TLC Updates for May

TLC continues to monitor the daily announcements and recommendations from all sources, both national and local.  Our staff, administrators and board members are working hard to stay on top of all matters in education and hope that we are doing our part of keeping everyone safe.  Our staff does want to update you on a few things from Primary, Discovery, and Millennium.


Champions Child Care Services  – Champions Child Care services operates our after school program on the TLC campus.  They have asked us to share with our families the possibility of reopening child care if the need was great enough.   Please email Kay – if this is something you may be interested in and we can pass along your request.


Primary Charter:

Being home and not seeing friends and teachers is very tough for all children.  While our Zoom/Google Meets are a nice way to stay in touch, our Primary staff would like to do something special for our PCS students.  We hope to see you next Friday!

teacher parade -page-001teacher parade -page-002

Discovery Middle School:


Attention all 8th grade Parents!
We hope everyone is staying safe and busy! DCS will be hosting a drive-thru on May 15th between 8:00-10:00am for parents/students to pick up their Promotion Gown. This drive-thru will be held at the MHS carline (by the front office). We are looking forward to giving 8th-grade students their Promotion Gowns to use for at-home “promotion pictures” and for our Promotion event (details regarding 8th-grade promotion will be provided as the date approaches). Parents/students will not need to leave their car when you pull up a staff member will come to your car to deliver the items.
Please email questions/concerns to
Attention Boys Basketball!
Unfortunately, we left school during the boy’s basketball season. Coach Easterday is hoping that members of the team can drop off their uniforms to the front office any Friday between 8:00-10:00am. There will be a box/container in the office for parents to drop off uniforms. Please return the uniforms with your student’s name so that Coach Easterday can mark all who have turned it in.
Our staff feels so bad that our amazing 8th-grade class was not able to enjoy the end of the year activities but we want to try and give you the recognition you deserve. You have all worked SO hard this year and we are proud of how much you all have grown and matured.  Each week we would like to take a moment to share with you all our DCS 8th-grade class.

Our Promoting Discovery Falcons

Allison Brown:


We are so proud of our “Crazy Brown Girl” as she soars on to MHS!  From juggling a heavy academic load to dedicating endless hours in the gym, and always willing to give of her time to help others in our community, she makes us smile every day!  We can’t wait to see what these next four years bring! Congratulations on your promotion, Allison! We love you lots!


Mom, Dad and Emma

AKA little brown girl! I’ve been lucky enough to watch you grow and blossom over the last few years. You are intelligent, kind, spunky, and so talented. I know you’ll do great things throughout high school and this new cheerleading journey. Enjoy every moment and always stay true to yourself. Congrats!!
-Mrs. Rapp
The best part of my job at Discovery is being able to watch these kids grow. I have had the pleasure of teaching Allison for over a few years now. She is a true DCS student and a great role model for her peers! Whether she’s in the classroom, or out on the field during PE she always willingly helps or be the best teammate possible. She has continued to amaze me each year with how positive and dedicated she can be. Whatever the assignment, activity, or challenge she’s always up for the task, and I only know she is going to continue to strive and do wonderful things in high school! I wish her the best and will surely miss her! Good luck to you Allison!
-Coach Penirian

Gabriel Williams:


We are so proud of the person that Gabriel is growing to be.  He is smart, athletic, kind and helpful, driven, a good friend and is so so funny. He has helped us keep laughing through this Shelter In Place.  Even with all the disappointments of the end of this school year he has kept his head up and had a roll with the punches attitude, he has kept our spirits up on more than one occasion. He has worked very hard to graduate this year with not only good grades but a good sense of character that will help take him through his high school years and beyond.

Congratulations Gabriel, we love you and are so proud of who you have become, we can’t wait to watch where you will go in the future! 

Love Mom, Dad and Jordan
Since the beginning of the year, Gabe has brought his infectious and goofy personality to the classroom. He has grown so much in class caring about his grades and asking many questions but also knowing the right time and place to say certain comments. Everyday Gabe brightened my day with his goofy faces or his comments in class that made what seemed to be a long day into a light and enjoyable day. Gabe will excel in highschool with the growth that he has made this year and I hope that he continues on this path through his journey in high school!
-Ms. Greene
Gabe Williams is one of a kind. Over the past two years as his science teacher, I have learned that his personality is contained in his hair – which I’m pretty sure ties with his shoes as his pride and joy. I will never forget Gabe’s need to negotiate his seat in the classroom every time I would change my seating arrangement for the seat that had the most legroom. He displays a level of confidence that has come to define him, and I truly believe that confidence will take him very far in life in anything he chooses to pursue. Congratulations, Gabe!!
-Ms. Dominguez




Cassandra Duke:


Cassie is the most motivated and disciplined of the Duke kids. Being the youngest, you would think she would be babied and want her parents and older brothers to do things for her. She is just the opposite. Cassie is not only independent but always eager to learn how and why and then be able to do those things herself. We are lucky to have two sons who we feel will do great things in life… but between you, me and Katie, Cassie will soar and fly past them both.

-The Duke Family
Cassie has been a pleasure to have in class. She brings her bright and outgoing personality to the classroom and makes each day go by faster having her in the class. It was always a joy to hear her different laughs throughout the day. Cassie has grown exponentially, from a girl who seemed to be quiet and has left her bubble and is now so infectious to be around. Whether Cassie decides to go to Millenium or Kimball she will do great things in both schools and in sports! 
-Ms. Greene
As I think back on the time that I have had Cassie in my science class, the first thing that comes to mind is her laugh. When Cassie laughs, everyone laughs; and since moving to remote learning, I miss that contagious laughter taking over my classroom. But Cassie not only brings laughter to the class. She also brings competition – not only with her peers but with her own academic performance. Her drive to always do better no matter how solid her grades is a strength that will carry her to success no matter where life takes her. 

I wish you all the best, Cassie! Congratulations on completing your eighth-grade year! 
-Ms. Dominguez


Millennium High School:

With the news that California will not be allowing large gatherings any time soon, our MHS staff wants to make sure our Senior Falcons get the celebration they deserve while following social distancing rules.  You have all worked so hard and have shown great strength in these times of adversity.

Invites have been mailed home this week and we will continue to post updates and information on the student Google Classroom page as well as the Charter Chatter.

Grad Invite

This will be graduation you will remember for the rest of your lives and our entire staff is working hard to make it a fun, memorable time.