Updates for PCS – Important Info for Monday’s in-person classes

This Monday we are opening Primary Charter with an approved waiver from the county and the state.  Our hybrid plan was modified due to the response we received from our waiver application survey.  In the survey 45% of parents indicated they wished to return in person, while 55% wanted to remain in distance learning.  It made it easier to change our hybrid A and B from two days a week for each group to 5 days a week in person for one group, and 5 days a week distance learning for the other group.

So beginning Monday those students wishing to be here in person will begin. ( Monday to Friday 8-3:30)   There are 158 returning.  The rest will continue with distance learning.  The teachers have worked and collaborated to make this possible as well.  Half of the staff will return for in-person, while the other half will remain in distance learning. The good news is that each teacher regardless of distance or in-person is one of the three teachers from the child’s assigned room and team of teachers.  

What is important to know is that the waiver also outlines the conditions for safety that needed to be followed and we even agreed to more than what was required:

Student will wear masks

  • Sanitization stations are in each room
  • Bathrooms are monitored for entrance ( only two at a time)
  • Playground structure is closed for now
  • Temperatures will be taken in car line 
  • Only drive through car line is allowed, no parents may walk up to drop off their child
  • School lunches are available and will be delivered in individual bags
  • Tables for lunch will regard distance and will be cleaned after use 
  • Arrival time has a window from 8-8:30  and departure has a window 3-3:30 to avoid crowds 

Meanwhile, the county has been identified as red status ( which is an improvement over purple) and if the status stays red for two weeks, all schools, without waivers can open.  We have set some tentative dates for our schools to reopen given that expectation.  We will keep you very well informed and will have zoom meetings prior to each possible opening.  

Most importantly, please remember to continually wear your masks when out.  The mask seems to be the most important protection we have.  

PCS Safety Procedures (What you need to know  for returning to campus on Monday, October 5th 2020:


Carline is the only, approved means of drop off and pick up.  No walk ups, no exceptions 

Carline(8-830):  All ADULTS and STUDENTS MUST wear a mask at all times.  After one NON-COMPLIANCE- a parent cannot return to carline. 

Children’s masks should be clearly labeled with their name.

-Each teacher at a cone will provide temperature checks to all students BEFORE parents drive away.

-Temperatures over 100.4 WILL NOT be allowed to stay.

– One teacher stationed at each classroom will provide hand sanitizer as well as ensure students stay 6 feet apart coming in. 

-All thermometers will be sanitized after use. 



– Students will not rotate, the teacher will.  When dismissing students, social distancing will be enforced 

-Each student will have their own supplies, provided by the school.  These supplies will not go home.  Backpacks are not permitted.  

-When a student needs a replacement supply, the teacher will provide the supply from the classroom inventory.

-Each chair will be labeled with the students’ numbers and that is the only chair they will use until they are leveled. 

-Temperature checks before lunch or as needed. 


Bathrooms: Will be monitored at all times by a staff member. One student will be allowed in the bathroom at a time.  Kindergarten students will use the bathroom in the classroom.  

  • Bathroom doors kept open at all times. 
  • Bathrooms will be sanitized throughout the day. 



-Bathroom at recess: students must put a mask on before leaving the play area and must wear a mask in the hallway and to the bathroom.

-Students do not need to wear a mask at recess.  Social distancing will be enforced.

-There will be no equipment or use of play structure.



October Lunch Menu

-Each student will bring their own snack every day.  

-Each classroom will have their own eating period (20 minutes)  at the lunch area. School lunches will be delivered to each classroom.  

-Tables will be sanitized between each lunch period.  Tables will also be sanitized by janitorial staff at the end of the day.  

-Students will sit 1 or 2 per table.  One student per bench, across from each other 

-Students will receive hand sanitizer before and after lunch.



-Elective and PE teachers will no longer rotate between all classes.  They will teach one class in each phase for one full trimester.  

-PE is making walking ropes for each class to ensure social distancing.



-Pick up will be through the carline only.  NO walk ups.  Students will wait in their classrooms until called to a cone.  

-Each classroom has hand sanitizer, extra masks, disinfectant wipes, and gloves.  Hand sanitizer is available at the front gate and lunch areas.