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Only One in Five Schools Offered ‘Rigorous’ Remote Learning, Study Says

By Mark Lieberman on June 15, 2020 3:21 PM

Only 20 percent of schools offered rigorous, technology-based remote instruction while school buildings were shut down this spring, according to a new report from the American Enterprise Institute, and students in K-12 districts with a majority of high-poverty or low-achieving students were less likely to receive rigorous instruction at a distance.

Nat Malkus, the institute’s deputy director of education policy, examined the websites of a nationally representative sample of 250 districts. He organized his findings on remote learning plans into three categories:

  • “Rigorous”: Delivered content through online platforms; offered some synchronous learning (via Zoom or another videoconference platform); tracked student attendance or otherwise expected student participation; and graded students’ work to some extent.
  • “Perfunctory”: Relied primarily on paper instructional packets; explicitly stated students were not required to participate; or didn’t offer information about remote learning on its website.
  • “Moderate”: Somewhere in between “rigorous” and “perfunctory.”


Overall, Malkus found one-fifth of schools fit the “rigorous” category, with 40 percent each for the other two.  

No wonder our students and teachers are tired and are happy to know we are almost done with our school year. We are in the 20% who gave more than most schools and our students have profited from it. 

It is time though for a break.  We will return in August.  We are in the process of planning what the actual arrangement will be for the start of school.  If things continue to open up and we are ahead of the curve for COVID 19, we expect to be more in person than not. Details for each school will be explained as we get closer to the start of school.

Expect that your child will be returning to school in some form. While we appreciated online teaching and learning, we know it is not a replacement for in person.  We want to strive to create the conditions for in-person learning.  

Meanwhile, students will be receiving report cards, and we will celebrate the end of eighth grade with a promotion. Fast track will end next Friday.  All students will get their placements or schedules for next year in early July.  Further information will be coming regarding return to school….. but mark your calendars, we will be starting August 3!

Attention all Schools –

TLC End of the Year Chromebook check-in

This is the last week of classes for all TLC students,  then we all get a well-deserved month off.  As our staff gets ready for the unknowns of the coming year, we will be collecting all Chromebooks that were checked out to students for home use. 

So on THURSDAY and FRIDAY JUNE 25th and 26th, we are asking that parents and students to return the devices to TLC’s campus.  Staff will be on hand with the lists of student’s names and Chromebook serial numbers.  The process is fast but to make it safer and more orderly we ask that schools return their devices during their designated times.

  • PCS Chromebook Return – 

You will be returning your devices at your scheduled time for ‘PCS Pick-up’  This is Thursday or Friday from 9:30 -2:00.  Please check the or ask your teachers if you are unsure.

  • DCS Chromebook Return-

Please come by campus on FRIDAY, June 26th between  8:00 – 12:00 to return your Chromebook.  Please remember the charger!  🙂

  • MHS Chromebook Return-

Please come by campus on FRIDAY between  12:00 – 3:00 to return your Chromebook. Please remember the charger!  🙂

Returning your device before our break is VERY important.  We need to take inventory, complete repairs, and sanitize devices.  Your help with this is much appreciated.  As the contract stated when you signed up for a device, you will be held financially responsible for any devices not returned.


Thank you in advance for your help with this.  We wish you all a safe and restful summer break.


  • TLC Tech Team




ATTENTION 8TH Grade Parents:
Promotion is right around the corner! (Saturday 6/27 at 9am) We want to remind everyone to be sure that they have their students’ names on their cars (displayed on the passenger side) so that each student’s names can be read aloud during the ceremony and their car drives up. Please refer to the letter that was emailed and mailed home for all other instructions. Email with any questions!
Important: Per the new state requirement ALL staff members will be wearing masks AND students should also wear masks because they will be exiting their cars to have their picture taken and to receive their diploma.
We look forward to seeing you soon!