TLC Monday Memo

Monday Morning Message

– Virginia Stewart – TLC Executive Director



Good morning TLC Families, 

We are so pleased with the work our students are doing.  The pride our Primary children are showing in the work they are doing and the pictures they are sending is remarkable.  They are truly being “productive and self-directed learners”

We are pleased with the effort to continue community service by our students as they work within their families to help out during these times.  We are pleased that they see the value of being a community at home.

This Wednesday,  we will send a letter home to all of our high school students as they will be wrapping up the fourth quarter towards the end of May and will need their FASTTRACK assignment.  The letter will inform the student of the course for FastTrack and the code for entering the class online. All Fast Track classes will be online.   We believe this will be a success because our students value fast tack and we know they will do well in the assigned course. They have proven they are good with online assignments these last four weeks and our staff are excited to see this continue.

Preparations are underway for the awards day for our high school students, and for graduation.  We are also preparing for an 8th-grade promotion that will follow a similar style to our high school graduation.  Not having everyone on campus at this time can be disheartening but we are all working together to make this a moment to remember to talk about for years to come.

Most of all, we are pleased with the flexibility of our student body.  They have adjusted and are doing well.  We appreciate the support from our parents as we all adapt to a new way of learning and teaching. Thank you!


As always, please go to for all the classroom weekly assignments and activities.  This is also an easy way for your students to find their weekly work.


Primary Charter Weekly Assignments

Each week teachers will be posting work and activities by class for our students to complete. This work is to help students stay sharp and continue their academics.


















Discovery Weekly Assignments

5/6 and 7/8 will be updating our online learning every week. Please check in on Monday to see what is due as well as make a note of any virtual class meetings that may happen throughout the week.


DCS 5-6                                              DCS 7-8


Millennium Weekly Assignments

MHS Online is in session. We have contacted every student and will be posting assignments for all classes here every Monday. Please check-in and make a plan based on any virtual class lectures you may have. This work will be graded in AERIES for the 4th quarter. Go Falcons!


MHS Weekly Assignments

MHS Online Meeting Weekly Schedule

Millennium Senior Information


Disneyland and Prom reimbursement request forms:

For Prom Refund:

For Disneyland Refund:

If you paid via check or cash we will mail your refund at the end of the week based on the information you enter in the form.  We are saddened that both venues are closed indefinitely, we know our Senior Falcons deserve more.



Our Millennium counselors and staff have been working for weeks to find a way to make sure our amazing seniors get the 4th quarter they deserve.  After 12 years of learning, Senior year is a special time for students we all know how hard our class of 2020 has worked to get to this moment in their lives.  We are all so proud of you. Unfortunately, the global pandemic has brought a lot of twists and unknowns to all aspects of everyone’s lives.

We all hope this situation passes soon and we monitor all communication coming from the State of California, the county health department and the office of education. But we are also concerned that, like most other aspects of life, we will not be able to proceed as we normally would with our senior activities.

Because we cannot hold large gatherings, our staff have been working together and want to try and make some lemonade out of the lemons we have been given.   As we go through the senior events below we tried to find a way to make some of these memories still happen. While we are not allowed to hold a graduation ceremony or go to Prom or Disneyland, we want to still give you a day to remember.  

Graduation: We understand that graduation is one of the most important parts of the high school experience and we are committed to making the best possible event that we can, given the circumstances. The Millennium High Graduation is still scheduled for Friday, May 22, 2020. At this time, we are not rescheduling/postponing the date for a traditional in-person ceremony. It is highly unlikely that we will be able to have a public gathering. In compliance with federal, state, and county orders, public gatherings are prohibited which will likely continue into the next several months. However, we will be recognizing this special moment with a “Drive Through” ceremony while still practicing social distancing. An invitation will be emailed and/or mailed out with specific details of a drive-through graduation by early May. We are planning something very unique and we believe that it will be a fun and festive experience for all! Some ideas include decorating cars, signs, music, photo opportunities, a real stage to receive your diploma, raffles, food, etc., once again, all while practicing social distancing. We will also have a dynamic virtual ceremony that will be shared as a keepsake of this special occasion available to all graduates and their families. All cap and gown orders have been placed and will be distributed before May 22nd. More information to follow in the near future.

GRAD Night: As Disneyland is now closed, Disneyland Grad Night is canceled and will not be rescheduled. We will fully reimburse all students that purchased tickets. If you paid for this event, you will be mailed a reimbursement check. Reimbursements will take 4 – 6 weeks for delivery. Please double check your mailing address as listed in Aeries. If you do not receive your refund by May 20th, please contact

Senior Breakfast: Unfortunately, our Senior Breakfast is canceled.

Prom: Our prom that was scheduled for March 14 was canceled. We will reimburse all students that had purchased tickets. You will receive a reimbursement check. If you paid for this event, you will be mailed a reimbursement check. Reimbursements will take 4 – 6 weeks for delivery. If you do not receive your refund by May 20th, please contact 

Awards Ceremony: Our Awards Ceremony is scheduled for May 13, 2020. As of right now, this event will still take place virtually. We will have details about the ceremony later. 

College Admission: Continue to send college acceptance letters/emails to for UC and CSU, May 1st is still the “Intent to Register” deadline to accept admission offers. Final Transcripts: Final transcript requests will still be processed. Email for requests between June 1st – June 15th