TLC Charter Chatter Sept 28th, 2020

TLC Charter Chatter


A Message from the Director –

I wanted to send a quick update on the progress of our plan to offer in-person and distance learning for PCS students.  We have received a response from almost every student.  Thank you.  It is now our job to look at the numbers and determine how this will actually look if and when our application to the SJC Health Department is approved.

A lot of factors go into this process as we look at teachers and student grade levels.  Once we have our system in place we will be notifying everyone to ensure we keep you in the decision-making process.

Thank you to all our PCS parents.


Thank you to all our wonderful parents who responded to our questionnaire.   Your input is appreciated and we will be passing along more information as we get it.  Stay tuned to the Charter Chatter as well as your student’s classrooms.  🙂


Please visit our DCS website! This week is packed with a lot of fun information. When you visit you will find Leaderships’ Falcon of the Week video and information on the Unity Challenge, as well as an update on our Fantasy Football competition (each of these can be found under the Leadership Tab/button). You will also find our usual class updates under 5/6 and 7/8 classes respectively. On our Announcements page you will find information about this weeks’ upcoming School Improvement Committee meeting. Mrs. Prescott has added some very interesting information about the difference between a Growth and a Fixed mindset! This is particularly useful during this very strange time we are in. Finally, don’t forget to visit the DC Trip button (on our home page) for information about the 2021 DC Trip.




Video Unity for this week:



Counseling News –

Spring College Early Start Meeting:  Tuesday 9/29 at 11:30am

Students and parents are invited to join our upcoming informational Zoom meeting about the Delta College Early Start Program for Spring Semester.  This program is an amazing opportunity to take tuition-free Delta College classes while in high school.  If a student earns a B+ or higher in a college class, Millennium High School will award that student with a $100 scholarship!

There are multiple steps a student must take to qualify for the program, but interested students should make sure they are earning A’s and B’s in their high school classes, have time in their schedule for an online college class this spring, and follow all outlined steps carefully and on time.  Much more information will be shared at our meeting, which will be recorded for later viewing for those who cannot attend.  All the required paperwork will also be released following the meeting.

Zoom Link:
Tuesday 9/29 at 11:30am

**Delta College Early Start Summer 2020: Reimbursement Requests DUE WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30** If your student took a Delta College class in Summer 2020 and earned an A or B, now is the time to request tuition reimbursement from Tracy Learning Center! Our reimbursement process is now completely online. Submit your reimbursement form today if you have not already – they are due on Wednesday 9/30! 🙂 We will not honor late reimbursement requests. – Delta CES Reimbursement Form: – Video explaining how to complete the form correctly: 
Stay Tuned:  Delta College Early Start Spring
Millennium High School students have the opportunity to take a Delta College class online this spring if they are earning A’s and B’s in their high school classes, if their schedule allows, and if they show maturity and independence by attending our informational meeting and completing all required steps on time.  Please stay tuned!  Our informational Zoom meeting about the program will be scheduled in the next couple of weeks and will be shared in the Charter Chatter and in the students’ schoolwide Google Classroom.
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