Happy Friday! Important Updates from TLC :



Next week marks the return of those DCS students who wish to attend in-person classes.   Our amazing staff has been working hard all week to prepare and we have some important information to share.

REMINDER: All schools will be off next Wednesday in honor of Veterans Day November 11th).


PCS parents:  We are excited to welcome back some of our DCS students on Monday.   Please note that the DCS carline will run from 7:30-8:00, in the same area as the Primary carline.  If you are a Primary parent in the Discovery carline, you will be asked to get out of line and re-enter the carline at the designated Primary time, which is 8:00-8:30.  Thank you for your understanding and patience!

If you are dropping off both DCS and PCS students, you can drop off DCS students in PCS carline between 8:00-8:10.  DCS students will not be marked late until after 8:10.


Padres de PCS: Estamos emocionados de dar la bienvenida a algunos de nuestros estudiantes de DCS el lunes. La línea de automóviles DCS funcionará de 7:30 a 8:00, en la misma zona que la línea principal. Si usted es un padre primario en la línea de automóviles Discovery, se le pedirá que se salga de la línea y vuelva a ingresar a la línea de automóviles a la hora designada de la Primaria, que es de 8:00-8:30. Gracias por su comprensión y paciencia!

Si está dejando a estudiantes de DCS y PCS, puede dejar a los estudiantes de DCS en la línea de autos de PCS entre las 8:00-8:10. Los estudiantes del DCS no se marcarán tarde hasta después de las 8:10.



We have emailed out student schedules in case you need it.  It can also be found in AERIES (https://sisweb.tusd.net/parentportal/LoginParent.aspx)

On November 9th many of our DCS students will be returning back to campus! We are so looking forward to being able to move into our second trimester and begin to welcome students back to in-person learning. Before we do that we wanted to be sure that you and your student are as ready as possible for trimester two, whether you are remaining online or returning to in-person instruction.

Starting on November 9th classes will resume their usual 8am-4PM school day schedule. You should have received this schedule via email earlier in the week. Both online students and in-person students need to know this schedule so that they can be successful on their first day. Please note, now that we are transitioning back into on campus learning there will be shorter passing periods between classes. There are no longer ten minute breaks between classes.

Finally, please remember that every Friday is Asynchronous and this means that students do not go to campus and online students do not need to log into an actual virtual session. Instead teachers will post activities/assignments for students to complete on this day. These assignments will need to be completed and submitted on that same Friday for attendance credit.

If your student is remaining online, please read the following information:

Students should be logged in beginning at 8am and their attendance will be taken. They will continue to follow their schedule all day by logging into each class (as according to the schedule provided). There are a few exceptions to this. Online students do not need to log in to workroom class (they should however, use this time to complete their work, as if they were in person) or their Reinforcement Lab class (if they have one). If your student has a Reinforcement Lab class, the teacher for that class will post assignments on their Google Classroom to be complete ( such as IXL practice time or other review activities).

The other class that students online do not need to sign on via Zoom for is PE. Online students will be required to complete activities that are posted to their teachers Google Classroom page. There will be a modified version for Physical Education for both on campus and distance learners. This class is mandatory and will be graded.

Students must sign up for all of their Google Classroom pages by Monday 11/9.

If your student is returning in person, please read the following information:

When students arrive on campus between 7:30-8:00am they must be dropped off via carline. There are NO walkups allowed. When you arrive in carline every person in the car must have a mask on. Once you’ve come to a stop one of the teachers will take your student’s temperature while still in the car and ask them the following questions: Do you have any symptoms? Have you come into contact with anyone who has tested positive? If your students answers “no” to both questions and has a normal temperature (less than 100.4) then they will walk toward the gate, sanitize their hands and go up to their homeroom where they will stay for all of their classes (with the exception of PE, as well as lunch and recess).

If you have a DCS and PCS student, please time your arrival at carline as close to 8:00am as possible so that you can drop off both students and that both students have proper supervision. If you arrive prior to 8:00am with your PCS student we will ask you to loop around and get back into carline to drop off the PCS student when their teachers are ready to receive them.

We are encouraging students as much as possible to bring only disposable items to school (plastic water bottles, disposable lunch items, etc). We are hoping to limit the number of items that go to and from school and so backpacks will not be allowed. If your student is bringing their own laptop we do understand that they may need to use a carrying case, though we ask that that case be wiped down before coming to campus. Small items such as feminine products etc.  can be stored in a lunch bag or kept discreetly at the students desk (there will be a small bin for their supplies). If your student must bring a cellphone to campus, it must remain in their pocket. DCS has a firm policy against cell phone usage at school and will maintain that.

Your student will be supplied with notebooks, pens, pencils, and anything else that they may need to fully participate in their classes. These items will remain at their specific desk and will be available for them to use all day long. Teachers will have extra supplies of these items in case something needs to be replaced. We ask you to carefully consider what your student needs to bring to school and to be as selective as possible as we do our best to limit exposure or cross contamination.

For students who plan to buy lunch at school, you can have money put on their account prior to the first day back using the following link https://www.mymealtime.com/. Any cash or checks will need to be turned in to the front office.

Within the first few weeks of school your student will come home with a name placard to be placed in your car window to facilitate end of the day pickup. At the end of the day we will call students from their classroom to be dismissed for the day once their car arrives to limit crowds and grouping.

Reminder!  No classes tomorrow – Friday, November 6th for DCS as teachers are on campus prepping their classrooms.




We have one more week for many students online.  Next week’s schedule includes two days off.  Wednesday, Nov 11th is Veterans day and Friday will be no school for any student as teachers prepare their classrooms for those students who are returning to campus.

We will continue to send out information as we move closer to hybrid (in-person and distance learning) learning.  As always, if you have any questions please reach out via email – tlclearning@tracylc.net.