TLC Monday Morning Message


Good Morning!

As the weeks pass by, the notion of online learning becomes more familiar but still strange.  While I enjoy the challenge and am impressed with my Algebra class, I miss the exchange on a daily basis and the informality of chatter or the clarifying questions they ask.  I know that while online is working, it will never replace in-person learning or teaching.

On the other hand, there are some things we can learn from the experience.  We can learn how to manage our time and figure out how to work productively by motivating ourselves to get things done.  Time that is unstructured without school bells and times can slip away without discipline.

Please believe we are doing our best to continue to teach despite the constraints.  We are all believing in an August return.  We do not know what that will look and feel like, but we are ready for the challenges ahead.

This week, Primary is holding a drive-by parade. The teachers are so excited to see their little ones.  It will be a special moment.  meanwhile Discovery and the high school are planning promotions and graduation.  The care being taken to prepare for the high school graduation are special and detailed.  I believe it will be impressive.  I thought about it on Saturday as I signed the diplomas.  And with each signature, I found myself thinking of special times or interactions I have had along the years with many of these graduates.  

We can’t dwell on what we don’t have, we have to celebrate what we do have! Technology is one of the blessings in this pandemic.  I might be tired of zoom meetings but I am grateful we are able to be connected to one another through technology.  

Stay safe, stay positive, and know we miss all of you very much.