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Many of our Fall College Early Start students’ online Delta classes begin Monday 8/24!  If this applies to you (CES Forms were due and students registered in mid-June), make sure you log in and verify that you are enrolled in the class and check your start date.  Some students start Monday 8/24, others start Monday 9/28.  Students who start 8/24 should log into their Delta Email and Canvas accounts as soon as possible so they are ready to start their college class.  *Please note that all Fall Delta College classes will be conducted fully online.*

How to Log In To Canvas:
Access Delta Student Email:

The next opportunity for students to take an online Delta College class is Spring 2021, beginning in January!  The process will begin with an informational Zoom meeting in late September which will be announced on the Charter Chatter and the school-wide MHS Info Google Classroom.  If your student is interested, make sure they are maintaining A’s and B’s in their high school classes and watch for announcements and deadlines.  For more information, please visit:

CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION (CSF) FALL APPLICATIONS DUE FRIDAY 8/28CSF is an honors society that recognizes outstanding academic achievement and encourages paying it forward by serving one’s community.  High school students must reapply each semester to maintain their membership in the club, and membership is based on the previous semester’s report card grades.  Students with mostly A’s in rigorous classes may qualify based on a point system outlined by the CSF State Office.  Online applications to join Millennium’s CSF Chapter are due Friday, August 28th.  Current 10th -12th graders may apply here: 9th graders can qualify this Fall semester only if they were CJSF Honors Members in the 8th grade, and may apply here:  Otherwise, 9th graders are encouraged to apply during Spring Semester.

MHS COUNSELING OFFICE HOURSMHS Counselors are holding office hours four times a week through Zoom.  Students are encouraged to join our link when they have questions, concerns, or just to say hello to their Counselors.  A waiting room is enabled to ensure confidentiality.  Your student can find our schedule and Zoom link on the Schoolwide MHS Info Google Classroom page, GC Code:  iebvajt  Additionally, students are encouraged to reach out to us by emailing at any time during school hours to ask questions or make appointments to meet with us virtually.

WEEKLY WELLNESS TIPS:  Help Kids Balance Their Media LivesYour MHS Counselors would like to share a resource for students and families that addresses finding balance and awareness in these times of heavy screen use.  Check out this website with five suggestions to prompt behavior modifications and discussions for families: