A message from TLC staff…


image39Feb. 14, 2020

With regards to the events of yesterday,

On Thursday, Feb. 13, 2020, at approximately 12:47pm we were advised to lock down our school due to a possible arrest taking place on the corner of Mae and Beverly. An overhead announcement was made and all students and staff were sent indoors. We were in direct communication with the Tracy Police Department throughout this ordeal.

To keep parents informed of the situation our phone message machine’s greeting was changed immediately to give parents an update of our current situation.  We also sent out updates via our tlccharterchatter.com newsletter along with an Aeries text message was also sent out to all parents. We updated our, Facebook and Twitter pages as well as actively responded to question via Facebook and the newsletter. We also allowed students to contact their parents with their cell phones for added reassurance. Our lockdown was released at 2:30pm by the Tracy Learning Center.  

Parents, please remember to go to tlccharterchatter.com and make certain you are signed up to receive Charter Chatter updates and to be sure you are receiving our bulk text messages or phone calls, please make sure your cell phone is your PRIMARY number within AERIES student information system- this is the number we will use to contact you. 

We feel this “lock down” was handled very well with the end result of the suspect being apprehended. The Tracy Police Department was extremely professional and reassuring and had excellent communication with the school and social media sites. We would also like to extend our appreciation to our parents for their patience and understanding during this somewhat stressful situation. As always, the safety of our students was our biggest focus. 


Have a very good weekend and enjoy the extra day off on Monday.



Tracy Learning Center Staff