TLC coronavirus update

In an effort to keep open lines of communication we wanted to pass along a memo from the TUSD superintendent who is taking a very active roll in making sure Tracy schools are safe.  Below are some highlights of his meeting with the San Joaquin Director of Public Health.

We will continue to maintain open lines of communication with all our TLC families.  We want to avoid any misinformation that can spread when people are not kept up to date with this type of important information.  An example of this was the untrue rumor that a member of Jacobson school’s staff tested positive; that was completely false.   If you ever need clarification on information regarding coronavirus and TLC, please ask.  We are all in this together.

One precaution TLC has decided to take is not booking any more field trips until the situation changes.  This would be for some class field trips and college tours that were planned for after spring break.   We have also postponed the High School Europe trip that was planned for April.

See Below from Superintendent Brian Stevens:

This morning, Dr. Rob Pecot and I attended a meeting of county school officials with the San Joaquin County Public Health Director Dr. Maggie Park.  The meeting was hosted by SJCOE so that all schools in the county could have the most up-to-date information possible to bring back to our district.  Both Dr. Pecot and myself were very impressed with Dr. Park as she was calm, knowledgeable and precise with the information that she shared.  I left the meeting confident that our County Public Health Department was in good hands.

As of last night, there are a total of 119,086 confirmed coronavirus cases in the world with 4,284 deaths from the coronavirus.  In California, as of March 10, there were 157 positive cases and 3 deaths.  Interestingly, of the 157 positive cases there are only two cases involving children under the age of 17.   It is now believed that the coronavirus impacts adults far more than children.  Children likely have the virus but have weaker symptoms such as a sneeze, cough or feeling slightly ill.  The symptoms for adults are much more impactful.

I asked Dr. Park a question on the closing of a school or schools should a student or staff member be positively identified having the coronavirus.  She and her other public health directors are not intending to close or dismiss schools for large periods of time.  She estimates that a school might be dismissed for a day or two so that a deep cleaning of the facility can take place but it would be her intention that the school would re-open as quickly as possible.

Dr. Park was asked on perhaps the cancelling of public activities.  She did not advise districts to cancel events at this time.  Dr. Parks added that the cancelling of public events may be necessary in the future but her advice right now was to not cancel these events.

As you are well aware by now, this is a completely fluid situation that seems to change multiple times a day.  Dr. Pecot and I will do our very best to keep you informed as the situation evolves.


Brian Stephens, Ed.D.


Tracy Unified School District