TLC Distance Learning – Our daily routines

We feel distance learning cannot replace being in the classroom without students but we want to make the most of the time.  Having a routine is important for students and even from home, we want school to be part of their weekday just like a “normal” year.  Below is a short summary of how our TLC Distance Learning plan will go beginning August 3rd. Homework will be minimal as to not overwhelm parents and students.

You will be able to join any class online from any device with the Google Classroom app or website.  Many parents have inquired about purchasing Chromebooks for their students; we recommend at least 4gb of ram.  We purchase ours from Amazon.  IF you need to borrow one, we have a limited number; click here to put in a request.

More details will come in the coming days with regards to specific times for your student(s) but this gives you an idea so you can plan your own daily routines.


Students will attend mandatory virtual classes for Math, Science, Social Studies, and all Language Arts including Spanish and ASL based on our original 7:30 – 4:30 schedule for the 2020-2021 school year. All elective classes will be postponed until we are able to return to campus.

The only exceptions will be the Internship class which will take place on Wednesdays during 4th period (11:30am) and Career Ed which will take place on Thursdays during 4th period (11:30 am).

We expect students who have electives in their schedule to use that time for completing homework while we are distance learning. All assignments and class information will be posted using Google Classroom. All virtual classes will be using either Zoom or Meet at their regularly scheduled time and attendance will be taken for each period.


Students will attend mandatory virtual classes for core subjects (Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts) between the hours of 8am-12:30pm. Classes will be led by the teacher and will be interactive. Assignments, news and announcements, and class information will be posted via Google Classroom.


Students will attend mandatory, interactive Math, Reading, and Writing classes daily, Monday through Friday.  Classes start at 8:00 a.m. and end at 12:30 p.m. Each teacher will post schedules, some work for home, and announcements on Google Classroom.


TK will be in person at preschool site 8 to 4 each day OR distance learning as described for PCS


We will be re-opening on August 3rd. At the moment we are only offering one time of care, 7am to 5pm ($225/week) and we want to keep drop off strictly from 7-8 and pick up from 4-5. We are also offering 2 or 3 days a week. Here are some changes we are making due to COVID:
  • Lunch not provided. Children need to bring lunch from home in a disposable bag. No food containers.
  • Snack 2x a day will be provided, disposable, and individually wrapped.
  • Students and parents must wear face coverings.
  • Drop off and pick up will be done outside, with no parents in the building.
  • Temperature checks and a questionnaire will be completed for each student before coming in
Please contact Alejandra Garcia ( if you have any questions.

Champions Before/After School Care

Dear Tracy Learning Center Families,
As you start your 20/21 school year with distance learning I want you to know that
Champions will be here to support you and your family.
We plan on opening our school-age site on the campus of TLC 8/3. The current ratio is 1:12 with no more than 12 children per room and we will operate in stable cohorts.
Champions will offer full daycare Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.
We also can offer half-day programs if there is a need. We are still working out the exact numbers for pricing, and are diligently trying to keep them as low as possible. We do offer a 10% discount to all TLC employees and we accept ALL subsidy agencies.
Champions will follow the TLC bell schedule to ensure all students make their virtual
meetings as well as provide homework support.
We will also infuse social-emotional learning into our curriculum once their distance learning is complete.
We have qualified, background checked, and highly trained and experienced childcare
workers along with school-age program curriculum and materials. Safety is our top
We will be following strict safety precautions as prescribed by Public Health,
the Department of Social Services, and your school. Click here to learn more and to see
a video from one of our open essential sites!
Please reach out to me or our Site Director, Dayna, with any questions!
Dayna Jesus
Site Director
Site Cell: 209-207-4461 /
Melissa Jostedt
Champions Area Manager