Congratulations class of 2020, both Millennium Seniors and Discovery Eighth Graders.  You have worked hard and deserve congratulations.

While these are not the traditional celebrations we are used to, adults are working harder than ever to make sure these accomplishments will be wonderful. These celebrations are more difficult than traditional ceremonies and staff are going above and beyond for you.

I will tell you that while traditional is expected, students are always trying to make themselves stand out and make the ceremony different.  The celebrations/ceremonies being prepared, while not traditional, will certainly be memorable! Isn’t that what you really want?






Our Promoting Discovery Falcons

Anthony Van Lehn

Anthony, you have come such a long way from the first day starting at Discovery. Although the beginning of your journey was a tough one, you worked really hard to achieve all your goals. You are on your way to that gold cord! We could not be prouder of how much you have accomplished. With your hard work and determination, you will go far in high school and beyond! We love you!!

Dad and Mae

I am honored to get to talk a little bit about Anthony. I worked with Anthony several times for community service during school time and on Saturdays. He is a bright young man with great leadership attributes in his character. He is willing to do what is asked to better the community of Discovery. His positive attitude spreads to those around him! I am so happy of his accomplishments and know that as he advances in the future he will represent Discovery well. Great job, Anthony, proud of you buddy!!!

Mr. Hepner

Anthony is a student who can always be counted on. He is kind, hardworking, and reliable. In the classroom these are invaluable qualities to have. I can always count on Anthony to lend a hand, to answer a question, and to have a book handy. Keep reading Anthony! Congratulations and all the best in highschool!

Mrs. Cerezo

It’s been a privilege to have Anthony in class this year. He has grown so much as the year went on and has always shown me the most utmost respect and honesty. I wish him the best as he moves on to high school and to remain focused. Good Luck Anthony!

Coach Levand

Jaidyn Woods

Our dearest Jaidyn,

We are so proud of the young woman you are becoming. We are amazed by your intelligence, kindness, and love for life. You are wise beyond your years, and we love how you are always pushing yourself to do better no matter the situation or outcome. You are an amazing student, athlete, dancer, sister, and daughter. We know you are going to take on the challenge of high school with the same determination, commitment and persistence you have shown throughout Primary and Discovery! Always feed your spirit with truth and love.

It is our pleasure to watch you grow! 

Love, Dad, Mom, Isaiah, Brooklyn, and Bruno!

Jaidyn, you are truly a wonder; you are smart, hilarious, and genuinely kind. This is a rare combination of qualities to come by and because of that you will be so missed at DCS. I have valued being able to watch you grow academically and as an individual. Your wit, ingenuity, and constant giggles have brought so much joy to my LA classroom. I can’t wait to see what you accomplish in high school!

Mrs. Cerezo

I can remember back in the day when I first met you and your dad. Seeing you grow from Primary to Discovery and now to high school brings a tear to my eye. You have blossomed into such an amazing and athletic young lady! Also the fact you are a Dodger and USC fan just adds to your awesomeness;) I know you will do wonderful things during high school and will continue to grow from there! I wish you the best and have no doubt of the success in your near future!

Coach Penirian

Chloe Thomas

We are so proud of you, Sis! You have shown us what grit and determination is by maintaining great grades and amazing friendships all while juggling playing competitive soccer, playing the saxophone with the MHS marching band, being a support for your brother and volunteering with youth soccer! You are an amazing young lady! We can’t wait to see what these next four years bring. We love you to the moon, we love you to pieces, we love you SO much! Never doubt, you were born to do great things!

Love, Mom, Dad and RJ

Chloe, over the last two years I have become very impressed by you. You are a hardworking, dedicated, and kind student. Congratulations and I wish you all the best! Don’t forget to come back and see me!

Mrs. Cerezo

For the last two years, I have had the pleasure of teaching Chloe. I love her sense of humor, and the snappy comments she has ready to go at all times. I wish her nothing but the best no matter where life takes her! Congratulations, Chloe!!

Ms. Dominguez

Aumiyah Thornton

Aumiyah Thornton our baby girl, we are so proud of you. I pray that you understand that we push you to be great because that is what you have always been without effort. You were born to conquer and exceed expectations from your premature birth to your adult life. Don’t let the world strip you of your joy and light that you have been to us. We will always be in your corner to cheer and encourage you through this journey of life!

The Thornton Family

I had the pleasure of having Aumiyah in a class I did a long term substitute position. I then was able to continue to watch her as I stayed on to assist the math teachers. Aumiyah is a talented artist. She has her own sense of style and a great smile. Congratulations on your promotion. I look forward to seeing what you bring to the future

Mrs. King

Aumiyah has been one of the most extraordinary students to come into my class at Discovery. Not only is she incredibly bright, but her artistic abilities are absolutely mind blowing. I will miss the level of creativity and artistic genius she brought to my class. Congratulations, Aumiyah!!

Ms. Dominguez

Collin Credo

Congratulations for successfully finishing your 8th graders. My entire family is so proud of you for such an amazing, unique, special, smart, and brave kids. Graduation is not the end is just the beginning of your journey. Well done, we love you Collin.

The Credo Family

Collin is an incredibly creative and hard working student. He is constantly finding new ways to challenge himself and develop new skills. He has an exceptional artistic eye and is a talented, unique writer. Collin’s sense of humor and intelligence make him a joy to have in class. I have no doubt that he will have a wonderful high school experience!

Ms. Losen

Collin, congratulations on this huge accomplishment! You have been a wonderful addition to each class that you have been in. Enjoy high school!

Ms. Ferguson

Cynthia Weiss

Cynthia, the journey you have been on these past two years hasn’t always been easy. And yet somehow in a world that often overwhelmed you and placed numerous obstacles in your path, you dug down deep and found a fortitude and resilience that kept you moving forward. Remember, go after your dreams and stay humble along the way. We are so proud of you, your accomplishments and admire the young woman you are becoming.


Love, Dad, Kathleen and Carrie

Cynthia is one of the most helpful and caring students I have ever met. In addition to her spectacular grades, she has taken on the special role of Bunny Whisperer in my class, and has gone out of her way time and time again to make sure that our classroom pet bunnies are always cared for. I’ll miss having her in class, but wish her all the best in high school! Congratulations, Cynthia!

Ms. Dominguez

Cynthia is a witty and artistic individual. She is a naturally gifted speaker with undeniable presence and persuasive powers. She is a hard working, bright student who is considerate and thoughtful towards others. I have no doubt that she will succeed at anything she puts her mind to!

Ms. Losen

Sadie Espinoza

We are so proud of you Sadie! You are always so determined to do your best at everything you set out to do. So excited to see what this next chapter holds for you. Have fun and enjoy each step of the way.

We Love you!

Mom & Dad

I had the pleasure of teaching Sadie during her first year in Discovery. She was quiet in the classroom at first but began to open up as the year progressed. I am so impressed to see the student she has now become and wish her all the best in the future. Good luck in high school.

Mrs. Zuniga

Sadie, I am so proud of who you have become! I have seen you grow and come out of your shell these last three years. Your determination to get things done will push you far in life. Good luck in high school!

Ms. Zaca

Caden Ardenyi

Caden, we are proud of your dedication to what your interests are. You are a kind, polite, and helpful young man. You are a great big brother and little brother to your siblings. This has been a difficult end to your 8th-grade year but you are showing us that in these trying times you can accomplish anything when you put your heart in it! Keep your head up as you enter high school and enjoy every moment.

Love, Mom and Dave

Caden, you have always been such a generous and helpful classmate! You will be missed here at Discovery! Congratulations on your accomplishment, enjoy high school!

Ms. Ferguson

I have had the pleasure of teaching you these last four years. From your crazy ponytails, to your intriguing classroom discussions, I will miss teaching you and your witty comments!

Ms. Zaca

Jose Trujillo

Hi Joselito, we just want to say that we are really proud of the young man you are becoming, you have a lot of great qualities. We hope you continue to be the kind, big hearted and humble kid that you are.We know school isn’t always easy, and we are proud that you have been keeping up and working hard, We hope you do the same in Millennium but better! You survived the first 9 years in TLC, you’re almost there you have 4 more!!! We love you kid.

The Trujillo Family

Jose, we are on our way to a different environment. I had the chance to work with you, but within a few hours I knew how smart you are. Separate friendship from responsibilities and we are on our way to success!

Mrs. Rios


It has been such a pleasure to have you in class. You are a hard working student and I know you will do wonderful things if you keep that up. Never give up, stay motivated, and don’t be afraid to try new things. Congrats of Promotion! Enjoy the next four years of high school, they will go by so quickly.

Mrs. Rapp

Andie Ngo

Haiku for Andie:

Tip toe, walking, run!

Dreaming, achieving, success!

Andie, on her way!

Love, Mom


You are so talented in so many ways. You are smart, artistic, musical, and so creative. Your imagination inspires me and I know that you will do great things in life. Congrats on Promotion! I cannot wait to see what amazing things you accomplish in high school.

Mrs. Rapp

Andie has been an excellent student here at DCS for the last four years. Her willingness to be a hard worker, a “Coachable” student, an excellent friend to her peers will truly be missed! Best of Luck in High School Ms. Ngo as I’m sure you’ll do Amazing at the next level and for years to come!!!!

Coach Williams 🙂

Zaynab Sajadi

Zaynab, you did it! You are on your way to high school. You are a very smart girl, you know what you are doing, and when it is applied properly, you will thrive. Keep up the good work and always keep your head up.

Mrs. Rios

Zaynab was a pleasure to have in class this year. She is so bright and intelligent, I know she will be successful in high school. I hope that Zay continues to develop into a nice and smart young woman.

Ms. Greene

Ismael Torres

Ismeal, congratulations! You are a respectful, responsible and a reliable student. Don’t be shy to use your inner voice, it is loud and clear. You are ready to achieve your goals.

Mrs. Rios

Having Ismael in my class was such a joy. He always had something to say that would make me laugh and help lead the class to larger answers. Ismael, I hope you have a successful and fun time in high school and I know you will do great things!

Ms. Greene

Sam De La Torre

Sam is a joy to teach because his enthusiasm and humor are infectious. He brings levity and wit to every room he’s in and his art always had a unique style that showcased his creative mind.

Sam is a helpful student and quick to volunteer for extra jobs. He’s also a great collaborator and a natural communicator. I will miss having him in my art class!

Ms. Losen

Smiley Sam, you made it happen! Good luck in your next journey of life and remember nothing is impossible!

Mrs. Rios