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Good Morning!

It feels that it has been a while since I wrote this message.  It has been a busy time.  High school has completed the school year and is now in full swing with FASTTRACK.  It is a lot of work for both students and staff but we all seem to be settling in and getting it done.

The Primary and Discovery staff continue on with distance learning far beyond any school around. I am so pleased with what we are offering.

We are in the planning stages of converting our special education program away from the Tracy unified District to another SELPA that caters to charter schools.  The transition will take some work, but we are convinced we will be able to provide better services as a lower cost.  Special education parents will be notified of the change soon.

We continue to plan to reopen on August 3.  We are not certain what guidelines will be in place by then, but we have demonstrated our flexibility and we will be ready.

The graduation of our seniors was one to be proud of.  We have received many compliments.  Hats off to the staff that helped work so  hard to make it all come together.  We are very pleased with what we did.  

Sadly,the budget for next year is devastating and will hurt the income of the staff in order to keep all our services and staff in place.  The district is cutting staff by almost 100 people.  We are maintaining our staff but each of us will have a cut in salary.  Don’t worry, the staff is so dedicated, they will continue to work as hard as they do now even for less income.  That is just how they are. As the CEO, however, it was a sad decision to make.

– Virginia Stewart








Our Promoting Discovery Falcons

Max Williams

We sure are proud of you, Max. You show more and more maturity each day while reaching for your goals. Thank you for being such a caring, loving, and good person. You sure bring sunshine to our lives! Keep being yourself, because you are pretty wonderful.” Love, Dad, Mom, Mindy, and Sidney

I would like to congratulate Max on all his accomplishments thus far! I have had the opportunity to work with Max over many school projects. He gets and works hard and always asks if more help is needed. He carries great leadership skills and can’t imagine his future! Congratulations Max and keep shining in the future!

Mr. Hepner

I have been so excited to see Max grow into an independent and hardworking student in my science class over the last two years. His sense of humor and constant laughter will be missed in the classroom! Congratulations, Max

Ms. Dominguez

Malik Morrar

Our youngest child is turning out to be a reliable young man. We are all glad he built an incredible foundation in TLC in his academic studies. There’s no doubt he will become a man who will make his mark in this world. You have a strong drive for life. Keep shooting for the stars !

We love you lots Malik – baba, mama Deena, and Hilal

Malik Morrar has been an Amazing student here at Discovery for the last four years. His ability to work hard and always have a positive attitude about things in life is easily unmatched! Malik will truly be missed! Best of Success in High School Mr. Morrar as I’m sure you’ll continue to be an inspiration to others!!!!

Coach Williams 🙂

Malik, you have shown tremendous growth in your 7th and 8th grade years. I have so enjoyed getting to know and work with you and I have been so impressed by your efforts in Language Arts! Good luck in high school!

Mrs. Cerezo

Ella Delucchi

Our dear Ella Kate!!! You have been special since the day you arrived. We knew you would be goofy, disciplined, silly, serious, proud, and amazing. It has been so enjoyable watching you grow into the responsible and independent young lady you are. Your kind heart is enormous and has a special spot for everyone you know. You think of others before yourself. Your commitment to your school work, gymnastics, and your self have not surprised us one bit. We know your hard work, dedication, and determined focus will take you great places. We can’t wait to see where that is! We all love you!! Proud to be a MHS Falcon Family!!!

Love, Mommy & Daddy

Ella, teaching you over the last two years has been very special. You are a hardworking, talented, and very genuine student. You have shown so much growth in Language Arts! Congratulations!

Mrs. Cerezo

Ella! I have no doubt in my mind you will do amazing in high school! You have never let any obstacle stop you from accomplishing your goals. You are one of the hardest workers I know, and I could not accomplish a lot of our leadership events without you! Watching you grow into such an independent person has given me such joy these last four years.

Ms. Zaca

Adrienne Delucchi


Our dear Adrienne Rae!!! We knew you would be exactly who you are from day one. You never waiver and are always thinking. Your allegiance is strong and it shows in your daily decisions and standards you hold yourself to. We never doubt your ability to make the right decisions, persevere when something has intrigued you, and put 100 % in when it is time to work. You love being a part of something big and are an excellent team player in everything you do; from group projects to marching band to softball. These traits will make the path for your future. We know you’ll be incredible in whatever you do!!! We all love you!!! Proud to be a MHS Falcon Family!!!

Love, Mommy & Daddy

Sweet girl! I am so proud of you and all the hard work you have put into this year. You are caring, patient, and so inspiring. You have some of the best work ethics I have seen and I have enjoyed being your teacher. I cannot wait to see all of the wonderful things you do in High School. Enjoy it, because it goes by so fast. Congratulations on Promotion!

Mrs. Rapp

Adrienne, Adrienne, Adrienne, my little giggle meister! Oh how I will miss the random, silent giggles you would do in class over nothing! I enjoyed ending my day with you and your class, and am bummed it ended too early for us 🙁 Good luck in high school and continue doing amazing things in band!

Ms. Zaca

Ethan Dowell

We know this is not what you envisioned for this year. You are our kiddo with a heart who loves to be around people and going places, so this is not easy for you. We loved watching your journey through 8th grade, you have taken us through so many great adventures. You will do great things if you remain focused. Mom and Dad are very proud of who you are and what you have accomplished so far, and we are excited to see what the next four years hold for you. We love you!

Dowell Family

Ethan Dowell has been an Outstanding student/athlete here at Discovery for the last four years. His ability to balance school work, participate in competitive baseball outside of school and always have a positive attitude with his classmates, no matter what their athletic or learning abilities may be, is a sign of a “True Leader!!!” Ethan will truly be missed! Best of Success in High School Mr. Dowell as I’m sure you’ll continue to work hard and be a role model no matter what you may do in the future!!!!

Coach Williams 🙂

It was a pleasure and joy having Ethan in my class. He constantly filled the room with laughter and smiles. Ethan you are a great gentleman and student, and I know you will do excellent in high school. Good luck and keep aiming high.

Mrs. Zuniga

Esmeralda Rocha

Esmeralda, congratulations for all your accomplishments! Our niña hermosa, we are so proud of the responsible, intelligent, and hardworking young girl you have become. You know that the limit is the sky, and you are a well determined and dedicated person. We are certain that you will accomplish each one of your dreams.

Thank you for blessing us with your beautiful smile and for bringing us so much joy!

Love you so much,

Mom, Dad, and Rubi

Esmerelda is an intelligent lady in the classroom. It was an honor teaching her for a year and I only wish her the very best as she continues her educational journey in high school. I know you will do great things in the future.

Mrs. Zuniga

Esmeralda, you are such a joy to have in class. You are kind, sincere, thoughtful, and incredibly hardworking. Congratulations!

Mrs. Cerezo

Gahel Moreno


You have done amazing during your time at DCS! You’ve grown into such a smart, kind, respectable young man and we’re so proud of you. We know you’re going to continue to work hard at Millennium, and go on to do great things. We’re your biggest fans!


Mom and Sal


I have watched you grow over the last few years and you never disappoint. You are motivated, respectful, and so dependable. It has been an honor to be your teacher and get to know you in the classroom. I am so proud of the young man you are and all that you stand for. Thank you for making this year so great. Congratulations on Promotion! I cannot wait to see what you

accomplish and all that you thrive in a Millennium. Keep up the good work!

Mrs. Rapp

Gahel, what a pleasure to have you in my class this year! I have gotten to know your outgoing personality, but beyond that you are the most caring and respectful young man I know. Thank you for being such an amazing young man and I know you will strive in your next journey to high school! Keep up the hard work and never change.

Ms. Greene

Tommy Hayes

We are so proud of Tommy and amazed at what a strong, smart, funny and caring young man he is becoming. He works hard at his goals and displays true leadership in life. We are excited to see all his future accomplishments. Love, Mom and Dad

The Hayes Family

Tommy has been such an amazing student during his time in Discovery. I have watched him grow into such a wonderful person these last four years! There is no doubt in my mind he will do exceptional in high school. Both in the classroom and on the football field. Congratulations Tommy on promotion! We will surely miss you!

Coach Penirian

Brennan Murrary


We are so proud of you! You have worked so hard and have always strived for excellence in school. What a joy it was for us to watch you learn the saxophone and play in the MHS marching band as a 7th and 8th grader. Thank you for being a responsible young man. We’re excited to see what the next four years bring. We love you so much!

Mom and Dad

Brennan! I will miss you SOOO MUCH when you go off to high school! I will miss our conversations, our social studies discussions, and just watching you and your friends be silly! You will do awesome in high school!

Ms. Zaca

Brennan is an intelligent student, gifted artist, clever writer, and compelling actor. He’s quick to jump on any challenge, first to volunteer ideas, and through his dedication and enthusiasm for new concepts, he won weekly art participation challenges more often than any other student! I have no doubt he will flourish in high school.

Ms. Losen

Joshua Zulueta

During this pandemic, Joshua finds creative ways to make use of his time. He takes the initiative to help out in the kitchen, assists in meal preparation and clean up. He enjoys assisting his sister bake cookies and bread. Even with all the carbs and delicious food in front of him, he tries to resist the temptation. He had lost at least 10 pounds and is on his journey to lose more.

I’m proud of you Baba!!!

This year, Josh has really come out of his shell in my classroom, and I have been so excited to watch him test out his jokes and sense of humor on his classmates. He is also incredibly bright, and without a doubt, one of the hardest working students I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Congratulations, Josh! I’ll miss the best line leader at Discovery!

Ms. Dominguez

Shahnoor Khan

He is a funny, charming student who is entertaining and kind. I have had the pleasure of teaching him almost 2 years and having amazing banter with him in class. I wish him well in all he does and I hope he never changes his witty personality!

Ms. Polo

I will never forget Shahnoor the first week of school falling asleep in my class, from this week on I knew I could rely on him to tell me if my lessons were boring or not. Shahnoor has grown into an incredibly bright student with a personality that could make the whole class smile and laugh. Thank you for bringing me such joy this year! Congrats!!

Ms. Greene

Shahvez Khan

As my first year teaching at Discovery, Shavez has brought a smile to my face every day! His playful attitude has brought a smile to everyone in the school! Don’t forget to study and ask questions! Congrats on your next journey to high school!

Ms. Greene

Aaron Entezar


You have been one of the few that have challenged me in a variety of ways this year. You are so intelligent and your willingness to question and want to better understand is something I hope you never lose. You have so many talents and I look forward to hearing all you do and accomplish in the next four years. Congratulations on Promotion! Way to go!!

Mrs. Rapp

Aaron is a very bright student who always tries his best in my class. He is funny and intelligent all in one. He is an amusing and respectful young man who always participates and keeps us laughing! I wish him the best in HS and in life. I will miss you child!

Ms. Polo

Angel Zarate

Angel, You did it! I am proud, you worked hard. You are a gentleman, very respectful, never talked back and took the ONE -5 I gave you and apologized. I will forever remember you as “Jose”, don’t know why, lol you are a smart kid, keep it up! Good luck in high school!

Ms. Rios

Angel! I still remember your first year in DCS! I was beyond happy and proud to be your Bengal Den Leader! You were, and still are, one of the most spirited students I have had. You have so much respect with those around you and others should be more like you! Good luck in high school!

Ms. Zaca






“Congratulations Class of 2020!!! I hope you and your families enjoyed our Graduation Celebration today!

If you would like to access photos that were taken today by MHS Staff, please add Coach KV on Facebook!

The professional photos taken of you receiving your diploma on the stage will be posted by the Photographic Arts Studio. We will share those when they become available.”



Attention Falcons –

Fall Delta College Early Start information has been posted on the MHS Info Google Classroom.  Please add iebvajt to to yiour Google Classroom list to stay informed!