8th Grade Promotion is THIS Saturday! Congratulations to all our 8th grade students, we are so proud.

Our Promoting Discovery Falcons

Aleyxis Retiz

Alyxis is an absolute joy as a daughter. She has made us so proud of her determination, hard work, commitment and motivation to be her best. Her compassion runs deep for others as she has a heart of an angel. Transitioning to a new school last year was a challenge that she took full on and adjusted amazingly. We could not be more proud of our princess. We love you so much Alyxis.

You have grown so much from the beginning of the year until now. You started as a shy young woman and now are more outgoing. You continue to surprise me with how smart you are and your writing ability has improved by wonders. Congrats on promotion and continue to be yourself!

Ms. Greene

As soon as she joined discovery, Alyxis proved to be a brilliant student. She works hard, is always prepared for class, and holds herself to a high standard. I know that she will do amazing things in high school. Congrats, Alyxis!!

Ms. Dominguez

Katara Kirk


We are truly proud of you! You have again accomplished another milestone that will help you progress forward to the next level. Congratulations on your promotion and may high school be just as successfully rewarding.

Love always,

Dad, Mom & William


You have been such a joy to have in class this year. You are smart, caring, and motivated. You are always willing to help and that is so appreciated. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication this year. I know you will do wonderful in high school. Congratulations on promotion and moving to the next chapter of life. You can do anything you set your mind to!

Mrs. Rapp

You did it Katara! Good luck in high school, you are a very smart kid. Keep up your great work, you have a beautiful smile, don’t hide it. You have to give it a try, never give up. You got this Katara.

Mrs. Rios

Blake Keys

Blake words can’t describe how proud we are of you. You have become a very artistic, smart beyond your age young man. You are very respectful to others and have such a big heart. You are always going above and beyond to help others. We can’t wait to see what life as a Falcon will bring you.

Love always

Dad, Mom, Catherine, Alizay, Gambino & Gott


Oh Blakey! I looked forward to having you in my class and it did not disappoint. Although you are sassy, you are also caring and so talented. I have enjoyed getting all the random sketches and drawings from you throughout the year. You are so talented and you will do great things at Millennium. Work hard, stay on track, and always give 100% and you will be unstoppable. Congratulations on promotion!!!

Mrs. Rapp

I met Blake Keys, back when he was in the 3rd grade. He was sweet, quiet, and shy and kept very close to his mom. Over the years I have watched Blake become a very confident, outgoing, and helpful teenager. He is always polite and respectful and has developed a great sense of humor. I see the other kids look up to Blake and he seems to set an excellent example of what our Future Falcon’s stand for. Blake will do great in high school and will go on to be an exceptional young adult. I am so happy Blake chose Millennium for his high school path because he will surely contribute as a positive and valuable addition to our wonderful high school. Blake is an exceptional young man!

Ms. Kay

Joshua Field

What a joy to have you in my homeroom! You are such an intelligent young man and you strive to be better every day. I always looked forward to your questions or silly jokes that would brighten up my morning. I hope that you keep your joyful and outgoing personality and shoot for the stars! You will do great in high school. Congrats!

Ms. Greene

Joshua Field,

It was an honor to be your music teacher. I am excited to see where the future takes you. You are such a bright and gifted young man, but more importantly, you are kind. I love your charisma and your energy. I wish you all the best in high school.

Mr. Dougherty

Trevor Otsuki

Trevor Otsuki is an amazing young renaissance man. He is academically gifted, talented musically, and is one heck of a soccer player. I enjoyed having Trevor in class and watching him flourish over the past couple of years. He will do great things! Just watch him! Congratulations Trevor; best of luck in high school.

Mrs. King

Congratulations on your promotion! You are such a bright young student, keep up the hard work, it will always pay off! Good luck in high school, I can’t wait to hear about all of the amazing things that you are doing!

Ms. Ferguson

Katelyn Martin


It has been such a pleasure to have you at our school and in my homeroom this year. I know that you will do wonderful things in high school. You are a wonderful student that works so hard. I am so proud of you! Congratulations on promotion!!

Mrs. Rapp

Congrats Kaitlyn! I wish you the best in high school, I know you will learn a lot and you will succeed. The speed of your writing and typing skills are awesome, keep up the good work!

Mrs. Rios

Michael Engen

Congratulations on Promoting Michael! I wish you the best on this new journey you are about to take. I have no doubt of the achievements and the success you will have. Continue to stay motivated and good luck in high school.

Coach Penirian

Michael, you are a riot of hilarity. You have struck the perfect balance of academics and comedic timing and because of that I have so enjoyed teaching you over the last two years. Keep working hard and keep that winning personality! Good luck in high school!

Mrs. Cerezo

Ashley Rivas

You did it Ashley! I wish you the best in high school, it’s a bit different and I know you will love it. You are very intelligent and have awesome vocab skills, keep it going. Remember everyone is special in their own way, what matters is the inside not the out 😉 Congrats Ashley!

Mrs. Rios

Ashley has been an amazing student in my class. She’s always willing to help with anything she can, and she’s the student I know I can rely on to help when I’m not there. I’ll miss having this little smarty in my class! Congrats, and enjoy high school, Ashley!

Ms. Dominguez

Raul Olmos

The kid who does not know how smart he really is! Raul I know that if you put your mind to it you can do great things in your future. I will truly miss the conversations we had in class or your smart comments that you would make, but mostly I will miss you correcting me when I would make mistakes. Do better and strive to be the best at everything you do! Congrats on promotion.

Ms. Greene

Congrats compa! Raul, you are a very smart, outgoing, and extremely friendly. You can sit and chat with anyone all day and still get your work done, but I don’t think it works like that in high school. Keep up your great work, keep feeding your intelligence and thrive!

Mrs. Rios

Alex Ramirez

I sure am going to miss having you in my class! You are one of the most helpful students that I have had and I had such great times with you and my other helpers! I not only got to know you as the bright student you are, but I also got to know the helpful, funny and friendly young man that you are. I know that you will be successful in high school!

Ms. Greene

You have been such a wonderful addition to Discovery since you began here! I am so proud of all that you have accomplished during your time with us and you should be as well! Congratulations on your promotion and I wish you all the best in the future. You will be missed at Discovery!

Ms. Ferguson