies, students had a lot of fun learning about life “Long Ago.”  Remember this is a 3 day weekend! There will be no school Monday, January 20 in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  


Phase Two:   

We have lots of exciting school events coming up!  The PCS Read-a-Thon will run from Friday, January 24-January 31st.  This is a great fundraiser for our school!  More information will come home next week.  We also have our annual Crab Feed (a super fun, adults-only event), Mother Son dance and TLC’s Got Talent Show.  We hope you’re able to participate in some of these school events!

This month our 4th grade leadership students are collecting recycling from all the Primary classes.  This week they went around and distributed collection boxes to all classrooms for plastic bottles and cans.  Our leadership students have decided to purchase a new equipment cart for the playground with our recycling money…what a great idea that benefits the whole school!  


Discovery Middle School 5-6

Upcoming ⅚ Dates:

January 20: NO SCHOOL – MLK Day

February 17: NO SCHOOL – Presidents’ Day

Top 5 Nest Point Earners:





Mrs. Zuniga’s Math:

Varsity: Our class is finishing our mini decimal unit with dividing decimals. We just finished learning this concept and will begin constant practice and reviewing before we take our unit test.

Scholastic: Our class took our Unit 4 test this week. Next week we will begin our introduction to fractions. 5th grade state testing is full of fraction questions and this unit is very critical to our students for future math courses. 6th graders will use this unit as a review and I will be looking for mastery of this concept.

Honors: Our class took their third quiz focusing on translating and solving equations as well as solving equations from word problems. This quiz is critical in showing me that the students are learning and understanding the math vocabulary that we use everyday. Students learned to pull keywords from the word problems to know what type of equation they need to create and solve.

Mrs. Nijjar’s Math:

Varsity: We started this week by learning about prime numbers and composite numbers. This concept was further reinforced by playing games and participating in discussions. In the coming weeks, students will be learning about prime factorization.

Scholastic: Students this week learned about graphing functions, finding distance on a graph, and adding and subtracting positive and negative integers. In the coming weeks, students will be learning about multiplying and dividing integers.

Honors:  In this week students took the Unit-3 test and started with Unit-4. In the coming weeks students will be learning about finding slope of linear equations and solving linear equations.

**All my students started working on part-2 of the SWO Lifelong Learner project. The students are encouraged to do research at the home and complete the graphic organizer by January 31st.

Ms. Rodieck’s Language Arts and Humanities:

Below are photos of students that were selected to be published in a poetry anthology.  We submitted our poems last fall.  Parents, please go on-line or use the forms sent home, to give permission for your son or daughters poem to be published by 1/23/2020.  You don’t have to buy the book to be published.  Being able to say you are a published author will look good on college applications and resumes.  They can also use this for their Dedicated DCS SWO scrapbook in May.  We will have another opportunity this Spring to enter poems into this contest.

Language Arts with Mr. Harding:

Mr. Harding could not be more proud of the effort and work done by all of his classes. We will finish our novel, Fever, 1793 before the next Charter Chatter. The groans when I tell them we are finished reading for the day are getting stronger as we reach the plot’s climax. It is wonderful teaching a class of students eager to learn. We are also learning about Ancient Greece by studying Aristotle’s appeals, a few common myths, and other very popular Greek themes. Aristotle’s appeals became a mini-lesson on persuasion. We learned about a “Pepsi generation” that wanted to “Be like Mike” before Radio Shack got a call that the 80s wanted their store back. I have warned the students that they may experience the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon after learning about Ancient Greece.

Social Studies with Mr. Bird and Mr. McCarthy:

This week in Social Studies our students have grasped the main concepts of the four types of governments that happened in Ancient Greece.  Students are able to understand the differences and similarities between each system as well as the span of time each system was practiced. Students should be able to explain how democracy developed in Ancient Greece. The quiz will be held next Tuesday. We also watched parts of “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief” in class to excite and introduce our students to the next chapter on Ancient Greek Religion and Greco-Persian Wars.

Science with Ms. Diaz:

Discovery Middle School 7th-8th

  • No School on January 20th for MLK Day

Nest Certificate Winners for Week 20:



A Note from Mrs. Cerezo:

Notice to Parents of students in the Varsity 2 class:

A letter has been sent home this week to inform you that starting Week 22, students in this class will begin to be reintroduced to having homework (this may look like: reviewing notes, making flashcards for terminology, annotating their notes, finishing up an assignment not completed in class, etc). Students will be expected to record their homework in their agenda, complete it at home, and it may be checked for a grade in each class. Please be on the lookout for this letter as it explains in detail the methodology behind reintroducing homework to this class in hopes that it will help to increase their sense of accountability and performance in class. Please feel free to contact me at with any comments or concerns. Thank you.



School Improvement Committee Invitation!

The School Improvement Committee is a new aspect of our DCS team this year. This Committee is comprised of students, staff members, the DCS Team Leads, parents, Mrs. Woods, Mrs. Stewart, and a TLC Boardmember (Mr. Murray). We meet roughly once a month to discuss the DCS Action Plan and the overall progress of our school. We would love to welcome new members! If you are at all interested in joining or attending a meeting to find out more about DCS then please contact myself, for more information. 




7th and 8th Grade Science Charter Chatter – Ms. Dominguez

Over the last month, 7th and 8th grade Science has been exploring genetics and how traits can be passed down from parent organisms to their offspring. We have had the opportunity to explore many different topics through the lense of genetics, such as how certain breeds of animals have developed over the years to how genetics play a role in the world of organ transplants.  Our major project for this unit was exploring the development of all of the dog breeds that we see in the world today. Students questioned how it could be possible for all of the breeds we see today – some as unique from one another as chihuahuas and Irish Wolfhounds – to originate from a common wolf ancestor. Using the AKC website, students carried out a research project that allowed them to explore three different breeds to see if they could find any common themes between the breeds that might explain how dogs came to be one of the living world’s most diverse species.

Some of the clues that students were able to pick up on from browsing the AKC website was that all of the dog profiles were grouped by the breed’s purpose. Some breeds were categorized as sporting or hunting breeds, some were noted as working breeds, some for herding, and some were purely intended for companionship. Many of the students to fascinated to see how the group that the breed fell into would hold a lot of insight into the behavior and characteristics of the dogs, and many of them were curious to see what they could find out about their own dogs by looking up their breeds on the website’s profile database. I was very impressed to see how the breed’s group alone was enough to lead many of  the students to the conclusion that maybe we have so many breeds of dogs today because humans wanted to create dogs to meet specific needs, behave a certain way, or look a certain way; so over the years, human intervention in the crossing of dog breeds has contributed to the nearly 350 breeds that we know of today. The uniqueness of each breed is due to genetics and the various that can only come mixing the genetics of two parent organisms to create offspring.

The culminating step of this project was for students to choose two of the three breeds that they researched on the AKC website, and predict what kind of offspring would be produced if these two breeds were crossed with one another. Their final product had to consist of a profile like those they found on the AKC website, and a picture of the hypothetical offspring. To see one of the final projects that was submitted, please see the picture included below.

As we wrap up Life Science for this year, we will be taking one more look at this year’s Academic Pentathlon material to finish up one of the last chapters that focuses on the treatments currently available for cancer patients. We will then be moving on to Earth Science with our first topic being Water.




Social Studies with Ms. Zaca:

Happy New Year to all of our Falcon Parents and Students!

Before we left for break, students read and learned about Europe before the age of the Renaissance. Students read articles, created small projects, watched videos, and discussed different events that led to the Italian Renaissance. We learned about Europe’s Feudal system, how monarchies looked like, the role of religion, the Black Plague, and the desire for the humans that survived the plague to become the best version of themselves.

Students also were introduced to the three main Renaissance city-states: Milan, Florence, and Venice. After learning about the differences of each and how each impacted the Renaissance, students took a day trip to the city of Florence with Tour Guide Zaca (Ms. Zaca was feeling a little jet-lagged)! Students “walked” around the different parts of Florence with their tour group and learned about the cultural importance of each towards the rise and power of Florence.

Last week, we began to move on from the Italian Renaissance and head towards the Northern Renaissance. In small groups, students were assigned one of six important northern Renaissance locations, such as London, Gutenberg’s Shop, Paris, the Flemish Region, and Bucklersbury. Groups presented their location to their class and became mini-experts. This past week, students were put into groups again and were assigned an important person of the Renaissance to research.  Using their information, they created posters and hung them around the rooms, for others to have a special meet and greet with out famous Renaissance people. They met Queen Elizabeth I, William Shakespeare, Johannes Gutenberg, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Dante to name a few.

Some suggested study tips:

Social studies can be a challenging class for some students. Unlike math, it is a class that mostly factual memorization. Here are some tips that I have shared through my years here in Discovery that I believe can be useful for all students to use. Some, I’ve even gathered from student suggestions on what has helped them do well on quiz and tests!


-at home, re read the notes/article from the day and start highlighting important facts.

-set aside 10-15 minutes creating notecards for your vocabulary words or about the people you learned. You can use the notecards as flash cards or create a matching game! (Student should be familiar with this from our class!)

-create your own quiz! Sometimes the best way to study is think about how to create questions with the material you learned

-Having another person quiz you at home is also helpful!

-when answering questions on your worksheet using the articles or notes from class, highlight the questions in one color and the answers in a different color.

-When reading the information at home again, sometimes taking your own notes can be helpful too!

Have a wonderful January!



Millennium High School


Yearbooks are on sale now! Yearbooks are $75. Now is the perfect time to order a 2019-20 yearbook for your student. We look forward to yearbook delivery day, May 15th. Orders are open through April 11th. Click HERE to go to our convenient online order center! Or you may go to and enter code 21362. You may also pay by cash, check, or card in the front office or by contacting Miss Lamanna,

Senior Dedication ads in the yearbook are available and can include photos alongside a personal message to your son, daughter, or teammate. There are a limited number of pages available, so act quickly. The deadline to place an ad is 3/15/20. Credit cards accepted! If you have any questions, please direct them to



Math Charter Chatter

Week of 1/13

We are 3 weeks into semester 2 and math has a lot going on. This week we are taking the Davis Test for the second time, marking our halfway point! Students will either have tested on Thursday or Friday of this week. They will get results almost immediately and compare it to the first time they took the test. We are looking for growth toward mastery by the third and final time they take it in May. This is an important test that helps us decide whether or not a student has mastered the subject matter they have been placed in. Your student will get a lot of good information from the report they get on this test which includes strengths and weaknesses.

Mrs. U’s Algebra 2 Class

We are right at the end of our fifth unit and getting ready to take our final exam. We have been working hard at being fully prepared for this test and anticipate a good outcome. We had our creative teaching day this week and our class got to play a jeopardy game that reviewed a lot of material covered overall.

Mrs. U’s Algebra 1A Class

We are in the middle of our third unit in Algebra 1A. This unit covers all about relations and functions. We are learning when a relation is or is not a function, evaluating function, learning about domain and range as well as a new notation they have never seen before called function notation. We have been hitting that last topic pretty hard over the past week and I think we are finally getting comfortable with it. Because this class only covers the first half of Algebra 1, we have lots of time to practice, get up to the board and do activities. This week we got to play math baseball and every student has got to do problems on the board multiple times.

Mrs. U’s Algebra 1B

This class is in the middle of Unit 8. We are working on solving quadratics, one of my personal favorite things to do and teach. I find way too much joy in this part of Algebra. This class only covers the second half of Algebra 1, so we have plenty of time for practice, projects, activities and more. I love teaching this class for this reason. We are always finding ways to support our lessons in a fun way. We do scavenger hunts, partner activities, games, activities that get us out of our seats. This week we got to play BINGO to review solving quadratics by factoring and we will also get to do a cut and paste activity, which allows us to take a break from the normal pencil and paper worksheet.  

Ms. Rios’ Algebra 1 Classes:

This class is nearing the end of Unit 4a. These classes are currently using what they know about Linear relationships to create equations from word problems. At this point, there are so many things to remember but all of my students are doing very well sorting the given information.

Ms. Rios’ Geometry Class:

This class is nearly to the end of Unit 6. This class is using parts of triangles to decide if the triangles are similar or not based on the information given. We started with learning how to find pieces of missing information if we already know the triangles are similar.

Ms. Rios’ Finance Math Classes:

This class is at the end of the Car Buying Unit. These classes had a fun time “buying” a car at my car auction to use for their “Car Project.” We have watched a couple educational videos about the car buying process.

Mr. Creasman’s Math Classes

Math has been picking up the third week into the new semester. In Pre-Calculus we are knee deep in probably the most difficult unit of the year, trigonometry! We have had one quiz since we got back from Christmas break and though this is a hard unit, it can be very rewarding the further we get and the more the math starts to connect on deep levels. All three classes of Pre-Algebra have been chugging along. Right now we are probably in one of the most relatable units of all of basic math: ratios, rates, proportions, and percents.

Mr. Tariku (Geometry)

We just finished Unit 6 (Similar Triangles) and we are getting ready to start Unit 7

 (Polygons & Quadrilaterals). Looking forward to my favorite topic in Geometry which is Right Triangles/Trigonometry. We just took the Davis Diagnostic Exam today for the second time this year and judging by how quickly the students completed the test, I think they did better than the first time. We did Geometry Bingo and Family Feud style words game for creative learning day.

Mrs. Griffin’s Calculus Classes

In this semester, we get to actually apply all that we learned about derivatives and rates of change to real world scenarios. Students finally get to answer that question of “ So when am I going to use this in life?” We are working on tons of word problems that push the students to incorporate the calculus skills that they learned about in class. The students are also trying to put together a field trip where they can utilize their talents, but that is all up to them to show that they can justify the math!

Mrs. Griffin’s Precalculus Class

Just like Mr. Creasman’s precalculus class, we are in the most challenging unit of them all… trigonometry! In this unit, we are learning about the unit circle and how to convert angles from degrees to radians, and how to apply the trig ratios to solve problems. The rest of the year will revolve around this concept so it’s really important that they build a strong foundation right now. I encourage all students to download my app called “CoterminalWhiz” which helps to give students a visual representation of the unit circle that they can use to answer questions. It’s pretty cool to use and extremely helpful, so download it today! Today, our class took the Davis Readiness Test for the 2nd time this year and we hope to see growth in our students.         


Mrs. Griffin’s Algebra 1 Class

Algebra 1 continues this semester by finishing off Unit 4 which is all about linear equations. This class has been in competition with Mr. Shelton’s Algebra 1 class several times to have a battle of the minds game to see who knows their concepts the best. We have yet to win the trophy, but we are not giving up! Today we took the Davis Readiness test again and we hope that all students will show improvement in their scores since the last time we took it back in August. We will continue the semester by moving on to Unit 5 next week which will show us how to use systems of equations to solve problems.


Mr. Shelton’s Algebra 2 Classes

Algebra 2 is continuing to move right along through the units. Today, we started unit 6 and are beginning to work with radical equations. This is a change from our work with polynomials. Polynomials and radical equations are the foundations of mathematics, especially in Algebra 2. It is very fun to watch their minds wrap around these concepts and dare I say watch them enjoy math. Kids are coming to class every day with a great attitude and ready to learn. Tomorrow we are taking the Davis test, and Tuesday we will pick right back up with our radical topic.

Mr. Shelton’s Algebra 1 Class:

The number one word to describe this class is curious. This is a class always filled with minds that are ready to learn and ask questions. We have had a competition with Mrs. Griffin’s class, and we have done well to say the least. What does this class have in common with the 1972 Miami Dolphins? They have never lost. We are wrapping up Linear Equations part 1 with a test next week. And will continue with Linear Equations a bit longer afterwords.

Mr. Shelton’s Algebra 1B:

Quadratics, quadratics, quadratics. This class have been diving deep into the world of quadratics. An Algebra student’s best friend is the quadratic function, which we learned today! We are taking advantage of all the ways to solve quadratics in this class and having a great time while doing so.

Mr. Shelton’s Algebra 1A:

In this class we are all about domain and range. X’s and Y’s. This class has been having a great time with activities and really learning how to read a graph. It has been a great time. I can tell that some are struggling. However all are doing their best to understand the concepts.





Interested in donating to the Athletics program to help complete furnishing of the weightroom and equipment purchases:

Weekly Schedule (Girls & Boys Soccer, Girls & Boys Basketball): 

Tuesday 1/21:  Girls Soccer @ Holt Academy, 4pm, Played at Lodi Grape Bowl

Wednesday 1/22:  Girls Basketball @ Linden, 6pm

Thursday 1/23:  Girls Soccer @ Hughes Academy, 3pm, Played at Regional Sports Complex, Field #2

JV Boys Soccer @ River City, 3pm

Friday 1/24:  Basketball @ Venture Academy, (4:30pm/6/7:30pm)

Sports Scores:

Girls Basketball: Falcons 49, Big Valley Christian 33

Falcons 47, Central Catholic 57

Girls Soccer:  Falcons 1, Delta Charter 2

Falcons 5, Able Charter 0

Falcons 0, Venture Academy 1

Varsity Boys Soccer:  Falcons 1, Rio Vista 6

Falcons 3, Stone Ridge Christian 1

Falcons , Venture Academy (POSTPONED due to rain)

JV Boys Soccer:  Falcons 5, Linden 6

Varsity Boys Basketball:  Falcons 53, Elliot Christian 26

Falcons 53, Big Valley Christian 43

JV Boys Basketball:  Falcons 72, Delta Charter 48

Falcons 66, Big Valley Christian 51

Falcons 59, Delta Charter 44

Meet the Coaches!

 My name is Coach Griffin and I am the Head Track & Field coach at Millennium High School. I have been coaching track & field since the 2014-2015 school year and I really enjoy it! I get excited when I have new students try out for track who have never experienced this sport before and I really love it when I have students returning for another year!

Track & field is in my blood and I am honored to coach our students. I ran track when I was in high school and being able to coach this sport gives me great joy. In high school, I participated in the 100m hurdles, the 300m hurdles, relay events, and long jump. Even though I consider myself short (a mere 5’2.5”) I loved running the hurdles and I coach these events as well.

I am surrounded by wonderful volunteer coaches who help and support our athletes to the fullest extent! We make practices happen and we support and encourage our students to never give up, even when the heat of the summer is blazing and our athletes are running in hot conditions or in the dead of winter when they are running out in the cold, we still get it done!



NOW HIRING:  Spring 2020 Head Athletic Coaches-

Boys Volleyball:

Interested in a coaching position not currently posted?  Submit your coaching resume/application here for consideration in future openings:



Follow Millennium Athletics on Social Media:  

-Instagram- @Millennium_Athletics

-Twitter- @MHS_Falcons


We appreciate your continued support!  FALCON PRIDE!!



Upcoming Fundraisers for Athletics:

-Mother Son Dance: February 8th, 2020





Spring Delta College classes begin this week! Monday is a holiday at the Delta College Campus, so classes begin after January 21st, 2020 depending on the day of the week. Students should check their mydeltaportal to confirm their registration and location/start date of their courses this year to start the semester off on the right path!

Spring Internship is in full swing! There are 52 students interning on campus and throughout the community. Thank you to the following businesses that currently have an intern this semester!

Patel Pulliam & Hubli

My Best Friend’s Closet

Allure Salon

New Smile Orthodontics

Boys and Girls Club – Jacobson School Site

Silvercreek Security Academy

Boys and Girls Club – North School

Sutter Tracy Community Hospital – Child and Family Birthing Center

Boys and Girls Club – North School

Sutter Tracy Community Hospital – Same Day Surgery

City of Tracy – City Manager’s Office

Sutter Tracy Community Hospital – Wound Ostomy Continence Dept

City of Tracy Department of Engineering Services

Sutter Tracy Community Hospital Physical Therapy

City of Tracy Developmental Services

TLC Food Services

Community Partnership for Families of San Joaquin

TLC IT Department

Custom Sounds

TLC Primary Music Program

Flower Pavilion

TLC Primary Charter School

Great Beginnings Preschool

Tracy Chiropractic

In Shape Club

Tracy Learning Center Preschool

In Shape Fit Club

Tracy Press

In Shape Sport Club

Tri Valley Orthopedic Specialists

Mane Society Salon


MHS Technical Construction

Vitas Healthcare



If you know of a business (Profit or Non Profit) who may be interested in offering an unpaid internship experience for the 2020-2021 school year, we encourage you to attend the upcoming Hire Me First breakfast event to learn more about participating in preparing our youth for the future workforce!

9th Annual TLC’s Got Talent Show – February 13, 2020 – TICKETS ON SALE NOW! $9.00 General Admission. Purchase your tickets from from the MHS Counseling Office, or the TLC Main Office.

YOUTH NEEDED TO PARTICIPATE!!! The City of Tracy is currently accepting applications from teens and adults interested in serving on the Youth Advisory Commission (YAC).  The Commission operates in an advisory capacity to the Recreation Division – Youth & Teen Services staff, the Parks and Community Services Commission, the City Council and other community groups on matters relating to youth in Tracy.


Members of YAC recommend and assist in the planning and implementation of youth programs and events and host forums on health, safety and recreation. Adult Commissioners will work with teens from all Tracy high schools, as well as City leaders and staff, to implement programs that positively impact the youth of our community.  Adult Commissioners will also mentor the teens as they work with them on subcommittees and special projects. Both adult and teen commissioners attend monthly and scheduled meetings.


Youth Advisory Commission meetings take place on the second Wednesday of every month at 6 p.m. at Tracy City Hall, Room 203.


Teens between the ages of 14 to 18 and/or attending grades 9-12 in Tracy, as well as adults that live in Tracy, are welcome to apply. Applications may be obtained at the Tracy City Hall, located at 333 Civic Center Plaza, or by visiting and clicking on the Elected Officials & Policy link. The YAC application deadline is Friday, April 3, 2020.