TLC Charter Chatter – Week of Nov 2nd



Welcome to the additional 45 Primary students who have chosen to come in person with our second phase opening on November 2.  Primary has been very successful because of the great cooperation we have had from our parents.  Car line has never been smoother.  We appreciate all you are doing to keep our children safe.

As I reflect on the past months, I now know how much easier it was to close the schools and begin the high learning curve for distance learning.  Closing is so much easier than reopening.  I am pleased that we are able to slowing phase reopening.  I believe this allow us to manage safety better and to learn as each school begins the return process.  We appreciate your response to the parent surveys.  The meeting last Monday about reopening was great.  We appreciated your questions and your response to our process.  Thank you for your continued support.





Welcome to the last week of the trimester! Reminder that there is no school this upcoming Friday 11/6 to allow teachers time to transition back to on campus teaching. Please visit our website for our class updates, Falcon of the Week, and some great pointers on healthy eating as being part of your overall well being on our Counseling Corner! Visit Here:
With regards to the reopening campus, we will be providing details and additional information this week.  We thank you for all the feedback and communication, your input is much appreciated.