For those who missed the PCS Zoom Reopening Meeting…….

Primary Hybrid Plan Meeting

We want to thank all the parents and staff who attended last night’s PCS Reopening Zoom Meeting.  Our goal was to inform you all about the process and plan to reopen our K-4 Primary school under the strict guidance of the San Joaquin County Office of Public Health.

We hope we answered many of your questions and concerns.  We understand these are difficult times and a decision like this is not taken lightly.  Our main focus will always be the safety of our students and we have been watching carefully as other schools across the state have opened their doors to reduced class sizes.

Below you will find the Slideshow and Zoom recording.  This coming week, we will be sending out additional information and surveys so that we may continue to use your feedback in developing a plan.  Thank you TLC families.  Stay safe out there.

TLC Primary Reopening Meeting – September 18th – Zoom and Slideshow