TLC Charter Chatter – September 14th 2020

A Message from the Director –

The students and staff have settled into some good routines with distance learning and are doing well. Those with missing assignments or with other issues are being identified and we are doing all that we can to ensure the student success.
At times it is important to consider what structures are in place at home to help ensure student success. Many tines in our meetings with parents and staff to brainstorm ways to help, we come up with simple, doable suggestions. Here are a few:

  • Limit phone accessibility during Zoom classes.
  • Have a consistent space with a table for students to work and Zoom
  • Have all supplies the students needs in a container at the work space
  • Have a white board to write assignments down and when they are due
    • The white board makes it public for you to see as well and to help remind students of upcoming deadlines
  • After class times, set up free times and homework or study times that are not interrupted
  • Ask the student what they are learning and what is something going well and something that may need assistance
  • Email the teacher if you are concerned – don’t wait
  • Check Aeries regularly to see grades and to check to see if there is missing work ( red boxes in Aeries indicate missing work)
  • Celebrate successes and give praise for the work your student is doing


We need to give a HUGE thank you to all our parents fof assisting in our classes. We understand how difficult it can be when distance learning but we do appreciate your support.

We hope our county continues to move in the right direction and we can soon be back on campus safely.


Parents, Guardians, and Students!
Please visit our DCS website ( to find this weeks’ updates! This week you will find a new post about our new DCS staff office hours (and the schedule), information about a new Art Club that Ms. Losen is offering to DCS students, and our regular class updates (in the 5/6 and 7/8 tabs respectively). You will also find information about Leaderships new venture – Fantasy Football and a slough of helpful contact numbers and resources for mental wellness on our Counseling Corner tab. Enjoy!