Classes begin Monday! – Last minute information…

Distance Learning is brand new for many of us.  We understand there will be problems and issues that come up, this is okay and we do not want anyone to panic.   We can help work through any issues and everyone will be veteran online learners before you know it.

A common question we have received is “can a student use a regular laptop or desktop to attend class online?” – YES.

The only extra step we recommend is that your computer has Google Chrome (  Then, the student should log into the Chrome Browser with their account.  This will automatically load all the addons and features we use at school – including zoom and content blockers. For help on logging into Chrome see THIS 



PCS has put together a helpful video to get on Google Classroom.  This is on a standard laptop but the same applies for a Chromebook.  An iPad just requires the Google Classroom app before you attempt to log in with your ** account (going home tomorrow (Friday) for PCS during our PCS Supply Pickup).


Emails went home to parents with all the information your student needs to get on Google Classroom, join their classes by entering the codes, and knowing what times you need to log in.  If you have any questions or need help getting ready for your classes please contact your teacher or  Most importantly, DON’T PANIC.


Hopefully, you checked the last charter chatter and found the chart with all the Google Classroom codes  (MHS 2020-21 Schedule – Google Class Codes).  Cross-reference your schedule you received in the mail to help you get into your classes.  We urge you to get logged in now so you are not rushed Sunday evening (or Monday morning….).  See you all Monday morning.  Go Falcons!