TLC Monday Message

Monday Morning Message



It is important to keep looking at the positive when we feel sad or isolated.  After several weeks of being inside, it is easy to start feeling down. That is when it is important to change things up a little. You can:

  • Make a different breakfast
  • Have a dance party 
  • Play a board game
  • Learn a new skill 
  • Exercise or do yoga every day
  • Do one of the online assignments together.  Ask your student to teach you how to do it.


As I continue planning for the new school year, some of what I have learned from online teaching will play a role in what we do for the future.  I think it is important to consider what did we learn from this experience:  

  •  Online learning is an effective way to learn and teach but will never replace the social aspect of learning in a classroom 
  • Being flexible and trying things is an important thing to be able to do
  • Social interaction is important and listening to one another is part of growth
  • Saving money for future unknowns is necessary
  • Jobs really should be valued for money but also for identity and satisfaction
  • We need one another and many jobs we took for granted will be more valued in the future
  • Somethings will never be the same, but they might be better.

I appreciate the staff at the Tracy Learning Center.  I am proud of their commitment to teaching and learning how to be effective teachers online.  It is not an easy transition. But they are doing it well.


We have made some changes to how we deliver our weekly activities and assignments.  Based on suggestions from some wonderful parents we are trying to find easier ways for you and your students to access their work.  If you go to you will find our homepage now has links to the different classrooms and schools.  We will keep this updated with the weekly work as well as send it out in emails as we have been doing.  Our goal is to make this easier for you and your students.   

We continue to give out Chromebooks for students who need a computer.  We still have some students who have not linked to our learning on-line, but most have and most are doing a great job.  Some are finding this is a better way for them to learn!