TLC Online Begins August 3rd – Online access information:


Hello TLC Families!   TLC will begin the new school year solely online through Distance Learning on August 3rd.  We will monitor the state and county guidelines and hope to return to campus as soon as San Joaquin has met the requirements to do so.

Many of you have had questions about accessing online classes and assignments. Please see the detailed information below regarding Chromebooks and other devices your students can use. We will be sending out FAQs and more information about Google Classroom in the coming days.

Our goal is to make the most of the time we have online and provide quality education without burdening parents.  We have used these tools for years in various grades and believe this is the best way to help students learn outside of our classrooms.


Chromebook/Google Classroom Frequently Asked Questions:

TK-5th grade students will be assigned a username and password to access lessons and virtual meetings on Google Classroom. Sixth through 12th graders already have a login. Logging in can be done with any device (phone, iPad, PC, Mac, or Chromebook).  Parents/Guardians will also be able to receive notifications from Google Classroom via email, although they will not be able to turn in work or participate in discussions etc.

What is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is a tool within our network that allows teachers to post announcements, assignments, quizzes, and engage in video classes and discussions.  It also enables students to easily complete work and turn it in electronically. Parents and Guardians can also be added to get emails regarding announcements and class news. It is a ‘one-stop-shop’  that even our youngest students will be able to handle.

What is the easiest way for my student to access Google Classroom? 

Students can use their home desktop computers, laptop computers, phones, ipads, Macs, or Chromebooks to do their assignments and participate in their classes.

 What is a Chromebook? 

A Chromebook is like a laptop but is less expensive, lighter, and faster. It starts‐up in less than ten seconds, connects to Internet‐based resources quickly, and provides six to eight hours of battery life. It is a simple tool that allows students to access their lessons and participate in virtual class meetings.

How can my student get a Chromebook?

TLC has a limited number of Chromebooks that will be available to check-out to students for distance learning from home. If you choose to request a school Chromebook, requests can be make using this form:

Do the students get to keep the Chromebooks? No, school Chromebooks will be returned to TLC at our request.

Can parents purchase their own Chromebooks?  Yes, any Chromebook will allow your student to log into their school account.  All the school settings will still be in effect – all safety and web tools are linked to the student’s account and not the actual Chromebook.  

When purchasing your own we recommend looking at one with at least 4GB of ram, this will allow it to be useful for many years to come. (example – Lenovo Chromebook on Amazon ) They range in price from $99 – $400 and beyond.  

TLC will assist with tech support and issues if you do purchase your own.

One advantage of purchasing your own Chromebook is when we return to our classroom setting, your student would not have to potentially share the TLC class Chromebook with other students


Will students be allowed on social media sites (such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.) while at home? When students log into their Google Classroom account, we block a lot of content and this happens automatically.  Primary students have VERY limited access compared to older students. We still strongly recommend parents monitor student usage and also have access to their accounts (know your child’s username and password). 

Who is responsible for damaged TLC Chromebooks? If TLC determines that the device has been stolen, lost or damaged through neglect or misuse, it will be the parent/guardians’ responsibility to pay the full cost of the repair or pay $200 for replacement of the Chromebook.

Who do I contact if I have questions relating to technical issues, such as password not working, battery problems, can’t log in, etc.  TLC has a full-time tech team that can help with any issues. Please email and let us know your issues.  We are here to help.

Do you have to have wifi to log into Google Classroom on any device? Yes – internet/wifi is necessary in order to participate in distance learning.  For those without a good internet connection, we have expanded our school network to cover all parking lots at TLC.  You can complete your work by hand or offline.  Then park at TLC, get on our wifi (TLCWifi  – password is Beverly51) and turn in work or perform research, etc.

Are the Chromebooks safe for children? A Chromebook is an instructional tool. At school students will be using them as they would other school computers, but they will have access at their desk. Using Google in Education will provide teachers and students with additional instructional tools. At home, it will be up to the parents to monitor their child as they would with any web-enabled device. We will provide more information on this if requested.  Internet safety and correct usage are important to us and learning to use technology responsibly is just as important as learning any other subject.